Meteor Narrowly Misses New York, Causes Mini Tsunami

Meteor narrowly misses hitting New York, causing mini tsunami nearby

New York narrowly missed being struck by a meteor on Saturday night, which subsequently caused a small 90 foot tsunami to occur. 

Due to the fact that the tsunami occurred in very deep water – nobody noticed. Some experts have criticised the government for seemingly not knowing that the meteor was at risk of striking a populated city – which could have had devastating consequences. reports:

A 2.6 meter DART II discus buoy operated by the National Data Buoy Center was triggered into “event mode” after receiving a sharp data spike then a rippling effect from abrupt tsunami waves as large as 90 feet tall, with a 180 variance from peak to valley Sunday.


The event took place 130 nautical miles SE of New York’s Fire Island.


The water depth in the region is 8690 feet deep.


  • Dio Jones

    Only a matter of time… Hey New York, I would repent if I was you….

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.

  • Leo D.

    I didn’t see a meteor and we were flying through that approximate airspace at that time. Most likely an earthquake or possibly a shift in oceanic floor structure. Possibly a Russian submarine tested an explosive non thermal release weapon. Our equipment shows they are there cause it’s their favorite location to triangulation their systems…

    • Scott

      I personally witnessed a meteor fly by north to south in the westerly skies around 10pm while driving west on the LIE around 10pm. I have one other witness who was with me at the time, and another from Connecticut. This was not a little dinky shooting star. This was a fireball!

  • sharonodehnal

    A MAJOR warning from Yahweh! NY has splattered the ugly faces of multiple false gods on the Empire State Building, placed a Muslim spire atop the so called “Freedom Tower” tried to place the Arch of Baal in Times Square and I am sure I am missing more. Yes, NY needs to repent…BUT NY stands for this country in general…it is sort of a gateway to America. Therefore what NY does pretty much means ALL of AMERICA is doing in spirit. So, that being said….this whole country needs to repent or we will reap the wrath of Yahweh via His Son Jesus Christ/Yeshua Ha’ Mashiach. We are being warned left and right through all the mass deaths of various animals. Tell me this, if those deaths are related to “natural causes” as the attempt to say, then why is it only ONE species at a time that dies? ALL Salmon washing up, Red Winged Blackbirds falling dead in flight, hundreds of dolphins washing up dead…no other fish or animals…just ONE lone species. His Signature is on it, he is fulfilling the Hosea 4 prophecy and warning us. And we just keep on keeping on without repentance and in fact getting worse at EVERY turn. The Earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, sink holes, mass deaths, pestilence (Zika, bird flu, mad cow, Ebola…) are all signs and HIS Son is approaching fast even as I write, the closer He gets the more the darkness reacts to His approach and becomes explosive. Repent for ALL your sins, even the ones you cannot remember. A repentant heart is close to Jesus, while a haughty one is as far away from Him as you can get. Jesus forgives and covers you with His Blood and His Presence and NOTHING can touch you unless He allows it. That is the ONLY place of safety in what is coming to this planet. A great fire will purify this Earth eventually and unless you are with Jesus you will be left to burn like stubble. Repent now while the door is still open.