Michelle Obama Deletes Hillary Clinton From Twitter

When Hillary goes low, Michelle goes BYE!

Michelle Obama deleted Hillary Clinton from both of her Twitter accounts as news broke that Clinton is under two different FBI investigations

Michelle Obama has scrubbed all references to Hillary Clinton from both of her Twitter accounts as news breaks that Clinton is under two different FBI investigations involving four FBI offices.

The @FLOTUS account has been wiped clean of all traces of Hillary, and @MichelleObama, a verified page with almost six million followers, has been scrubbed all the way back to 2013.

Is Michelle performing a last minute tidy up, clearing out the clutter before the dumpster fire of the Democratic campaign finally burns out?

Are the Washington elite preparing to move on from Hillary?


Bernie Sanders has also begun to change his tune. A Twitter post today sure didn’t sound like it was referring to Hillary Clinton.

Bernie was asked by a supporter about the write-in thing – and his response might surprise you. “If you want to write me in here [Vermont], I think it’s fine.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • BarryeratstsSpunk

    Look at the top picture? Two of the ugliest fucks on the face of the earth!

  • Michel Rouzic
  • Pheniks

    well, here we go, they are preparing her to replace hillary in running for potus

    • Thundercleese

      The best part is… She can’t be replaced at this point. It’s to late.
      She is going down and taking them all down with her and there is NOTHING they can do to stop it
      or replace her. The fact that they didn’t see this coming from this particular candidate is the most hysterical
      thing to happen. The fact that they pushed, lied cheated and did everything they possibly could
      to get her in the running , and this is happening is the most beautiful thing to witness.

      • Joseph Molion

        The saddest thing about this whole mess is if they had let it play out legit, Sanders would very likely have gotten the democratic nomination, and I honestly believe he could have beat Trump. I wouldn’t have voted for him, being against socialism, but I understood why people liked him. He could have brought in a dem victory honestly. Oops.

        • Thundercleese

          I agree totally. And they were saying the whole time that Hillary IS THE ONE to beat Trump. THEY didn’t think Sanders could do it. (the establishment Dems didn’t want him, they wanted their golden ticket insider)
          This race would be much tighter and still interesting…
          But they chose a looser and pumped up the theatrics 100%.

        • Ben Sokolow

          Yep watching them steal it from Bernie and purge many people (including me) from the voter registry during the primaries was just too much. So I reregistered with an R and hopefully my registration won’t accidentally get deleted. (It won’t Reince Preibus is a fair ref).

        • kwkr

          So very sad ppl STILL dont know the DIFFERENCE of socialism and Democratic socialism. You gotta be pretty dense to not realize this country ALREADY has democratic socialist programs.

      • Sue B.

        Couldn’t happen to a nicer family of scum bags!

  • heynorm48 the Deplorable

    Wait! What? Wasn’t Michelle waxing poetic about HilLIARY’s awesomeness just last week?
    The Obama’s #1 cardinal rule is Barack’s legacy must remain unsullied at all costs.

    • http://yahoo.com/ DustyFae

      I shared you pic.. on twitter .. Love it

    • StuckInBlueMaryland

      Exactly what came to my mind.

    • Donna Polles

      Yes she was…and still is. This article is trash, check twitter for yourself.

      • Johnny Cage

        Lol, it’s been confirmed. Hillary is finished… put a fork in her.

        • Donna Polles

          Confirmed? LOL
          By who, you? Last I checked, election day is next Tuesday.

      • heynorm48 the Deplorable

        A lady troll!! I thought only ugly boys had jobs like this. So instead of your mom’s basement, I bet you’re in the same pink, frilly bedroom you’ve had since high school surrounded by stuffed animals and Justin Timberlake posters. Go to he11.
        TRUMP PENCE 2016

        • Donna Polles

          Unlike you, Im a responsible adult who’s raised 3 wonderful human beings, and own my own home in a very nice suburb of NYC.

          FWIW, I have never been a pink, frilly kinda person.

          So it looks like your judgement is horrible…just like the idiot you support.

          • heynorm48 the Deplorable

            I am also a responsible adult who’s raised 2 wonderful human beings and own my home in a very nice suburb of a big city.

            I like pink, but not frills.

            So, we have some things in common, however your judgement is horrible,,,,,, just like the idiot YOU support. You know, the one who’s under FBI investigation.

            #imNOTwithher #neverhillary #imnotaboy #liberalssuck

  • Kane

    Black dude wants to get rid of all his lezzer porn before his wife Barrack Hussein sees….

    …and starts blowing stuff up

  • Theresa Campbell Windsor, IL



  • Notoriousjoe2009

    Bullshit…FAKE ass website

    • Jingles

      What’s fake about it?

  • Independent Thinker

    Wow… this is very sad 🙁

    Pass the popcorn.

  • Chuck Ortego

    It doesn’t count until it’s Facebook official

  • Sue B.

    Obama’s know the end is coming for them!!!

  • Claudia Nelson

    Hahahahahah!!!! The ship is sinking–all RATS for themselves!!

  • marbon67

    Deleting? Deleting? Deleting! Can that be true?
    Cutting off further contact is one thing and understandable.
    But to delete stuff? That can only arouse suspicion.

    • Donna Polles

      No, its NOT true. Check twitter and you’ll see.

      • Johnny Cage

        Shut up C**t. Keep making up lies.

        • Donna Polles

          Typical ignorant moron.
          You’re not worth my time. Your mama might not mind you calling her a C*nt, but Ill have none of that.
          Go back to the basement…no more replies to you from me 🙂

  • Daniel Bonacum

    2?? No. Hillary is involved in 5,.. count them, 5 ACTIVE FBI INVESTIGATIONS

  • CleanTwitter

    You can now use the same advanced software that politicians use to scrub your Twitter of any potentially damaging posts:

  • Donna Polles

    What a crock of shit. You only write this garbage because you know your candidate’s people are too stupid to actually check twitter! FLOTUS has NOT deleted HRC nor any tweets involving her. She still 100% supports our next president, Hillary Clinton.
    Please stop writing such trashy lies.

    • Johnny Cage

      I’m going to come here, make fun of you SO HARD since Trump will be the next president.

      • Donna Polles

        LMAO! Am I supposed to be scared?
        Idiot. Get out of the basement once in awhile, the sun is a good thing.
        You go ahead and say whatever you want…shows your ignorance and immaturity. I wont be reading your nonsense anymore.
        Have a great day!

  • http://strayeconomist.it Marco Bochatay

    “Passionate about (…) the truth”

    She never had much contents about Clinton to begin with as the FLOTUS account is pretty bipartisan. There are no proofs Michelle Obama deleted Clinton-related stuffs from her Twitter profile. The personal Twitter profile has not been active since 2013.



  • twopartysystem1

    Boy would I like to be a fly on the wall of the Oval Office right now. Of course the smell from the shat that has been going on there will require a fumigation tent over the WH. Over Washington…

  • http://marcwinger.com Jupiter Caelestis

    So… This was all proven false. Misleading people on the right should be a felony. Asshole.

  • Lina

    FALSE INFORMATION, BAD news report. DOUBLE CHECK before believing.