Miley Cyrus Claims ‘Satan Is A Nice Guy; He’s Misunderstood’

Satan is a misunderstood guy who has been judged on his outward appearance rather than by “what he has to offer us as human beings” according to Miley Cyrus, who detailed her relationship with the devil in a Swedish radio interview.

Going as far as to claim that Satan is a “really nice guy“, the singer described Satan’s relationship with her as “fatherly and nurturing” before stopping abruptly and asking the radio hosts, “You guys are liberal, right? Uber liberal, right?

After the hosts laughed and one of them said “Err, yeah, I guess you can call us that,” Cyrus laughed too and then admitted that “sometimes he [Satan] can be a bit naughty too. He can be pervy. But that is natural. It’s only religious maniacs who see a problem with natural things.”

I have reached the point where my relationship with him is stronger than my relationship with my earthly father,” Cyrus said, making reference to her biological father, Billy Ray Cyrus.

Asked how Billy Ray feels about “taking a back seat to the devil“, Miley Cyrus said, “He doesn’t feel anything, I don’t think so anyway. I haven’t asked. But it’s not like my relationship with anyone else takes away anything from my relationship with Dad. It’s just different.”

Billy Ray Cyrus, pictured here with Tush Cyrus, does not mind that his daughter has a close personal relationship with Satan.

Cyrus also claimed that she receives guidance from Satan “on a fairly regular basis.” Asked what kind of guidance, Cyrus said, “Everyday stuff. Normal stuff,” before explaining that Satan’s guidance is “better than Jesus’ guidance.

I’ve been there, done that. Jesus is ok. He’s boring, you know? He gave Satan a bad rap. Jesus is the goody two shoes with no life. I prayed to Satan last Friday. I was in a foreign city, I barely knew anyone. He spoke to me quietly, prompting me to dress like a boy.

“I went out into the street dressed like a boy and I just walked and walked, following his whispers. I found myself in a dark alley by some kind of industrial area. Two big guys, rough guys you know, they suddenly appeared and I don’t know, I guess you’d call it rape. They took me forcefully. Yeah, it was painful. But to be totally honest, the whole experience was transcendental.

“It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. When they were both finished, I started straight into their eyes and said “Hail Satan”.

“I’m not sure they understood but they appeared calmed by my words.”

Miley Cyrus’s Satanic confession is merely the latest in a long line of public dalliances the singer has shared with the devil. After starting her career with Disney, the pop star reinvented her image as a raunchy pop star, flashing Satanic hand gestures and promoting Illuminati symbolism as she rode to the top of the charts.

Miley Cyrus flashing Satanic hand gestures and promoting Illuminati symbolism
Miley Cyrus flashing Satanic hand gestures and promoting Illuminati symbolism

Since establishing herself in the global consciousness as a Devil-worshipping entertainer, the singer has attempted to tame her dark image, however the disturbing conversation she held with the Swedish radio hosts suggests she is far from a reformed character, and she has openly sold her soul to Satan.

The incident has also sparked fears around the world that the Illuminati have moved onto the next phase of the masterplan, and have begun openly promoting Satanism as a viable religious choice for those seeking spiritual guidance.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • OliverF

    Where’s the link to the radio interview?


    • Wiki Mahal

      btw there’s nothing about it on google

      • OliverF

        This site has been on point here and there but this particular author has a long history of obfuscation and unverifiable reports.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Yeah, riiight. And you are truthful? Hahahahaha. YOu are as bad as Cyrus.

          • OliverF

            Somewhere out there the English language weeps, dejected.

  • Debra L Ackerman

    the bitch is crazy!

    • CATRYNA49

      Demonized, for sure.

  • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh weeeeeeeeeeeeelll…..Enjoy the FLAMES….

    • abeheuer

      Crap! what flames? Hell? – she is just a bit delusional, that’s all, just like we all are a little delusional – most of grew up believing in an invented god created by religion – that’s no different in her being delusional about religions’ own invented Satan, Devil, Hell, Evil, Sin etc etc………….

      • Joni Bologna

        Because sin hadn’t existed before? Riiiiiiight

      • james singer

        you are delusion and illogical….empty baseless argument and rant

        • tracy007

          Praying to God for you guys to see the light before it’s too late.

      • Tony K

        …….aaaaaannnnndddddd here’s the angry atheist that has to chime in that everyone that believes in God is delusional. There’s one in every message board. It’s pathetic, really. You’d think you’d have something better to do than comment about something that “isn’t real” and you don’t believe in every chance you get. You have a right to, and I wouldn’t stop you, but it just seems like such a dreadful waste of time. Paint a picture. Write a book.

        I’d lay my money on this story being false, though. There’s nothing else anywhere about it.

      • Ian Monk

        God is proven by archeology history and evolution scientists who no longer would accept the lies of evolution. There are several kinds of yucca plant. Each one has a moth that lives off of it. One kind of yucca moth for each kind of yucca plant. With out the moth the plant dies unable to reproduce. With out the plant the moth dies. Evolution has no answer for this but God does. He created them this way. This is just one example of many things God created that need the existence of something else for survival. I suggest you research amazing discoveries and watch the creation 101 series. The orator is one of those ex evolution professors mentioned earlier.

        • Nellie Price

          Believe as you do,that is why I am not even responding to disbelievers any more!!!

    • Doug

      Please tell me all of you aren’t this gullible?

  • Mark O’Blazney

    Audio/video or it didn’t happen +

    • Carolyn McMullen

      Some people believe everything they read. It’s so frustrating seeing people who can’t filter out the fake news.

  • solejahway

    Similar to those who say, hillel should be admired, for rebelling against God, and/or for challenging God, as it’s is a good thing, yes?

    • abeheuer

      There is no such thing as “rebelling against God” – God gave you a free, will why would HE give you free will and then if you practice your free will then you suddenly are a “rebel” ? is that not a little hypocritical from God?. . . . . .Oh! of course Religion has added it’s list of ‘Term and Conditions’ or should I say they invented a whole Book of Terms and Conditions, all coming from their own invented man(men-made) man-god.

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    Well this has to be true cuz it’s on the YNW interwebs. No need for confirmation of info, sources, links etc cuz that’s like, y’know, sorta like nerdy “journalism” stuff.

  • joelfago

    The secrets of Medjugorje which will change the world like never before are close to being revealed.

  • Craig Miller

    Her mom verified her story as she was having her thick black hair shaved off her back.

  • Grizzly Buzzard

    You poor Delusional Fool. First of all ( being judged on his looks ? ) You fkn idiot Satan is an Angel you dipshit. According to the Bible he was an exceedingly beautiful Angel. Satan being depicted with horns and a demon is man’s rendition of him. He is also known as The Great Deceiver, which I see if working quite well on your dumb ass. Wow, what a total and blind fool you are.

  • Nancy Mako

    This appears to be a lie. They never mention the Swedish host by name.

  • Robin

    Usually never look twice at anything a fool says but many idiots follow fools and I have to say, after many years and many visions, this is a lost soul. It will take something bad to happen before she calls on her true father… But on the other hand, the Bible does state that not all children are born of God. Sad.

  • jubei

    obviously…fake AF!!!!

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    She needs help ASAP!!!!

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    Disturbing, to say the least.

  • Aaron Freeman

    How did the letter F become a satanic sign?

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    “he [Satan] can be a bit naughty too. He can be pervy. But that is natural. It’s only religious maniacs who see a problem with natural things.”

    Uh huh, little girl. Tell that to the women who were raped by angels that materialized back in the day. Oh, yeh I have had demon problems in the past and one of them was “naughty.” It is horribly frightening and you are an idiot and playing with fire.

  • Almando Hafenaaje

    This is worse, many people are being confused. miley cylus has already lost her soul, so she must not ruin others soul to the devil. My people don’t be fooled or it mighty be a cool guy (satan) to her only . so don’t believe something of that nature. Jesus is the Door the kingdom of God. love you all .

  • Nellie Price

    I wonder what she would do if Jesus takes away all her fame and fortune in a blink of an eye!!! HE CAN do that you know? Especially if and when HE thinks you are worth fighting Satan for!! Be careful what you speak out loud little one…HE is also a very jealous God…….

    • Doug

      Oh geesh….gullible much?

  • abeheuer

    Maybe so, problem is that there is no such thing as a “Satan” or a “Devil” or “Evil” these are just religious brainwashing labels used to describe negative energy which is the opposite part of the energy balance and the natural dichotomy of the Universe ie: positive energy vs negative energy – negative energy such as fear, evil, wickedness, bad, sin etc etc is obviously negative forces of the natural Universe and has nothing to do with an imaginary Satan or Devil. . . . . . .Has anyone ever taken a photo of Satan or the Devil – just as much as has anyone ever taken a photo of God? . . . . . Satan worshipping is a man(men-made)religion of an invented Devil just as much as all mainstream invented religions have their own man(men-made) man-god that they worship, no difference. . . . . . .None of these inventions represent or define our True Creator GOD in any way shape or form. . . . . As much as GOD the Creator of all that is, is not as single entity (wise old man up there in heaven somewhere) just so neither is Satan / Devil as red skinned ugly man with horns and animal feet etc etc and does not even exist . . Both negative and positive energy is part of Creation and the natural universe – be positive and good things happen – be negative and “bad” things happen – a manifestation of both happening just as you call for it – Laws of the Universe in action, Laws of ATTRACTION, always and in all ways . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Robin Thompson

    she is possessed she need prayers .

  • Fab Malta

    Not true…..
    But as Gossip Cop has previously noted, the site is guilty of manufacturing lots of bogus stories about celebrities, so we were understandably skeptical of the seemingly nonexistent interview in which Cyrus allegedly declared her loyalty to Satan. Not surprisingly, the story is a complete fabrication. The supposed quotes from Cyrus are entirely made-up. She’s never said anything remotely resembling that her relationship with Satan is “stronger” than her connection to her dad or that the devil is a “nice guy” but “misunderstood.” Still, we checked in with a Cyrus source, who called the site’s concocted article “nonsense.”

  • ImFlying

    Where is the audio link? Writer, you need to include your sources!!

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    Sweet Baxter, please link the interview so that we may verify your reporting ourselves.

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    I wouldn’t surprise me if it is true. The devil is her soulmate. Useless freak.

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    This article and associated website is what happens when you give retards a computer and internet access.

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    Just more fake news…But those who want to believe will believe & its to those I say …GET A LIFE

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    Utter nonsense

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    I’m not shocked it’s Hollywood and the entertainment industry

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    Satire should ALWAYS be self-identified for the sake of those who won’t recognize it.

  • Rebecca Winkler

    This girl needs some serious help.

  • Ian Monk

    True story or not. Some of her behaviour is definately against Gods commandments therefore satan influenced.

  • Jens Michlas



    It’s now nearly a week ago I asked you for the link to the interview.

    My original post:

    5 days ago


    Now this question have been here for two days and no link still!! And your article is going viral. 
    Though I support the claims of Ronald Bernard of Satanism in the global elite. I can not find the Swedish interview to your article.


  • podajdalej11

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  • Pam Whisonant Baker

    Miley Cyrus is a nut case!!! Let her keep believing and following Satan. Wonder what she’ll have to say when she stands before God. She’s a disgrace to all Christians. Satan has already taken over her mind, vulgar mouth and vulgar body.

  • Phyllis Waterstraat-Holman


  • Katherine McChesney

    Considering every video and article I’ve seen of Miley Cyrus this article speaks the truth. Every indication is that she is a rabid hedonist. No morals at all.

  • Mrs. Chief

    Saint Michael the Archangel,
    defend us in battle.
    Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
    and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host –
    by the Divine Power of God –
    cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
    who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

  • Doug

    Reading the comments on here, it’s become quite clear now how we ended up with Chump as President.

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    This is to confirm that Jesus Christ is very much Alive and watching quietly

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    well this explains her support for Hillary!

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    Anyone who believes this is a fucking moron.

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    There is only two things in this world light or dark the the middle is fading quickly!It is a crying shame they slowly and methodically took(stripped)the bible out of our schools in the 60″s.this was a slow and methodical way to condition our future for the worse!This was but one of the steps toward complete destruction of America’s original Judeo-Christian educational system.this was yet another agenda(tactic)to attack our future what was a Blessed wholesome nation.Now look at most of our youth!Remember,if the prince of this world(indoctrinates)our children today he will have tomorrow and(he)does have a big headstart!.(This darkness should not even be considered!)under the disguise of freedom of religion.They are using technicalities against us to usher in their agenda which is a dark agenda. Remember nothing good comes from satan!We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities,against powers,against the rulers of the darkness of this world (and the evil one knows his time is short).If we keep taking our Heavenly Father(the God of abraham isaac and jacob),and Jesus Christ,and the Bible out of the equation.Well,just look at the world around us!The birthpains in this world is getting frequent and growing in intensity the Weather,the Earthquakes,the Volcanoes,the Growing Heat,the Pestilences,the Death rate is increasing.It will keep getting worse!Perilous Times Please!Seek jesus while you still can as this world is getting darker and darker.

  • Phyre Storm

    I thought lying was against one of your commandments.

  • Nasiru Sadiq

    I wonder for the celebrity to admit been more comfortable with Satan than her creator, despite the fact that this story appears to be more of fabrication than the reality but is high time for her to openly dispute the story that it is now up to a month from publication.
    Her silence had proven it is all facts irrespective of how gullible the story is.
    I simply pity her for been misguided.

  • cappington

    Wow. This is one of the most fantastically stupid websites I’ve ever seen. So much garbage on it! I love it. Glad I could find it to laugh at.

  • Rebecca Edmund

    I’m not surprised. This is exactly how these Luciferians speak. Those calling it fake are still asleep.