Macron Whistleblower Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances

Emmanuel Macron whistleblower found dead under suspicious circumstances

An Emmanuel Macron aide who died after collapsing on stage during a campaign rally is suspected to be the whistleblower who leaked details about Macron’s financial misdeeds.

Socialist lawmaker Corinne Erhel, was the last person to speak at the rally on Friday, when she suddenly and mysteriously fell to the ground. She was immediately rushed to hospital, where she was pronounced dead after suffering a massive heart attack at the age of 50.

According to internet sleuths, Erhel’s death bears a sinister resemblance to that of Seth Rich, who also died shortly after exposing evidence of DNC election fraud during the 2016 primaries.

Intelligence agencies have been using “heart-attack gun” technology for years, according to a Congressional testimony video filmed in 1975.  Could it be that Corinne Erhel was the victim of such technology?

AFP reports: Corinne Erhel, 50, was the last to speak at the rally Friday in western France when she suddenly fell to the ground. She was rushed to hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

“I learned with immense sadness of the death of Corinne Erhel at the event in Plouisy, where she was speaking to 300 activists,” wrote French lower house speaker Claude Bartolone, a socialist.

“A member of parliament since 2007, she was fully invested in her parliamentary work, while still remaining close to the people,” said socialist President Francois Hollande.

Erhel joined the centrist political movement “En Marche” (“On the Move”) of Macron, who polls predict will beat his far-right rival Marine Le Pen in Sunday’s decisive run-off.

We will be updating this story when more information becomes available. 

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  • Simon Gunson

    Corrine was a member of the Committee on Economic Affairs in the National Assembly whilst Macron was the Minister of Economy. She also has a personal area of expertise in digital communications. Heart attacks can be induced by nerve agents through skin contact. The death of Kim Jong Un’s half brother in Malaysia recently was an example of how someone can be murdered by heart attack

    • Ted Maul

      Except, in that case, they sent tubs macdonalds vouchers for 8 years

    • Robert Bruce Campbell

      His brother was killed by the application of an organophosphate poison similar to Vx to his skin. It doesn’t “cause” a heart attack. Death is usually secondary to asphyxia.

  • clarioncaller

    She must have been transported in a ‘Red Cross/Roth-schild’ ambulance.

    • capt planit

      “The truth tellers are out there….” but not for much longer…

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    The Frogs are fucked.

    • capt planit

      They have stayed sitting in the ‘boiling pot’ for too long,and now have eaten their own legs off.

      • David Daisy May Boldock

        That’s why they eat snails because of their dislike of fast foods lol

  • mr humphreys

    The heart attack could have been induced by an aimed (by celdar technology) burst of microwave heat from a nearby cell-phone tower. In low bursts it simply causes itching. But in higher doses it can cook your vital organs. The heart attack gun.

    • Robert Bruce Campbell

      Close, but not quite. RF from two antenna can be directionally targeted to create a standing wave interference pattern deep in the tissue and essentially “cooking” it. This gives the tissue a distinctively different appearance on necropsy than does an infarction.

      Microwave OTOH, has to penetrate the skin first- as you have mentioned. This will cook from the outside->in leaving skin signs, and the target would inevitably know something was wrong before enough damage was done to kill them.

      So it’s a matter of proximity and targeting. If you can target well enough, RF is a possibility. The trouble is having to balance the tissue destructive effects of the heat and the body’s ability to dissipate that said heat. When you pump enough power into the tissue to assure destruction the tissue has a tendency to explode, and I suspect flaming bits of human flesh flying through the air would be noticeable. At least I can tell you it is in animals.

      But a lot has changed in 30 years. I’m sure they have improved things quite a bit.

      • mr humphreys

        Nice to hear from someone who knows his onions. My theory was a little on the speculative side and based on a mixture of personal experience and a few videos by Dr Trower on YouTube. I think the technology has moved on. Who might the developers be and to what purpose is it being used? Raytheon, British Telecom or O2 mobile services, just a guess. For the ostensible purpose of terrorist surveillance but mostly deployed against anti globalist groups eg nationalists.

        • Robert Bruce Campbell

          Gosh, I don’t know who’d be working on it now. We were just trying to kill tumors- even though it was terribly evident to all of us at the time RF could be easily weaponized. We literally had problems keeping the animals from blowing up.

          • mr humphreys

            Fascinating. We agree then we’re possibly talking about weaponised cell phone towers. Cell phone panels adapted to transmit/fire microwave signals/emissions in the form of harmful rays. This is a bit speculative though but people are beginning to cotton on. The truth will out.

          • Robert Bruce Campbell

            Oh yeah- but this is really old tech though- well understood, cheap, and easy to do with off the shelf stuff. From the Japanese “Death Ray” of WWII to the Soviet use of Microwaves on the U.S. embassy, and currently the crowd deterrent device the Army has- it’s all been done before. Difference is that now we got cell towers every 50 feet or so across the US.

            And the limiting factor to this point has always been how much horsepower you got. The Death Ray was limited due to energy requirements and the microwave energy actually received in the embassy was probably quite safe.

            The trick is to give the energy time to build up and amplify itself. Multiple antenna creating interference patterns in just the right way could have an effect similar to an industrial ultrasound used for cleaning tools. (Resonant frequencies enjoin to increase amplitude and therefore power/heat causing nucleation. But what’s remarkable is that the energy released on cavitation can be very damaging to living tissue. While the energy to create the bubble was absorbed over 10-15 seconds, it is released in microseconds with the microjet creating temperatures of almost 9,000ºF). Multiple towers would give you multiple points to add energy to the target.

            Heat dissipation is going to be a pretty much a known, calculable factor from size, weight, age, volume, etc. Not much you can do there. But you could still do a lot of cellular damage without it being noticed at the time.


            What if you could sensitize the person to these energies the way we use psoralen in PUVA therapy? That would be a game changer- you could possible kill someone just by calling their cell phone or by activating a RFID chip in their name badge!

            Well, this was fun- and all speculation (of course). Hope you fellas in the Three Letter company enjoyed reading it.

  • Amyah Labrèche-Docq

    heart attack? Rrrrrright! Want us to beleive that?