Mel Gibson: Hollywood Is ‘Den Of Parasites’ Who ‘Feast On Blood Of Kids’

Hollywood studios are “drenched in the blood of innocent children” according to Gibson who claims “humanity and our planet are under attack and at a serious crossroads”

Hollywood studios are “drenched in the blood of innocent children” according to Mel Gibson who claims the consumption of “baby blood is so popular in Hollywood that it basically operates as a currency of its own.

Hollywood elites are an “enemy of mankind continually acting contrary to our best interests” and “breaking every God given taboo known to man, including the sanctity of children,” Mel Gibson said in London, where he is promoting his role in Daddy’s Home 2, his most prominent on-screen role in years.

“It’s an open secret in Hollywood. These people have their own religious and spiritual teachings and their own social and moral frameworks. They have their sacred texts – they are sick, believe me – and they couldn’t be more at odds with what America stands for.

Mel Gibson appeared on the Graham Norton Show on the BBC on Friday, and he schooled shocked guests about the real nature of Hollywood elites in the green room backstage after his appearance.

Explaining that he spent the last ten years “working on my own ideas, outside of the Hollywood system” after being blacklisted by Hollywood in 2006 for sharing opinions about the industry and the world that run counter to liberal orthodoxy, Gibson said, “I don’t know how to break it to you gently… Hollywood is institutionalized pedophilia.

“They are using and abusing kids.

They churn through a huge amount of kids every year. Their spiritual beliefs, if you can call them that, direct them to harvest the energy of the kids. They feast on this stuff and they thrive on it,” the Hacksaw Ridge director said.

What do I mean? This isn’t some kind of artistic abstraction. They harvest the blood of children. They eat their flesh. They believe this gives them life force. If the child was suffering in body and psyche before it died, they believe this gives them extra life force.”

There is a creative and loving force inside most of us that guides us through life. These people don’t have this. For them it’s the opposite.”

According to Mel Gibson, who has spent 30 years in and out of the Hollywood system, the industry elites “thrive on pain, trauma, stress, abuse, and suffering.”

Hollywood is drenched in the blood of innocent children. For a long time all the references to pedophilia and cannibalism were symbolic or allusive. But I was personally introduced to the practice in the early 2000s. I can talk about this now because these people, the execs, they’re dead now.”

“The blood of a sexually abused infant is considered highly ‘enriched’ and is highly prized. The money changing hands, the favors, the kickbacks – you have no idea. Babies are a high-functioning currency all of their own. Babies are their premium brand of high-grade caviar cocaine diamond steak.”

But according to Gibson this isn’t a flavor-of-the-month perversion, popular among men and women who have grown bored of standard issue sins.

This isn’t anything new. If you do some research you will see it’s a metaphysical, alchemical phenomenon and you can find it behind the scenes in all the dark eras in history. 

“It’s a dark, multidimensional occult art and practice, used by secret societies in the last few hundred years for social programming and mind control, and raised to a zenith by Hollywood in America in our era.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
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  • The Mechanic

    Sick bastards!

  • monica

    Where do they get these children ? Aren’t the parents missing the children ?

    • Amaris

      Not necessarily. Many of these kids may be orphans or even children which are bred for this purpose i.e never registered at birth. The children were kidnapped, snatched or gone missing. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States alone– that’s roughly 2,000 per day. Of those, there are 115 child “stranger abduction” cases each year, which means the child was taken by an unknown person.

      • Cheryl Conine Roberson

        I read there were huge amounts of kids missing from DHS. So they take kids away from bad parents and sell them to sicko. Hillary tried to help kidnap 35 kids after the Haiti earth quake. , and she was stopped

        • Roseann

          Foster care ..orphanages.. Franklin scandal..etc

      • Alan Surgeoner

        Not two days ago on Facebook I saw a load of videos of the kids in England who were questioned about abuse by their father and teachers and social care services in dark horrible places in old houses where they practiced satanic worship and abused the kids with dildos and stuff. The kids were taken and put into the care of the very same care givers they were outing to the police. They did everything to discredit these kids but I do not believe the kids made it up, In fact I will retrieve what i can and post a link here for anyone to judge themselves, they can then look up the whole case

    • LoveGod

      They also have ‘breeders’ who they raise in these cults who produce children just for sacrifice and torment. Some who are kidnapped are forced to become breeders until they are sacrificed themselves, sometimes when they are pregnant. I only know this because of articles like this.

      • lavallette

        What about children of abortions especially late abortions: almost intact bodies with real “virgin” blood. Very little of a aborted babies is wasted: science labs, makers of cosmetics, satanists, jaded sexual deviants etc etc etc. There is a fortune to be made for the abortuaries like Planned Parenthood. (SEE Project Veritas)

        • David Bolz

          In Germany, they have this system of baby dumps where you can actually put your unwanted child into a collection tray anonymously.

        • ML

          I wouldn’t doubt it if “planned parenthood” sells the fetal tissues to those evil minions.

      • Marra

        I saw one on Dr. Phil a month ago. She was born into sexual abuse by her “owner” who told her she came from a “breeder”. Her life had been hell and she escaped as an adult. She didn’t know how old she was and said many of the kids were/are transported in box trucks in cages. Keanu Reeves also talked about this going on in Hollywood in a recent interview. He left Hollywood.

        • James

          This is scary

          • bonniebluejeanne

            James, and this is only the tip of the iceberg!

      • carol

        LoveGod, I know you are right, this innocent blood is crying daily from the ground…..even the dirt has more feelings than these ultra abusers……..They offer these children to satan… This is exactly what is going on……shocking, judgement is not too far off…..

      • Roseann

        Like the ones they steal from the wars they produce and disasters like Haiti

        • Alan Surgeoner

          Was that not what Hilary was supposed to be the boss of? The relief effort was a smother for the child traffiking? . poor kids and people probably thought they were going to a good life and end up on someones plate , Eeww, sick bastards

          • Roseann

            Do you remember they caught that woman Laura Silsby trying to steal children in Haiti ..she said the kids parents were dead..The authorities gave the kids back to their parents. This women was connected to vile Hillary and some disgusting “children’s” group.

          • bonniebluejeanne

            Then a young female investigator went there to do a story on the Clintons having Haitian kids flown to the US. She was suicided the very next day she arrived in Haiti.

          • Roseann

            Yea I remember that one.. awful !

      • wrath_of_fett

        Jesus Christ you people and your demented fantasies. SMH

        • James

          Where there is smoke there is fire
          Bring facts to discredit there version of things after all what we are seeing is proving the’s theories true and your condescending way of speaking is encouraging rather than discouraging this school of thought

        • ML

          Said the useful idiot…

        • bonniebluejeanne

          Do some research on google, bing, or duck duck go. That’s where you can start, then take notes, then verify those in other sources. Then use common sense.

    • Gloria Kimball

      Next time you are in a walmart, stop and look at the walls of missing children. Hundreds of them go missing every year.

  • Amaris

    this is beyond sick. Glad that finally someone in Hollywood is exposing this. Good on Mel, however he should be careful and watch his back. The people in Hollywood are devil worshippers and possessed. I wonder if they are even human.


      They are not HUMAN and hence why Mel said they have no LIFE FORCE and must therefore consume children/Blood to gain this Life Force.

      And to think people were so against Mel when he lamblasted the cops who arrested him that led to his tirade on the JOOS who control Hollywickedwood as well as the Criminal Justice system

    • Gloria Kimball

      They very well may not be. They are certainly filled with demonic entities!

  • Stefano Pavone

    You’re a hero, Mel.

    • mike

      I hope he has 24 hour security because it rings true, the demonic horde that loves Lucifer is very dangerous.

      • Bonnie

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      • Lynda Heystek


        • khoregon

          Exactly! When Jesus was offered the fame/glory/fortune/rule during the temptation after His 40 day fast, He gave the correct response. These pitiful excuses for humans, took satan up on the offer. We are seeing what that looks like now.

          • mysticwine

            Time to pay the piper!

      • Goldmann


    • Bennett

      Mel is no hero, he is a man of conscience, whom probably has trouble sleeping at night, knowing that he has carried this around and only chosen to reveal it now that the executives involved are dead. Mel is seeking redemption and he needs to because he knows that when his heart stops beating, it will be too late.

      • Jack Lee ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

        Redemption is between you and GOD. It not about public speaking out. Moses was silent in the desert for 40 years while the Israelites were slaves. Did GOD condemn him?

        • Bennett

          Moses was not ‘fiddling’ with little kids or drinking the blood of babies. Neither did God call Moses until he had been 40 years in the wilderness. Redemption is about ‘believing’ God that we are lost without Him and that He has done everything through the death and resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ to save us both in this life and eternally. “to wit, God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses against them, and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.” Jesus came not condemn but to save already condemned men. Until we belong to Christ, we belong to the devil as a consequence of the fall.

          • Marishka Noyb

            all said because no one can prove or disprove statements like these…..why not here and now????Why must we wait until we are dead????
            “everything that was not made right in this life Will be made perfectly right in eternity.”

          • Bennett

            We don’t have to wait until we are dead, that’s the point. God commands all men to repent of their sin ‘now’ because there is no redemption after our heart stops beating. I’m simply stating that men who think they have gotten away with injustice while they are alive, will find perfect justice awaiting them in eternity. With God there is no such thing as an ‘unsolved’ crime. He sees and knows all things. If these pedophiles do not come to a live saving faith in Jesus Christ and find redemption before they die, their eternal ruin will be sealed, as it will be for all who have rejected Gods’ mercy and forgiveness in Christ.

          • Marishka Noyb

            “will find perfect justice awaiting them in eternity.”
            Why can’t WE see this justice…NOW? Right now so we all can enjoy seeing this justice.
            It’s always AFTER people die…….hide the proof of it even happening?????
            No Gods=No Masters……..It’s all been a CON

          • Bennett

            If God were to judge wickedness in the world right now, where would you be 30 seconds from now? Only those who are in Christ would be left standing. God is patient, willing that no man would perish and that all men would come to repentance and saving faith in Jesus Christ.

            The only way we would see perfect justice… NOW.. is if the court houses were not being presided over by corrupted and compromised justices who protect corrupted and compromised politicians who in turn protect aberrant sexual pervert, child raping movie moguls and celebrities. These people have an opportunity to get right with God.. NOW.. before their hearts stop beating. If they don’t……

          • David Zuniga

            In our American context, EVERY citizen has a duty and the power (when acting collectively as stipulated in the Constitution) to enforce the rule of law. Surely you don’t think that a Hollywood actor or producer originally from Australia, has a greater duty than YOU do, Mr/Mrs Bennett?

            In our system of government, We The People, collectively, when serving on Militia or on Grand Jury, are exercising the power and the duty of all Americans, as set out in the Constitution. Both of those institutions were pre-constitutional, so are acknowledged in our highest law, but not established in that law. The Grand Jury and the Militia both pre-date the Constitution and are independent of our servant government. In our system of law and government, We The People in those roles (and others, collectively) are indeed the “higher powers” mentioned in Romans 13, that are to be obeyed…or feared.

            Read the free 39-page eBook, TACTICAL CIVICS™…then let us know when you are ready to be the founder of your county chapter.

            Download the book…

          • nworder

            Plenty of evidence by people who have had visions or have been to hell . The devil does not want you to believe in hell so its not him who is giving the dreams unless its his ” everyone is going to heaven ” ones .

            Google Dr Rawlings website – a heart surgeon who brings flatliners back from death – he was an atheist until he questioned his patients .
            Or Ronald Reagan’s account (not the president) 10 min video .
            Or 22 minutes in hell which lines up with scripture. But thousands more – there will be some fakes but
            the one’s that make your hair stand on end are usually true .

            Mccormacks story of this death by box jellyfish is worth a google

            The prospect of eternal pain and torment is too much for most of us so we run and hide from these scriptures to get our ears tickled by some fake pastor .

          • Deanna Clark

            Telling God you’re sorry is only part of it…you have to change your life and make amends, if possible, God magicks no sins away…He’s not Harry Potter.

          • Goldmann

            Amen brother!!!

          • Martha D Leadback

            Amen besides God does say all this must come to pass before his return, be not concerned or afraid. Keep the faith to the end.. don’t quote me on the exact word or arrangement of words. We have to live in this world, but we are not of this world, so we don’t have to live like how our societies live.

        • Pam

          Did you read the Bible or just watch the movie? Because Moses was only in the desert because he DID speak out against Pharaoh and killed one of Pharaoh’s own guys. Moses was stuck in exile until God agreed to help him. Then God did almost kill Moses for failing to circumcise his son. Not that we should judge Mel or anyone else, but when we know of evil and stay silent we are being complicit. It’s better to die in exile in the desert for opening your mouth than live merrily in the land of Egypt in “silent” disagreement.

          • Bennett

            Nobody is suggesting that Mel should stay silent, I’m alluding to the near impossibility without Gods’ intervention of ever seeing these criminals brought to justice.

          • D. Mount


          • Traci Adiska

            We have No way of knowing what any man may or may not be doing in his own walk of obedience with God. Just as Moses acted impulsively, it could have been premature for Mel or Anyone Else To speak out publicly…the church needs to repent as a whole for becoming so apostate that this could ever occur under Our Watch.

          • David Zuniga

            Amen. Well said. The Ichabod ‘church’ franchises in this republic are an apostate abomination, for the most part. If there is one category of American that bears more blame and exposure than any other in our day, it is the feckless, spineless, corporate careerist with an American pulpit.

          • Marishka Noyb

            He should have spoken out while they were alive and doing it!!!

          • gomurr

            There are others who have taken their place.

          • joanmariebernadette

            Oh…….you are ass-uming that he hasn’t. ……& do you have x-ray vision, too?

          • Goldmann

            What ? Can you speak intelligent words.

          • Goldmann

            Are you a papist ?

          • Holly Bell

            Mel already defied them, thats why today he is cslled a racist. My own countries stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

          • Cloud Rider

            pssst. Like any syndicate bringdown, one squeaky mouse or flipped dope, and …

          • D. Mount

            Failing to circumcise his son? What stupid nonsense religion is!

          • Will knot

            D., Satan is very happy with you, very happy.

          • Traci Adiska

            Hey it was all about rules in Moses’ era – and he didn’t obey God – so his wife did it for him…Thank Zipporah;)

          • Marishka Noyb

            back then…..Judaism…..???

          • Lee N Kelly Elmer

            There is religion… Then there is God. When you stand before Him, tell Him it’s rubbish, stupid, nonsense. Mic drop………

          • Tracy Tucciarone
          • Traci Adiska

            The lesson Moses had to learn was to listen to God – not to fight anyone in his own strength. It was always Moses’ calling to be Israel’s deliverer – God didn’t have to be convinced – God needed a man to represent Him more accurately – and Moses killing the Egyptian was Not the right move at the right time…

          • KennyLLC

            God did not ask Moses to sacrifice his son.
            That was Abraham. His son was Isaac, and he was a young man at the time.
            Moses did not wander in the wilderness for 40 years before going back to Egypt. It was after he led the Israelites out of Egypt and across the Red Sea that they wandered for 40 years due to their lack of faith.
            Just reading your comment was mind numbing to say the least.

          • JCisIAM

            Moses’ son circumcised, not sacrificed; see Exodus 4:24-25
            Moses fled to Midian after he kill the Egyptian, where he met Reuel and his 7 daughters. It was when Moses was was living with Reuel and his daughters that God met him in the burning bush; see Exodus 2.

          • Holly Bell

            To hell with Moses and his herd, these satanists are the same …jews

          • nworder

            But the Canaanites were doing all these things and worse as were those in Sodom and the other four cities. It was intended that the law of Moses on the nations would stop this Baal worship through sex and the sacrifice of little children , but the Israelites mixed with these people and as God warned them they became like them worshipping Molech and Baal – burning kids alive etc
            So the Israelites were meant to be separate from this pagan filth , and they were for various times but then as the Bible tells us many went back to Baal worship and it continues to this day .

            Basically it is satan verses Christ until the end of this period of grace. Moses would certainly not have allowed any of this to take place – the Jews were meant to be an example to the Gentiles who were living in this darkness but they failed in the main – this is why we know the bible is true since scripture continually condemned this behaviour through the prophets who were stoned for telling the truth .

            The scribes wrote the truth and condemned the Israelites and not one jot or tittle was changed by the Jews – is this not amazing . No whitewashing in the Torah (or the NT for that matter ) .
            The Talmud is just the Babylonian traditions that Jesus condemned .

          • ShawnCohen

            Listen Ms. Holly Bell, who are you to say that??? NO, not ALL are Jews, some are also GOYS or not Jewish and GOD only knows how deranged these psychos are, but some are also whatever, as in all of humankind has its good people and its evil people so while you take your little antisemitic pose, like you know something, you DON’T! Mel Gibson may be an anti semite but David ICKE has been saying this for years, not with Jews in mind but aliens and parasitic mind control. Learn something and stop the hate!

          • Goldmann

            Yes !! I was going to say that .

          • Goldmann

            Satanist come from all walks of life, like that ‘ Katie Perry ‘illuminate controlled slut puppet, she was a christian .

          • Cloud Rider

            These people are Central European crooks who were forced to choose a mainstream religion by there neighbors. Spread throughout Europe. But really only the ‘Bosses’ participate at the table described. Rank and File…nope. Keep an open mind about a race and a critical one about bad actors of any race.

          • Adi Panner

            Jack Lee or who ever wrota this comment , he’s a real psycho.What you try to mix the Bible with an drank idiot Mel Gibson.

          • Goldmann


        • EverettWilliams

          Yes, he did not go into the promised land, he died in the desert of sin.

          • Traci Adiska

            Those who weren’t habitual whiners and did Not Complain Entered into the Promised Land

          • Street

            Yup, all TWO of them, Joshua and Caleb.

          • Traci Adiska

            Read the account again. Joshua and Caleb were the two spies who came back with the Positive Report…and therefore led the younger generation into the promised land.

          • MELROSE

            Actually the purpose of the wandering for 40 was that everybody who came out of Egypt died before reaching the promised land

          • Traci Adiska

            Read the account again…the Israelites prolonged their journey themselves because of complaining. God wanted them to be able to enter into their promise – their lack of faith and lack of character prohibited them from reaching their destiny.

          • Losi

            Do you know why Canaan is not the land that was flowing with Milk and Honey?

          • Losi

            It is written that they were fed by GOD with Manna and Quails. but when GOD feeds you, you don’t remain in the desert.

        • D. Mount

          There was no Moses &
          there is no God. That guy has lost his marbles & is hallucinating. Religion is another fairytale and a cult.

          • Irene Elizabeth Grooms


          • Scot Wells

            Is that a fact or your opinion.

          • JOHNNY WALKER II

            Your a Fool

          • Goldmann

            Well sadly you will be going to Hades, hell ,sad,.

        • Rebecca Edmund

          You need to find yourself some Hebrew bible cos the KJV exempted where Moses was in those 40yrs. Moses was a warrior. He couldn’t have been idle for 40yrs.

        • Marishka Noyb

          Actually he didn’t get to go to the promised land……..

        • 67BettyKat

          Moses was a flaming dumbass who was lost ( in a tiny tiny place ) and had revelations because he ate Lichen in the dessert , you know LSD !! Anyone who states that as referenced fact removes themselves from intelligent discourse !

        • Iwona Szarkowicz

          To Jack Lee..The Jews are Slaved a lot of nations do you have something to tell us about….what about.. first were Slavic whites European people slaved by Jews and Muslims slave Mr Jack Lee…there are people do not know about that easy to tell them anything and they believe…
          Sir Knowledge Is Power

          • Malinda Sherwyn

            What baloney! Eons ago Jews convinced Pagans to stop sacrificing their children….Present day 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused that the CDC reports. Who knows the religon or the polictical affliations of the child ritual abuse rings in the United States? There were 1500 foster care children missing in the County of Los Angeles, under the care and scrutiny of DCFS, the Department of Child and Family Services. DCFS even listed babies and toddlers missing! Departments of child welfare in this county are the biggest traffickers of children. We have been working 25 years as a court watchers and child advocates in the family law, dependency and probate courts and this is the worst case of child torture we have ever know in the hands of state—–>

        • namriverrat69-71

          God punished the people and Moses by not letting them enter the promised land because they rebelled and complained against God during their 40 years in the desert. He did allow Moses to see the promised land from across the River Jordan before he died. Only the peoples sons and daughters led by Joshua entered into the promised land.

          • nworder

            Yes but Moses specifically was punished because He showed anger when he hit the rock for water when
            he was speaking for God – he lost his patience . ( how many times I have done this is beyond counting.)

      • Traci Adiska

        The evil the elite engage in has only become public enough to even Begin to risk speaking out since the Wikileaks drops…think of many, many “unsolved” murders and supposed suicides…they have No regard for anyone else’s lives and many would be whistle blowers have been permanently silenced. Mel knew this – let us not forget it – and pray for all those who are becoming stronger and willing to speak out! It’s the Only Way To Beat Them… Don’t Condemn The Messengers! Can you imagine what this sounds like to those who haven’t woken up yet?

      • Dale Barry

        You my friend are no judge and I would watch you tongue because you may very well end up in the fire!

      • ki_chee

        Justin Bieber did reveal about this also but nobody dare to care to listen to him. it happened right in front of his eyes the young boy died after being raped by a bunch of pedophiles.

      • Joel Bama Teague

        I imagine that Mel didn’t say anything until now, is because if he were to have had blown the whistle he would not have been here today to tell the world about this now!!

      • Randall Hurd

        Off point and topic, Your just attacking him out of fear of self worth. Imposing your emotions on others is a way of self justification.
        But I believe the point has nothing to do with you, and more about the rape and destruction of Chimdren, do stealing his thunder is something you’ve failed at.Try to stay on topic, it makes you look much smarter than you are.

        • Bennett

          This comment reads more like a failed A.I. bot attempting to mimic a human. You haven’t remotely grasped what was being conveyed, thus making further discussion an act of futility. Cheers.

          • Randall Hurd

            And again off topic, Tag your it!

  • Kaza Dum

    100% of elite hollywood execs are jews, by hollywood execs he means jews.

    • Colin The Black

      by parasites he means jews, too

    • Astraea Shaw

      Read their “Talmud” and you will know the truth of what Mel Gibson says.

      • Blacktiger

        The Torah is the Hebrew Holy Book. The Talmud is what is used in Israel and those in the western world of Khazar Ashkenazim Jews.

        • Reina Rose

          You moron!! The Talmud is the written version of the Torah’s Oral Law, and while there are two slightly different versions, Ashekanazi and Sephardi, they are essentially the same. There is no such thing as Khazar Ashkenazim, which you would know if you understood anything at all about the science of DNA. Now STFU and use your white sheets for sleeping.

          • Dan McKenna

            Read “The Thirteenth Tribe”, by Arthur Koestler.

            He, a Hungarian Jew of Khazar descent, told the whole story of his people, who are not Semitic.

            There is a Jerusalem Talmud and a Babylonian Talmud. There are very considerable differences between the two, the Babylonian Talmud expressing profound hatred of Goyim (non-Jews).

            In fact, there are many Jews who reject the Talmud and use only the Torah.

          • bonniebluejeanne

            … and those would be the ones who are blood-related to the Tribes of Abraham – the ancient Israelites.

          • bonniebluejeanne

            Reina Rose – the Genome studies did in fact find that the Jews of Eastern Europe (who flocked to Israel after the UN decreed in 1947 that that slice of land would now belong to them) have not a strand of Semite DNA in their veins!

          • Kell


          • Kell
    • Roseann

      It is their religion..satanists..look at the garbage movies and t.v shows these JU Devils put out basically every movie they degrade Christ,God,Christians..always turning our holidays into hate filled idiocy..yet never making fun of Judaism..their belief in Moloch, their perverted racist hate filled Talmud or pedo Rabis .. or all of their holidays that celebrate the murder of Gentiles ..look at the “music” industry they control 100%satanic ..they even put out a t.v show named after their God Lucifer Glad Mel is back! These Devils have to go.

      • Lynn Kopa

        Christian bible is a collection of Jewish stories and letters written by Jews,. Jesus lived and died as a jew. Christianity was created by the Roman emporer Constintine three hundred years later declaring the Jew Jesus and his Jewish followers as official government religion,. Are you confused and do not realize that?

        • James

          This is false my dear because barely 10 years after Christ died the word Christian was coined by the very fact that the people thus named behaved like Christ
          And Christ himself told Peter “You are Peter the Rock upon which I would build my Church…” Christ himself spoke of his Church so please get your fact right
          And besides the Jewish religion practiced today is not the same as that practiced before as the mandate for the central temple has been effaced
          I am not sure about the Satanic link of the new jewish religion but I am sure that most of what you said are made up
          They had been persecuting Christians for centuries for being Christians before Constantine showed up on the scene and besides Constantine was a pagan when he was struck with a vision from Christ and his contribution to Christianity was the making of Church and state a single entity he never created christianity please do get your facts right

          • Linda Aitken

            DNA Research Brings the Truth.The undeniable evidence of this has become clear with the advent of DNA research. In 2001, Dr. Ariella Oppenheim and her team at Tel Aviv University released their study which found that the “Jews” were mainly Khazars, from Khazaria, a Caucasus country which is now called Kazakhstan, Georgia, and other names. The Khazarians converted from pagan religions to talmudic Judaism after the 8th century, but of course, racially they remain Khazars. Thus today, when you see a “Jew,” what you are actually encountering is a Khazar who practices Judaism. The Khazar has no Israelite blood. His ancestors are not the Israelites of the Bible. They did not worship the God, but instead literally were a phallic cult. They worshipped Satan by means of the male penis idol. The Khazars were never in the land of Israel. They are not the seed of Abraham. They have no promise from God. Now we know this as absolute scientific fact.

          • Linda Aitken

            I was very curious about the link between Satanism and Jews…this is what I have found.

          • Reina Rose

            You made this up. There is no such study. All DNA genealogy studies have markers for Middle Eastern Jewish DNA.

          • bonniebluejeanne


          • Henry Balfour

            Reina Rose…. denial wont save you. The Ashkenazim are a true and very real threat to anyone they control. They are completely devious and contaminated. Only once we burn them out of Ammerica will the dreadful cancer of the “jews” be cured.

          • Kell
          • Will Hurlock

            Excellent comment and 100% true thank you

          • Will Hurlock

            Hence the Khazarian Mafia we’re dealing with. Also everyone should look at

        • Pierre Sternegård

          You know you and anyone who taught you that bull is on the side of those Mel is talking about right. And you people can’t debate any of your claims, because facts are not on your side exactly

        • Roseann

          The word Jew didn’t even exist in Jesus’s time. We must always consider the source and ((those)) who adjust it to their benefit. So many misrepresentations like Jews are the chosen people ,6million Jews were murdered during the Holohoax (reality 200,ooo, 6 million didn’t even exist at that time in history) The Jews we know today are for the most part Ashkenazi of European mongul stock check DNA studies done by Johns Hopkins “Jewish” Dr Eran Elhaik….what does the Bible say “those who say they are of Judea but are not, they are the Synagogue of Satan!” Not church not Mosque SYNAGOGUE maybe your bad information is confusing you.

          • the one

            Ms. Barr is that you? 😉

          • Roseann


        • Richard Williams

          Jesus definitely was a Jew, but he did not follow the legalism of the religious leaders of the time. Only one reason why He was killed. He was also considered blasphemous by claiming to be God. This was written before Constantine was even alive. Constantine did not create the Christian faith. He helped to mold a false version of it that mixed the agenda of Roman politics with faith in Jesus Christ. Those two never went together.

    • Ken Underwood

      Did you know that 70 per cent of the people that go to synogues are Christians . They are hoping that god will make them one of his chosen people .

      • JustMe

        Then they are NOT truly Christians, are they? Born Again Believers KNOW that it is belief in Christ as Lord & Savior, & that He alone through His death, paid the penalty for our sins (NON-believers will have to pay the price for their own sins). His Resurrection is proof He is One with God. A ‘works-based’ religion, or ‘trying to be good enough’ on our own will NEVER ‘earn’ us Eternal Life – Christ said, ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father but by me.’

      • Alan Surgeoner

        But have you noticed that the politicians and wealthy elite (who are Jewish ) go to the christian services at St Pauls or Westminster for Xmas or Easter , both oof which are really pagan holidays truned into christian holidays ( whether to fool the christian into worshipping their evil deities or not I don’t know but religion is really mixed up and a mish mash of beliefs lifted from one religion and dropped in anothers ) . I am not against religion persay but shouldn’t people just pray for themselves to the God they believe in without having to make or coax their neighbour or friend, whoever into believing the same as they do? As for my initial comment about the poloticians or even worse the satanists who are said to pretend to follow christain faiths but again head to church . why?? is it to mock christainity or is it like some things I have read and seen that the christian faith is actually the satanic religion turned around and potrayed as good and kind but really the opposite ? This is all so confusing , think I wiull just keep my beliefs to myself and live as good and be kind as I can. It is definatly better than the peadophilia and eating human beings

    • Alystar Mckenneh

      They aren’t all jewish actually. There is a bit of everybody in there. And you guys are way over thinking it. It’s not about race, religion or heaven and hell etc. There are just so many douche bags and creeps and made so because they have power over other people. And most people just can’t believe that these type of folks exist outside the once in a while “crazy” living in the forest and snatching little girls, that they will close their eyes and wish it away. And then go on pretending. I have seen more young actors/actresses destroyed by the fringe “acting coach, talent scout, casting director and bull shit producer” than I want to see. Do you want to hear the real story, ask the crew. No one cares enough about us to hide it from us. And we’ve seen it all. The good guys and the bad guys. But trust me this is not a jewish issue. It’s a scumbag, power and money issue.

    • Kell

      Actually that’s not very true plenty there that are pedophiles and not Jewish .Hollywood was started by Jews yes that is true because nobody was intrested in using technology that just came out. . Funny how a small percentage in your case represents everybody. Racism still exists

  • glammypammy


  • lavallette

    Not surprised when this world is sexually supersaturated and every jaded person esepcailly those money and power are keen to try out something NEW in their otherwise mundane life. They are no better than drug addicts mowing on and forward towards the hardest and most forbidding drugs.

  • Raymond Babcock

    I have thought for a long time were are the child labor laws in Hollywood. When I lived in Hollywood some people tried to steal my child. The police were no help. I worked it out alone.

  • Colin The Black

    Slay them all, Mel!

  • Will Hurlock

    We are at war with the beast system and it’s followers. These individuals follow the teachings of Aliester Crowley and his Thelema ritual sex magic, and others who follow the left hand path. The rape, torture, murder, sacrifice and consumption of the blood gives them vitality and power. The children and other victims are tortured and brutalized to create a high stress response which releases massive amounts of adrenalin into their blood. The adrenalized blood is what they’re after. Especially from a child. It’s their absolute favorite. Thousands of children go missing each year and so many are forced into sexual slavery. Others are subjected to the satanic ritual abuse and ultimately killed. In the name of Lucifer. To appease him and gain favor and power. These covens/cults have women they call breeders who repeatedly have babies to feed the apitite of these sick motherfuckers. They don’t even need to be full term. Some are ripped from the mother weeks before they’re ready to be born. Only to be tortured and cut to pieces and consumed. We MUST not let this diabolical and disgusting practice continue. People are afraid to talk about this because it’s a really dark and uncomfortable subject but these children need us. They have no ability to escape or free themselves. It falls on us to expose this and push it into the main stream consciousness. We have a responsibility as human beings to save those of us who can’t save themselves. Keep up the conversation my friends !!! They need us.

    • Geri Klughart

      Well stated Will Hurlock. Most normal people cannot begin to comprehend this evil practise. Nor do they wish to. Children are to be loved and protected above all. Their safety and security is totally depended upon by others. We have a moral obligation to stand up for the victims and to restore the dignity of us all.
      I saw a vid yesterday that was a few years old, but was about the ‘initiation’ of stars into Hollywood and the Music Business. It stated that EVERY SINGLE STAR underwent sexual abuse/rape/humiliation and eventually would be expected to participate in Satanic practises…every single one. The most powerful men in Hollywood dont let anybody get rich and famous without paying with their very soul.

      • wrath_of_fett

        Some of you people are so far gone from reality I highly doubt you can ever come back to it.

        • Tim Morgan

          Wow. That’s PROFOUND…. you are so very DEEP. Sit up nights thinking that shit up, do you?

        • Larua

          are you some kind of sick psychopath? wow

          • wrath_of_fett

            So you think everyone in the entertainment industry routinely rapes children and drinks infant blood. That sounds totally plausible to you.

          • nworder

            No one would be daft enough to use the word “everyone” does this . Its the high ups in the pyramid of power – its the same in finance and business and governments and intel . You dont get the job unless you are blackmailable in some way . Do you think the spirit cooking witch is a girl guide leader ?
            The doorman or the chauffeur or the engineers and admin staff are not involved but the satanists at the top of the world power structure.

            “The whole earth is under the power of the evil one (satan) ” John the apostle .

            Why does God allow this ? We are being tested in various ways like Job to see if we are fit for eternity.

            This is why satan could offer Jesus the kingdoms of the world. Eternity is a long time and there must be no rebellion in it – so “the devil is allowed to sift us like wheat ” as he was requesting God to do this to Peter.

            Read Henry Mackow to catch up on what’s happening in the world .

        • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

          YOU.. look like a PEDO. Rope YOURSELF.

          • jj

            and you don’t??? That was a really stupid thing for you to say… The last time I checked, they look just like anybody else…

          • MELROSE

            If you knew how high up ranking on the number 1% of the leaders in all industries are involved in #pizzagate pizzagate is a group of elitist who are into pedophilia and sacrificing children and actually using their body parts. when Bill Clinton was President he and his wife increased funds for child Prevention Services also known as CPS this gave that division of government power to take children away from families and stick them in foster care many of the victims are from Foster Care why do you think Hillary Clinton in her campaign said abortion should even be allowed the day of delivery they want babies and baby parts Hillary Clinton is very evil more evil than you could ever imagine

        • Samuel Fondren

          One thing is certain—if we ever do, you certainly won’t be there to greet us.

        • D. Mount

          Especially those who believe in talking snakes and dead folks rising from the grave! Religion is bullshit!

          • Traci Adiska

            Tell that to the Luciferians Who are sacrificing to their god.

          • Will Hurlock

            Many will agree with you, I don’t believe in organized religion either I see it as a control mechanism. I do know God though. The thing here is, the people who are doing this stuff, hurting these kids, do believe in religion and they pray to a dark god. They believe completely in their religion and will do these things whether people believe in God or any other religion. It matters not to them.

          • Raspberry bibingka

            You don’t have to believe in the occult, or it’s metaphysical energy harvesting.

            They do, and that’s the issue at hand. So lets say you’re right, and it’s all nonsense. That doesn’t change what the believers of it are doing to children, and people in general.

        • Will Hurlock

          Reality can differ between people brother, to varying degrees. Depending on your understanding of the system we’re placed in. Essentially your level of awareness or consciousness. I was unaware of so many things until I came to learn them. Your reality will evolve along with you as you learn.

        • nworder

          You look pretty far gone to me !

        • MELROSE

          This is the reason why nobody believes it people like you who say it’s not true history has proven that many times over when will you start realizing that this crap really goes on #pizzagate is real. Seth Rich leaked the DNC emails. In the emails John Podesta was caught talking pedo jargon by the way can be corroborated on the FBI website regarding pedophilia. Seth Rich was murdered because he exposed pedophilia not illegal emails

          • wrath_of_fett

            The two most promise nant pedophiles in American politics are Donald Trump’s and Roy Moore. I’m betting you are an ardent supporter of both.

        • MELROSE

          You are a troll or an active satanic believer

        • German gutierrez

          If you don’t see the truth, or don’t want to, you WILL be another victim, it’s like gravity, you cannot avoid it.

        • MELROSE

          You think Mel is making it up? Keanu Reeves is stating the same. You can’t hide what is ghoulish. People during WWII also said nobody would do such a horrible thing like nake gas chambers? Get over it!

          • Struth

            … well actually, no-one did do such a horrible thing.
            Research it yourself, the ‘chimneys’ at Auschwitz were built AFTER the russkies invaded.
            The ‘Holohoax myth’ was intentionally generated so the ‘jews’ could play the victim card to get Palestine as their homeland.
            Those piles of dead, emaciated bodies?…. caused by a typhus epidemic that flooded through Europe at the time. The allied bombing campaign prevented food and medical supplies getting through, making the allies the perpetrators of this horrible crime, NOT the ‘NAZIs’.
            There WERE concentration (work) camps… filled with communists plotting against the legitimate National Socialist Govenrment. It was simply that over 90% of communists at the time were jewish.

          • Francis Miville

            There was a Holocaust, the only thing is that the Nazis who performed it called upon expertise from the Soviets who had more than twenty years of experience, and also upon the collaboration of so many kapos, that generally were communists or former German communists who had hoped for a socialist revolution to give them full power and then kept content serving a National-Socialist regime.

          • MELROSE

            Germany was actually one of the inventors of gasses they been gassing people since World War 1 & the chemical companies are actually from Germany so I don’t know how you gonna rush in the eye Russia was having its own problems of a far backwards Society. They were not advanced people they were still trying to come out of the dark ages

          • wrath_of_fett

            First of all, they were not Soviets, they were Russians. They were also at war with the Nazis, so no, they weren’t buddies helping each other out.

          • MELROSE

            Wow, you are nuts?

          • MELROSE

            Germans are not stupid people they destroyed everthing they could as evidence thank you

          • Struth

            As I said, research it yourself.
            Here’s a start, read ‘The Myth of German Villainy’

          • MELROSE

            And the tooth fairy leaves money when you lose your teeth. God is there no hope for the hateful?

          • Struth

            Who said I was hateful?
            Typical response from someone too brainwashed to think for themselves. God is here no hope for those with no comprehension skills?

          • DogmanII

            Wow. Talk about a head buried in the sand….wow…..

          • Struth

            Wow, talk about an excellent example of decades of media brainwashing.
            Look it up if you don’t believe me.

          • DogmanII

            I had the honor of speaking with a holocaust survivor long ago. Trust me, it happened. Saddens my heart when ever someone pretends that it didn’t. How horrible to forget the millions that suffered and died. I’m sorry for you, you’ve been lied to.

          • Struth

            Or have you?
            If you have confidence in ‘your’ truth, you won’t be scared to research it.
            Read ‘The Myth of German Villainy’
            Watch ‘The Money Masters’ and ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’

            Understand who rules… “Give me control of a Nations money supply and I care not who’s makes its laws”… Meyer Rothschild
            “There has never been a war my sons did not want.” Rothschild matriarch.

            Germany was destroyed for one reason… it represented what a nation could achieve if it had control of its money supply. The same reason Libya was destroyed, JFK was murdered, and Putin is vilified today.
            Don’t believe the lies. If the mainstream is pushing something it most likely is BS.

          • DogmanII

            Conspiracy theories don’t interest me. Stop grasping at straws and face reality dude. I checked out your book. Its hogwash. Soften your heart and open your mind. Stop following lies and become human again with just an ounce of compassion. You’ll feel better then.

          • Struth

            It is not conspiracy theory, it is conspiracy FACT.
            Have you read the book?
            Seen any of the docos I suggested? Especially The Money Masters?
            The Central Banks rule the world (well, most of it anyway).

          • Dante Hicks

            The old ‘gas chambers’ card. No one has even seen one or been able to draw one. Refer to the Ernst Zundel trial wherein the world’s ‘leading’ holohoax historian said he could not prove that any ‘gas chamber’ existed, nor had he ever seen on.

            Nice try, Shlomo.

        • Raspberry bibingka

          I understand you’re not ready for this.

          It’s surreal. In time you’ll come to know it as truth. In time the overlap of multiple sources unconnected to one another, will start to add up.

          Your journey has just begun…… You are right though. Once you know, there’s no going back.

        • LesPaulTeleStrat

          Your level of insight is astounding. Please, entertain us more with your sword-like witt.

      • Will Hurlock

        Yep, “coincidentally” I watched a more recent video regarding Hollywood that same day talking about that. I’m writing on the whole subject so I’m constantly looking for new research. It’s part of the contract to enter the upper levels of the success/power structure. Sadly these “stars” are subject to that for their time in the industry. Many of them have undergone Monarch programming also. This sometimes breaks down around the age of 30 which we often see when certain Entertainers seem to suddenly spiral out of control and end up in psychiatric wards or rehabs. These are usually privately owned facilities and part of that system. They have a program tune up and typically back on the scene within days/weeks. Some sadly have committed suicide with is a tragedy because they do not volunteer or choose the Monarch programming.

    • Ken Underwood

      By the way Lucifer if a show on tv ; they dare anyone to accuse them of being evil .check to see who produces that show and finances it . Follow the money . Don’t put anything on Facebook about Lucifer , because they will ban you like they did me , the people that control Facebook are part of the problem

      • Jammin

        CIA, that is who controls Fakebook

        • MELROSE

          The CIA are the people who handle the dirty work for the Deep State the people of the deep state are all pedopheliacs and use children for sacrifices why do you think they want Middle Eastern refugees because they believe in Sharia law which allows you to be a pedophile

      • Will Hurlock

        I’m very vocal on Facebook but interestingly the darker things I shars rarely get liked. I suspect much of it is censored. Every “regular” post I share gets lots of attention from family and friends. I live far away from my family. Fortunately I have not been banned. You are right though their controllers have dishonourable intentions my gut tells me.

      • MELROSE

        Zuckerberg is very evil

    • German gutierrez

      Yes, Will, these people in the US are mostly represented by the Democrat Party and some bought politicians from the Republican Party, who vote and protect on their own interests. These days all the scandals have to see with Leftists, liberals, who are against God and Christianity. You are right, Satanic and we are at War.

    • Raspberry bibingka

      We need to identify them and march on them. I’ll pledge it to be my moral obligation when we have identified sources, and know who to target with certainty.

      World wide, we need to march on them.

      • Will Hurlock

        Damn straight brother. So will I. Need more than 2 of us though haha

  • wrath_of_fett

    For those who think Mel Gibson is some sort of holy crusader, I’mma leave this right here:

    • Sammi10

      Fighting with your partner (very common) and raping women and children are two totally separate entities. You can be driven to extreme craziness by the people who claim to love us. You can’t say that just because Mel had a bad period of time in his life, that he can’t be aware of the other bat shit crazies!

      • wrath_of_fett

        Ummmm…perhaps you should actually watch the video before dismissing it as “fighting with your partner (very common)”.

        Also, when he’s talking about “Hollywood”, he’s talking about jews. I mean….you know that right?

        • Roseann

          Jews aren’t Semites for the most patent they are of European mongol stock ..Ashkenazi..just another lie like “the chosen people” Palestinians who they torture murder and steal their land ..however are ..the biggest antisemites arenthe Jews

          • Capt. Harlock

            There is no ethnic “Palestinian” group; they are mostly Arabs of Jordanian and Egyptian descent that flocked to Israel with the promise of free land “when the Armies of the Caliphate crushed the Jews!” Yeah, 1947-2017, Paleostinians are stil squatters in very well-built “refugee camps” faking news and launching rockets into Jewish civilian zones.

          • Roseann

            So I guess you are Jewish judging by your Talmudic lies. Once again Palestinians are Semites you “Jews”are NOT. What you are is of European Mongul stock NOT SEMITES you are however the most ANTI SEMITIC of all for bombing and killing semite’s the black market organ harvesting of Palestinian and Syrian children going? you people are the squatters since the Balfour agreement with Rothchild head satanic Jewish demon.

      • wrath_of_fett

        Yeah and Hillary’s running a rape dungeon in the basement of a pizza parlor. The only person we actually have evidence of being abusive is Mel Gibsdon.

        • Roseann

          See Cathy OBrien..Hillary lesbo rapist

    • sylva portoian

      She is blackmailer by recording his suffering voice … and distributing
      If she is honest will never do this … She spoiled his life …
      Good women loving her beloved will never blackmail.
      She is a cold woman … Mel is true, passionate, honest man…

      • wrath_of_fett

        Wow….just wow. Yes, she’s clearly the one at fault in that conversation. Poor, poor Mel. He beat on her while she was holding their baby because she wouldn’t put his penis in her mouth on command, but he was the one suffering. Bless your insight.

        • sylva portoian

          Some one are devils … some are angels …
          We know them more than men …
          They can cheat any men to spoil his life …

  • jemimahg

    If this doesn’t cause a boycott of all things Hollywood nothing will!

    • wrath_of_fett

      Yes. Stop watching all films and TV. Good luck with that.

      • James

        Thanks bro
        Though you are being sarcastic I am working truly on weaning myself of the poison of Hollywood

      • Tim Morgan

        The wisest, most beneficial decision I’ve ever made was when I decided to ditch that garbage over 15 years ago. Your statement is both sad and sickening, as you are apparently addicted (as are most others incapable of independent thought) to popular culture. Your programming is complete, welcome to Stupidville.

        • ML

          He’s what is referred to in England as a c.u.n.t., because he cunt understand normal thinking.

      • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ


  • MAJohnson


  • Mel

    Wake the F up. That is what is wrong with our society. Half the people are brain dead zombies ignoring everything that is happening around them. Open your eyes and ears for starters. Start with national statistics for missing children. Google it. Plenty of missing children stats. Where do you think they go? What do you think happens to them? It is people like you who they count on, the uninformed and unconcerned. Hillary Clinton says the least of her worries are the Democrat voters because they are so stupid and that is the only thing I agree with her on. Don’t ask others to do what you should be doing yourself. Get informed and figure it out. Especially if you have children. At this point, you will certainly be one of the people with jaw-agape when all comes out in the next few months so be prepared. Don’t be lazy, do your own research.

    • disqus_bwVSCHoDOx

      Where’s your source here?

    • wrath_of_fett

      I am waiting on pins and needles for “all to come out”.

    • James

      Calm down bro he was just asking

  • Tdubb

    Unfortunately what will happen is that the sheep will scream for him to have a mental evaluation. Unless you’ve slowly recognized this as real, having it thrust on you like this will seem completely insane. Remember back before you woke up. Night and day. People cannot comprehend this and it may change a few minds but the majority will happily remain ignorant.

  • disqus_bwVSCHoDOx

    Where’s the sources of your claims, Baxter Dmitry ?

  • Privada Machina

    If people were half way intelligent, they would think about what he said before, put 2 and 2 together, and understand that he is really talking about the Jews.

    • bonniebluejeanne

      The jews of Hollywicked were not born of those of the Tribes of Abraham – ancient Israelites. They hail centuries ago from Khazaria and immigrated east in Europe. Genome studies prove they have no semite blood.

  • Roseann

    Franklin Scandal, Laura Silsby, Jewish blood ritual

  • Geir Offenberg

    he didnt say anything remotly like that on graham norton show, you know people can watch it on the internet right?

    • wrath_of_fett

      As the article clearly states, he said it backstage.

  • Hanrahan

    I was bemused by Killary’s highs and lows during last years campaign. She collapsed at the 9/11 commemoration but showed up bright eyed soon after. Could transfusion of children’ blood explain these many ups and downs, did the black ambulance which always accompanied her have an emergency blood supply?
    With her, nothing is impossible.

    • wrath_of_fett

      You are exactly what is killing this country.

  • Christian Koncz

    Ok, this is so fake. It’s just a rehashing of David Icke conspiracy theories, zero proof. I’m pretty sure Mel Gibson DID NOT say any of this. Shame on you if you believe such nonsense with zero proof. I saw that show btw, not even a hint was made of any of this and anybody can claim that Mel Gibson said this and that in the green room, if they don’t actually have a record for it or can point to a source, it is just fake news.

    • Alan Surgeoner

      Have a look at the parties they throw for the stars. Ones where the woman Abramovich is it tells how to properly prepare the human flesh and different organs so they taste best. The pictures of folk like madonna or lady Gaga sitting with their illuminati costumes and jewelry of Baphomet and the likes. I know the pictures of a couple of these parties were all over the place earlier this year or end of last year. They were tables with naked bodies on them (alive I presume) but with the food at each table spread over them but there was also items that looked like human flesh and blood for people cutting up and eating. This satanic stuff does go on and a lot of it in plane sight now with all the agendas being pushed by them like the trans gender stuff ?

      • ML

        Even if the ‘human’ organs were just so much prop, that doesn’t mean they don’t do it, the ‘powers that be’ like to shove it in in the faces and down the throats of the world…they will be even more bold in their wretched debauchery just watch…

    • ML

      The comments were made backstage AFTER the show…reading comprehension problems?

  • Noloferratus

    I believe Mel Gibson completely. He is talking about Satanist who belong to the Free Masons but pretend to be Jews. They are the same satanist who have convinced nearly everyone that the Earth is a spinning globe even though anyone with a precision gyroscope can prove in fifteen minutes that the Earth does not spin even one bit.

    • wrath_of_fett

      *long, heavy sigh*

  • Chris Roubis

    google, Jew World Order

  • Chris Roubis

    this explains who they are

  • Betty Jean Henry

    I have always respected Mel Gibson, and I applaud his brave action and honesty here, and from what I have been told, Mel Gibson has hit this satanic nail squarely on its evil head.

    • wrath_of_fett

      I trust your sources completely.

      • ML

        Look you willful moron, useful idiot as it were, do the names kevin spacy and weinstein mean anything to you? but wait! there will be more! douchebag.

  • Lynn Kopa

    What a bunch of rehotorical crap,. Show me ONE bit of evidence period ,. It would enflame the whole nation if it was true. Just one case, one bit of physical evidence. Extrodinary claims need extrodinary evidence. None ,. Just the raving a lunatics driven mad from their hatred of their bogieman. Show me the proof or go to hell where you belong

    • James

      Spanish inquisition interesting
      BBC did an expose on the truth of the Spanish Inquisition and found that much of what we know was fabricated
      It was carried out by learned people
      You should look it up
      And one other thing I have learned that were there is smoke there is fire
      Don’t be too quick to brush aside this people

    • tenajgirk

      Check out VOAT-Pizzagate. Do some research. It’s true and yes, it should enflame the whole nation, but too many people are still asleep..

  • NoBananaRepublic

    Boycott all and anything Hollywood! Cut off their money!

  • Angelina Lazar

    Very IMPORTANT Mel Gibson is speaking out against this so people KNOW it is true!
    These low-life do this for fame & fortune!
    They are satanists these Illuminati occultists!
    They ARE anti-American, anti-Humanity, anti-Virtuous, anti-God!
    People should BOYCOTT Hollywood movies and stop being mesmerized by them!
    They are NOT stars, NOT special, NOT great and NOT going to heaven!
    They are hell-bound, unconscionable, wicked, perverted blood-drinking, faeces-consuming, flesh-eating mega-freaks!

    These are the VERY Emissaries of Satan Donald Trump is UP AGAINST as tgey are infiltrated in the Deep State: Senators, Congressmen, Judges, Prosecutors, Federal Agents, Police Officicials & other satanic occultists are involved who have amassed control and power, as a resulr!

    This is WHY it is IMPERATIVE that Christians PRAY against this for God to expose and punish them, bring them down and oust them from power! They are all a part of reigning in the Antichrist – who WE, as Christian, need to DEFY in Jesus Name!

    REVERSE with the Power of Prayer!


    +Queen of the South/

    • David Howard

      Soon: Donald J. Trump, polygraph test.

      • JustMe

        So WHO is this UNDERAGE girl in the pic, who’s posing NUDE?? THAT is child porn btw SHAME on anyone involved in that & it’s ILLEGAL!!!

      • ML

        Yeah right as if the ‘victims’ would stay silent no matter how much money was ‘supposedly’ awarded them in the wake of all the allegations going on now, moron.

      • the one

        Oh boy another YouTube video presented as proof… Ha ha ha ha… Pathetic.

      • mad-aussie

        More Left Wing FAKE NEWS!

  • Mario Gandolfo

    And this coming from one of the richest of the rich….He has nothing to lose by outing this truth…

  • Mommy Says

    I’m so glad Mel is speaking out about this. I’d like to address those who blame this on the Jewish people. No doubt, there are Jews in Hollywood, but these practices are TOTALLY against Judaism. Jew is an actual race that you’re born into. These “jews” you’re talking about are the ones who reject their own scriptures and God. The only “blood rituals” practicing Jews ever had was animal sacrifice for sins, and that ended a handful of decades after Christ’s death when the temple at Jerusalem was destroyed. No Jewish practice ever had a thing to do with sacrificing kids. NEVER. Medieval and muslim claims are NOT true. Actual Judaism strictly forbids the consumption of any kind of blood, animal or human. I’m appalled at the anti-semitic remarks I’ve been reading in these comments. Whatever ancestry these perverts are from, NONE of what they’re doing has a thing to do with actual Jewish practices. As we’re all finding out, no matter what color or race you’re from, you can choose to forsake what you know is right and choose to follow satanism and its practices. So stop with the Jew bashing. This is about the worship of satan, or baal, basemeth, and other demonic entities. When anyone follows those abominations, their “gods” require blood sacrifice and the sacrifice of infants and children. These people are satanists, nothing else, and have become nothing but monsters.

    • Blacktiger

      Judaism is not the same as present day Jews that occupy Palestine, they Khazar Ashkenazim and are the decedents of Conversion and are not Semitic.

    • bonniebluejeanne

      About 90% of the “jews” in Israel are fake Khazarian jews. They fomented WW 1 & 2 so they could get the UN to decree them that land in the Middle East. Research the Balfour documents and the Protocols of the Learned Elders (Zion). Beforee WWI, Britain (the Royals) were getting quite jealous that Germany was showing them up in their prosperous economy and other facets of life of the German people. The fake Khazarian jews who after centuries were hated by the masses due to their bankster cheating ways, made a pact with the Crown who owned most of the land in the Middle East that if they’d take Germany’s economy down, in return they’d be given that slice of land in the M.E. where Palestinians were living. The Crown didn’t want anyone to know about the deal, so they cooked up a way for a “peace-keeping-entity” (the United Nation) to be the one to issue the 1947 decree.

  • John Adderley

    Its unbelievable really, sad but true tho im sure. They should make a big Hollywood film about it. 😉

  • Maria de la Caridad

    Blows my mind, it’s worse than I thought. Child sexual abuse is horrible.

  • Dave Hurt

    I couldn’t find him saying this on the interview

    • Bill Davis✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖᴸᵃⁿᵈˢˡᶦᵈᵉ

      He did say it, you have to listen to the extended version of the interview.

  • Dave Hurt

    did he really say it

    I fell for the keuno Reeves one and they say that was fake.

    Did Mel really say this?

  • David Howard

    Donald J. Trump: “Sex With 10-Year-Olds Should Be Legalized”

  • Wanda Walker

    Not only Hollywood elites but globally political elites and the power rich.

  • Blacktiger

    1964, Queen of British Commonwealth and Her Consort Prince Philip took 10 children out of a British Columbia Canada Residential school and that was the last ever seen of them. Where are they? They would be in age about 60-70 years if still alive.

    • ML

      NEARLY all ‘royals’ and leaders of european countries as well as ‘elites’ in this country are part of the ‘elite’ who practice this evil sickness.

  • johnnynoirman

    Hollywood must be bought down!

  • Mike Schiele

    This site is a fucking joke. You people just make shit up. You should be sued.

  • JustMe

    Ever heard of Lee Strobel? Years ago he was a Legal Editor of the Chicago Tribune, & an avowed hard-core ATHEIST. His wife became a Christian, & to PROVE HER WRONG IN HER BELIEFS, he did something like a YEAR’S work of investigative work – he ended up writing a Book (now also a DVD/Movie). Read, watch, & learn the truth……

    • FreakNasty

      whats the name of it?

      • Don Zimmerman


        • bonniebluejeanne

          Yes. I read his book and he starts out saying he started out to prove Christ wasn’t real in history. What a change he made!

        • FreakNasty

          thanks I shall read

      • Tim G King
        • FreakNasty


  • NYC

    I would have to have some sort of proof…otherwise, it sounds like the alcoholic or brain damage that people rant about and there is nothing true about it. Where’s the proof Mel? or is it the reporter that is trying to make a name for himself? Either way…why wasn’t the police or FBI brought into this to investigate? I’m from Missouri, not really ..but I need to see some proof before I jump to conclusions here…

  • James

    God is not mocked
    You said Christ is a fable and then call him a bastard born out of wedlock contradiction much
    But yet this is not my point
    My point is with the freewill God has given you you insult his Son so you better hope and pray that you are right for if you are not, and I am sure you are not, at the end of your life if you remain unrepentant you shall be consigned to that place where the flames quenches not and the worms do not die

  • Pray Hard

    Kill all sexual predators, pedophiles and Satanists.

  • michael

    Speaking in occult terms, there are many different types of Human Sacrifice (read THE GOLDEN BOUGH for one of the best discussions of this), but worldwide, there are about 70 SPECIFIC strains that qualify as THE SACRIFICIAL RITUAL OF THE DYING KING, whose purpose is to give eternal life, and the suffering of the victim DOES play a role…this could be interpreted to include the crucifixion of Christ (Hence- Gibson’s THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST), and Christian sacraments seek to share in this sacrifice. Cultures that lose touch with this usually revert to MASS human sacrifice (Hence-Gibson’s APOCALYPTICO, two years after PASSION). I believe THAT was the connection between these two films…and given those two films, it’s interesting that Gibson would make THIS SPECIFIC comment regarding human sacrifice in exchange for extended life.

  • Bill Davis✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖᴸᵃⁿᵈˢˡᶦᵈᵉ


  • Reina Rose

    Poor Mel has been hitting the bottle again. This is a classic anti-Semitic blood libel.

  • cointoss election

    The Reason why the Clintons were so involved in Haiti is because the Haitians are under a curse from God. This happened because they all followed Papa Doc Duvalier the former maniacal leader of Haiti. A few simple clicks tells that barbarous tale.

  • Alan Surgeoner

    and here we have just what the elitists want? people fighting and arguing with each other over religion or even religous stories or beliefs . Some that are not even known if true or not? Well done for making their work so much easier for them!

  • Samuel Fondren

    Many people believe him to be speaking euphemistically—but he is being literal. And if we do not put a stop to this sickness, we will all pay for it.

    • tenajgirk

      Keanu Reeves has also spoken up about this..

      • Samuel Fondren

        There’s a female actress who has spoken up as well, but I have forgotten her name.

        • tenajgirk

          Roseanne Barr?

  • Julee

    We know. We’ve known for some time because evil can’t hide. What’s worse is the teenagers now days are embracing it as if it’s a popular thing to be apart of. Let’s talk about how to put a stop to it!

  • Larua

    Gibson is right on the money,
    but also, all politicians are parasites as well.
    the day will come when the people have had
    enough of this shit and will declare open season
    on all these parasites and clean up our planet of
    these revolting pigs.

  • Betty Weaver Woods

    When the names of the Pedophiles go public …these sexual harassment charges will be benign in comparison…Most all of Hollywood and much of DC will suddenly hit the road… You will never have seen such an evacuation… Be Prepared…Its Coming!!

  • Tori Too U

    Well that’s the sickest shit I have ever heard it’s belivable 2 me coz I know how they work the royals do the same stuff. These ppl ought 2 be hanged for murder n locked away how is this except able n y is no one doing nothing….. how r these ppl getting this blood n flesh who’s abusing a infant n killing them time there was a investigation

    • Glenn Blackledge

      Abortion that’s how.

  • Vairy

    Name these folks and help put a stop to their evil..

  • Ann Marie

    Kudos Mel Gibson, someone has to be able to form a group of some kind to protect the children from these monsters !!

  • DebraBrunsberg

    My goodness. Mel Gibson never said any of this at all. Can anyone be that stupid to believe this. It is fake news people. Wake up!

    • Bluesky

      It is true.



  • Jack Lee ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    God bless you and protect you Mel for speaking the truth.

  • Bennett

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Remember, Hollywood is being enabled to do these things. Who is doing the enabling? Why are they not being tried, convicted and sentenced for their crimes? Answer: Because the Judicial System is made up pedophiles, the police force is made up of pedophiles, the FBI is made up of pedophiles, NCMEC is made up of pedophiles, Congress is made up of pedophiles etc etc. The world is being run by the C.I.A. and the Mafia who place compromised sexual deviants in positions of power and influence for the purpose of manipulating and controlling the outcome of Judicial and governmental enquiry. There is nowhere you can go to find justice if you are a victim because it is the role of the judiciary to free the perpetrator so he can commit another crime. As a victim, YOU have a greater chance of going to jail than the offender. There is no way to bring criminals to justice when it is the criminals who are in control of the justice system.

    • tenajgirk

      Bennett, you are right on the button..

    • bonniebluejeanne

      God’s intervening NOW!! It’s going public before Christmas.

  • fishermanpete

    Any true followers of Alister Crowley will eventually reach this depth. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Most lefties are well on the way. They are insane with self serving, self centered and self righteousness and have seared their consciences as with a hot iron.

  • Richard Williams

    If you believe in evil, how could you not believe in God or the devil? Morality is something that people make up for themselves if there is no guiding moral principle. Reality is there is plenty of evidence for the supernatural. The whole universe is evidence.

  • Richard Williams

    Some Jews do accept Him as the Messiah though.

  • evilED

    lol, he never said any of that. Fake News. But still, it makes for an entertaining read. And I agree, Hollywood is riddled with pedos.

  • MD

    I’m looking for this statement:

  • Zork

    Long, long time ago there was a man named Cree who wanted to rule the world, so he invented something called religion …he created different versions for easier manipulation, and sent out men far and wide to preach this thing …. today these men are still preaching for Cree.

  • EverettWilliams

    Hey Mel WHY did you stay, why didn’t you report them, they could have payed for their sins before dying, I know they’re gonna be judged by God, but they needed judgment & embarrassment by man.

  • peace
  • MrBillinTX

    With all this inside knowledge and his name behind him, why didn’t he do something?

  • eduardusjacobus

    He certainly is wiser and better informed than the vast majority of Hollywood workers who consider themselves oh so elite.

  • supernova500

    Exodus 32:19…” When Moses approached the camp and saw the calf and the dancing, his anger burned and he threw the tablets out of his hands, smashing them into pieces at the foot of the mountain”.
    What a change as Moses came down from the Mount of communion with God after receiving the Ten Commandments, down to a wicked world, as the freed people of Egypt danced laviciously and offered up sacrifices to a golden calf!!!
    This indeed has been going on a long time.

  • Will knot

    Is this where all the milk carton kids are?

  • Greg Rush

    This thread is like going down the rabbit hole.

  • Michael Butler

    Jesus is coming soon. We are witnessing God’s Master Plan unfolding before our eyes. He is exposing the tools of Satan and it is going to get very, very ugly soon.

  • ebp123

    hollywood is run by jews. This is no secret. Just look up the major players in (((hollywood)). When are americans going to wake up to the jewish menace that controls our media, hollywood, banking and academia. They have been expelled from european nations over 40 times throughout history for a reason. You think germans just had a nonsensical hatred for jews? OR was it because they push degeneracy and communism with their institutional power? The leaders of the communist revolution in Russia were almost all jewish. They are a disgusting, treacherous people that destroys nations. God bless Mel Gibson

  • Disciple of Jesus

    This is so horrific, that many will find it hard to believe so they will ignore the depths of evil that goes on in Hollywood, but it must be exposed and must be stopped.

  • Rep

    Where is some proof for this. Not a shill and know very well hollywood is full of occult, Pedos.
    Just like to vet stories please.

  • seagrape

    This may be true but I cannot believe that Mel Gibson would sabotage his own “comeback” by revealing this to anyone. So, I’m calling BS on this one.

  • albany le

    I think Mel is one of the greatest actors ever.

  • liv

    Bunch of sharks living on the brainstem. That much to their intelligence.

  • Johnny G Benitez Jr

    Its time they get ousted and jailed.

  • Cheryl walsh

    Everything is revealed before God. The secrets of people’s hearts will be revealed (Rom 2:15; 1 Cor 4:5). God’s omniscience means that there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. This includes words said in the dark or whispered in private rooms. A private room (tameion) was the innermost apartment in a house. So even things said deep within one’s home and mind are known to God. Even these things will be proclaimed from the housetops one day. What is done in the basement will be revealed on mountaintops. We may divide our activities into public and private, visible and unseen, but there is no such division with God’s vision. The walls we build up to protect our psyche and rationalize our behavior cannot keep out the eyes of God.
    His words are a caution to them not to conceal those things which they had been instructed in, and were employed to publish to the world. “Whether men will hear, or whether they will forbear, tell them the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth; what has been spoken to you, and you have talked of among yourselves, privately, and in corners, that do you preach publicly, whoever is offended; for, if you please men, you are not Christ’s servants, nor can you please him,’
    We need to understand that it is God’s purpose, because He is love, to do everything in His power to cover sin. He does not want people to be exposed. He will do whatever He can to keep us from being embarrassed, but if we refuse to repent, then He will follow through with this principle. Because He loves us so much, He will embarrass us to tears to get us to repent.
    He will hold us up to shame and scorn, as He did to His beloved David, who would not repent after committing adultery with Bathsheba. Eventually, God had to send a prophet to bring him to repentance, warning David that, athough what he did was done in secret, but what will happen as a result will be done in public.

  • Raspberry bibingka

    I’m an agnostic…. That said, I’ve seen the beast. It is real, and it is inter-dimensional, and metaphysical.

    If you have strength, it will come to you with an offer/offers, because it fears you. It fears what you can do to it.

    It can go fuck itself. I am it’s enemy.

  • Mark EM

    Many say Hollywood is the Whore of Babylon.

  • Arcticstormer

    (((Who))) owns Hollywood.

  • Elaine Farrell

    They torture kids B4 killing them, to increase their secretion of adrenaline & a chemical Adrenochrome they get a high from… So it’s not just Satanic ritual, it’s to get high. Adrenochrome is highly valued & very expensive. There’s photos of “Spirit Cooking” parties on the web, with Hollywood stars dining on obscene displays of women & children.

  • Joy Augeson

    they eat children, come on..

  • Brad Scofield

    Mel ; you can say it now, cause you don’t need those bastards anymore, so SAY IT and be proud, because America knows the truth too and we are with you . . . . that it’s

  • Kell

    In other words they are jews.

  • Kell

    They should read their book a bit closer and maybe not the Schofield (jewish written) one

  • Ron

    It gives me shivers of joy to read your words. Now, people will listen, as we learn the truth. It’s a big club and we ain’t in it. We are the victims of the club.

  • Abundantz

    How about this is YOUR NEWS WIRE, a notorious FAKE NEWS website? Now try to un-read everything you read in this article, or try to find any of this info anywhere else. It’s NOT (unless it’s a copy of this article).

  • Hell And A Hand Basket

    Gibson had outed the Jew and their lust for deviancy at least 2-decades ago. No one cared to listen to him, and labeled him a hateful antisemite.
    Why do you think he was black-balled from Hollywood? There’s a few audio clips of what were labeled “hateful rantings” …albeit they were all truth, and a video interview where he calls-out the interviewer as “having a dog in this fight” against him, siding with the Hollywood Jew’s decrepitness, successfully pressuring Gibson from saying anything in opposition to the Jew.
    Gibson’s movie The Passion, shed some light on the Jew, and promoted the reality of how Jesus was murdered by them, how utterly despicable the Jew was in Biblical times, which further cast Gibson out of Hollywood. To believe Gibson would have been listened-to, saying ANYTHING derogatory against the Jew in Hollywood is naive.

    • Dante Hicks

      What he said.

  • Malinda Sherwyn


  • Jonas William Reems

    your a real fucking hero Mel , you knew about it 17 fucking years ago and said nothing , real hero my ass …you love your cash …just remember you are just like that shit in Hollywood …still fucking your sluts on the side mr . holy man you low life

  • Jonas William Reems

    he knew since early 2000 ..what a prick and said nothing didnt even try to get evidence on them

  • rawsomechef

    As a single Mom of one brilliant unschooled 21 year old young man//son – both my child and I know how dark forces .. will do their utmost to steal away an Innocent. Mel Gibson is one amazing and Brave Heart. Bravo!

  • joanmariebernadette

    Good article. Shared.

  • Naternot

    Who is the source for these quotes? I call bullshit.

  • Alicia Whitney

    Go Mel! ~The Truth at Last. I love this man for being a whistle blower on a this odious practice. Of course, every one and their brother, already knew about this “secret”. There goes their attempt at a slow burn. Now let’s see how they’ll try to demonize him. PRAY for him he is dealing with all of this and is Bipolar I’m told. Not to mention they’ll quite possibly kill him. Now we need a whistle blower for D.C., The Pentagon (sublety is not their strong suit) and the alphabet soup boys.

  • suzisunshine

    Gods son was a Jew and Mels hatred of Jews is well known.

  • spirittoo

    This is only the beginning of these sick, evil things they (the cabal members and their minions) are doing that is coming to the surface. When the masses find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes they are going to want to kill those people.

    • Malinda Sherwyn

      YOU ARE RIGHT! Once the general public discover this outrage against children…the outcry will be overwhemling but what of the thousands of children crying into the void…——-> This child need help NOW! —>

  • Steve Lysen

    Mel was from Australia, so he didn’t know how the ’60’s Hollywood scene played out. Women had to be smart and cautious, but it was beautiful. Mellow, Mel, yer startin’ to smell, a bit anti you know what. My poem for the day.

  • Judy007

    Are they seriously still going to present the oscars in 2018. Hope they don’t. I will steer right clear from that den of rattlesnakes and filth.

  • jw1958ful

    When i get back from vomiting profusely
    I’ll leave a comment. These hollywaks are worse than I’ve even imagined

  • Jim Goza

    I Love Mel Gibson ! He is Not Only an Extremely Talented Actor / Director but He is an Intellectual and an Honorable Man ! In Sweden All Families Should Teach Their Children To Never Go Out With Dark – Skinned Third – World immigrants and Vote To Arrest & Deport All illegal immigrants ……….

  • Mark Wheeler

    It is the Satanic worship of demi-Gods (Satan’s princes like Moloch and Baal.

  • pubpubpub

    I watched the episode of Graham Norton and I didn’t see him talk about this.

  • Elizabeth Rink

    Spirit cooking references in the Podesta emails inroduced us to the sacrifices and demonic practices of Marina Abromavich. There are plenty of photos of her and Hollywood elite with blood and gore as “art”. This is not much of a stretch from what Mel and other supporting whistleblowers are alleging.

  • Pamela Bates

    I’m glad he is speaking up.

  • Bob

    Time for the indictments and trials of these Degenerates!

  • Holly Bell

    Satanists!….what a horrible tribe

  • Sheila Graham

    If Mel had spoken about it before they probably would have killed one of is children. Believe you me this is just the tip of the iceberg, these people are evil wicked. And we are going to be hearing a lot more about these evil people and the real things the do behind closed doors.

  • Orrie Froloff

    I’m glad that Mel Gibson exposed the evil Hollywood elites are committing. Hollywood is a den of vipers and has been for sometime now. The Democrats enjoy all the contributions the geeks give them and in return they give them a stage to perform.

  • Disqus-ed

    Im reading the comments here and noticing the reference to “Moses” as a source of historical truth… Moses never existed even the jews in Israel acknowledge the story as a myth written in Alexandria about 300 BC from existing Greek and Egyptian myths. The revered 10 commandments are a direct forgery from the Egyptian book of the dead [look it up] They were never in Egypt as a nation and were nothing but desert nomads, and no record of an Exodus or plagues ancient kingdom, have ever been found. Everyone here should read Acharya S. stunning scholarship on the subject “Did Moses exist” What you have is another jewish fable woven cleverly into the fabric of the goyim subconscious just like they have with their hollywood perversion.
    And quit calling them gods chosen people, unless you mean their god yahweh the psychopathic bloodthirsty murdering figment of the jews mind. Mel is calling them out, like jesus did “”You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” Let’s see what lies they will use to try and discredit Mel again…

    • nworder

      This nonsense has been debunked time and again by archeologists – the footprints of the “Hibaru” are all over Egypt.

      You need some bible study . Even the evidence of Joshua’s temple , the split rock the chariot wheels in the red sea probably wont convince you . God does not allow lies in His bible which was written by the Holy Spirit in the original Hebrew and Greek .
      There are still a remnant of the Jews to be saved and this is what Paul tells us through the Holy Spirit so dont whatever you do Blaspheme the Holy Spirit. This remnant will look upon the one they have pierced and rent their garments
      they are saved etc . The covenant with Abraham must be fulfilled and its God that does it – thats why God walked between the cattle Himself and put Abraham to sleep .

      Jesus and the NT confirm the Exodus from slavery . Jesus and the Father are one . The Jews were ordered by God
      to kill the Canaanites who were into the very things like child sacrifice , worshipping Baal (satan) , the sins of Sodom etc .

      There is no separate God in the OT . The Lord guided the Exodus . ” The Lord said to my Lord sit at my right hand …”

      You are confused between the Jews not following the covenant and what they were actually commanded to do but the scripture was uncorrupted due to the incredible number of checks the scribes go through to make sure it was the original prophecy as dictated by the Holy Spirit.

      • Disqus-ed

        you call my response nonsense then say ” did you read the bible” that’s the whole point, the old testament is a myth why would I read a myth as historical evidence, does Gulliver’s travels confirm the existence of little people because it’s in a book any more then the story in Genesis about a talking snake and a magical tree…. So who’s confused?
        And its not the word of god it’s a fabrication of myths by Hebrew priest in Alexandra written about 300 bc from ancient legends and stories, they were attempting write a history to legitimise their existence like the Greeks or Romans. here is a good place to start why dont you invest a few dollars on this brilliant piece of research and enlighten yourself and then come back and well have an intellignet discussion

        • nworder

          How did you come to the conclusion that the OT is a myth ? 10 minutes study ? You cant find a single mistake in the OT – lets see you prove your boast .
          Satan can enter an animal and talk . The animals could probably communicate in those days .
          Snakes have lost their legs and slide on the dust – they have leg stumps.

          I would not even bother to read the “ancient” priest etc and all the other rubbish you have dug up to avoid God’s final judgement in your mind.

          The tree of knowledge existed (which took away our innocence and is why bad things happen) as does the tree of life which will in the future give us eternal life .

          You are obviously a Darwinist who thinks all the “magical” creation in the single cell was started by the magic fairy in a seapool when she waived her wand . You can believe in the whole universe popping out of a tiny speck (what compression) and that a deerlike animal living on cones can become a whale and chase squid 6000 ft down when its sperm is bombarded with cosmic rays – lol

          You need more miracles than the Bible to prove your “Nothing” did it . You are living in a Darwinist Dawkins talk origin fantasy . You must have bought Dawkins book in which he provides no evidence for evolution whatsoever .

          If God could not do the creation in six days then He would not be God . That’s what a God does .

      • Disqus-ed
        • nworder

          I dont watch fake videos but you have swallowed the kool aid . There is irrefutable evidence that the Hibaru were in Egypt and we can see this with our own eyes. You are also calling God a liar and this is something that you should not do.
          They even found the smashed up statue of Joseph with his coat painted with many colours . They were angry when the Hebrews escaped.
          Mass graves have been found of the first born sons , something the Egyptians never did in normal times.

          The devil will fake his evidence and God always provides His evidence for you to choose between.
          You will choose the devil’s fakery if your heart lies towards him.

          By the way – in the past they had the wrong Pharaoh matched with the Exodus .

  • Antonio Pires

    Worse than Sodom and Gomorha!

  • Deanna Clark

    Mel Gibson and his family have always welcomed and made room for children, whatever their own ups and downs…they have magnanimous and warm souls. As awful as these Hollywood stories are, I don’t believe Mel would make them up…there’s way too much corroboration…going back to Hayley Mills, whose Mother never left her alone for a moment making those Disney movies. They called it “Horrorwood”. The Mills’ family didn’t live in the make believe, pretty world…they knew the score in Britain as well. If only more parents were like that…including those that leave their kids to be messed with by internet porn and violent games.

  • Goldmann

    It’s all true what he says ,illuminate

  • Joel Bama Teague

    These are deeply involved in the illuminati which is the same thing as Satanism. Mel is right. This is worldwide, it is in DC the Clintons just to name two. That’s right both bill & Hillary fly to pedophilia Island. The Clintons are just two of many in DC. Sick isn’t the word for what’s going on, it’s pure Evil!!!

  • Randall Selinger

    Really, if what you’re saying is true, and you were a Hollywood star for quite a while, what does that make you, Mel, a “recovering” pedophile…….why would anyone believe anything a Hollywood anybody would say, and why are you still in the business of bullshit anyway????

    • nworder

      Why would anyone believe a troll like yourself who doesn’t want pedophelia exposed . Why do you want it kept hidden ?
      Do you have children ?

  • Cloud Rider

    This kind of puts another meaning on his character in ‘The Beaver’. He has been trapped from saying what needed saying. Mel has now been released by the Light. Welcome, Cousin.

  • Socrates Solutions

    When this worldwide fire, just now starting to ignite is over, not a single pedophile or trafficker will remain alive on Earth. NOT ONE. Moreover, anybody shielding such historical abominations will also be eliminated from the Earth. For the first time in history there is now a World Law to follow. This World Law is: The Protection of Children. As the great evil is completely eradicated, generations of kids will grow up unmolested. This is the future of the Earth. Not one kid will be molested. NOT ONE.

  • Randall Hurd

    He’s absolutely correct, Itswhy their views are so distorted beyond what the rest of Country feels is normal.

  • Maria Escalante

    These Hollywood Elites are some mentally deranged sick non human beings and have been so deceived by Satan..

  • AquarielCharm

    ” I can talk about this now because these people, the execs, they’re dead now.” – Mel Gibson. I realize that people’s lives are at risk but withholding names is not the whole truth here. According to former child star Corey Feldman who is crowdsourcing $10 million for a film that promises to dismantle the network of Hollywood pedophiles, insists that “thousands” of industry insiders are well aware
    of the goings on right now. I don’t for a moment believe the monsters are all dead.

  • Awaiting moderation

    A Jewish woman told us about this on Oprah in 1989

  • Mark Durham

    Mel Gibson also said women’s vaginas are like sheep. They come in herds.