Morgan Freeman: ‘Jailing Hillary’ Best Way To ‘Restore Public Faith In Govt’

Morgan Freeman warns that unless Hillary's crimes are seen to be punished, "everyday Americans” will no longer trust the government.

The best way to restore public faith in government institutions is to “send Hillary to prison“, according to Hollywood icon Morgan Freeman, who warns that unless the former First Lady’s crimes are seen to be punished, “everyday Americans will forever know, deep down, that there is one law for those with money and power, and another for the rest of us.”

Hillary should be in jail for her unlawful deeds and President Trump should absolutely, absolutely make sure this happens to send the very strong message that no-one, and I mean no-one, is above the law in the United States of America,” Morgan Freeman said in New York while promoting National Geographic’s new docu-series The Story of Us.

Responding to a question about why he thinks President Trump has not yet fulfilled this particular campaign promise, Freeman laughed and said and looked up at the heavens before saying, “Goddamnit man, you were elected for this very reason, lock that bitch up!”

After being accused of political incorrectness, Freeman laughed again, saying “It’s all about being loving and caring these days, isn’t it?

The most loving and caring thing we as a society can do for Hillary Clinton is lock her up where she can get professional and institutional help and prevent her hurting herself or anyone else.”

The veteran actor, who remains as professionally active as at any point in his long career, cannot be accused of partisan bullying. It appears the 80-year-old star is simply a straight shooter who would prefer politicians and public figures are held to the same standards as everyone else.

In September the Shawshank Redemption star appeared in a viral video demanding President Trump speak directly to the American people about the extent of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

While insisting that the Kremlin’s election interference is “no movie script,” and that he did not know whether the allegations were true or not, Morgan said, “we need our president to speak directly to us and tell us the truth.”

We need him to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office and say, ‘My fellow Americans. During this past election, we cam under attack by the Russian government,” Freeman demands Trump to say, adding, ‘I’ve called on Congress and our intelligence community to use every resource available to conduct a thorough investigation to determine exactly how this happened.’”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • Harry Southgate

    .. Freeman admits he doesn’t know whether the allegations were true, and requires Trump to say, “My fellow Americans. During this past election, we came under attack by the Russian government” … think about that for a second …. he’s an idiot …

  • Rachel Manning

    Russia is not our enemy we have never declared war on Russia but we did declared war on islam in 1801 and banned them in 1952 because of the ideology of taking over the world . Also Russia not our best friend but not the enemy the enemy is muslim brotherhood and NWO

    • satangoestohellsoon

      satan is our actual enemy.. all the puppets fall in behind satan…… rise above the smoke and mirrors

      • Stanko Djukic

        man…. return in 21 century hahah please…..

    • Carolina Berg

      So why can they operate freely in the US now?

      • David Tupper

        Mostly political correctness, some due to their ever increasing numbers, both through birth and through conversion of those not bright enough to see the truth.

    • 09xz

      Correct Russia is not our enemy in any of this. They were just taking what Hillary was offering. And “Russians” offering information from agitpop a well known rumor mill is NOT the Russian gov. or Putin. Imagine if Russia said we got information from the TMZ and claimed it was from directly from the WHITE HOUSE and wanted to lay charges !

      Sorry getting info from a random rumor mill is not the same as from the government. Therefore “RUSSIA meddling” is a fake out. DEMS think everyone is stupid and will not to know the difference. In any case it was the DEMS paying for a fake dossier to get an Obama FISA warrant he used to wiretap and unmask United States citizens that is a major felony.

      Both the FBI and OBAMA admin will now share in this crime.

    • Cay Cone

      could it be possible that the enemy is really us? I think right now that there are so many smoke screens in the air it’s hard to know what is right and what is not. I just know from what I have seen that anyone who approaches Hillary in a negative fashion whines up a suicide victim who had the ability to shoot them self in the back of the head two times. come on people that’s impossible it’s so obvious that it makes a fool out of us I don’t know how she can look at herself in the mirror or how she can make her way out of her house just to step over so many dead bodies, but what do I know? I know what my gut feels and I have learned to trust it . If the clintons are not made accountable for all of the in justices and horrific acts they have performed I don’t see how we can have much faith in our government ever again and the messages that are being sent to our youth explains their lack of respect and desire to be responsible. good Lord Deliver Us from Things That Go Bump in the night. Namaste

  • Benghazi_Lies_Matter

    Is this real?! Gotta see the actual interview…

    • Holly Yost

      I asked the same thing… I don’t trust anything unless I can find facts to back it up

    • Gerald Raikes

      The site offered no evidence that Morgan Freeman had actually said any of these things. Freeman is an avowed democrat who provided the voice-over introducing Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Democratic National Convention so it would be quite out of character to have said these words. Also, it has now been almost day since the article was published and no reputable news sources have picked up the story, something that would definitely have happened if Freeman made these comments during a promotional event.

      • Forfreespeech

        There you go. You strengthen my info so far

      • 09xz

        Maybe he has seen the light and is aboard the Trump train and so many have switched sides. After the DNC refused to account for the rigged elections and fought it. After the DNC refused to appoint or listen to Bernie’s people. After they refused to hold Hillary accountable many left the party in disgust and with a vengeance. One thing was on their minds to send Hillary to the noose for treason or to jail.

        • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

          Exactly what did Hillary Clinton do that was against the law?

          • David Zullo

            For one; Sensitive compartmented information (SCI) is a type of United States classified information concerning or derived from sensitive intelligence sources, methods, or analytical processes. All SCI must be handled within formal access control systems established by the Director of National Intelligence. HRC’s use of an off-site, unencrypted server to disseminate this material would certainly qualify. Having worked in the Pentagon as Marine JCS Liaison, I’m thoroughly familiar with the subject, and have seen military careers obliterated (under the UCMJ) for far less, and civilian personnel were sanctioned under the administrative processes. At an absolute minimum, her security clearances would be immediately revoked pending an in-depth investigation. The extent of data discovered by the FBI, and the ensuing shenanigans, i.e. Bleach-byte, shredded federal documents, hammer-smashed blackberrys and laptops, lying to Federal agents….. Clearly, HRC is definitely above the law.

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            She was never found guilty or convicted so until she goes to prison she is innocent.

          • David Zullo

            Of course she hasn’t been convicted of anything, because she hasn’t even been charged with any crimes. I was merely responding to your query as to what has she (admittedly) done, and made the observation that she will most likely never be charged because she is clearly above the law. Whereas, anyone else, including myself, would surely have the full weight of the federal criminal justice system bearing down on us.

          • Diana

            Even Comey said as much when he refused to indict her.

          • Linda Pfister


          • Nora Goodman Wiley

            She broke several laws in connection to the dossier and rigging the campaign, all of which she admitted doing.

          • Wes Teville

            not innocent – just not yet indicted.

          • Jaime McDaniel

            When she destroyed those emails they were under subpoena. Also all e-mails and correspondence belongs to the US Government. Destroying is definitely against the law. Hiring an outside foreign agent to dig for dirt or whatever is against the law. She did just that. She lied to the FBI in questioning on several things. One being when asked how many devices did you use. She said one, it was 13. When she wss subpoenaed on her BlackBerry and devices, she had them destroyed and bleachbit. The one device she handed over she removed the sim card. All of this is against the law. If any of us had done one of any of those we would be in jail. There is a lot more. Then the money laundering and the Urainium One deal. There are many laws she broke .

          • dennis

            Are you also are mad about all the Republican officials erasing of subpoenaed emails too?

          • Diana

            I’m a far left progressive so that doesn’t work on me, LOL. I would want the same scrutiny of Republicans, although hopefully a better application of the law. But no one has come close to her level of unbelievable avoidance of the law on this matter.

          • Diana

            No, not innocent but only legally presumed innocent. The paper trail and FBI informant who gathered information on this was recently reported on. Just because she has Deep State protection and is above the law does not mean she is innocent. But it clearly allows you to persist in your delusional state of head-in-sand syndrome.

          • Dan E Parker


          • dennis

            Are you as concerned about the Trump admin private email servers?

          • Golfendude

            Where have you been hiding?

          • Noel Ramon Puig

            The question is, has Hillary Clinton done any legal deeds?

          • Richard Holcroft


          • Betty Lincoln

            Get your head out of the sand! Time to face the truth!

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            There’s no truth to find. She hasn’t broken any laws!

          • Linda Pfister

            Are you kidding. What rock have you been hiding under clinton is a lying back stabbing Muslim loving AMERICA HATING PIECE OF PIG SHIT you better pull your head out of your back side and read listen & pay attention

          • Nora Goodman Wiley

            Yes she has and several news shows have listed the laws she broke and the punishments under those laws. I suggest you research it, the info is out there.

          • dennis

            Thanks for telling us all how smart and wise and efficient Hilary is. She has been investigated for decades and literally millions of dollars have been invested in those investigations. Yet she has been exonerated each time. The “news shows” you refer to….which ones and what channels or networks were they on? If she is “dirty” then she is better at it than Trump as he has made many settlements and had many charges leveled against him over the years, and found guilty while Hilary has not been indicted.

          • pokey5735

            Trump hasn’t been found guilty of anything. And Hillary seems to eliminate all those who intend on testifying against her. They all seem to die from some mysterious reasons.

          • Diana

            She has been protected by the Deep State each time, despite an impressive paper trail. Can you say brainwashed?

          • Wes Teville

            Look up the uranium deal – see truth.

          • dennis

            Have you read about the process and rules regarding the sale of this mine’s ownership? Do you know what happens with all the uranium? Hilary was not making decisions on this sale and the uranium all remains in the USA. So what are the specifics of what is wrong with this business deal?

          • lois merskin

            check again the source of your info, may not be trustworthy.

          • Diana

            I’ve researched this for years. You do a great job of parroting the MSM propaganda, however. She recommended the deal, when she never recommended those types of deals. Her voice carried a lot of weight even though we know it wasn’t her lone decision.

          • Diana

            Even Neoliberal news outlets like NYT and Newsweek have reported on the Uranium One Deal. The paper trail is there. But MSM zombies will “resist”.

          • Dan E Parker

            Really??? Nitwit

          • Teddy Wright

            Wiped hard drives clean…AFTER a court order not to do so…….broke tablets and phones with hammers AFTER a court ordered not to do so….see a pattern here….still a matter of over 30,000 mails that have gone missing…AFTER a court ordered not to do so……no way can you be near as stupid as you want us to believe. now go away troll!

          • Teddy Wright

            Follow the money……you can do that surely???………well maybe not you seem to be really dumb or good at acting like you are.

          • Teddy Wright

            The Liberal Mind……… the major political madness of our time: The radical left’s efforts to regulate the people from cradle to grave. To rescue us from our troubled lives, the liberal agenda recommends denial of personal responsibility, encourages self-pity and other-pity, fosters government dependency, promotes sexual indulgence, rationalizes violence, excuses financial obligation, justifies theft, ignores rudeness, prescribes complaining and blaming, denigrates marriage and the family, legalizes all abortion, defies religious and social tradition, declares inequality unjust, and rebels against the duties of citizenship. Through multiple entitlements to unearned goods, services and social status, the liberal politician promises to ensure everyone’s material welfare, provide for everyone’s healthcare, protect everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage, educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions. Radical liberalism thus assaults the foundations of civilized freedom. Given its irrational goals, coercive methods and historical failures, and given its perverse effects on character development, there can be no question of the radical agenda’s madness. Only an irrational agenda would advocate a systematic destruction of the foundations on which ordered liberty depends. Only an irrational man would want the state to run his life for him rather than create secure conditions in which he can run his own life. Only an irrational agenda would deliberately undermine the citizen’s growth to competence by having the state adopt him. Only irrational thinking would trade individual liberty for government coercion, sacrificing the pride of self-reliance for welfare dependency. Only a madman would look at a community of free people cooperating by choice and see a society of victims exploited by villains.
            what do you see?
            They have you don’t they???

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            Whatever makes you feel better about yourself. I choose to believe in innocent until proven guilty! Goodby and have a great life.

          • Mike Ferguson

            You must work for Hitllary to say something as vacuous as that!

          • disqus_YfA7DJTJNI

            My suggestion to all on this thread; DON’T FEED THE TROLLS ! Clearly +ZoiePalmerFan4Life is a paid (let’s hope, this is not voluntary shilling) troll or a really, really low information citizen. Seriously, no rational person can argue, at this point, that Killary has done nothing wrong.

          • Diana

            LOL, OMFG. Really? If you have to ask that question in 2017 there’s no point in even trying to explain, but the point is Freeman is a Limousine LIberal who definitely supported Hillary last year. I don’t believe this story.

          • Dan E Parker

            Do u live under a rock???

          • John Batts

            Here’s a start:




            Then, of course, you might want to investigate mishandling of Haiti recovery funds by the Clinton Foundation, pay-for-play influence peddling, Uranium One, Takeover of the DNC and rigging of the Democratic primaries. . . . or you could just continue sucking down that Kool-Aid and keeping your head planted firmly up your a$$.

          • Walter Hewitt

            It would be far easier to list the things that Hillary Clinton has done which were NOT against one or more laws.


          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            Keep on believing the lies perpetrated by your precious fat pig Trump!

          • ozzy mo

            Are you fucJIng kidding me?

          • John Crippen

            Not enough room to list everything.
            Go back to sleep.

          • Fit4lifech

            You’re kidding, right?????

      • Jeanne Barr

        I agree Gerald. It is highly unlikely that HE would have said these things. Clint Eastwood, you betcha.

    • beth glover

      This is a fake site. Morgan Freeman never said this. He’s a Democrat as well.

    • Matt_Frisco

      Is this real? Yes, I am asking the same question. Freeman supported Hillary during the election and I think I remember seeing a campaign commercial with him. What’s going on?

    • VoteOutIncumbents

      I’d be amazed. Freeman has always been an orthodox lefty. And the orthodox left is out to get Trump.

      • Wes Teville

        Donald Trump gave money to killery campaign. BUT people do learn, if they don’t try real hard not to.

    • Tyggs
    • Diana

      I distinctly remember last year he was one of the major advocates for Hillary so I’m going to have to see the actual interview and a better proof source.

  • Bill Clay

    Even if it isn’t real, its the truth!

  • vq5speed

    They whole Russia story with Trump was a total made up story and the left media pushed it.. Where’s the audio of this interview. As correct as it reads not believing it till I hear it come from his mouth.

  • EuanGMason

    He’d have to also jail several of Trump’s family members who have used private servers for government business.

    • cindereller

      Yeah because Hillary did it long time and that’s why she sits in a jail cell, right?


    Morgan freeman and his twin earings…..loll hes a fucking idiot… hes in on the whole new world order scenario….. gotta get me some of them stupid fucking earings…. lol NOT

  • JSpicoli

    Just act, you stupid puppet.

  • Ted T

    They have drugs that can help you now.

  • Ted T

    All deplorables should be indicted for crimes against intelligence.

    • States Watchman

      Come into the wilderness with me sally. Lets see how far your “intelligence” gets you.

      • Ted T

        You forgot to say YEEEEEHAAAAA!!

    • Denna Freed

      If ignorance is bliss then I’m sure you live your life in a state of ecstasy.
      Just wanna put that out there…

  • Forfreespeech

    Wait! I thought MF was an anti Trump actor or am I imaging?

  • DukeCanuck

    F F F F Fake News.

  • casargent

    sound like bullshit to me….

  • Daniel Overton

    So NOW he wants to be on the train. O.K., welcome aboard.

  • NJohnson90

    There’s no way MF said this.

  • Hello Larry

    I don’t believe this for a second. No way did a Hollywood actor especially this guy who I believe was a big Obama supporter would say this. No way. It would be nice if it was true but I am saying no way.

    • Meriola Gotthardt

      watch the video above. you’d be amazed.

    • Wes Teville

      When people are SHOWN to be criminals many turn against them who were for them in the past. People DO learn.

  • AtwoodMarie

    Mr. Freeman is exactly correct, the sooner the better. I’ve already said this but I have a feeling it needs to be said and said again. About the doubts I am reading that this is or is not Freeman’s voice and his comments I have one very important comment “we are not meant to have brains that are set in concrete. When you learn the truth, you change your mind” about whatever you have rediscovered, as Mr. Freeman has courageously done, and he has gone a step further by sharing this change of mind with others. We are in danger of losing our country if we continue to haggle over party loyalty instead of country loyalty. Don’t wait until it is too late.

  • Ron Hussey

    He’s right. someone in government needs to be prosecuted for and crimes they may have committed, and Hillary would be a good start. Americans do agree with Trump, because they absolutely know their government was and is corrupted and the corrupted are protecting their own. Trump didn’t commit a crime, the liberal media tells their sheep daily he did, with absolutely no evidence or proof, and fools believe them. Hillary, Bill, Obama, and Lynch committed many, we have evidence, yet nothing, not a peep from liberal media, nothing from the DOJ yet, and all we ever got was a statement from a corrupted FBI director that gave us his opinion, when it wasn’t up to him to decide.

    • VirGinYa

      Hillary isn’t in government, despite Fox News acting like she’s POTUS.

      • Alex Peterson

        Really! HRC wasn’t indicted today!!

    • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

      Hillary Clinton hasn’t broken any laws!

      • Debra Blank

        Wow, you are delusional, aren’t you???

        • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

          She has been investigated and has never been charged with a crime or been convicted.

          • ARcattledog

            Simple reason for that…. ALL were ordered NOT TO CHARGE HER… The meeting between Slick Willie and AJ Lynch was the icing on the cake. If you honestly believe she has not committed crimes, it’s time to check yourself into the Rubber Room Hotel…. Google the video of Trey Gowdy questioning James Comey before a Senate Committee….. count how many times Gowdy admits that Hillary Clinton LIED UNDER OATH when she was questioned before Congress. COUNT THEM. Your room is ready….

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            She is innocent of any wrongdoing. Goodbye

  • roberto di camerino

    The Onion?

  • Tramp

    While I completely agree with this where’s the proof Freeman said this?

  • Mel Burnett

    I believe him with or without video. He is straight shooter or talker. He says what he means and means what he says. And I’m with him 100%. Whether or not it’s true that he said it, I still take a stand to put her in jail. If you or I did anything that she did, we’d be UNDER THE JAIL. All she wanted was the power to do anything she wanted and also to make money for herself. And I can tell when she’s lying because I see her lips move and a sound in words comes out of her lying mouth.

  • Bob Lee

    He may be a democrat, he may have campaigned for HRC.
    But the man just may be a man of high principles.
    Therefore he gets my benefit of the doubt.

  • Steve S

    I thought that Freeman was a Hillary supporter…wow!

  • john t ennis

    To bad it was a great story.

  • executive_vp

    LOL @ the #fakenews – your first clue was that the author of this trash is a Russian, of course!

  • Benghazi_Lies_Matter

    Just sent this e-mail to the article’s ‘author’:
    Will share if I get an answer…

    “Hello Baxter,

    Interesting article on Morgan Freeman… Great quotes, if they’re real!

    Any chance you can share some reliable sources so I can believe it?



  • Alex Peterson

    Thus is not a real interview. Mrs Clinton has never been charged let alone indicted for anything. Despite the effort of the FBI, CIA, KGB and GOP.

    • Don Meaker

      The efforts of the FBI were to clear her, not to indict her. To indict her would have taken the Dept of Justice under Obama or Clinton.

  • David Kachel

    This would be such a huge turn-around from Freeman’s usual communist preferences, it is difficult to believe, at best!

  • Al

    ‘Jailing Hillary’ …. would only be a start.

  • Ruben Gutierrez

    The content of this article is highly doubtful.

  • Juliko A Rey


  • Winston Sanders

    I don’t know… this whole thing seems a little far fetched from my standpoint. Freeman couldn’t be any more partisan toward the Progressive Democrat side of the ideological spectrum, and does not come across as someone who would maintain such an objective perspective concerning criticizing fellow Democrats and aligning with Republicans, regardless to what extent the circumstances would merit it. I’m not saying miracles can’t happen, but there has to be some additional proof concerning these supposed statements.

    • Don Meaker

      He, to his credit, has made statements about how repeated accusations of racism by Democrats are not helpful.

  • Debra

    He is speaking what most of Amer is thinking. Hillary must go to prison. It doesnt matter what party anyone is with . Corruption is corruption. Morgan is 100% correct. If Gov messes this up its going to get real nasty out here.

  • Bob

    He is exactly correct !! Brave statement in this day and age. Don’t always agree with this man but always respect his tgake on things and his boldness to try and always do the right thing. Good for him.

  • ZZTX

    I would love for this story to be true, but with no corroborating link, it is very suspect. If not true, the author of this piece should be severely flogged in the public square.

  • Niall

    Fake news. YNW is CIA disinfo.

  • Sir Gregory Tufton Balls

    For what it’s worth – the VERY FIRST interview Colin Kaepernick gave after the first time he took a knee was to say that Hillary Clinton should be in jail.
    We already knew/know he despises Trump. But in his long interview he didn’t spare Clinton either

    His advocates today never seem to remember that part. The Morgan Freeman thing though, dare I say it sounds like fake news? I can’t imagine Freeman being that explicit towards Clinton.

  • Bill S

    Hey. You fooled Stephen Green over at Instapundit with this. Probably got a nice little traffic boost.

  • gregglory

    I think this is #fakenews–by a Russian, perhaps!

  • scottwsomerville

    Got a bridge for sale… anybody interested?

  • Meremortal

    Is this real? I doubt it.

    Even if it’s real, Morgan is meaningless and powerless. He’s not a player.

    ‘I’ve called on Congress and our intelligence community to use every resource available to conduct a thorough investigation to determine exactly how this happened.”

    There’s your whole problem right there anyway. Congress and our intelligence community aren’t interested in the truth.

    • I See Dead Trolls

      What, “Lock that bitch up!” doesn’t sound like something a longtime Clinton supporter would say? This stuff is fourth-rate propaganda. It’s almost satire, except a lot of rubes believe it.

  • I See Dead Trolls

    That sound you hear is partisan Republicans being sucked into another ludicrous propaganda farce. They believe what they want to believe. Their all-consuming hatred of Hillary and Obama has rotted their brains. Their only philosophy at this point is confirmation bias merged with an incredibly childish gullibility.

    • Denna Freed

      Ummmm….really? Cause what I see here is a LOT of Republicans stating that they do NOT believe the “ludicrous propaganda farce.”
      The liberal sheeple, on the other hand, continue to believe that Trump colluded with Russia and Clinton is a martyr and a saint – despite evidence to the contrary in BOTH cases!

  • I See Dead Trolls

    A sucker is born every minute, or in this case, several suckers:

  • Don Meaker

    This is the kind of think Morgan Freeman would say if he were honest.

  • fred russo

    FAKE NEWS this black raciest would never say this NEVER!!!!!!

  • zo opy

    Excellent lulz

  • J.W. Browning

    He didn’t say that and you know it. Like most everything you publish it’s not real.

  • Alan Sindler

    Good ol’ fashioned BS — probably put out there by the Russian/Trump people

  • kenncap2015

    I think Morgan Freeman is on to something…

  • PauletteW

    A breath of fresh air.

  • Ed Hayden

    It is quite possible Morgan would say this as he does have mind supporting equal justice, however he should not have just left it with Hillary, their many more in Washington who need to be rounded up and sent along with her. Our Government needs a through cleansing, the framers of the constitution made that quite possible in and by the people to re-elect new leadership at every election cycle, however they do not do so always believing their political narratives and never getting results in that of their politician listening to them and doing what they the people request of them….

  • James White

    I would have to see the video to believe he would say this.

    I did like him, I wish it were true but doubt it.

  • Aurelia Hoogerzeil

    This site is ran by a LIBERAL fanatic who makes news stories up. Look him up on the Internet and you will see who he is and what he REALLY represents. He is another lying sack of chit. So is the writer of this article, Baxter Dmitry.

  • Newfirelock
  • Deborah
  • DavidMartinByrne I would say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this quote is fake, All it takes is a little research to prove it but if such a quote confirms one’s twisted belief system then it wont make a blind bit of difference that it is complete crap.

  • 100marymich

    Wait … What? Morgan Freeman called people racists for not supporting Obama’s UN-Constitutional behavior and shenanigans.
    But, now he agrees with those who do not and never did support Hillary and her criminal and UN-Constitutional behavior.

  • Kevin Shire

    Hillary should have been in prison 10 scandals ago. Bush and Obama Justice Dept. always gave her a pass. Bill and Hillary were friends with the Bushs. Daddy Bush called Bill his adopted son and they were in on the guns for drugs scheme when Bill was Governor of Arkansas . The movie ” American Made”

  • georgesteele

    Whether or not this is fake news, the writer has given voice to what tens of millions of Americans – particularly in the black community, if the unrest over unequal treatment at the hands of justice is to be believed – feel and resent. There is NO question that Hillary Clinton violated the law. None. Her treatment of classified data alone, as spelled out clearly by the execrable toady James Comey, is categorically felonious, and should have her in jail, particularly as a cabinet member – a person in a position of leadership, who should stand as an example, rather than as a caricature – flouting the rules that would get a lower level government worker in front of a judge in a heartbeat. The general lawlessness in Washington is undermining faith and belief in rule of law and equal justice, right from the Justice Department itself on down. I will leave aside whether the looting of the treasury and future of the American taxpaying citizen to the tune of 10 trillion dollars over the 8 years of Obama qualifies as larceny or treason – but as for Clinton and her corrupt fellow travelers, including her extortionate and proven liar and serial rapist husband Bill, they are long overdue for an orange jumpsuit.

    • David Zullo

      Sensitive compartmented information (SCI) is a type of United States classified information concerning or derived from sensitive intelligence sources, methods, or analytical processes. All SCI must be handled within formal access control systems established by the Director of National Intelligence. HRC’s use of an off-site, unencrypted server to disseminate this material would certainly qualify. Having worked in the Pentagon as Marine JCS Liaison, I’m thoroughly familiar with the subject, and have seen military careers obliterated (under the UCMJ) for far less, and civilian personnel were sanctioned under the administrative processes. At an absolute minimum, her security clearances would be immediately revoked pending an in-depth investigation. The extent of data discovered by the FBI, and the ensuing shenanigans, i.e. Bleach-byte, shredded federal documents, hammer-smashed blackberrys and laptops, lying to Federal agents….. Clearly, HRC is definitely above the law.

  • Barrington H. Brennen

    It has to fake new. For example. If Hilliary Clinton should be in jail, them the one that we have more dirt on and has broken more law, The President, should be in jail.

    • georgesteele

      I’d have to agree – Obama WAS worse than Clinton. We’ll need to put her and her cronies in jail first, and get them to turn state’s evidence on him to get him in an orange jumpsuit, though.

  • Barbara McGrew

    I believe this is fake news.

  • yankeebean2000 .

    What??? Morgan Freeman said this? Hard to believe. He was her staunch supporter. Anyone have more info that this is real?

  • ‘Denny Wright

    Frankly it don’t matter to me if he said it or not, I feel celebrities should keep their political opinions to themselves. If this turns out to be fake news then shame on them. Putting up fake stories is bs whether the right or the left is doing it. As far as Hillary if she broke the law she should go to jail like anyone else would. Nobody should be above the law.

  • Dawn Albright


  • barney9460

    If you can believe snopes, they say it’s false.

  • lois merskin

    if this is true, it doesn’t change my thoughts that we really don’t need court jesters to comment on the politics of our country. [ btw, do you think that morgan would also like to see eric holder in jail ? ]

  • db

    I think this is fake. He narrated her video at the dem convention I believe. Maybe he has been red pilled and saved his soul. If he didn’t say it his sub conscious mind knows it’s true.

  • Dan E Parker
  • Walter Hewitt

    The best way to restore public faith in government institutions is to “send Hillary to prison“, according to Hollywood icon Morgan Freeman, who warns that unless the former First Lady’s crimes are seen to be punished, “everyday Americans will forever know, deep down, that there is one law for those with money and power, and another for the rest of us.”

    I appreciate and deeply respect Morgan Freeman… but he knows as well as the rest of us that – since pretty soon right after our Republic was born – there was and always HAS been one law for those with money and power, and another law for the rest of us.
    Hillary didn’t invent that, although she is the current and most predatory example of that axiom of truth.
    So… YES — “send Hillary to prison“ … by all means. Just don’t stop there — because the DC swamp is overflowing with corrupt criminals, pedophiles, murderers, extortionists, rapists, etc. — and many of them are elected or appointed office holders.
    It simply will not do for Hillary Clinton to go to prison alone… DRAIN THE SWAMP…

  • Anastasia Beavenhouser

    Did you not just narrate a Russian propaganda video for her?

  • Scott Forste

    pretty sure everything she did up to the emails alone she get her some jail time thats just the email mess she involved in thats just a start