Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

Daily Fantasy Sports have long been a favorite of sports fans in the United States. You can find our list of the best Daily Fantasy Sports sites below.

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Fantasy sports have been here for a while. However, Daily Fantasy Sports hasn’t been around that long. It all started in 2007 when Fantasy Sports Live launched. Then, more DFS sites entered the space to date. As the industry’s popularity increases, we see more DFS companies join, giving players a wide range of options. 

As a result, you have a slew of options right at your fingertips. We’re here to give you a comprehensive guide to the best Daily Fantasy Sports Sites that you can find in the US this year. 

What is DFS?

Daily Fantasy Sports is a daily-formatted form of fantasy sports. So, instead of drafting one team and sticking to it for a whole season, you get to draft your team once for every contest. 

In simpler terms, when you draft an injury-stricken team or a dud, you can give it another shot the next day or even later that day. It all depends on the sport you decide to play and the schedule for the day. 

With that, you can see how this differs from traditional fantasy sports. In this case, you have more liberty, and it offers more engagement each day. Those who enjoy sports betting sites will love daily fantasy sports.

Available Sports on DFS Sites

Daily Fantasy is available for all kinds of sports. However, the type of sports you will have access to depends on the DFS site you decide to join. So, one of the factors we considered when choosing a DFS site is the available sports.

Some of the popular sports you will find at most of our listed Daily Fantasy Sports sites include Football, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Soccer, Golf, Mixed Martial Arts, Rugby, and NASCAR. In addition to that, most DFS sites only feature major leagues. Below is a list of leagues/sports you will find at most of our reviewed DFS sites.

You can start with any league you choose. But, you need to ensure that you’re familiar with them so that you don’t make uninformed decisions with your team selections and other vital areas of daily fantasy sports. 

Daily Fantasy Sports Games

Daily Fantasy Sports come with a series of contests you can participate in, depending on the platform you join. This section highlights some of the notable ones we found on various platforms.  


Many Daily Fantasy Sports sites organize tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool, and the players that rank top, in the end, win different cash prizes. The rules of the tournament depend on the DFS site. So, you should check out our list of sites before participating in the competition. 

Beat the Score

This DFS game is also like the tournament games. However, in this case, you need to beat a particular preset score by the DFS site. There is also a prize pool to be shared by the tournament winners. 

Friends Mode

Daily Fantasy Sites give you the chance to create a private league so that only you and your friends will have access to participate in it. This may or may not involve monetary prizes. 


Head-to-Head DFS games are simply the ones where you play against another player. Other game types also incorporate Head-to-Head rules to determine rankings and progress, especially in league or cup contests.


Multipliers are competitions that you can participate in to increase your money. This is your chance to double, triple, or even quadruple your money. The competition you play in depends on the organizers. 

Players Mode

This is also a tournament type of DFS game that can join in, but it is in a smaller capacity compared to major tournaments like the GPPs. It is usually between three to 100 players. 

Single Game

The single-game contest is a one-off match between two players. In addition, it is a salary cap-style game where you need to build a lineup under a preset salary limit. 

Daily Snake

This game type is a live draft performed with other players, and everyone in the contest cannot have the same player on their team sheet as the other players. 

Over/Under Props Contests

This is similar to a player prop bet at a sports betting site, where you will pick a set total for a statistical class.

Player vs. Player Pick’em Contests

In this case, you get to choose which player will have the better statistical output. Plus the normal statistical categories, you will have the chance to choose if a player will have higher fantasy points compared to others. These contests might have a player handicap or point spread in some cases. 


Other DFS games you can enjoy at our reviewed DFS sites include Satellites and Qualifiers, Best Ball, Pick ‘em, 50/50, Beginners Only, and Salary Cap, to name a few. 

How to Play DFS

Playing daily fantasy sports is easy to start with once you have chosen which DFS site from our list you want to use. You need to choose the sport you want to play. Then you are to select the contest and the type of game you would like to play. There are different options for you to pick from. 

Once you are done with that, the next step is to draft your team, but you must ensure that you stay under or at the salary limit. Also, unless stated otherwise, every player in the competition has the same player pool. Therefore, you should always keep the ownership percentage in mind. 

With that, your team is complete, and you can stay playing DFS. To win, you have to score more points than the other player you are playing against. If you are in a position on the log that is eligible for a prize, you will get paid a percentage of the prize pool. 

How We Found the Best DFS Sites

With the popularity of DFS growing, there are many platforms to choose from if you want to start participating in daily fantasy sports. This is why we’ve listed some of the top DFS sites that you can join in the US. Although most of them are similar, there are differences in game types, bonuses, and sports coverage. 

So, when you want to choose a DFS site to join, check out our reviews before you jump right in. That way, you only get to pick from the best pool. We’ve done all the research and applied our skillset to deducing which place is best so that you don’t have to. They are all real money sites that you can profit from playing on.

Bonus Offers

The first factor we considered is the range of bonuses the DFS platform offers. In this case, we looked at the promo page to see what new players stand to enjoy and if there are any for existing players. We prioritized the sites with the most offers over others. You can rest assured that each DFS site we recommend has the best possible bonuses available. 

Game Types

Another factor is the types of DFS contests you can join at the DFS site. In this case, we understand you want to have a wide range of options to pick from. So, we made sure the ones we recommended had enough options for players. As a result, even if you’re new, you can try as many as possible before you find the one you are comfortable with playing. 

Sports Coverage

The number of sports on offer is the other factor we checked before recommending a DFS platform. We understand that you have your own interests in different sports. So, we ensured that the sites we have on our list offer reasonable sports coverage, making it easy for everyone to find their favorites. 

Signing Up at a DFS Site

Before you create an account at your preferred DFS platform, you should be sure to take advantage of the available new player welcome bonus. You have two options to complete this task. 

  • You can click the bonus or promotions button to take you to the promo page, where you can claim the welcome offer.
  • You can go to the DFS site of your choosing and enter the promo code during registration to claim the welcome bonus once you complete the account opening process.

With the welcome bonus out of the way, you can start the registration process. First, you need to decide if you want to visit the site or download the app. To download the app, you have to visit the app store on your mobile device, find the name of the DFS platform and complete the download. 

Once that is done, on the landing page, you will see the sign-up button; click on it to start the process. On the registration page, fill in the form with the correct details, and ensure that you do not skip any required field. After that, agree to the terms of service after you read through it, and you’re done.

You can immediately deposit into your account to claim a first-time deposit bonus if applicable. Once that’s done, you can start your daily fantasy journey. 

Depositing and Withdrawing at a DFS Site

Depositing and withdrawing with ease is a vital part of any DFS site. With most of the DFS platforms we’ve listed, the process is easy and instantaneous. You only have to select which payment option you want to use. If you’re a first-timer and you want to deposit, below are some of the popular DFS payment options for you to pick from. 

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Gift Card
  • Online Banking
  • Wire Transfer
  • Venmo
  • PayPal

On the other hand, withdrawals might not be as quick, but you can cash out your funds within 24 hours with the right option. Some notable withdrawal options include credit/debit cards, online banking, check, and PayPal, among others. 

States That Allow Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports is very popular in the US, and as a result, many states have legalized it. Only a handful of states are yet to allow players to participate in DFS. Below are the five states that are yet to open daily fantasy sports to their citizens:

If you live in any of these states, you might want to look at DFS platforms allowed in other states. You can always try out the popular options listed on our site as they operate in the remaining 45 states.


Daily Fantasy Sports is one of the most popular digital gaming activities in the US, and thanks to the many years of Fantasy Sports, DFS platforms are gaining popularity. Whether you’re in Central Park, New York, or in a town in Cleveland, Ohio, you can enjoy playing at the various DFS platforms we’ve reviewed and listed. But before you start playing, make sure you know the type of DFS games you want to play, the sports you want to participate in, and what contests you’re looking for. 

Once you have all of these things in place, you won’t have any issues finding the right DFS platform from our list. Then, you can sign-up, deposit money, and start engaging in daily fantasy sports. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the legal age for playing Daily Fantasy Sports?

The legal age for playing daily fantasy sports in the US is 18 years, so you have to verify that you are 18 or more to get started.

What happens when there is a tie?

The prize money is usually shared among the players if there is a tie. However, the rules can be different based on the contests.

What is a salary cap?

In DFS, a salary cap is the money you get for drafting players. It usually varies from one platform to another.

Can I win real money playing daily fantasy sports?

Yes. You can win real money playing DFS because most contests have prize pools, and if you’re among the top-ranked players, you will get a share of the pool.