Merkel Promises To Rid Internet Of Alternative Media

Angela Merkel declares war against alternative media outlets

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has declared war on alternative media outlets that she says are responsible for subverting the government’s control over the public. 

Merkel joined the chorus of other world leaders and huge multi-national media outlets who wish to rid the internet of alternative media websites, under the guise of “fighting fake news“.

Speaking in parliament, Merkel claimed that public opinion was being swayed away from establishment politics, claiming that independent news outlets posed a danger to national security.

Yahoo News reports:

“Something has changed — as globalisation has marched on, (political) debate is taking place in a completely new media environment. Opinions aren’t formed the way they were 25 years ago,” she said.

“Today we have fake sites, bots, trolls — things that regenerate themselves, reinforcing opinions with certain algorithms and we have to learn to deal with them.”

Merkel, 62, said the challenge for democrats was to “reach and inspire people — we must confront this phenomenon and if necessary, regulate it.”

She said she supported initiatives by her right-left coalition government to crack down on “hate speech” on social media in the face of what she said were “concerns about the stability of our familiar order”.

“Populism and political extremes are growing in Western democracies,” she warned.

Last week, Google and Facebook moved to cut off ad revenue to bogus news sites after a US election campaign in which the global misinformation industry may have influenced the outcome of the vote.

But media watchers say more is needed to stamp out a powerful phenomenon seen by some experts as a threat to democracy itself.

Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats are the odds-on favourites to win the German national election, expected in September or October 2017.

But she is facing a strong challenge from a resurgent rightwing populist party, Alternative for Germany (AfD), which has her liberal refugee and migration policy in its crosshairs.

It is currently polling at around 12-13 percent which could complicate the complex maths of coalition building after the poll.

All of Germany’s mainstream parties have for now ruled out forming an alliance with the AfD.

  • Black Swan

    She should declare war on stupidity and the pervasive sociopathic pathology of the German financial and political elite.

    • Tom Lowe

      But that would obviously be suicide since she is exactly what you are talking about.

  • Djago

    You must be kidding me! This creature are telling us what to do? Go look yourself in the mirror, who do you work for? One thing is for sure,not the people of germany or europe for that sake

  • Frank C

    “…subverting the government’s control over the public.” What we have here is a female Adolph Hitler.

    • nightwisp

      she is Hitler’s daughter. Or did you not know?

      • Jamon

        I don’t think so? Hitler’s daughter would of used the military to deport illegal immigrants.

        • nightwisp

          She is the result of some of Mengele’s shenanigans with frozen sperm, genetic experimentation, etc.. So it is rumored. Also rumored as fact that she and Hillary are half sisters by this method. Does that answer a lot of questions about those wanting to restore the fourth reich?

          Hitler went by submarine to Antarctica and then to Argentina. He did not die in that bunker. For them, the war was not over and have been at it ever since. Look at the nazi paperclip people in charge.

          Look at the cabal in charge that wants to rule the world. Sorso, Bushes, Clintons, .. all Rothchilds or Rockfellers. All Nazis.

          • Eileen Kuch

            Tom Lowe’s right. Merkel’s parents were both Communists in East Germany, and the Chancellor herself belonged to the Stasi, the Communist secret police – up to the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall. In no way, could she have been the result of some alleged genetic experimentation. How could she, if she wasn’t born until near the end of WWII?
            You’re way off track here, listening to and reading the craziest of rumors .. and, do you expect the rest of us to believe them? Take Operation Paperclip, for example. Truth is, that operation brought German scientists to the US, to keep them out of the hands of the Soviets. Werner von Braun was one of the top scientists, whose interests were landing men on the moon and other space exploration. And, guess what? Then President John F. Kennedy put him in charge at NASA, to work on that very goal.

      • Tom Lowe

        Her parents were both Communists in East Germany and Merkel herself was a devoted Communist in East Germany.

        The MSM ‘news’ doesn’t talk about that much, do they?

  • robock

    That “Frog Lady,” is deplorable! What’s up with the “Alemanes?”

    • Gerd Fischoeder

      Most of my Country man have konverted to the Holocaust religion, so they celebrate today the destruction of their fatherland.It`s the result of 70 Years continuous lies about our History.

      • Tom Lowe

        The sun will come out again one day, hopefully soon.

    • Tom Lowe

      Nothing wrong with the Germans. It’s their Toadwoman Merkel and her shadowy criminal masters that are the problem.

  • tanks

    I’d prefer to see the “alt. media” rid the world of her.

    • Bruce Wayne

      If they try to take away our free speech then getting rid of them is exactly what will happen: I believe that the U.S. constitution’s declaration of certain unalienable rights such as free speech mean that since they are given by God, then no government can take them away. So when they try, all people have to do is take up their right to defend their rights by any means and we will say goodby to Merkel and Clinton and the rest of those who want to tell us how we must think.

      • Bruce Wayne

        the military oath in the U.S. states that a U.S. citizen will defend the “Constitution” against all enemies both foreign and domestic: and this means that I have the right to defend against both Hillary and Merkle when they attack my right to free speech. When Obama gave his famous speech stating that ” the future must not belong to those who speak against islam” he broke the law with regard to our constitution. And I think he was warned of potential legal action, so he backed off. But since, Hillary and others around the muslim invasion have been attempting to break our constitutional rights.: I have always been a peaceful man, but there is a limit, and if they ever try to stop our free speech right in any way, I myself will take first legal and then any other means needed to regain what God said I could keep…..IN alienable means they can not take them away from you no matter how hard they try…..

        If they were to try it there would be a huge violent backlash that would make a much bigger surprise noise than the recent elections in the U.S. and elsewhere..we are very tired of these globalists to the point of readying for extreme violence and civil warfare. We would hang them in the streets for treason if they continue to attack our constitutiton..that is our right! ANd hanging in the street is excactly what should be done with Merkle for betraying her own citizens

  • ajaxJohnson

    In other words, censor dissident news that differs from the government official opinion.

    Why are the German people going to vote her and her party in again with all the refugee, rape and violence problems?

    • Tom Lowe

      “Why are the German people going to vote her and her party in again with all the refugee, rape and violence problems?”

      You already know the answer to that question: the voting is all rigged.

      • ajaxJohnson
        • Brad Dueringer

          Don’t hold your breath, tptb’s media will make sure people like miss May (globalist ) are in the prime minister possition and she or any of her ilk Will NEVER INITIATE Brexit!

          Mark my words and just sit back and watch

          I would bet everything I own that Brexit will never be fully implemented.

      • Brad Dueringer

        Well said.

        This is something I haven’t seen written about. But I know the German people are way too smart to re-elect Merkel.

        They obviously have rigged polls and voting just like most modern western countries.

        I don’t know what we can do short of a revolution. …hell, we get an independent guy like Trump in with relentlessly hard work via the alternitive media and tptb force him to start filling his cabinet with globalists.

        I guess all I can hope for in this life is to get a good loving dog (don’t have a pet or any family), eat fairly decent and ocaisionally have a good dream while I sleep…..the world is just a slow motion train wreck

    • praisehauler

      I suspect her ‘refugee’ partners can vote?

  • Larry Long

    “Alternative for Germany (AfD), which has her liberal refugee and migration policy in its crosshairs.
    It is currently polling at around 12-13…”

    Is that a lying poll like the USSA media controllers ran here saying the witch was a sure thing? If it is a real poll why isn’t it 99%, as the vassal Merkel regime deliberately destroys the German nation for all time to come by flooding it with the dregs of the third world?

    • Tom Lowe

      The polling figures given by these MSM criminals are all lies, just as they were prior to the US election.

      Let us all now mentally prepare for how we want to set Camp FEMA up to house all of these globalist criminals while they await their capital war crime trials.

      The leaders shall ALL be executed foir egregious, long-running war crime, and ALL of their followers shall spend either 7 or 11 years in Camp FEMA for Capitalist Re-education.

  • Slavko Vukic

    I want to see this bitch LYNCHED on streets of Germany and ALL EU politicians with her !! TO the LAST one !!!! Hey jews who created EU kike union , where you will run now ??????

    • Brad Dueringer

      Merkel being a Polish Jew and put into office by Zionist media obviously works for the Rothschild kazarian mafia

  • Rick Morrow

    Double plus ungood.

  • Mr Bill

    Telling the truth is a dangerous thing for a corrupt government!

  • nightwisp

    snip- German Chancellor Angela Merkel has declared war on alternative media outlets that she says are responsible for subverting the government’s control over the public. -snip-

    It is the people who control the government. Not the other way around. What you are afraid of is the exposure of your lying propaganda “news” sites.

    Unless you rig the elections like your half sister, Hillary,…the people control who they elect. And like Hillary, the gravy train stops when thy see who and what you really are…. spawn of Hitler?

    • Tom Lowe

      The elections in Germany are clearly rigged even worse than in USA. Way worse.

      Hey Yanks, the Euroweenies need liberated again!

    • Brad Dueringer

      If this were a comment section in a German rag, first we would probably be censored and put on a list to be arrested but assuming we were able to exercise our free speech rights….there would be government paid trolls attacking us relentlessly.

      Don’t you find it odd that the supposed normal people who supported Hilarity Klingon are absent when another leader is involved?

      I don’t find it odd but telling…..they were obviously paid to defend Hillary. …if they were organic, they would be defending Merkel also…but all I hear on sites that expose foreign globalists is…..crickets!

  • Jock Coalman

    So, when where the ‘bots’, ‘trolls’ etc of the Alternative Media giving a false account of Merkel?

    When She was wheeling in millions of migrants?


    When she was apologising for this ‘mistake’?

  • ABC124


  • Dave Mende

    It’s becoming more and more obvious. Hitler’s was the more free society. All of the accusations were mirror reflections of the accuser. Nationalist Democratic workers party socialism is the way. No organized crime dictatorship allowed. Freedom for the legacy majority. Safety and prosperity for all. God bless Huey Long and Henry Ford.

    • Brad Dueringer

      Henry Ford made sure others would learn the truth by including a copy of the International Jew with the sale of his cars

  • Ming1942

    The govt is the worst fake news site of all…ANY GOVT.

  • David Turco

    Merkel, did it ever occur to you that populism is what created the best democracies in the first place. America’s rejection of oppressive English rule created the US and it’s constitution. To the Brits we were extremists and we were because that is what it took to be free. If the colonies were full of your cherished diversity we could never have come together in an agreed common goal. You and Soros may or may not get your way in the end but it won’t be as easy as you hoped.

    • Tom Lowe

      Neither one of those two will get their way. I’ll make damn sure of that.

  • Tom Lowe

    “But media watchers say more is needed to stamp out a powerful phenomenon seen by some experts as a threat to democracy itself.”

    Excuse me, Liars@yournewswire, but the threat to democracy comes directly from your attempts to quell free speech.

    Who are these mythical “media watchers”?

    Who are these mythical “experts”?

    Though I do not own one, I am sure the guns are coming out of the cases now.

    It is time to finally do away with the globalist criminal organization of which the bold face lying Capital War Criminal Frumpy Frau Merkel is part and parcel. Merkel has an upcoming date with a hangman’s noose–for war crime.

  • Rick Miller

    This swine must have excellent personal protection.

  • Joe Guttman

    The biggest fake news sites are the mainstream news media. This has aptly been shown in the US election. Mainstream news sites such as CNN and ABC have been slanting news stories against Trump or completely manufacturing bogus stories about him. Merkel knows that Clinton lost regardless of the machinations of the mainstream media and is scared that the same will happen to her. She thinks that somehow she is going to ban sites that disagree with her. This is impossible unless she tries to ban the internet thus shutting down commerce completely. She better face it that she is doomed politically and should start to make plans to go into retirement. She represents the past.

  • Zaphod Braden

    HANG Merkel & Juncker …….. as an example for the next leaders to do their DUTY.
    It is government’s MAIN DUTY to KILL raping, pillaging, murdering, INVADERS at the BORDER.
    Then to HANG any TRAITOR who opens the City Gates to them ……..
    SINK the Invader’s Landing Craft and SHOOT any that make it to the shore line.
    As for all the “human rights activists” … to let so many people in unfettered, infringes on the HUMAN RIGHTS of the native population so YOU go to THEIR country to help them.

  • hvaiallverden

    You see it Germans but refuses to believe it, what is truly going on in your land, and that in an short decade.

    I dont care what they label anyone of us with, totally irrelevant and beyond waist, but puts the arrow at the one trying to impose an consensus upon people that clicks their heels when the yber rat barks.
    F… you mam, from the bottom of my hart, I am an millenniums old Nordic, and have no guilt over our history nor people.
    I dont care what this MSMs drool, when we know how rotten they are, unable to tell us the truth, that alone have drained their base, to then whine and accuse others further drags their whatever little left of credibility to the bottom of the pit.

    Impressive, and by them self.
    I am in awe.
    Hehe really, honest.

    You have been lied to, raped and now plundered and somehow Putin is responsible, for everything, huh, that f…. dumb is not what I define an German, know your history, dont walk into it again, the name changes, their politics changes, their tools are the same, propaganda and lies, the effect the same, rape and plunder, and on top of it when they piss on you and your grave they claim its raining.
    You have fallen, Germans, deeply have you gone and now, lost.

    Wake up, and kick them all out, and then I mean every one of them incl Merkel, just give Her 6 min, head lead, just that.
    Trust non, dont trust the Church, the state, the police, the military, trust your self Only, anyone beside, is an brother/sister.
    Give them One chance, either with us or against us, this time, make the word be true.

    Rise and fight.


  • robertsgt40

    Sorry Merkel, it’s not like the old daus when you could just burn a pile of books. Tone deaf to the bitter end.

  • apeman2502
  • Psilly
    • Vaeringen

      You shouldn’t disgrace the uniform by putting Merkel’s head in it 🙂

      • Psilly

        thx, yoa are of course … right 🙂

  • nightwisp

    since when has she promised to get rid of the muslims?

    • Brad Dueringer

      She promised to totally dilute Germany with muslims. She’s bent on destroying Germany

  • Floda

    Merkel is a Jewess, the ‘deep state’ has hidden her origins for years. She and the Jew Soros are behind Europe’s invasion by the so-called Muslim Migrants in the millions. I am amazed that no patriotic German MEN have come forward and put a good old fashioned GUT SHOT into that sow yet.

    • Brad Dueringer

      15 years ago when I was fully awake to the Rothschild kazarian mafia, I would be attacked mercilessly for discussing what you pointed out. It’s really refreshing to see so many more people awake to our REAL problem and who really calls the shots.

  • Jack

    I hope a German nationalist kills that fat, jew sow….

  • praisehauler

    That confirms it. ‘Globalists’ will enlist a monopoly of media and enact laws where they become the only source of news and opinion. ‘Fake news’ and truth are being piled together as unwanted by Obama/ Merkel types. That is dictatorial.

  • Johnny Canuck

    Maybe slimedoll Statsi Merkel can start with the New York Times and work onwards…

  • richard franco

    merkle sold out her own people, anything she says is the ramblings of a traitorous cunt

  • whitesoxed

    LIBERAL COMMIES are MASTER MANIPULATORS…to deflect from anyone outing their crimes…they attack first with the same accusation.

  • ben mavet

    German men should grow back a spine and give Merkel the treatment Libyan Leader Gadaffi recieved. Stick a tree branch up her rectum and watch her bleed out.

  • Fingers

    “concerns about the stability of our familiar order”

    Whether you like Merkel, or find her “familiar”, the point stands on it’s own.

    “things that regenerate themselves, reinforcing opinions with certain algorithms”

    It’s not fair and makes internet use impossible.

    Simple safety info, for a common, household product, became a research project, as we sifted through clones and spam.

    Some of these news aggregator sites do clog my server, and show shocking images, in the background.

    Then, (poorly) targeted advertising, stalks me through the botnet.

    I’m not endorsing Merkel, to be chair of the vaunted, Orwellian “Ministry of Truth.” I don’t consider her a moral authority.

    But, corporations, if not real people, should be subject to these rules.

  • baruchzed

    “German Chancellor Angela Merkel has declared war on alternative media outlets that she says are responsible for subverting the government’s control over the public. ”

    Government’s Control Over The Public…

    That says it all. This totalitarian wants to control you…I say we control her right out of power.

  • manchegauche

    Well – the headline is pure clickbait. Merkel waffled a few platitudes. She’s not exactly making up a Policy to regulate the internet. Honestly – you lot give conspiracy sites a bad name frothing about nothing.

  • FMHenry

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel,… Please don’t go that route.
    Don’t be a suppressor of ‘free speech’…..a previous bad leader of
    Germany went that route and lost along with many innocent lives.

  • gordonehil

    In fact the mainstream media is dominated by ‘fake news’. Very little real news is published. Most of it is trivia. There is very little real news. Readers have to go to the internet for in depth analysis. Moreover, the globallist media publish co-ordinated disinformation simultaneously all over the world. The term ‘fake news’ applies perfectly to mainstream ‘news’.

  • ddduke

    Cracking down on “hate speech” on social media is a far cry from “ridding the internet of alternative media”. No doubt they’d love to, but come on Sean, that sort of lurid headline is part of the problem. Nothing in the article supports the headline. You are not helping matters with this sort of click bait reportage.