Mel Gibson: Hollywood Pedophiles Have Nowhere Left To Hide

Mel Gibson says that Hollywood pedophiles have nowhere left to hide

Mel Gibson says that the sexual abuse scandal in Hollywood is going to get worse, claiming that tinsel town pedophiles have “nowhere left to hide.”

Speaking at the Dublin premiere of his new film Daddy’s Home 2, the star was asked by Newstalk Breakfast’s Henry McKean about the current atmosphere in Hollywood. reports: Gibson said that he hopes there will be a positive outcome for victims of sexual harassment or assault who are now coming forward.

He said: “I think a lot of light’s being shined into a lot of dark places right now – and rightfully so.

“It’s tragic in a sense, because a lot of the poor victims have to relive it. [It’s] torturous for them – but they’ll get free by re-examining it.”


Gibson’s career stalled in 2006 when he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, and was recorded making anti-Semitic remarks following the arrest.

After a half-decade off screens, Gibson has made a gradual comeback in recent years – culminating in several Oscar nominations, including Best Film and Best Director, for his most recent directorial effort Hacksaw Ridge.

Talking about his own comeback, he simply said: “You just don’t stop breathing.”

You can listen back to Henry’s full report from the Daddy’s Home 2 premiere below:

  • Andy C

    If you are the man I think you are Mr Gibson, then you go Sir! Well done that man!

  • Djago

    Well spoken from a man with integrity, Mel you are my man, way to go

  • Imogen

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  • HWR
  • mary

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the other good men and women in that filthy business who have stood back for years and said nothing about the injuries the children in the movie business have endured,from these monstrous pedophiles would all stand up and speak for these innocents ,forever damaged

    • Brian Pan

      Funny how you don’t though, isn’t it?

  • Black Swan

    What about the trans-sexual trannys? Where do they go to hide from the truth of their reality?

    • Brian Pan

      What’s the truth of their reality? That they are not as fucking stupid as you?

      • Black Swan

        Ignorance is no excuse for you being a moron!

  • clarioncaller

    As a recovering catholic, I pray that Mel will ‘evolve’ in his attitude toward the vatican and its pedophile priesthood.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    We shall see.

  • Arthur Cristian

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  • Bill Veris

    How was Mel Gibson anti Semitic? I think what happened to him was quite anti Gentile. It only was a “big deal” because they just confirmed what he said! And it’s quite anti Gentile how people won’t move on with something that happened over 10 years ago!

  • Jonas William Reems

    Mel is another piece of shit , rooted around on his wife and God knows what else , you dont get where you get like him unless you mixed it with the bad boys ….lets see what comes out on him

    • SkyELO MR Blue Sky

      OK S0R0S’s troll, time to go and troll on antifa sites.

      • Jonas William Reems

        the guy is trash , rooted around on his wife for years and said nothing about children getting sodimised and murdered he even states he knew so fuck you and fuck Mel Gibson the man living in the rotting corpse like the shit he works with

    • SkyELO MR Blue Sky

      Hey you must be a pedo too. and on evil S0R0S payroll.

      • Brian Pan

        Moron. You should have had your screenname simply Mr B S for Bull Shit.

      • Jonas William Reems

        yeah thats right , what the fuck would you know but i suppose you need an idol

  • Moh Moss

    Mel Gibson is brave for standing up to the Zionists supporters of ISRAHELL occupation ,and genocide on defenceless Palestinians.

  • Asimina J. Colden

    Making military propaganda is a comeback?

  • Bedford Forrest

    Will you ever do another type of Patriot movie?

  • Jeff Simon

    There is no doubt that Mel Gibson has little fondness for the Jewish people. Considering the nature of his late father and his relationships with the predatory power elite in Hollywood (for the most part Leftist Jews) I am not surprised that his bigotry has evolved the way that it has. As a public figure it might behoove him to prevent alcohol from loosening his filters in public. I could care less how much he offends the Politically Correct drug and drink addled Pimps and Prostitutes of Hollyweird that take such pleasure in lecturing the rest of us about how they think we ought to live.

  • Kim C

    Probably the only actor in Hollywood who ISN’T a Pedo rapist, Now you know why they tried to destroy him.

  • Jonas William Reems

    Hey Mell did you say anything about your hollywood excetutives ritually murdering babies and drinking their blood , you fucking low life cunt , did you drink any of the infant blood too? you sick fucking piece of shit and that goes for all arnold stalone etc at least your rich and famous , did you guys suck the producers cocks too ..i think you did anything for fame and the best roll …while children get their necks slashed fuck you and fuck the pentagram satan USA the biggest hell hole on the planet ..brought to you by the satanic chosenites that control money movies media and now they poisen us with our own food

  • capt planit

    This site also believes in shapeshifting reptilians,so all other news items are tainted to me.