Melania Trump Bans White House Staff From Taking Flu Shot

First Lady Melania Trump has banned White House staff from receiving the flu shot after learning of the vaccine's adverse health effects.

First Lady Melania Trump has banned White House staff from receiving the flu shot after learning of the adverse health effects associated with the controversial vaccine, according to reports.

While public debate rages about the safety of this season’s flu shot, Melania Trump says that as far as she is concerned, she won’t have people endangering her son with their “dangerous” flu shot diseases.

I will not allow incubators of dangerous viruses to come anywhere near my son,” the First Lady said.

After researching the ingredients used in making the flu shot, and becoming concerned about potential negative health effects, including death, Melania Trump said she was “amazed that it [flu shot] is being pushed so hard by the media this year.

The First Lady, who proudly describes herself as a “full-time mom”, then realized that this year’s flu shot is only 10% effective – and the flu strains contained in the vaccine may be responsible for spreading serious cases of influenza.

Many of the victims of this year’s deadly flu epidemic – including many of the dead – received a flu shot shortly before they came down with the virus.

In Santa Barbara eight people had died of the flu this month. Seven of them had the flu shot. This deadly pattern is replicating itself across the country, yet health officials are still telling people to get the flu shot, even though it does not work this season.

In the interests of her son Barron’s health – as well as her own – Melania decided to avoid the flu shot this year. She also decided to clean up the White House, encouraging staffers against taking the flu shot.

But as Melania explained, this wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Every year the pharmaceutical industry, medical experts and the mainstream media work hard to convince us to get vaccinated against the flu. 2018 is no different.

But, as usual, we’re not being told the whole story.

Pharmaceutical companies provide mainstream media outlets with a huge percentage of their advertising revenue. Big pharmaceutical companies actually spend far more on advertising than research. We are talking hundreds of billions of dollars.

Big Pharma’s dollars effectively purchase the obedience of mainstream media. You can no longer believe anything they say about pharmaceuticals, especially vaccines.

It is clear Big Pharma is desperate to ensure mainstream media outlets never tell us about adverse reactions or the toxic chemicals being injected into us in the flu shot.

While the CDC attempts to convince us that the flu shot is safe, doctors working for the agency have warned us that the opposite is true.

The sad fact is that we cannot rely on the CDC and mainstream media to protect us. We must do our own research and educate ourselves.

In the First Lady’s case, her self-education led to her total ban on the flu shot among White House staffers, encouraging the use of natural immunity-boosters, instead of the ineffective and dangerous vaccine.

Melania said that in order to justify the ban to the staffers, she had to provide “plenty of scientific evidence.

I have a friend who is a holistic doctor, she provides me with most of my dietary advice and nutritional supplements. She provided me with a wealth of information about the reality of vaccines in 2018,” the First Lady said.

I spent a lot of time researching, reading, really studying the subject. I had to feel totally confident I was making the right decision for my son.”

“It took a few months but I finally felt totally confident with my decision.”

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The influence that Big Pharma has over the U.S. population is profound, and deeply disturbing. Once you start looking, you realize that Big Pharma is everywhere. And, unfortunately, they are more interested in profits than public health.

But as Melania Trump says, once you educate yourself and make the effort to avoid their unnecessary products, you will find peace of mind, and the health of your family will improve.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • Just1Name

    So glad we have a First Lady with gumption enough to take a stand again the enormous amount FAKE BS out there.
    Good for her!
    Good for President Trump for taking on the BS ad nausea, too.
    The general public is so Dumbed Down for decades, they are clueless when someone steps up to the plate to actually do some GOOD!

    • Deanna

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      • bluemuddy

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    • Brian

      It’s amusing reading comments accusing the public of being dumb, oblivious to the fact that this article is fake. It was made up.

      • Marty

        Guillain-Barré syndrome and Flu Vaccine | Seasonal …
        Overview of Guillain Barre Sydrome GBS, … Guillain-Barré syndrome and Flu Vaccine. Questions & Answers. … What is Guillain-Barré syndrome … I have witnessed the tragedy.

        • JenMalice

          You can get Guillian Barre from other things, besides the flu vaccine. At my hospital we currently have several people formerly healthy, stricken with flu and the resulting pneumonia on ventilators.

          • Judy Bloom

            I see it every year: I work in a hospital and I never take the flu shot; however the many employees that do are sicker throughout the year than the non vaccinated. Wake up world! It’s true! Big pharma doesn’t care about your health only $$$.

      • Just1Name

        Even if the article is fake, I stand by my comment about how sadly Dumbed Down the general public has become. Thanks to years of FOUL ‘leadership’ they have no clue about. And kept voting in…along with all the illegals.
        Your government wants full control of you! President Trump has thrown a MAJOR wrench in their carefully planned system.
        That being, ‘the New World Order’/‘One World Government’, whichever you prefer to call it.

        It’ll happen, b/c he won’t be able to fully dismantle &/or stop decades of ‘set up’ staging. Despite a great deal of trying. He has just put a temporary bridle on it. Better than none at all. As it would have been with HitLIARy in there.
        I’m sure you’re totally unaware of the ‘Shadow Government’ fully paid for by Soros, backed by BO & the Clinton’s.
        Soros will die trying to take President Trump down, with PAID protests, riots, division & continued stonewalling at every corner he tries to turn, past pushing up daisies. His evil son will step up to the plate to carry daddy’s torch for them all.
        Never seen anything so pathetically sad in my life.
        Too bad all the FAKE CNN news is never reported for what it is! But Soros $$$$ runs deep. And wide.
        Won’t buy him a ticket out of Hell, however.
        OH well.

        Hope you can handle the news about the Clinton’s & BO, when it finally comes to light. It’s surfacing & being reported now. But not on the MSM, of course…
        Best with it. 😉

        • Brian

          conspiracies, conspiracies!

          When do the black helicopters show up?

          • Just1Name

            Whatever your little heart & mind wants to think/believe…
            The sucker punch will be a doosie. For many. 😉

          • Joke Wijsbeek

            look out your window…:)

    • acumenata

      The First Lady’s official spokesperson took a stand on this article. She says this story is “absolutely false”.

      The president isn’t taking any stand on the topic of flu shots or this report. Last week Trump had his White House physician confirm in a public announcement that Trump is vaccinated for flu.

      • Just1Name

        Read my other comment. Even if it is false…..
        President Trump doesn’t have to take a stand on the flu. If he tried, the well paid/oiled opposition to everything he looks at, at this point, would certainly have much to say about it. 😉
        I never get a flu shot. And only had it once. A looong time ago.
        Not concerned for myself with that. If I happen to get it & die, I’m fine with that, too. I’m secure with my Savior.
        This foul world is heading to Hell in a hand basket. Quickly. Nothing to miss here. Plenty to look foreword to, elsewhere. 🙂

        • acumenata

          “Even if it is false”? Are you implying that truth in media doesn’t matter?

          Trump isn’t at all shy about taking a stand on other things that get met with strong opposition. In fact, he thrives on stirring up controversy. xplain why a man who has no qualms about igniting global firestorms by issuing highly controversial statements about everything from climate change to environmental protection, the media, international relations, immigration and nuclear threat wimp out on the topic of vaccination?

          You’re welcome to not get a flu shot yourself if you want to risk death, imagine you’re divinely protected and/or think you’d rather be dead. But do it honestly, without spreading false information.

  • Oligio Pasquale

    isn’t she lovely…..isn’t she wonderfullllll… What a class act she is.. there is style and there is style….. and SHE has BOTH

    • Beth Schatz Rogers

      Yes, if you like cheap, tawdry and uneducated.

      • youfukenidiot

        Coming from a fatty with a double surname….. I guess we can add you up… as for being educated…. do some research before you start flapping your cuntmouth… lol.. you fuken idiot

    • acumenata

      What does your opinion of her loveliness have to do with this confirmed fake article about flu shots?

  • Maureen

    If this is true, GGGOOO MELANIA!!!! I applause you mouldy and proudly as a long time RN!!!

    • Pammie Jacobsen

      It’s fake news people.

      • Marty

        But the reality is I’d rather suffer a week with the flu.

        Guillain-Barré syndrome and Flu Vaccine | Seasonal …

        Overview of Guillain Barre Sydrome GBS, … Guillain-Barré syndrome and Flu Vaccine. Questions & Answers. … What is Guillain-Barré syndrome …
        I witnessed this occurrence

        • Brian

          Yup, the vaccine can trigger GBS, extremely rarely.

          Influenza infection causes Guillain Barre Syndrome much more often, so in the big picture, the flu vaccine prevents GBS!

        • JenMalice

          So you would prefer to die from pneumonia as a result of the flu? In my hospital, we have several people on ventilators and a few that have died as a result of not getting their flu vaccine. It’s so sad when people’s only education about their health is social media.
          The author of this article is a blatant liar!

          • Marty

            Tell me Jen, have you witnessed Guillain-Barre. Paralyzed slowly from the feet up in till it hits the diaphragm then on a ventilator and more then a year to recover. Can you imagine what happens to a home owner that lives alone? Why don’t you educate us on that syndrome would appreciate it.

          • JenMalice

            I did not debate whether it exists.
            How would you like me to educate you on it? How many have you personally taken care of? It does not happen immediately after the vaccine. And while it is very scary and can last for weeks, in most cases, it is resolves spontaneously after providing supportive care. I have been a nurse over 26 years. I just graduated with my master’s degree. I have worked in ER, ICU, as well as rehab and took care of a few GBS patients. Only one was after a vaccine; another one occurred 2 weeks after a parasitic infection, another one after having had the flu and another was idiopathic. I have taken care of many, many more that died from respiratory failure as a result of flu.
            (I have even taking care of a young mom that died from the complications of chicken pox.) Most of them were young and middle-aged adults, healthy before getting the flu. Please share your expertise with me.

          • JenMalice

            Here’s a good article that gives you accurate information:

          • Barbei Williams

            Asthmatic since birth…. I prefer my odds with the shot than without…. It’s America… Freewill and all…. Use your own free will to decide and just pipe down will ya’ll

          • JenMalice

            Absolutely, you have free will. But as a licensed healthcare professional, I will not pipe down about people spreading ignorance and fear against the flu shot. That is my first amendment right and I will exercise that freely!

          • AnnBlakeTracy

            JenMalice I became vegan 44 years ago to rid my body of terminal cancer. And as a very pleasantly unexpected beneficial result I have not had the flu in that many years. It has been so long now that I’ve forgotten what it is even like to get the flu. When people begin talking about it it is like something so totally foreign to me it’s almost impossible to comprehend it anymore.

            If people would learn to stop putting things into their body full of bacteria and decaying matter they would not become walking magnets for all these different diseases they remain so frightened of. Am I afraid of pneumonia? Not in the least! I use a natural substance that gets rid of it for me overnight. That is no exaggeration whatsoever! So go ahead and rely on your stupid vaccine but as for me I will stick with what works because I don’t have the time to waste being sick.

          • Brian

            Something tells me that scam artists love your gullibility.

          • Judy Bloom

            You’re so in the dark! I work in medicine and it is the flu shot that’s making people worse! It’s not the media, you’re in complete denial and don’t see the real picture! All the patients in our hospital with pneumonia took the flu shot. How can you support that?

          • Brian

            Do you have any evidence?

            Or are we simply supposed to believe that you are right and everyone else is wrong?

          • Mike Bauer

            i work in medicine lol how is it in there

          • JenMalice

            Judy: Just to be sure I understand you; you are a physician and you are spreading such bull crap? I’m a masters prepared nurse now and have been in practice for 26 years. I’ve been licensed in 6 states and worked in everything from public health to Critical Care. Are you seriously claiming that you are more aware of the risk of flu, than I am? Instead of making empty claims, be a real professional and quote me a current study.

        • Just1Name

          I can’t even remember when I got a flu shot last. Only had it once in all the years. I lived.
          I do know several who got very sick FROM the shot, however. AND who still got the FLU!!!
          I know 2 people who have it now & they are very ill with it. Struck them both, every fast. I was with the one, & so far, so good, for me. But not so much for her. She got the shot in Nov, before the holidays. Not sure if the other one got a shot or not. But I will be finding out.
          Bad as this one seems to be hitting, I’m still not going to get a shot.
          My honey got so sick 2 yrs ago after the shot, We both said, ‘no thanks’ from now on.
          I’m ready to ‘go’ whenever my Savior calls. 🙂

          • Badintense

            My last flu shot was in 1975 when I was 9. Good thing I did because that following year was the swine flu shot that paralyzed 100,000 people and gave millions Guillain-Barre syndrome.

      • Barbei Williams

        I get the shots because 47 years of asthma…. If you don’t like the shot.. Don’t get it.. it’s America

        • Wendy Allen

          Asthma can be due to eating gluten which may hurt the gut lining lowering Mg and other minerals . 2000mg of fish oil daily stopped my colds/flu for more than 20 years. Vit C/Zn/fish oil/Vit D3/sunlight/garlic/oil of oregano and more may help the immune system.

      • Wendy Allen

        Melania encouraged didn’t demand.

        • acumenata

          She did neither. Her spokesperson called the entire story “absolutely false”. It originated from YourNewsWire, a consistent publisher of fake news and political disinformation. To believe their story you’d have to believe that Melania Trump is either allowing or ordering her official spokesperson to lie to you.

    • Marty

      So you know about this.

      Guillain-Barré syndrome and Flu Vaccine | Seasonal …

      Overview of Guillain Barre Sydrome GBS, … Guillain-Barré syndrome and Flu Vaccine. Questions & Answers. … What is Guillain-Barré syndrome …

      • surf2liv

        my roomies Neighbor in Windsor CT..was driving at 85..then got flu shot…dead 10 days later due to Guillan Barre..personal observation

  • Marty

    Also the possibility of getting

    Guillain-Barré syndrome and Flu Vaccine | Seasonal …

    Overview of Guillain Barre Sydrome GBS, … Guillain-Barré syndrome and Flu Vaccine. Questions & Answers. … What is Guillain-Barré syndrome …

    • Brian

      Yup, the vaccine prevents GBS by preventing the flu.

      Thanks vaccines!

  • JenMalice

    Dmitri is a disgusting liar!

    • Brian

      Yup, its “yournewswire”. They’ll fabricate a new made-up story every day, and sadly gullible people will believe it.

      • Just1Name

        If you watch CNN, you’re just as gullible. Or any MSM, for that matter. Gotta take it all with a tablespoon of salt.
        Or bowl of it…depending which one it is. 😉

        • acumenata

          Watching or reading something doesn’t make you gullible. Believing things without checking sources and verifiable facts does.

    • No vaccines for me

      Snopes is NOT a reliable source… and if i injected you with aluminum, mercury, and formaldehyde, you would have me arrested BUT, let a doctor inject it and call it a vaccine and its all good???? WTF???? EVEN THE CDC SAYS THE FLU SHOT IS ONLY 10% EFFECTIVE….

      • Brian

        Why is it that the only people who say snopes isn’t reliable those people who believe debunked hoaxes and conspiracies?

        Snopes exists because of people like YOU.

        Did you know that your own body is making formaldehyde right now? It’s been running through your veins since the day you were born.

    • No vaccines for me

      you probably think fluoride is healthy too…

      • Brian

        Conspiracies, conspiracies!

  • sequence

    Finally First Lady with brains!

  • Elizabeth A Haywood

    WHAT? You mean to tell me that Melania doesn’t want to give all of her staffers Alzheimers Disease so they won’t remember anything she did or expose crimes?

    Wow, this is a huge departure from the last 5 Presidents who would rather see their staffers dead or at least brain dead after they stopped working for them!

    • Brian

      Well, this is nonsense.

      If you believe what conspiracy groups tell you, you’ll likely end up misinformed.

    • Elizabeth A Haywood
    • Elizabeth A Haywood

      Flu vaccine confers 10 times the risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease

      Dr High Fudenberg claimed 10 times the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease in those over 55 years old who received the flu vaccine 5 years in a row. According to Dr. Fudenberg, one of the world’s most prolific immunologists and 13th most quoted biologist of our times (over 600 papers in peer review journals), he had this to say regarding the annual flu vaccine program:

      “If an individual has had 5 consecutive flu shots between 1970 – 1980 (the years of the study) his / her chance of developing Alzheimer’s Disease is 10 times greater than if they had one, two or no shots.” When asked why this is, Dr. Fudenberg stated that, “It is due to the mercury and aluminum buildup that is in every flu shot. The gradual mercury and aluminum buildup in the brain causes cognitive dysfunction.”

      Hugh Fudenberg, MD, is Founder and Director of Research, Neuro lmmuno Therapeutic Research Foundation. Information from Dr. Hugh Fudenberg came from transcribed notes of Dr. Fudenberg’s speech at the NVIC International Vaccine Conference, Arlington, VA September, 1997. He trained from 1954–56 under William Dameshek former editor of Blood and completed a residency at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital from 1956–58. Fudenberg was formerly a Professor (first associate, and later full) of medicine at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), as well as associate professor of immunology at the University of California, Berkeley. He was editor of the journal Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology for 15 years and developed the Rosette test as well. Additionally, Fudenberg sat on the World Health Organization’s expert committee on immunology for 20 years. In 1974, he relocated to South Carolina, specifically the Medical University of South Carolina, where he remained as a Professor until 1989.[1]

    • Elizabeth A Haywood

      The Impacts of Vaccines: Aluminum, Autoimmunity, Autism and Alzheimer’s

    • Brian

      Hugh Fudenberg was never a world leading immunologist. His license to practice medicine was revoked for illegal and unethical behavior. His claim that vaccines cause Alzheimer’s was simply made up. He never had any evidence to support it.

      Other research, like Verreault et al (2001) found that vaccination was associated with a reduction in Alzheimers.

      Why do anti-vaxxers lie so much?

    • Just1Name

      No one beats the Clinton’s. 😉

  • Doug’n Mary Stanley

    It says in the preview that she “banned” it and in the story it said she strongly suggested staffers not take it. Which???

    • acumenata

      Neither. Her spokesperson has since said that this entire story is “absolutely false”.

  • Paul H

    She probably knows something that most of us don’t! The flu shot is a biological warfare agent! Think of what the second eight years of the 16 year plan that Q-anon dropped was supposed to accomplish under a Hillary presidency? I have forbidden any of my family members to receive the flu shot!

    • Brian

      “I refuse to let anyone in my family wear seat belts. Some celebrity told me so.”

      That’s what you sound like.

      • Paul H

        You are more than welcome to get the flu shot if you would like!

        • Brian

          Already did. As has all of my family.

          We also wear seat belts and do other common-sense safety measures. I also teach them that the earth is round and the holocaust actually happened.

          • Paul H

            It’s useless with people who are still asleep.

          • Brian

            Why do you assume that you are awake?

          • Paul H

            If you have to make that statement then you don’t understand.

          • Brian

            lol. I could say the same about yours.

            You conspiracy theorists are all the same. Whenever you’re proven wrong, then the evidence that proves you wrong must also be part of the conspiracy. Your claims are wildly inconsistent with reality, but as has been shown over and over again, you don’t care.

          • Paul H

            If you are interested in doing your own research:


            You will see shortly that there’s a lot more happening than you’re getting from the LSM. If you don’t want to do your own research, so be it.

          • Brian

            I have done my own research. I’ve had it peer-reviewed and published in publicly-available academic journals.

            You seem more interested in conspiracy blogs. That’s not research.

          • Paul H

            Oh, a “scientist” I see. “Published” and everything. You’re not the only one published or with patents either. As the adage goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. I guess we’ll all find out soon enough.

          • Just1Name

            They won’t even believe when all the sh*t coming at them hits the fan.
            Probably loved BO, all 8 destructive years.

          • Paul H

            The only thing you can do is present them the truth. If they choose to ignore it, it’s on them.

          • Just1Name

            Right you are.
            Best to you in this scary year ahead….
            Hope you know Jesus.
            God’s ‘Sucker Punch’ to a lost humanity is winding up… 😉
            If you don’t, ask Him to reveal Himself to you. He never refuses a contrite heart.

          • Paul H

            I believe in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and in His sacrifice on the cross for my sins. I believe what we are seeing in the deep state is luciferian in nature and it will not succeed!

          • Just1Name

            The mockers & scoffers have NO clue what they are falling for, or what’s in store….
            I pray for them. Thankfully many will ‘see’ during the Tribulation….right around the corner, now.

          • Just1Name

            Hey, thanks for that.
            People are so Dumbed Down about so much at this point, they can’t see the forest for the trees.
            Really sad to see their state today. smh
            I don’t have much hope for the general public.
            Too indoctrinated. Their steeped in the lies they believe.
            Is what it is…

  • Alexandra1973

    Good on Melania Trump! Never had the flu shot, never had the flu, same with my son.

  • Wendy Allen

    No gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO/food with a label…taking vitamins/good oils/minerals…probiotic…LDN..detoxing may help the immune system/RA and more. 2000mg of fish oil daily stopped my colds/flu for more than 20 years. See my other comments.

  • Elizabeth A Haywood
    • Brian

      Do you know what the word “settled” means?

  • Elizabeth A Haywood
  • Elizabeth A Haywood
  • Elizabeth A Haywood
    • Brian

      Unless you drink flu vaccines by the gallon, this is completely irrelevant.

  • Elizabeth A Haywood

    Isn’t it great that the flu shot has 50,000 ppb of mercury, when 2 ppb in tuna fish is considered a hazardous waste? Then they inject it along with Polysorbate-80 to take it over your blood brain barrier so it can permanently damage your brain. I guess Melania is not on board with killing everyone young like the Pharma Shills and their Masters

  • Elizabeth A Haywood

    Look at all the people killed and permanently disabled i from the flu vaccines….and that is just a tiny fraction as a lot of people are still clueless about how dangerous they are…..

  • Elizabeth A Haywood

    The Flu vaccine may cause serious autoimmune diseases, neurological dysfunction, or death:
    Guillain-Barré syndrome after vaccination in United States: data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/Food and Drug Administration Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (1990-2005).

  • Elizabeth A Haywood

    Did your Granny die after getting the flu shot this year? Sad to know that it could have been deliberate, isn’t it?

    More Than 100 Seniors Died After Receiving This Flu Shot Given By Pharmacies

    Health providers and senior citizens receive two different brochures about the flu shot, with key information missing on the latter.

    As it happens every winter, the marketing push for receiving a flu shot continues. CVS is offering a 20% shopping pass when you get your flu shot. They are also marketing a high-dose vaccine, which is of course more profitable for the manufacturer and the pharmacy, but there are plenty of reasons to be wary of it — especially for seniors.

    Fluzone® High-Dose is an injectable vaccine, specifically approved for people ages 65 and older. Manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur, this shot contains three flu strains and four times more antigen (substance that causes an immune response) than regular flu shots, claims CVS Pharmacy (Rite Aid also offers it and admits that “more studies are being done” to see whether it actually offers an improvement at all).

    The pharmacy does admit that the vaccine is not recommended for anyone who has experienced an adverse reaction (especially Guillain-Barré syndrome) to vaccines in the past.

    But between their marketing campaigns and promoting a 20% shopping coupon, they omitted a vital piece of information: 105 seniors died after taking part in two Fluzone high-dose vaccine trials, and 91 died after getting the regular Fluzone vaccine.

    Rite Aid and other pharmacies also offer the shot, but many people have questioned whether seniors are being told the truth about their risks.

    Two clinical trials were conducted before Fluzone received approval. Both studies were led and sponsored by Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccine manufacturer itself (clear potential for conflict of interest).

    In the first study 2,573 adults ages 65 and older received the Fluzone high-dose and 1,260 received regular Fluzone shots. Out of those a surprising number of seniors, 156 high-dose and 93 regular-dose recipients, had a severe adverse event (SAE) within 6 months post-vaccination.

    In addition, 16 high-dose and 7 regular-dose recipients died between 29 and 180 days post-vaccination. But as the package insert received by unsuspecting patients puts it, “no deaths were reported within 28 days post-vaccination.”

    Pharmaceutical companies have been known to present and phrase study results in ways that downplay the risks, and many have wondered if this is indeed the case with Fluzone, including the website Health Impact News in a 2013 article that went viral on social media. Usually studies report the results in round numbers, such as what adverse reactions happened during the first 30, 60 and 90 days. In this case the study chose to state in the package that no one died during the first 28 days. But a total of 23 (high-dose and regular dose) participants died starting on day 29. Why did they choose the 29th day to begin counting?

    Second Study: More Adverse Reactions, Deaths

    In the second study 15,992 adults ages 65 and older received the Fluzone high-dose and 15,991 received the regular Fluzone. Results show that 1,323 high-dose and 1,442 regular Fluzone recipients had a SAE within 6 to 8 months post-vaccination (204 high-dose and 200 regular-dose experienced a SAE within 30 days). In addition, 83 high-dose and 84 regular-dose died within 6 to 8 months, and 6 high-dose recipients died within 30 days post-vaccination.

    According to the Fluzone vaccine information sheet none of these deaths were linked to the vaccine. They state that “these data do not provide evidence for a causal relationship between deaths and vaccination with Fluzone High-Dose.”

    The first study claims the deaths cannot be linked to the clinical study because “the majority of these participants had a medical history of cardiac, hepatic, neoplastic, renal, and/or respiratory diseases.” The second study claims the same due to the majority of participants having “one or more chronic comorbid illnesses.”

    The question arises – without further investigating, how did they arrive at the conclusion that none of the deaths were connected to the vaccination? Why wasn’t the data between seniors with existing conditions and without existing conditions ever compared or added to the package insert? And can we trust the word of the pharmaceutical company who sponsored its own study?
    At any rate, 105 deaths and the sheer amount of adverse effects recorded between the two studies are serious red flags for anyone considering a flu shot. Serious adverse events include life-threatening issues like Guillain-Barré Syndrome, which has symptoms similar to polio including paralysis.

    Perhaps, that is one of the reasons why when receiving the vaccine, the patient needs to sign a consent form first.

    The Consent Form: Risk Awareness and Inability to Sue the Company

    When receiving a vaccination (this one from Rite Aid), the patient has to read and sign a form which includes the following:

    “I have read, or have had read to me the Vaccination Information Sheet (VIS) regarding the vaccine(s). I have had the opportunity to ask questions that were answered to my satisfaction and understand the benefits and risks of the vaccine(s). I consent to, or give consent for, the administration of the vaccine(s). I fully release and discharge Rite Aid Corporation, its affiliates, officers, directors, and employees from any liability for illness, injury, loss, or damage which may result there from,” states the Rite Aid consent form.
    There are two important parts to this consent: you are signing that you understand the risks and that you cannot sue the company if adverse reactions occur.

    To fully understand the risks, you would have to read the full information sheet about Fluzone or Fluzone High-Dose, which includes the data on clinical trials and deaths post-vaccination, as well as almost 30 adverse reactions (from mild to potentially life-threatening) reported post-approval of the vaccine. However, this sheet is printed for the health provider only, and they are not likely to show it to the patient (could they be hiding something)?
    What does the patient receive? – An official patient information sheet that only lists pain, aches, tiredness and headache for side effects of Fluzone high-dose and tells you to ask your health provider about the rest. This is where as a patient, you have to be vigilant and ask very specific questions and do your own research.

    The second part of your consent is understanding that you cannot sue the pharmacy that gave you the shot, but also it is important to know that you cannot sue the manufacturer of the vaccine as well.

    Unlike suing the company that manufactured a drug that caused an adverse reaction (which is becoming a huge problem as anyone who watches late night TV has noticed), vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued. Instead, the adverse reactions can be reported to The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), and the person can apply for compensation through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), which has paid out over $3 billion to vaccine injury victims since it was started in 1986 (two-thirds of applicants are denied, so the real number of victims could be far higher).

    While some people were successful at proving that the vaccine caused an injury (as in the case of Bailey Banks whose MMR vaccine caused ADEM, an intense swelling in the brain), the vaccine manufacturers can never be held liable. It’s an unfortunate reality that has allowed the industry to thrive even as these “significant adverse events” (like deaths) continue to mount. Be sure to keep these points in mind before you or your loved one goes in for their next shot.

    Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. Consult a doctor before making any major changes to your health, diet, or medicine-related routine.

    -by Yelena Sukhoterina | January 6, 2016

    Further reading: Why the High-Dose Vaccine for Seniors is Dangerous and Ineffective

  • Elizabeth A Haywood

    This was a good year to avoid it. Lord knows what deadly mycoplama they contaminated the vaccines with this year after their test run in Riverside County last year where the VACCINE killed a bucn of people (and was found to be contaminated-like over 1/3 of them are today according to vaccine researchers who wrote the book “Plague”.

  • Elizabeth A Haywood

    Guillain Barré Syndrome is #1 Side Effect of Vaccine Injury Compensations due to Flu Shots
    Statistics released in March, 2014 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services revealed that the flu vaccine remains the top vaccine causing injuries which are being compensated through vaccine court, and that Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a crippling disease, remains the top injury being awarded compensation due to the seasonal flu vaccine.
    Most people do not realize that flu vaccine inserts clearly list Guillain-Barré Syndrome as a known side effect. Unfortunately, the number thrown around by the medical community and mainstream media as to the rates of people becoming injured due to GBS is “one out of 1 million”, a number without any valid data or research.
    In a recent report published in the Nebraska Journal Star, Dr. Ana Delgado, a neurologist, stated that the numbers of GBS are increasing and that the National Institute of Health is thinking of revising the number of people suffering from GBS annually:
    Guillain-Barre Syndrome occurs when the body’s immune system attacks the peripheral nervous system — literally shorting out the nerves that signal our legs to move, our eyes to close and our lungs to breathe.
    “It’s supposed to be a rare disorder,” said Dr. Ana Delgado. But given the number of cases the neurologist has seen since joining Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in August, she is convinced something is triggering an increase in the number of cases and the severity of this devastating and sometimes fatal syndrome.
    The National Institutes of Health estimates one of every 100,000 people will contract GBS. But Scott Culbine, who is still recovering from his attack this past August, says there is talk of revising that number to one in every 50,000 people — a statistic far more in line with GBS patient numbers at Madonna.
    Currently there are five GBS in-patients at Madonna, including Scipio, and one outpatient. Once upon a time, it was rare for Madonna to have even one GBS patient; nowadays it is rare not to have one or more, said Dan Kasparek, speech/language pathologist and Neurological Conditions Program leader. (Source.)
    It is interesting how the CDC will throw around the term “epidemic” to justify mass vaccination at a college campus where 7 students come down with meningitis during a 9-month period, prompting them to administer an unapproved meningitis vaccine. But that same logic is not used for adverse reactions to vaccines, where hundreds, if not thousands of people are being injured and crippled. As you can see from the HHS report above, it is very difficult to get the government to pay for vaccine injuries, and often takes years of costly litigation in court. This is obviously just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to injuries due to the flu vaccine.

    • Brian

      Are you scared of Guillain Barre Syndrome? Get your flu vaccine.

      Influenza infection causes GBS far more often than the flu vaccine, so the flu vaccine, even in a bad year, prevents GBS by preventing the flu.

  • deejayaz

    I just had my physical.

    The doctor was ok with me not taking the flu shot this year and this is unusual for her.

    Yahoo is DNC Central for online propaganda.

  • Brian

    Again we see that those quickest to criticize vaccination are the quickest to prove their ignorance of it.

  • Badintense

    I want Donald Trump to put as the Director of the CDC Dr. Rima Laibow and as Ass’t Director Dr. Sheri Tenpenny.

  • DanVincent

    Seems like you ought to at least indicate a source for this info….