Morgan Freeman: ‘Jailing Hillary’ Best Way To ‘Restore Public Faith In Govt’

Morgan Freeman warns that unless Hillary's crimes are seen to be punished, "everyday Americans” will no longer trust the government.

The best way to restore public faith in government institutions is to “send Hillary to prison“, according to Hollywood icon Morgan Freeman, who warns that unless the former First Lady’s crimes are seen to be punished, “everyday Americans will forever know, deep down, that there is one law for those with money and power, and another for the rest of us.”

Hillary should be in jail for her unlawful deeds and President Trump should absolutely, absolutely make sure this happens to send the very strong message that no-one, and I mean no-one, is above the law in the United States of America,” Morgan Freeman said in New York while promoting National Geographic’s new docu-series The Story of Us.

Responding to a question about why he thinks President Trump has not yet fulfilled this particular campaign promise, Freeman laughed and said and looked up at the heavens before saying, “Goddamnit man, you were elected for this very reason, lock that bitch up!”

After being accused of political incorrectness, Freeman laughed again, saying “It’s all about being loving and caring these days, isn’t it?

The most loving and caring thing we as a society can do for Hillary Clinton is lock her up where she can get professional and institutional help and prevent her hurting herself or anyone else.”

The veteran actor, who remains as professionally active as at any point in his long career, cannot be accused of partisan bullying. It appears the 80-year-old star is simply a straight shooter who would prefer politicians and public figures are held to the same standards as everyone else.

In September the Shawshank Redemption star appeared in a viral video demanding President Trump speak directly to the American people about the extent of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

While insisting that the Kremlin’s election interference is “no movie script,” and that he did not know whether the allegations were true or not, Morgan said, “we need our president to speak directly to us and tell us the truth.”

We need him to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office and say, ‘My fellow Americans. During this past election, we cam under attack by the Russian government,” Freeman demands Trump to say, adding, ‘I’ve called on Congress and our intelligence community to use every resource available to conduct a thorough investigation to determine exactly how this happened.’”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Harry Southgate

    .. Freeman admits he doesn’t know whether the allegations were true, and requires Trump to say, “My fellow Americans. During this past election, we came under attack by the Russian government” … think about that for a second …. he’s an idiot …

  • Rachel Manning

    Russia is not our enemy we have never declared war on Russia but we did declared war on islam in 1801 and banned them in 1952 because of the ideology of taking over the world . Also Russia not our best friend but not the enemy the enemy is muslim brotherhood and NWO

    • satangoestohellsoon

      satan is our actual enemy.. all the puppets fall in behind satan…… rise above the smoke and mirrors

      • Stanko Djukic

        man…. return in 21 century hahah please…..

    • Carolina Berg

      So why can they operate freely in the US now?

      • David Tupper

        Mostly political correctness, some due to their ever increasing numbers, both through birth and through conversion of those not bright enough to see the truth.

    • 09xz

      Correct Russia is not our enemy in any of this. They were just taking what Hillary was offering. And “Russians” offering information from agitpop a well known rumor mill is NOT the Russian gov. or Putin. Imagine if Russia said we got information from the TMZ and claimed it was from directly from the WHITE HOUSE and wanted to lay charges !

      Sorry getting info from a random rumor mill is not the same as from the government. Therefore “RUSSIA meddling” is a fake out. DEMS think everyone is stupid and will not to know the difference. In any case it was the DEMS paying for a fake dossier to get an Obama FISA warrant he used to wiretap and unmask United States citizens that is a major felony.

      Both the FBI and OBAMA admin will now share in this crime.

    • Cay Cone

      could it be possible that the enemy is really us? I think right now that there are so many smoke screens in the air it’s hard to know what is right and what is not. I just know from what I have seen that anyone who approaches Hillary in a negative fashion whines up a suicide victim who had the ability to shoot them self in the back of the head two times. come on people that’s impossible it’s so obvious that it makes a fool out of us I don’t know how she can look at herself in the mirror or how she can make her way out of her house just to step over so many dead bodies, but what do I know? I know what my gut feels and I have learned to trust it . If the clintons are not made accountable for all of the in justices and horrific acts they have performed I don’t see how we can have much faith in our government ever again and the messages that are being sent to our youth explains their lack of respect and desire to be responsible. good Lord Deliver Us from Things That Go Bump in the night. Namaste

  • Benghazi_Lies_Matter

    Is this real?! Gotta see the actual interview…

    • Holly Yost

      I asked the same thing… I don’t trust anything unless I can find facts to back it up

    • Gerald Raikes

      The site offered no evidence that Morgan Freeman had actually said any of these things. Freeman is an avowed democrat who provided the voice-over introducing Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Democratic National Convention so it would be quite out of character to have said these words. Also, it has now been almost day since the article was published and no reputable news sources have picked up the story, something that would definitely have happened if Freeman made these comments during a promotional event.

      • Forfreespeech

        There you go. You strengthen my info so far

      • 09xz

        Maybe he has seen the light and is aboard the Trump train and so many have switched sides. After the DNC refused to account for the rigged elections and fought it. After the DNC refused to appoint or listen to Bernie’s people. After they refused to hold Hillary accountable many left the party in disgust and with a vengeance. One thing was on their minds to send Hillary to the noose for treason or to jail.

        • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

          Exactly what did Hillary Clinton do that was against the law?

          • David Zullo

            For one; Sensitive compartmented information (SCI) is a type of United States classified information concerning or derived from sensitive intelligence sources, methods, or analytical processes. All SCI must be handled within formal access control systems established by the Director of National Intelligence. HRC’s use of an off-site, unencrypted server to disseminate this material would certainly qualify. Having worked in the Pentagon as Marine JCS Liaison, I’m thoroughly familiar with the subject, and have seen military careers obliterated (under the UCMJ) for far less, and civilian personnel were sanctioned under the administrative processes. At an absolute minimum, her security clearances would be immediately revoked pending an in-depth investigation. The extent of data discovered by the FBI, and the ensuing shenanigans, i.e. Bleach-byte, shredded federal documents, hammer-smashed blackberrys and laptops, lying to Federal agents….. Clearly, HRC is definitely above the law.

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            She was never found guilty or convicted so until she goes to prison she is innocent.

          • David Zullo

            Of course she hasn’t been convicted of anything, because she hasn’t even been charged with any crimes. I was merely responding to your query as to what has she (admittedly) done, and made the observation that she will most likely never be charged because she is clearly above the law. Whereas, anyone else, including myself, would surely have the full weight of the federal criminal justice system bearing down on us.

          • Diana

            Even Comey said as much when he refused to indict her.

          • Linda Pfister


          • USARES

            top down all corrupt

          • Nora Goodman Wiley

            She broke several laws in connection to the dossier and rigging the campaign, all of which she admitted doing.

          • Wes Teville

            not innocent – just not yet indicted.

          • Jaime McDaniel

            When she destroyed those emails they were under subpoena. Also all e-mails and correspondence belongs to the US Government. Destroying is definitely against the law. Hiring an outside foreign agent to dig for dirt or whatever is against the law. She did just that. She lied to the FBI in questioning on several things. One being when asked how many devices did you use. She said one, it was 13. When she wss subpoenaed on her BlackBerry and devices, she had them destroyed and bleachbit. The one device she handed over she removed the sim card. All of this is against the law. If any of us had done one of any of those we would be in jail. There is a lot more. Then the money laundering and the Urainium One deal. There are many laws she broke .

          • dennis

            Are you also are mad about all the Republican officials erasing of subpoenaed emails too?

          • Diana

            I’m a far left progressive so that doesn’t work on me, LOL. I would want the same scrutiny of Republicans, although hopefully a better application of the law. But no one has come close to her level of unbelievable avoidance of the law on this matter.

          • Diana

            No, not innocent but only legally presumed innocent. The paper trail and FBI informant who gathered information on this was recently reported on. Just because she has Deep State protection and is above the law does not mean she is innocent. But it clearly allows you to persist in your delusional state of head-in-sand syndrome.

          • Dan E Parker


          • dennis

            Are you as concerned about the Trump admin private email servers?

          • Jason Hanks

            Do you know that you can use a private email account and still be within the law. It is when you have a private server as the Clintons did that it is illegal. The Trump admin does not use private servers just private email accounts that are based on a DOD server. Knowing the diffrence is the most important part of the process so know you know. And know is half the battle.

          • Golfendude

            Where have you been hiding?

          • Noel Ramon Puig

            The question is, has Hillary Clinton done any legal deeds?

          • Richard Holcroft


          • intelligentpizza

            So how about that fake poll that went around the world that “Trump is polling third in Utah” and “Texas is in play”. Who do you think funded that and meddled with that? She tried to demoralized us Trump voters. That FAKE poll was paid by Hillary and went ALL OVER THE WORLD. Even Trump thought he would lose the election.

          • Betty Lincoln

            Get your head out of the sand! Time to face the truth!

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            There’s no truth to find. She hasn’t broken any laws!

          • Linda Pfister

            Are you kidding. What rock have you been hiding under clinton is a lying back stabbing Muslim loving AMERICA HATING PIECE OF PIG SHIT you better pull your head out of your back side and read listen & pay attention

          • Eric Cassel

            we will find the Iranians have the uranium

          • Thad Money

            Needless to say that it was all hidden and shush. The only way we found out about it was through Canadian tax records. Yes no weapons-grade uranium. Uranium that can undergo a process to become weapons-grade uranium. You know that we import uranium yeah we don’t have enough. But supposedly our greatest threat to our democracy “Russia” wasn’t trying to Corner the market and bribe us politicians. Can you hear the hypocrisy in that.

          • Linj1

            sorry for your Ignorance

          • Linda Pfister

            Don’t worry about. Me. I know what I’m talking about but apparently you have your head buried in the sand as clinton. Is a TRAITOR. A MUSLIM LOVING AMERICA HATING PIECE OF PIG EXTRAMENT JUST LIKE THE ZEBRA

          • laurelladesborough

            Ah hah…another one who bought the over 400 Russian fake websites creating b.s. about Clinton in order to cause divisiveness in the USA. Nothing like agreeing with fake news if it fits your already decided opinion…facts don’t matter! And of course, using a lot of nasty words does increase the reader’s respect for your opinion…or does it??? LOL

          • Nora Goodman Wiley

            Yes she has and several news shows have listed the laws she broke and the punishments under those laws. I suggest you research it, the info is out there.

          • dennis

            Thanks for telling us all how smart and wise and efficient Hilary is. She has been investigated for decades and literally millions of dollars have been invested in those investigations. Yet she has been exonerated each time. The “news shows” you refer to….which ones and what channels or networks were they on? If she is “dirty” then she is better at it than Trump as he has made many settlements and had many charges leveled against him over the years, and found guilty while Hilary has not been indicted.

          • pokey5735

            Trump hasn’t been found guilty of anything. And Hillary seems to eliminate all those who intend on testifying against her. They all seem to die from some mysterious reasons.

          • Roger Sheddy

            like the doctor in New York who broke the Haiti scandal with the clintons suck up all the money to help those people somehow he recently wound up stabbed in the chest and being ruled a suicide you see a great place to die is New York where the police do not want to investigate because if it’s really a murder than your statistics go up if it’s suicide hey no problem

          • Joan Warren Karp

            EXACTLY, Pokey! Thank you!

          • Linda Pfister

            AMEN AMEN pokey5735 yeah and some of them can even shoot themselves in the back of their heads yeah. The clintons are stinking muslim loving AMERICA HATING PIECE OF PIG EXTRAMENT & she should face a firing squad for TREASON against our country and the military and our beautiful flag and our Constitution & our pledge clinton is a Cock roach

          • Diana

            She has been protected by the Deep State each time, despite an impressive paper trail. Can you say brainwashed?

          • Anastacia Zapatecas

            Because she kills ‘ll the witnesses.

          • ValH

            Too bad she hires someone to murder the investigators that find evidence. You best get a grip, and check out the long list on the ‘clinton body count’, last I looked it was over 120 dead bodies in her wake.

          • dennis speer

            Think how great America would be with someone as smart as her running it. She is more deadly than Capone or the Borgia’s and able to get away with more crimes than the Roman Catholic Church and its pedophiles. Instead of tweeting at North Korea she would have just killed Kim….instead of arguing with Mexico over paying for the wall she could have just killed every President of Mexico off until they put one in office that would pay for the wall. She could have just assassinated all the scientists insisting that Climate Change is real and caused by humans and not had to listen to them whining…..

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            You’re a moron. Hillary Clinton is not a murderer. That would be Putin who of course has Trump in his back pocket.

          • intelligentpizza

            Hillary Clinton and President Obama both tried to turn a successful Anglo-German country called the USA into a corrupt Latin American country through open borders, corruption all for her own ego and personal gain. Thank God for Donald Trump. He might just save the west! It is so hard to get American citizenship and yet, last time I went there just before Trump got elected and after 8 years of Obama, I even spoke in Spanish to 20 year old central American men living in Mississippi!!! I mean of all places. The illegal immigration was completely out of control! HALF OF MEXICO and loads of central american and violent Mexican drug clans and rapists are in the USA!!! What are these stupid Democrat white voters thinking? Bloody idiots.

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life


          • Jason Hanks

            How about this is the interview in which the FBI states that she did in fact commit 30 plus felonies.

          • Roger Sheddy

            I believe all the felonies alone would earn her something like 3962 years give or take now that’s not counting minor things like traffic tickets and jaywalking we’re just talking felonies here

          • Lolly

            She doesn’t want to know the truth. She wants to sit on her couch, swilling the Kool-Aid, and cussing like a complete and total fool.

          • Wes Teville

            Look up the uranium deal – see truth.

          • dennis

            Have you read about the process and rules regarding the sale of this mine’s ownership? Do you know what happens with all the uranium? Hilary was not making decisions on this sale and the uranium all remains in the USA. So what are the specifics of what is wrong with this business deal?

          • lois merskin

            check again the source of your info, may not be trustworthy.

          • Diana

            I’ve researched this for years. You do a great job of parroting the MSM propaganda, however. She recommended the deal, when she never recommended those types of deals. Her voice carried a lot of weight even though we know it wasn’t her lone decision.

          • ValH

            AND her foundation got a HUGE donation for that recommendation. THAT is illegal!

          • laurelladesborough

            Nope. The Foundation that received that donation OCCURRED LONG BEFORE THE URANIUM DEAL!

          • dj harrington

            she made deal with Russians and gave them Uranium. Hillary is a lying, cheating, conceiving woman who cares about one person… her self. She sold us all down the river when she made a deal giving them our Uranium, especially knowing that they want to use it against us. Think about that for a while before you say something that is not true.

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            The uranium deal was legal you fucking idiot and it took 9 people to get it ok’ed! The uranium didn’t even leave the country.

          • Lilly Petrila

            Why using profanity, Zoie? That puts you in the same boat as Hillary. You need someone to soap clean your mouth AND brain!

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            It takes vulgar language to get across to you mentally unstable Trump supporters. Trump is a piece of shit who needs to be flushed down the toilet and you need to go with him!

          • Keith Winter

            Dianna, Be satisfied with what you know. Perhaps our time is better spent elsewhere. “You cant fill a cup, that’s already full”……(Yeah its Avatar, Im sorry)

          • laurelladesborough

            And WHERE do you have the data that says Clinton recommended the deal? There were NINE committee members and each one had a RESPONSIBILITY to act as an individual and act in terms of the needs of the USA. AND the uranium remains in the US…so what the heck…this is just a spin doctored effort to add something negative on Clinton.

          • Diana

            Even Neoliberal news outlets like NYT and Newsweek have reported on the Uranium One Deal. The paper trail is there. But MSM zombies will “resist”.

          • Keith Winter

            Uranium One, Clinton Cash, Pay to Play, Cassandra, White Water, Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, Lolita Express (extremely troubling), Body Count, research the event, research the dates, names and places. You will be amazed…..I cant remember the name you will have to google it. In just the last few days, An FBI official said we backed off the Hillary email investigation out of concern she would become president and retaliate…..THE FBI! How much influence do the Clintons have?

          • Linj1

            If your going to accuse her at least don’t tell Lie’s on her! read up on something besides the Republican Liars Bench!

          • Lolly

            no one is telling lies (no apostrophe, by the way) on her. She is a corrupt, deceitful, selfish, manipulative person. If you’ve been paying ANY attention, you’d already be aware of that fact.

          • intelligentpizza

            The BBC took the side of the DNC and FBI on the memo and laughed it off. I find it confusing that these socialist shits at the BBC who have been traditionally so anti establishment, asking for the FBI, CIA and governments to come clean now take the side of the FBI saying that “it is extremely troubling to down-classify a Top Secret document”. I saw the memo, I worked in government at secret clearance and I tell you the politically motivated FBI is a joke and the BBC is misleading the public. My wife came to ask me: “is it true that British intelligence will be compromised by what this memo said?” Nobody has read the memo, it compromises nothing but only shows the Watergate style corruption at Obama FBI level. The FISA was used politically and they kept from the court the fact that Hillary had paid for the Fusion GPS story, they kept that away to get the FISA to spy on the Trump campaign. It is the classical story, they started all of this “Russia collusion” because what they did to Trump was illegal. The thief cries “thief”.

          • Dan E Parker

            Really??? Nitwit

          • Teddy Wright

            Wiped hard drives clean…AFTER a court order not to do so…….broke tablets and phones with hammers AFTER a court ordered not to do so….see a pattern here….still a matter of over 30,000 mails that have gone missing…AFTER a court ordered not to do so……no way can you be near as stupid as you want us to believe. now go away troll!

          • USARES

            and the power side isn’t corrupt? they ALL ARE

          • Kay Crawford

            and she was the best dems could find to represent them,,?..well she did.

          • dj harrington

            thanks for that Teddy Wright. Zoie must be in third grade.

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            Fuck off. I’m a grown woman and Hillary Clinton is a great woman and would have been one of the best presidents this country has ever had. Trump can go jump in a fucking lake and drown.

          • jimmyreds

            Shouldn’t you be out on a ledge somewhere? You sound like a complete psycho. Go Trump

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            Wow you’re actually telling me to commit suicide?

          • Alan Hardy

            Sorry to tell you, but HRC is able to do magic. She puts over this nice sickly, homely look, “I’m Hillary, I’m your friend, trust me, everything will be wonderful with you at my side”. Magic to win friends, of the easy to support her. Willing to support her. Wanting to support her. Shame is it’s a sham act. She is 100% crook. It’s 100% lies. 100% magic act and she has pulled the wool over almost 100% of good people’s eyes. Thing is, people are starting to wake up. Bernie Sanders was winning, but HRC wanted the nomination. She actually paid $25m to get Bernie off the ticket. Bernie walked away with a free $400,000 home and told to support her or else she would kill his family. Every move she made from Whitewater, to killing Vince Foster, to importing drugs, money laudering, supporting terrorists, to not handing over $9billion to the hellhole that still is Haiti. She did it all except play fair. Her pals at Google helped rig the election but not by enough votes to win. 20% of the votes she got were fake. If she had won she was going to go to war with Iran. Bullet dodged. Please wake up, smell the coffee and understand there are bad people out there and sometimes they are very hard to spot.

          • Lolly

            If you ARE a grown woman, you could do with a bit more of it. Also, consider reading a few more books. Your vocabulary might improve a bit. Seems like your most oft used word is some version of F*CK.

          • Greg Phelps

            and brain washed

          • intelligentpizza

            Zoie in 10 years time you will be voting for the most right wing party in America, that is how young women change when they get married and have kids but allow me to give you a lesson in demographics. By 2050 the Muslim countries especially in Africa, are reproducing so fast, twelve children per mother ON AVERAGE, that it is estimated that 1 billion Muslim men in their 20s will be actively trying to emigrate and move to Europe and America. What we are seeing now in Europe (owing to Hillary and Obama shaking the Muslim nations and promoting this mass exodus) is NOTHING. By 2050 the request by Trump to build a wall will be seen as a JOKE. People will be asking for machine gun posts every 100 metres and trained police dogs sniffing all trucks and lorries and trains and aeroplanes landing in our countries with immediate deportation to anyone caught. Trump is our saviour and don’t you forget it.

          • laurelladesborough

            IF the human population in these third world countries increases as you say, there will undoubtedly be a serious plague that will wipe them out by the millions, and probably wipe out some of us in the US too. As for a wall, get real. People arrive in the US by boat, by plane, by tunnel, etc. so a wall won’t work. It WILL provide a lot of our tax dollars going into the bank accounts of large corporations who are involved in building a wall…and that is THE REAL PURPOSE of the wall. $$$$$ for shareholders in large corporations. You need to remember: FOLLOW THE MONEY…because that is how things work.

          • intelligentpizza
          • intelligentpizza

            Ignorant Democrat. What do you call these hordes of young Arabs and African men pouring into Europe? Fool.

          • laurelladesborough

            NONintelligentpizza or dumbItalianpie. I was being polite in my answer. Actually, I have been extremely aware of the OVER population of humans since 1950. So, if you will, I am ahead of the curve on being aware of the problems caused by expansion of human population: wars over territory, spread of diseases, horrific plagues, starvation of millions, destruction of tillable land, extinction of wildlife, and all the rest of the consequences. As for the hordes pouring into Europe, they would not be pouring there IF the US had not created a devastating war in Iraq, disturbed the basic controlled population in the Mideast, etc. So, that population disturbance can be laid right at the door of BUSH and the GOP and the OIL mongers..

          • intelligentpizza

            You are ABSOLUTELY wrong. There were two theories of war: the sexual theory: “men fighting for access to women” then the “Marxist theory” the one you advocate that people invade for resources. However, Gunnar studied the problem emipirically throughout history and that resulted in the Youth Bulge Theory, the theory that it is the high number of men per father that result in wars, terrorism, mass migration. Why do you think the Europeans invaded the world? were they inherently “evil”. NO. In four centuries they quadrupled the population. The Spanish conquered Latin American with the “segundones” (second third and fourth and fifth and sixth sons). WW1 started nobody knows why but Gunnar showed it was because of the high fertility. Now look at the world in the past five decades. The Muslim nations did like the Europeans before them, they quadrupled the population but did so in FOUR DECADES!!! They are now the problem. Think about what you are saying! that we Caucasians and our governments are morally deficient! How arrogant you are and how delusional. You are living your own neurosis your own hatred and conflict with authority rationalizing it. I will not convince you because you are neurotic. Since 1930 the number of sons per father has subsided dramatically in Europe. We have no conflicts. Consider also how 30 trillion USD or more went from the American and European motorist to these Arab countries since the Arabs jacked up the price of oil during the Nixon administration! What happened to all that money? Are these arab countries civilized peaceful places like Norway. NOT ALL ALL. The Muslim religion treats women as baby machines. If such women had waited until their mid 20s to have children then they would have 2 instead of 12. This has NOTHING TO DO WITH MORALITY and all to do with demography.

          • laurelladesborough

            NONintelligentpizza. You are trying to use arguments with which I have no disagreement. Overpopulation has consequences. BUT, the game was held in balance by the Iraqi leader, until we removed him to get his oil. As for accusing me of hatred, neurosis, etc. that is your fantasy. I am not holding court for the muslim nations. I am talking about the US because WE have no control over other countries. We do have control here. As for moral deficiency, I don’t think I ever mentioned anything about that at all. IMO the majority of citizens in the USA are decent hard working serious citizens. The moral deficiency is often in those who end up in leadership positions, whether in the church, the school, the corporation, or the federal government. That should be clear to anyone. Power can destroy a person’s perspective and ethics. and it sure would help if the US would provide other countries with birth control. But that has been denied under this GOP government.

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            You apparently know nothing about me, because I’m in my 50’s and don’t plan on ever getting married. I will never vote for anyone but a Democrat, because Democrats are the only ones who actually care about all humans. Trump is not our saviour. God had nothing to do with that piece of shit. He is the Devil incarnate.

          • Gary Rogers
          • Rick

            Don’t look now Zoie but Donald J. Trump is YOUR President!! Not the witch.

          • Linj1

            try as they may you can’t wipe a HD

          • Teddy Wright

            Follow the money……you can do that surely???………well maybe not you seem to be really dumb or good at acting like you are.

          • USARES

            That would only end at the big white house now

          • Teddy Wright

            The Liberal Mind……… the major political madness of our time: The radical left’s efforts to regulate the people from cradle to grave. To rescue us from our troubled lives, the liberal agenda recommends denial of personal responsibility, encourages self-pity and other-pity, fosters government dependency, promotes sexual indulgence, rationalizes violence, excuses financial obligation, justifies theft, ignores rudeness, prescribes complaining and blaming, denigrates marriage and the family, legalizes all abortion, defies religious and social tradition, declares inequality unjust, and rebels against the duties of citizenship. Through multiple entitlements to unearned goods, services and social status, the liberal politician promises to ensure everyone’s material welfare, provide for everyone’s healthcare, protect everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage, educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions. Radical liberalism thus assaults the foundations of civilized freedom. Given its irrational goals, coercive methods and historical failures, and given its perverse effects on character development, there can be no question of the radical agenda’s madness. Only an irrational agenda would advocate a systematic destruction of the foundations on which ordered liberty depends. Only an irrational man would want the state to run his life for him rather than create secure conditions in which he can run his own life. Only an irrational agenda would deliberately undermine the citizen’s growth to competence by having the state adopt him. Only irrational thinking would trade individual liberty for government coercion, sacrificing the pride of self-reliance for welfare dependency. Only a madman would look at a community of free people cooperating by choice and see a society of victims exploited by villains.
            what do you see?
            They have you don’t they???

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            Whatever makes you feel better about yourself. I choose to believe in innocent until proven guilty! Goodby and have a great life.

          • Walter Hewitt
          • Steve Bui

            Shill OWNED.

          • Steve Bui
          • intelligentpizza

            That is what they said about Al Capone: “innocent until proven guilty”. He killed and tortured hundreds of people but in the end could only get him for a minor crime of tax evasion. Wonderful philosophy ZoiePalmer.

          • laurelladesborough

            Teddy Wright. Maybe you need to do such an exact analysis of the right wing mind….and then your can make a comparison for the rest of us…and don’t forget to include the hatred for non-whites, the fear of anything that isn’t traditional, the need to control others, and definitely the desire to exercise the laws so that the wealthy continue to accrue wealth to the detriment of the entire society.

          • Mike Gonzalez

            I see what you did here. You just added more to Teddy’s list of liberal flaws.

          • intelligentpizza

            We are white and so we do not hate white people. You are white and you hate white people.

          • laurelladesborough

            Sorry, you are way off base. I don’t hate any group of people, white, black or even green. But, I do dislike distortions of fact, attempts to create divisions among society, pushing groups to focus on hating each other SO THAT THOSE IN CONTROL don’t have to worry about anyone focusing on them. That is what you need to be thinking about. The issues in the US are not white versus black, they are RICH versus POOR. That is where the reality lies and where the problems will continue to exist. For those who do not see these facts, they will be assisting the wealthy to control the rest of us.

          • intelligentpizza

            You sound like the President of Brazil Lula who said “the Financial crisis was caused by people with blonde hair and blue eyes”. The board of Lehman Brothers were jewish and latino men! Again you speak about RICH and POOR so you are creating a division in society. There are a HUGE number of self-made millionaires in the USA. f you were a bit more technical and educated you could use arguments such as “scale free network” to try to correct the system but if you were more intelligent and STEM educated you would see that Trump is doing everything necessary for the American people and for the working man. But then… you cannot be very clever as you are a Clinton supporter.

          • laurelladesborough

            Just two really really simple points re “Trump is doing everything necessary for the American people and for the working man.” Tell me please, how does reducing the funding for disabled veterans help the American people? Tell me how a Trump university is helping, which defrauded students and was given a FREE PASS on that behavior since he took office, yet those defrauded student STILL have to pay their loans back…loan monies that funded the shareholders of that fraudulent university. Yes…tell me about how that is helping please? Oh, right, it is helping the rich shareholders!!!!

          • intelligentpizza

            The hypocrisy has crystallized into caustic cynicism. News are dead, only editorials are left in the leftist mainstream media!

          • intelligentpizza

            So for example, you consider yourself more enlightened and intelligent and better informed than us. But my friend who finished his Chemical Engineering degree in 82 with a 4.0 GPA (think how hard he worked and how clever he is) voted for Trump. We graduate engineers, the guys with the hard degrees voted for Trump. So please respect the people who are more intelligent and better than you. Give us some respect and moderate your tone.

          • intelligentpizza

            I would rather STARVE in capitalism than live in a high tax socialism where I cannot get a good job and need to sit next to a moaner like you yapping about your dogs working in some imbecile job.

          • SpudRaleigh

            VERY well said!

          • intelligentpizza

            They hate their parents! The rebellion before was milder: they listened to Beatles and grew their hair long. Then they moved to protesting the Vietnam War. Then they moved to animal rights. Then to environmentalism and now to Global Warming. Finally they are moving to KILLING OFF ANY SEMBLANCE of the white race. They want to simply Kill off their parents or force them to live with African Muslims or to live with people who speak Spanish not English. Now they are destroying statues and denouncing George Washington. I would be very happy if Trump became a dictator and incarcerated a number of people and shut down CNN the NYT and the WP.

          • Mike Ferguson

            You must work for Hitllary to say something as vacuous as that!

          • CJ Warner

            Hillary is an accomplished politician who breaks any law that helps herself

          • USARES

            And major tax cut for the wealthy isn’t?

          • rockethtown .

            You are a stupid person..She and her pos husband have been having folks killed for 30 years

          • USARES


          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            You are an idiot. They have not had anyone killed. Just another conspiracy theory from idiot Trump supporters who think he’s god’s gift to this country. Fuck off!

          • Joan Warren Karp

            She continues to swear because she knows WE THE TRUMP SUPPORTERS are right!

          • intelligentpizza

            You are a clueless woman. Why are you not in the Hillary fan page? Because it no longer exists. You are so sad we feel sorry for you Zoie. What do you hope to achieve here with your ridiculous lies and slander. You are in serious need of a therapist my dear.

          • Sandra Leigh Olson Rogers

            Get your head out of your ass!

          • Jason Hanks

            Lets start with the 37 felony counts that James Comie told us about in the press conference. Lets say having a private server that held top secret emails and even higher classifications around 15000. Each and every one is a felony. 18 U.S. Code § 798 – Disclosure of classified information | US Law. These are the laws that she knowingly broke and has to be held accountable for. We have had a witch hunt for 22 months into the Trump admins “Russian connection” and in all this time they only have a former white house official that was fired for lying in trouble for lying to the FBI. The same FBI that has 6 top Hillary aids that lied to them in sworn testimony that has now been released and not a single charge. Flynn lied to the FBI and was not even under oath as the top Clinton aids were. The other huge law broken was US election laws with the DNC and the Clinton campaign rigging against Bernie. So how is it that if anyone of us would have done a single one of the crimes that we know Clinton’s did and that are collaborated with the media. We would all be in a dark hole with no chance of ever being free again. So with that said. PLEASE LOCK HER UP.

          • laurelladesborough

            Hmmmm…. Seems to me that Trump collusion with Russia beats all of the list of Clinton’s “felonies.”

          • Jason Hanks

            what collusion? you are telling me that they have proof of the Trump admin collusion? Then why have we not seen a single charge or even proof of the collusion? Out of the entire 22 months worth of investigation all we have proof of is that the FBI did block all the true facts about the Clinton servers and the pay to play of both the Obama admin and the Clinton state department. The more that the fake Russian dossier is put under view the more and more it was the Clintons and the DNC behind it. Why is this a issue? Because that was what the FBI used to spy on American citizens like Gen, Flynn. That as his being a member of the White house staff and the then President Elect Trump had every legal right to contact the Russians after the Obama admin tried to sabotage the diplomacy between the US and Russia. That is something that no US President has ever done because it is called treason.

          • laurelladesborough

            Intelligent and serious investigators do not tell all they are accumulating until they have completed their task. I imagine they are digging deep into the money laundering that occurred which involved the Russians….

          • IncrediblyUncredibleYou

            Its not 13 months deep. Hillary paid the dnc. The dnc paid fusion gps. They contacted Christopher Steele who paid Oleg Erovinkin to concoct a story so they could all get paid. The fbi offerred to pick up the tab which of course gives Hillary her money back. Or if you’re a donor, she’s getting your money back for anothe hit job.
            We knew all this 4 months in.
            Grab your marshmallows, i think this is a witch that will burn.

          • intelligentpizza

            There is no collusion with Russia. What transpired was that Hillary and the FBI meddled with the election, Hillary promoted violence at Trump events, Hillary paid for fake polls stating that Trump was “third in Utah” and that “Texas is in play” to demoralized the Trump vote. She committed every crime and every dirty trick in the book paying for Fusion GPS and encouraging illegal aliens to vote. What you get now is the thief calling the other thief. This Russia collusion is Hillary calling Trump a thief so she is not found out but Trump will have the last laugh.

          • laurelladesborough

            You might want to remove intelligent from your user name…because you have failed to note that the research reveals that OVER 400 websites were used by Russian hackers to promote anti-Clinton messages, using bots and algorithms. Further research by computer experts reveal that over 80 percent of the fake messages were anti-Clinton messages, promoting fake news, some of which you are reporting as fact. You might want to re read the information about Fusion. And where do you come up with someone encouraging illegal aliens to vote? People cannot vote who are not on the voter rolls. The fact of the matter is that thousands of voters in primarily democratic areas were REMOVED from those voter rolls…and prohibited from voting. Basically, the FBI was investigating Carter Page who worked for Trump because Carter Page was involved with the Russians. Certainly Clinton wasn’t behind that investigation.

          • intelligentpizza

            Hillary campaign funded Fusion GPS to place dirt on Trump, dirty campaigning. FBI was fully aware of it. FBI sought the FISA based on this knowledge and using the Fusion GPS “evidence” without mentioning to the judge that Fusion GPS slander had been paid for by the Clinton campaign. Although FISAs are regularly obtained to track drug dealers and the like, this one was sought on political grounds to spy on Trump. Obama politicized the FBI pure and simple. The so called numerous agencies corroborating Russian interference that dirty campaigner Hillary brought to the debate were all based on some buddies of hers in the agencies which signed a letter on no evidence. But the issue is the following. Trump won the election and Obama is no longer president. I know how that hurts you but I do not know what is your objective here other than to cast aspersions for Donald J Trump is president and liberal fascists like yourself will not change that. Trump will probably get elected for another term because unless someone better emerges to protect the west then he is the only choice. Here in Europe we are complacent about technology, we are getting invaded by Muslim Africa and we are trying to elect a Trump to restore us but the political process is caustic and we cannot get a Trump elected. Your American voters know all this and are grateful they have elected Donald Trump.

          • intelligentpizza

            As I explained to you previously I have a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. Even if what you say about Russian hackers (we do not know much about that) were to be true think of the disservice your party has done to your country. Trump tried to start his term in office getting on with Putin but your spiteful Hillary and the MSM (main stream media) ensured this was not possible, as well as Trump haters such as McCain in the Republican Party. Let me tell you a bit about Russia. Why does the left hate them so much? when just a few decades ago they were saying “Russia is not so bad at all”. You hate them because they are the last Caucasian country that controls tightly its immigration. You obviously hate your parents or there is something screwed up about you fore you look like an Anglo-Saxon or at least you are a Caucasian. Russia is a vast country. Imagine if it became filled with foreigners, culture and tradition and language were lost, then it would fall apart. Let me tell you something. The only race worth saving is now in Russia Ukraine and Belarus. You have people there in large numbers tall, healthy, blonde and striking looking. If one of them were serving you in a restaurant you would say to your husband “why is she serving us?” because you would feel ugly and inferior. There is no racism in the west because all of this liberalism and unchecked immigration means there is no race worth saving. I explain things to you pure and simple and in plain English to see if the reality drops on you. While we are in this liberalism (and it has no doubt great advantages and assets) the countries of the Far East do not waste time with immigrants or refugees. They already sent thousands and thousands of students for our leftist tenured professors to give them the 500 year STEM lead we had in the west. Think of Korean Samsung, LG, Hyundai, KIA and now all of the Chinese effort in robotics and AI. They are dealing with the ageing society not through cheap immigrants as your selfish Clinton leader wanted with open borders, they are dealing with it by having more Artificial Intelligence patents last year that thee USA had that is just China. We need to shut borders, get more cohesive as western society and resist the cancer that is “giving advice” because for the moment our Anglo-Saxon countries are the stable places for rich people to park their money. There will be a point in 10 or 20 years when Asian millionaires will feel confident enough to park their money in China and by then we will be so behind in STEM that we will have nothing.

          • disqus_kf9iFeYEzC

            Please go away ,far away and go away now ,,,,,,,,,,,,while you can ,,,,No liberal can ever ,ever be as dumb as you right now …..You actually giving a bad name to all liberals everywhere …………WOW……….

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            I’m no different than the losers who think Donald Trump isn’t a liar, thief and conman. You believe what you believe and I’ll believe what I believe.

          • Mike Gonzalez

            And I believe you should just GO AWAY!

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            And I don’t give a fuck what you think I should do. Trump is the most corrupt, lying piece of shit to ever sit in the White House!

          • Walter Hewitt
          • Eric Cassel

            thats what the dims say they’re in lockstep together and together they will fall

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            If she’s guilty of any wrongdoing than so is Trump.

          • dj harrington

            “Stuck on Stupid” you need to go to the Sesame Street page

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            “Stuck on Bitch” You need to go suck Trump off.

          • Debsi

            She and Obama are both going to prison. and when this happens.. VERY SOON. You will remember this post.

          • Walter Hewitt
          • Carrol Brooks

            Whatever You Say Chelsea, By the way, figured out who your daddy is yet?

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            You are an idiot. Go the fuck away you stupid Trump ass kissing motherfucker.

          • Nelson Donley


          • intelligentpizza

            She tried to sell the USA and fill it with central and latin americans so it would go from an organized and successful anglo-german economy to a corrupt cespit like Venezuela, Argentina or Brazil. If that is not a crime then what is a bigger crime than that? Look what Obama has done to the world and to the USA. His loyalties were in Kenya with Islam, even his middle name is Hussein. He appointed everyone based on colour of skin. He put a Mexican Sara Saldania in charge of immigration! You snowflakes are CRAZY.

          • M.A. Uphaw

            So, bleach-bit your devices that you sent classified documents on is not illegal? Don’t get me started on Bengagazi

          • Carole Nelson

            Did you read the intelligent reply from Inttelligent Pizza?
            If not…you are a troll or an idiot if you still believe Hillary is innocent

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            I don’t listen to brainwashed Trump supporters like you and that fucking idiot. Trump is the Devil and God will strike him down and send him back to Hell.

          • Gary Rogers

            Oh but Hillary DID break laws ZoiePalmerFan4Life. It’s just that a corrupt FBI director, a corrupt AG and others let her off. Watch the first 90 seconds of this video. Then look up the articles it speaks of. She is GUILTY, but liberal sheep will cry that she was never charged or convicted. True, but only due to the corruption that ran rampant through out the last administration.


          • disqus_YfA7DJTJNI

            My suggestion to all on this thread; DON’T FEED THE TROLLS ! Clearly +ZoiePalmerFan4Life is a paid (let’s hope, this is not voluntary shilling) troll or a really, really low information citizen. Seriously, no rational person can argue, at this point, that Killary has done nothing wrong.

          • USARES

            I certainly think that ALL politicians are corrupted personally, spiritually, politically etc… ALL of them – You will all be singing a different tune this time next year unless of course you clear more than 75k and have 4 children – this is all one sided BS God Help Us oh wait Jesus is coming and everyone will have to answer for themselves

          • Keith Winter

            Isnt it curious, the two billionaires found hanging in their home. Having no enemies, and were not robbed were involved with Bill and Hillary. Just sayin still looking for facts. ( for anyone unfamiliar with this many, many witnesses died mysteriously days before testifying….do your own research. numbers in the 40s)

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            Fuck you. I’m not a stupid Russian troll for Trump Hillary Clinton is not guilty of any wrong doing so all you hatwers can go fuck yourselves. Good fucking bye you pieces of excrement. Go flush yourselves down the toilet where you all belong. #HILLARYCLINTONSHOULDBEPRSIDENT #FUCKTRUMPANDALLOFYOUFUCKINGTRUMPLOVERS

          • Joan Warren Karp

            You need to be flushed down the toilet with KILLARY!!!! YOU STUPID SNOWFLAKE!!!!

          • Lolly

            No one said you were a troll for Trump. We said you were a troll for Hillary. And your statement that Hillary is not guilty of any wrong doing is a STRAIGHT UP LIE. Clearly, you’re a decent human being and have a AWESOME argument for your ‘facts’ since all you’ve done is cuss like a uneducated person and called people names. Your grandma probably isn’t very proud of your choices here today. And, Zoie, since the electoral college didn’t choose Hillary, she definitely shouldn’t be president. The end. Period. Rules are rules.

          • Greg Phelps

            you need help

          • intelligentpizza

            The Clinton foundation pay for play. Huma Abedin and Islamist take over of UK and the USA. The Uranium sale and bribes for Bill. The Haiti scandal with the foundation and payments for Bill. Her excessive fees to speak at banks so that she promised to be in their pockets to grant them anything if she won. She is corrupt to the core! The Bill Clinton conversation with Loretta Lynch. The underhand deal with the Bushes to release the Access Hollywood tapes. The violence at Trump rallies that she promoted and funded especially in Chicago. The Fusion GPS payment to invent lies about Trump with prostitutes in Russia. Obama and Hilllary accelerating citizenship of Latinos by the hundreds in Nevada to get them to vote for her. Obama allowing central Americans and illegal aliens in NYC and LA with a driver’s licence to vote. Look I saw it all. I made a joke in Orlando airport about needing to elect Trump at a bank. All the blonde Caucasian tellers smiled at me but all of the Central Americans working there looked at me in disgust. Hillary is a WASP but was gonna sell the USA down the tubes and turn it into corrupt Argentina or Brazil!!! Thank God for Trump. Even as far back as 1988 there was a town in the north eastern USA Brazilians called “little Rio” where they went to gain false green cards. That was in 1988. There are hordes of “citizens” who would never vote for Trump for fear of being found out. Why on Earth does half of the USA speak Spanish and looks Mexican or Asian or Chinese when citizenship after 9/11 was almost impossible to obtain????????? And also consider that Obama came to support Hillary in the dying days. She blackmailed him because as we see now there was a type of Watergate going on orchestrated by the Obama friendly FBI and Hillary to spy on Trump. She should be in jail and so should Obama be.

          • sickandtired

            You should have your mouth washed out with liquid soap.
            Looks like you need a lesson in vocabulary.

          • Rick

            Zoie, did you learn that vocabulary in school or from your mama? You need help little girl, you need help real bad!!

          • disqus_YfA7DJTJNI

            Surely even a TDS suffer such as yourself can realize or recognize the obvious projection here; I’m the hater? Look at your ‘input’ to this discussion: all ad-hominid attack full of hate and emotion. I’m just pointing out facts; along with most others on this thread.

            Again, I hope you do this for free; otherwise, Soros is getting ripped off — you are the least informed troll ever. At least have some respect for the quality of the work you do, right? Read something on the topic — there is sooooo much evidence that Killary is guilty of sooo many crimes, I look forward to the perp walks to come 🙂

          • Brenda Colpetzer

            Wow Zoie, You need help. You apparently don’t have the ability to comprehend what you are reading. Or you are so far in denial you can’t see the truth. You come off uniformed and discredit yourself with your rants. You also twist what others said to promote what you want to believe. Bottom line is Hillary has crimes she needs to answer for. Just like every other America. Being the great Hillary Clinton does not make her above the law.

          • bub132phs


          • David Langley

            A little touchy, huh? Denial isn’t a river in Egypt, you know.

          • william


          • Diana

            LOL, OMFG. Really? If you have to ask that question in 2017 there’s no point in even trying to explain, but the point is Freeman is a Limousine LIberal who definitely supported Hillary last year. I don’t believe this story.

          • Dan E Parker

            Do u live under a rock???

          • John Batts

            Here’s a start:




            Then, of course, you might want to investigate mishandling of Haiti recovery funds by the Clinton Foundation, pay-for-play influence peddling, Uranium One, Takeover of the DNC and rigging of the Democratic primaries. . . . or you could just continue sucking down that Kool-Aid and keeping your head planted firmly up your a$$.

          • Walter Hewitt

            It would be far easier to list the things that Hillary Clinton has done which were NOT against one or more laws.


          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            Keep on believing the lies perpetrated by your precious fat pig Trump!

          • ozzy mo

            Are you fucJIng kidding me?

          • John Crippen

            Not enough room to list everything.
            Go back to sleep.

          • Fit4lifech

            You’re kidding, right?????

          • sanirab

            Are you in some sort of coma? Wake up!!!

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life


          • Greg Rump

            She used the office of Secretary of State to make her self filthy rich, influence peppling, abuse of office. Treason. That’s for starters

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life


          • Electronic Warfare

            Are you insane? Her entire existence is against the law. What hasn’t she done? Have you Not listened to Trump once since the primaries?

          • tommygun722

            Everything Hillary Clinton has done since the 90’s is criminal. Lying over and over and over again is the easiest and most easily proven crime. Violating the public trust, abuse of power. The murder of Vince Foster. Benghazi, The Clinton Foundation. I’m surprised that anyone could know who Hillary Clinton is and not know what a criminal she is. She used a private email server while secretary of state. You can’t do a Freedom of Information Act request on a private server and you don’t have to keep anything – nothing is recorded. These aren’t accidents. She was first lady of Arkansas, she was first lady of the United States, She was a New York United States Senator, she became the Secretary of State, SHE DIDN’T ACCIDENTALLY have a private email server. She didn’t accidentally smash all of the devices. She is a criminal, a very experienced criminal. She was removed from the Richard Nixon watergate fiasco because she was crooked. The Rose Law firm. Mena International Airport (running cocaine). Bill Clinton is her husband. If that isn’t enough for people to understand what this woman is, I doubt anything will be enough. You could show some people pictures of Hillary eating babies and they wouldn’t dare speak a bad word about her. People are programmed, conditioned, brain washed, successfully propagandized. Some are more susceptible than others. It is the elephant and donkey show. Everyone is mesmerized.

          • An American Patriot

            Where have you been over the last year and a half? She had an unsecure server with classified documents on it.

          • Jeff Claflin

            One thing is she used her state department position to influence the sale of 1/5 of our uranium (huge part of all nuclear production) to a foreign government. Another one us, she used her position to defraud the earthquake survivors of over $1 billion, for her own gain.
            There’s more…

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            The uranium deal was signed by 9 people and was legal and none of it left the United States.

          • Jason Hanks

            Lets start with the 37 felony counts that James Comie told us about in the press conference. Lets say having a private server that held top secret emails and even higher classifications around 15000. Each and every one is a felony. 18 U.S. Code § 798 – Disclosure of classified information | US Law. These are the laws that she knowingly broke and has to be held accountable for. We have had a witch hunt for 22 months into the Trump admins “Russian connection” and in all this time they only have a former white house official that was fired for lying in trouble for lying to the FBI. The same FBI that has 6 top Hillary aids that lied to them in sworn testimony that has now been released and not a single charge. Flynn lied to the FBI and was not even under oath as the top Clinton aids were. The other huge law broken was US election laws with the DNC and the Clinton campaign rigging against Bernie. So how is it that if anyone of us would have done a single one of the crimes that we know Clinton’s did and that are collaborated with the media. We would all be in a dark hole with no chance of ever being free again. So with that said. LOCK HER UP.

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life


          • kb3chb


          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life


          • Tom Mitchell

            Are you actually asking this question? Have you been under a rock for 25 years!!!! ROTFLMAO!

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life


          • Dave Fischer

            She made people sick, just looking at her, listening to her bullshit, she hates law enforcement, the military, and all she wanted was to be Queen of the world….where did all the money come from for her bullshit phony foundation? And where did the money go? She’s probably home re-counting the money over and over……she should be checked out because of her wheeling & dealing….

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            Whatever. She’s no more guilty than the fat ass orange buffoon Trump.

          • Stewart Blume

            Where do you want to start? Try obstruction of justice (destroying e-mails, blackberries and computers), having classified e-mails on her personal server, using bribery when she was SOS to fill her foundation. using DNC funds to finance the dossier. I could list more but I’m old and too tired to keep going.

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            Some of the members of the Trump administration are guilty of the same things you say she is. The dossier was started by Republicans.

          • dj harrington

            Bwahahahahhhahahahha…. what world do you live in.

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            I live in the same world as every one else. Trump is the guilty one.

          • shapiromf

            Seriously? Have you been under a rock?

          • Steve Gribble

            That was funny! ROTFLMAO

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            You’re a jerk!

          • Mia Vanchure

            Were you in a coma the past 10 years ?

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            Nope…..been wide awake. Choose not to listen to the lies being told about her.

          • jim

            Where have you been for the past 16 years?

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            Right here in the US! Nothing as been proven.

          • Walter Hewitt
          • Keith Winter

            Thats exactly the problem! People that dont have any interest in politics but simply go along with the crowd are easily influenced by the lies and corruption spoon fed to them daily by the media, politicians, and all the people they associate with as they keep regurgitating the same sound bites to remain in good standing of the group. This is often referred to as “herd mentality”. I urge everyone to step out of the herd. Learn the issues and investigate, separating opinion from fact. Question sources and use clear judgment unswayed by “group think”. Consider that someone is lying to you or is passing on rumor, if their lips are moving. Just because someone smiles at you, doesn’t mean there you friend. When you then step back into the herd armed with facts and speaking assured of your source you can teach someone and maybe make a difference. I assure you people will respect that. As your first project research (Google) Giordano Bruno. Be well, Be informed.

          • Linj1

            she hasn’t done anything,these people need to find the Facts

          • Sweet Spot
          • Ariana

            ZoiePalmer you are kidding, right?

          • Dennis Folse

            Zone, we’re is your hiding g place? Probably in from of the TV where you will never learn anything that the owners don’t want you to know!

          • Lolly

            Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha!!! What did she do? You are NOT paying attention.

          • Rogerlee Griggs


          • James Keegan

            The law is only as good as those who enforce it. When those who are responsible to initiate a criminal investigation are already in your pocket the law is meaningless.

          • sickandtired

            You are joking….R I G H T ? ZOIE

          • Michael Scott Scheibner

            You been in a bubble for christ’s sake? Oh I get it… you were being sarcastic! LOL

          • Garry Butler

            go back to sleep Zoie ..

          • Penny Wise

            She hired Fusion GPS to provide false evidence to the FBI, that was then used in a FISA warrant application to spy on her opponent. She colluded with the Russians to prove that Trump’s poeple were colluding with the Russians.

            She also shared classified emails with her staff and stored them on non-government computers.

            She also destroyed evidence in a federal investigation by bleach bitting servers, smashing cell phones and lap stops.

            She rigged the Democrat primary with CNN.

            She and her husband took exorbitant speaking fees that she performed favors for.

            She made millions off of book deals that were nothing more than laundering PAC money into her private accounts.

            She and her husband, daughter and son-in -law are the most corrupt pols in the history of American POLITICS.

            She is the only reason I and many like me could vote for a dick like Donald Trump.

          • DogMaster
          • ken koeder

            you gotta be kidding or blind or just stupid.. rigging and election money laundering pay for play with state assets. ( selling uranium to the Russians, lying to congress. take your pick.she’s done them all

          • Tom Wiegand

            ????????????? Really!

          • Marie Clark

            For those who want to know what HRC has done against the law, I refer you to Charles Ortel’s Sunday with Charles YouTube show on Crowdsource The Truth. There you will find extensive public documentation with explanation of the illegal activities of The Clinton Foundation. And that’s just for starters.

          • Nighteagle23

            ZoiePalmerFan4Life: Really? What rock have you been living under? There are so many But lets stay on this topic. rigging the election so she would be nominated as the candidate for the Democratic party, or if you rather rigging it so the FBI does not press charges when it was clearly not their place to decide if charges should be filed but the facts should have been turned over to the AG or to Congress but no if you destroyed evidence like she did you would be in prison for a long long time. Just too too much for me to list. But it is coming home to roost.

          • aversa

            What hasn’t she done?

          • bub132phs

            should we just start with one little one of obstruction of justice… just like her husband before her!

          • Marnee

            That’s a joke, right? You are kidding aren’t you?

        • USARES

          Doubt it any god-fearing individual would not fall for this crap

        • Linj1

          you need help if you believe that Donald Trump is anything but a Liar

      • Jeanne Barr

        I agree Gerald. It is highly unlikely that HE would have said these things. Clint Eastwood, you betcha.

      • Slick_610

        Define “reputable news source.” Do you mean mainstream media? CNN,CBS,NBC,ABC,MSNBC,Huffington Post, Washington Post, New York Times? Please. Those are all arms of leftist ‘yellow journalistic’ propaganda whom only report items detrimental to Trump and the conservative image.

      • Joan Tiller Justice

        I feel this is Fake about Morgan Freeman….he said things against Republicans????

      • dj harrington

        check out sites you agree with then. That is what most liberals do

      • jim

        Stay in your fantasy world.

      • Rob Donison

        Most news outlets would not promote an article that is negative towards the left, unfortunately, especially if it were true.

      • intelligentpizza

        Perhpas Morgan Freeman will see this news article and see the light. Then he will get up and say these things for real! lol Why not? Fake news may make Real or Good news happen.

      • Debbie Gravois

        I don’t believe it’s out of his character at all. He may be a registered Democrat but he certainly has strong conservative tendencies and he passes on a lot of the traditional liberal bologna. Hillary pushes the race baiting agenda like a pro and he loathes it because it’s pure victim hood politics.

      • Leslie

        I agree with you Mr. Raikes 100%.
        I do not think this is a reputatable news source. Sec. Clinton has been investigated for all claims & they never came up with anything to charge her with.

      • John

        The left would never report this story if it’s true cause it obviously doesn’t fit their narrative

    • beth glover

      This is a fake site. Morgan Freeman never said this. He’s a Democrat as well.

    • Matt_Frisco

      Is this real? Yes, I am asking the same question. Freeman supported Hillary during the election and I think I remember seeing a campaign commercial with him. What’s going on?

    • VoteOutIncumbents

      I’d be amazed. Freeman has always been an orthodox lefty. And the orthodox left is out to get Trump.

      • Wes Teville

        Donald Trump gave money to killery campaign. BUT people do learn, if they don’t try real hard not to.

    • Tyggs
    • Diana

      I distinctly remember last year he was one of the major advocates for Hillary so I’m going to have to see the actual interview and a better proof source.

    • USARES

      NO FAKE

  • Bill Clay

    Even if it isn’t real, its the truth!

  • vq5speed

    They whole Russia story with Trump was a total made up story and the left media pushed it.. Where’s the audio of this interview. As correct as it reads not believing it till I hear it come from his mouth.

  • EuanGMason

    He’d have to also jail several of Trump’s family members who have used private servers for government business.

    • cindereller

      Yeah because Hillary did it long time and that’s why she sits in a jail cell, right?


    Morgan freeman and his twin earings…..loll hes a fucking idiot… hes in on the whole new world order scenario….. gotta get me some of them stupid fucking earings…. lol NOT

  • JSpicoli

    Just act, you stupid puppet.

  • Ted T

    They have drugs that can help you now.

  • Ted T

    All deplorables should be indicted for crimes against intelligence.

    • States Watchman

      Come into the wilderness with me sally. Lets see how far your “intelligence” gets you.

      • Ted T

        You forgot to say YEEEEEHAAAAA!!

    • Denna Freed

      If ignorance is bliss then I’m sure you live your life in a state of ecstasy.
      Just wanna put that out there…

  • Forfreespeech

    Wait! I thought MF was an anti Trump actor or am I imaging?

  • DukeCanuck

    F F F F Fake News.

  • casargent

    sound like bullshit to me….

  • Daniel Overton

    So NOW he wants to be on the train. O.K., welcome aboard.

  • NJohnson90

    There’s no way MF said this.

  • Hello Larry

    I don’t believe this for a second. No way did a Hollywood actor especially this guy who I believe was a big Obama supporter would say this. No way. It would be nice if it was true but I am saying no way.

    • Meriola Gotthardt

      watch the video above. you’d be amazed.

    • Wes Teville

      When people are SHOWN to be criminals many turn against them who were for them in the past. People DO learn.

  • AtwoodMarie

    Mr. Freeman is exactly correct, the sooner the better. I’ve already said this but I have a feeling it needs to be said and said again. About the doubts I am reading that this is or is not Freeman’s voice and his comments I have one very important comment “we are not meant to have brains that are set in concrete. When you learn the truth, you change your mind” about whatever you have rediscovered, as Mr. Freeman has courageously done, and he has gone a step further by sharing this change of mind with others. We are in danger of losing our country if we continue to haggle over party loyalty instead of country loyalty. Don’t wait until it is too late.

  • Ron Hussey

    He’s right. someone in government needs to be prosecuted for and crimes they may have committed, and Hillary would be a good start. Americans do agree with Trump, because they absolutely know their government was and is corrupted and the corrupted are protecting their own. Trump didn’t commit a crime, the liberal media tells their sheep daily he did, with absolutely no evidence or proof, and fools believe them. Hillary, Bill, Obama, and Lynch committed many, we have evidence, yet nothing, not a peep from liberal media, nothing from the DOJ yet, and all we ever got was a statement from a corrupted FBI director that gave us his opinion, when it wasn’t up to him to decide.

    • VirGinYa

      Hillary isn’t in government, despite Fox News acting like she’s POTUS.

      • Alex Peterson

        Really! HRC wasn’t indicted today!!

    • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

      Hillary Clinton hasn’t broken any laws!

      • Debra Blank

        Wow, you are delusional, aren’t you???

        • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

          She has been investigated and has never been charged with a crime or been convicted.

          • ARcattledog

            Simple reason for that…. ALL were ordered NOT TO CHARGE HER… The meeting between Slick Willie and AJ Lynch was the icing on the cake. If you honestly believe she has not committed crimes, it’s time to check yourself into the Rubber Room Hotel…. Google the video of Trey Gowdy questioning James Comey before a Senate Committee….. count how many times Gowdy admits that Hillary Clinton LIED UNDER OATH when she was questioned before Congress. COUNT THEM. Your room is ready….

          • ZoiePalmerFan4Life

            She is innocent of any wrongdoing. Goodbye

  • roberto di camerino

    The Onion?

  • Tramp

    While I completely agree with this where’s the proof Freeman said this?

  • Mel Burnett

    I believe him with or without video. He is straight shooter or talker. He says what he means and means what he says. And I’m with him 100%. Whether or not it’s true that he said it, I still take a stand to put her in jail. If you or I did anything that she did, we’d be UNDER THE JAIL. All she wanted was the power to do anything she wanted and also to make money for herself. And I can tell when she’s lying because I see her lips move and a sound in words comes out of her lying mouth.

  • Bob Lee

    He may be a democrat, he may have campaigned for HRC.
    But the man just may be a man of high principles.
    Therefore he gets my benefit of the doubt.

  • Steve S

    I thought that Freeman was a Hillary supporter…wow!

  • john t ennis

    To bad it was a great story.

  • executive_vp

    LOL @ the #fakenews – your first clue was that the author of this trash is a Russian, of course!

  • Benghazi_Lies_Matter

    Just sent this e-mail to the article’s ‘author’:
    Will share if I get an answer…

    “Hello Baxter,

    Interesting article on Morgan Freeman… Great quotes, if they’re real!

    Any chance you can share some reliable sources so I can believe it?



  • Alex Peterson

    Thus is not a real interview. Mrs Clinton has never been charged let alone indicted for anything. Despite the effort of the FBI, CIA, KGB and GOP.

    • Don Meaker

      The efforts of the FBI were to clear her, not to indict her. To indict her would have taken the Dept of Justice under Obama or Clinton.

  • David Kachel

    This would be such a huge turn-around from Freeman’s usual communist preferences, it is difficult to believe, at best!

  • Al

    ‘Jailing Hillary’ …. would only be a start.

  • Ruben Gutierrez

    The content of this article is highly doubtful.

  • Juliko A Rey


  • Winston Sanders

    I don’t know… this whole thing seems a little far fetched from my standpoint. Freeman couldn’t be any more partisan toward the Progressive Democrat side of the ideological spectrum, and does not come across as someone who would maintain such an objective perspective concerning criticizing fellow Democrats and aligning with Republicans, regardless to what extent the circumstances would merit it. I’m not saying miracles can’t happen, but there has to be some additional proof concerning these supposed statements.

    • Don Meaker

      He, to his credit, has made statements about how repeated accusations of racism by Democrats are not helpful.

  • Debra

    He is speaking what most of Amer is thinking. Hillary must go to prison. It doesnt matter what party anyone is with . Corruption is corruption. Morgan is 100% correct. If Gov messes this up its going to get real nasty out here.

  • Bob

    He is exactly correct !! Brave statement in this day and age. Don’t always agree with this man but always respect his tgake on things and his boldness to try and always do the right thing. Good for him.

  • ZZTX

    I would love for this story to be true, but with no corroborating link, it is very suspect. If not true, the author of this piece should be severely flogged in the public square.

  • Niall

    Fake news. YNW is CIA disinfo.

  • Sir Gregory Tufton Balls

    For what it’s worth – the VERY FIRST interview Colin Kaepernick gave after the first time he took a knee was to say that Hillary Clinton should be in jail.
    We already knew/know he despises Trump. But in his long interview he didn’t spare Clinton either

    His advocates today never seem to remember that part. The Morgan Freeman thing though, dare I say it sounds like fake news? I can’t imagine Freeman being that explicit towards Clinton.

  • Bill S

    Hey. You fooled Stephen Green over at Instapundit with this. Probably got a nice little traffic boost.

  • gregglory

    I think this is #fakenews–by a Russian, perhaps!

  • scottwsomerville

    Got a bridge for sale… anybody interested?

  • Meremortal

    Is this real? I doubt it.

    Even if it’s real, Morgan is meaningless and powerless. He’s not a player.

    ‘I’ve called on Congress and our intelligence community to use every resource available to conduct a thorough investigation to determine exactly how this happened.”

    There’s your whole problem right there anyway. Congress and our intelligence community aren’t interested in the truth.

    • I See Dead Trolls

      What, “Lock that bitch up!” doesn’t sound like something a longtime Clinton supporter would say? This stuff is fourth-rate propaganda. It’s almost satire, except a lot of rubes believe it.

  • I See Dead Trolls

    That sound you hear is partisan Republicans being sucked into another ludicrous propaganda farce. They believe what they want to believe. Their all-consuming hatred of Hillary and Obama has rotted their brains. Their only philosophy at this point is confirmation bias merged with an incredibly childish gullibility.

    • Denna Freed

      Ummmm….really? Cause what I see here is a LOT of Republicans stating that they do NOT believe the “ludicrous propaganda farce.”
      The liberal sheeple, on the other hand, continue to believe that Trump colluded with Russia and Clinton is a martyr and a saint – despite evidence to the contrary in BOTH cases!

  • I See Dead Trolls

    A sucker is born every minute, or in this case, several suckers:

  • Don Meaker

    This is the kind of think Morgan Freeman would say if he were honest.

  • fred russo

    FAKE NEWS this black raciest would never say this NEVER!!!!!!

  • zo opy

    Excellent lulz

  • J.W. Browning

    He didn’t say that and you know it. Like most everything you publish it’s not real.

  • Alan Sindler

    Good ol’ fashioned BS — probably put out there by the Russian/Trump people

  • kenncap2015

    I think Morgan Freeman is on to something…

  • PauletteW

    A breath of fresh air.

  • Ed Hayden

    It is quite possible Morgan would say this as he does have mind supporting equal justice, however he should not have just left it with Hillary, their many more in Washington who need to be rounded up and sent along with her. Our Government needs a through cleansing, the framers of the constitution made that quite possible in and by the people to re-elect new leadership at every election cycle, however they do not do so always believing their political narratives and never getting results in that of their politician listening to them and doing what they the people request of them….

  • James White

    I would have to see the video to believe he would say this.

    I did like him, I wish it were true but doubt it.

  • Aurelia Hoogerzeil

    This site is ran by a LIBERAL fanatic who makes news stories up. Look him up on the Internet and you will see who he is and what he REALLY represents. He is another lying sack of chit. So is the writer of this article, Baxter Dmitry.

  • Newfirelock
  • Deborah
  • DavidMartinByrne I would say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this quote is fake, All it takes is a little research to prove it but if such a quote confirms one’s twisted belief system then it wont make a blind bit of difference that it is complete crap.

  • 100marymich

    Wait … What? Morgan Freeman called people racists for not supporting Obama’s UN-Constitutional behavior and shenanigans.
    But, now he agrees with those who do not and never did support Hillary and her criminal and UN-Constitutional behavior.

  • Kevin Shire

    Hillary should have been in prison 10 scandals ago. Bush and Obama Justice Dept. always gave her a pass. Bill and Hillary were friends with the Bushs. Daddy Bush called Bill his adopted son and they were in on the guns for drugs scheme when Bill was Governor of Arkansas . The movie ” American Made”

  • georgesteele

    Whether or not this is fake news, the writer has given voice to what tens of millions of Americans – particularly in the black community, if the unrest over unequal treatment at the hands of justice is to be believed – feel and resent. There is NO question that Hillary Clinton violated the law. None. Her treatment of classified data alone, as spelled out clearly by the execrable toady James Comey, is categorically felonious, and should have her in jail, particularly as a cabinet member – a person in a position of leadership, who should stand as an example, rather than as a caricature – flouting the rules that would get a lower level government worker in front of a judge in a heartbeat. The general lawlessness in Washington is undermining faith and belief in rule of law and equal justice, right from the Justice Department itself on down. I will leave aside whether the looting of the treasury and future of the American taxpaying citizen to the tune of 10 trillion dollars over the 8 years of Obama qualifies as larceny or treason – but as for Clinton and her corrupt fellow travelers, including her extortionate and proven liar and serial rapist husband Bill, they are long overdue for an orange jumpsuit.

    • David Zullo

      Sensitive compartmented information (SCI) is a type of United States classified information concerning or derived from sensitive intelligence sources, methods, or analytical processes. All SCI must be handled within formal access control systems established by the Director of National Intelligence. HRC’s use of an off-site, unencrypted server to disseminate this material would certainly qualify. Having worked in the Pentagon as Marine JCS Liaison, I’m thoroughly familiar with the subject, and have seen military careers obliterated (under the UCMJ) for far less, and civilian personnel were sanctioned under the administrative processes. At an absolute minimum, her security clearances would be immediately revoked pending an in-depth investigation. The extent of data discovered by the FBI, and the ensuing shenanigans, i.e. Bleach-byte, shredded federal documents, hammer-smashed blackberrys and laptops, lying to Federal agents….. Clearly, HRC is definitely above the law.

  • Barrington H. Brennen

    It has to fake new. For example. If Hilliary Clinton should be in jail, them the one that we have more dirt on and has broken more law, The President, should be in jail.

    • georgesteele

      I’d have to agree – Obama WAS worse than Clinton. We’ll need to put her and her cronies in jail first, and get them to turn state’s evidence on him to get him in an orange jumpsuit, though.

  • Barbara McGrew

    I believe this is fake news.

  • yankeebean2000 .

    What??? Morgan Freeman said this? Hard to believe. He was her staunch supporter. Anyone have more info that this is real?

  • ‘Denny Wright

    Frankly it don’t matter to me if he said it or not, I feel celebrities should keep their political opinions to themselves. If this turns out to be fake news then shame on them. Putting up fake stories is bs whether the right or the left is doing it. As far as Hillary if she broke the law she should go to jail like anyone else would. Nobody should be above the law.

  • Dawn Albright


  • barney9460

    If you can believe snopes, they say it’s false.

  • lois merskin

    if this is true, it doesn’t change my thoughts that we really don’t need court jesters to comment on the politics of our country. [ btw, do you think that morgan would also like to see eric holder in jail ? ]

  • db

    I think this is fake. He narrated her video at the dem convention I believe. Maybe he has been red pilled and saved his soul. If he didn’t say it his sub conscious mind knows it’s true.

  • Dan E Parker
  • Walter Hewitt

    The best way to restore public faith in government institutions is to “send Hillary to prison“, according to Hollywood icon Morgan Freeman, who warns that unless the former First Lady’s crimes are seen to be punished, “everyday Americans will forever know, deep down, that there is one law for those with money and power, and another for the rest of us.”

    I appreciate and deeply respect Morgan Freeman… but he knows as well as the rest of us that – since pretty soon right after our Republic was born – there was and always HAS been one law for those with money and power, and another law for the rest of us.
    Hillary didn’t invent that, although she is the current and most predatory example of that axiom of truth.
    So… YES — “send Hillary to prison“ … by all means. Just don’t stop there — because the DC swamp is overflowing with corrupt criminals, pedophiles, murderers, extortionists, rapists, etc. — and many of them are elected or appointed office holders.
    It simply will not do for Hillary Clinton to go to prison alone… DRAIN THE SWAMP…

  • Anastasia Beavenhouser

    Did you not just narrate a Russian propaganda video for her?

  • Scott Forste

    pretty sure everything she did up to the emails alone she get her some jail time thats just the email mess she involved in thats just a start

  • Jody De Marco

    He Supports Hillary, and Obama…CLAIM
    Actor Morgan Freeman said that jailing former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is the best way to restore public faith in the United States government.

  • Me

    You all have the answers for both sides and k ow everything yet your going back to your 35k salary job after thanksgiving. Stop thinking you know it all!!

  • LindaRobin

    I don’t believe that Morgan Freeman ever said any such thing about Mrs. Clinton. I think this is a fake story. Of course, there will be right wing, gullible fools who will believe it.

  • Robert Owen

    Well you can take the long standing truth that’s in your face everyday since time in memorial is this planet has been run by a demonic power that runs the global financial system that rewards genocidal psychopaths



  • Ward Damon Hubbard

    I can’t think of a better place to start then a former FLOTUS, SOTUS, Senator, College President, and disbarred Attorney. Under Federal criminal indictment, on National Security, and fraud charges.
    And I might add, this scenario fits extremely well, woven into the fabric of our great nation. And let that message resonate like ripples in a still pond. As to the resolve of ‘The Will of the People’.

  • drummer4454

    The Clintons are the Epitome of what is wrong and corrupt in Washington. Geez, what’s it going to take for people to realize this?

  • ChuSez


  • Ronald E Margeson

    Very good and true

  • dee4u2nv

    Just so everyone knows, this story is fake. Morgan Freeman said no such thing. Here’s an article about it.

    • USARES

      I don’t even watch the news read articles anymore, its all a farce from EVERY side. I believe at this moment that ONLY God knows the truth of it all – None of us do. I can say that all the nonsense and bashing people – well tired of it. Not a soul in these forums know the truth either. All Americans were duped by every side. – the hatefulness is out of control so I guess something/someone is winning in all this and its not Americans

      • dee4u2nv

        I agree. There is so much craziness going on, it’s mentally exhausting.

  • Kay Crawford

    I just have to say, democrats chose hillary to represent them, she was their choice. I am asking, she was the best they had to offer? Well she did represent you,,she told us all about the democrat party, which we were pretty sure we understood after Obama, between the 2 we found out what you really stand for.

  • Stewart Blume

    I really doubt this is true and until I hear him actually say it I won’t believe it. I think it’s fake news.

  • Bubba

    sorry, but Morgan is a democrat, one of the nicer one’s but still a democrat. Pardon my

    Swahili but this is BS. If he actually said this he would have already been crucified in the press as a made up not blak enough person of oreo cookie shade with a cunt hair on his Coke can or mentally deranged

  • Oruc Selcuk

    What in the hell is happening? Only few months ago Freeman was against the President Trump, he even wanted his impeachment! Why sudden change. These Hollywood People, they are so Slick….lol

  • Yes It Is Political

    Total fake news, no verifiable claims in this bogus article. Hell Freeman is a Killary supporter.

  • jim


  • JoeBunting_disqus_VXh7O61CQL

    Fake article. Hillary has not committed any crime to be punished for. Don’t fall for a bunch of lies against her.

  • Walter Hewitt

    And this from a thoughtful and wise man who is also known to be a liberal… if even he is calling for Hillary to be jailed, is there any real scenario in which it does not happen? I don’t believe Trump would ever pardon her, and we know that Obama didn’t (of course he couldn’t, because she was not charged with anything nor convicted of anything when he was POTUS). Justice must be served… and Hillary must be jailed…

  • mike Rizz

    Ok If its true Im with him but all I see is 1 pick, that don’t tell me nothing. I want video I want to hear it come out of his own mouth, Picks don’t mean a whole heck of a lot these days, you can say anything you want with a pick.

  • Mike Rizz

    Ok If its true Im with him but all I see is 1 pick, that don’t tell me nothing. I want video I want to hear it come out of his own mouth, Picks don’t mean a whole heck of a lot these days, you can say anything you want with a pick.

  • CaMaven

    The left may not like the results of an honest and competent investigation of Russian influence, because the trail leads back to them.

  • patriotgrandma

    even if they jail Obama with her …….trust once lost is nearly impossible to regain.

  • Bob Boldt

    Josh Boswell (January 29, 2017). “Mother churns out stories for master of fake news”. Times of London. The man behind one of America’s biggest ‘fake news’ websites is a former BBC worker from London whose mother writes many of his stories. Sean Adl-Tabatabai, 35, runs, the source of scores of dubious news stories, including claims that the Queen had threatened to abdicate if the UK voted against Brexit.

  • 143040

    Presuming this article speaks the truth, Mr. Freeman proves that black lives do matter when they have a message of enforcing the law. Clinton is the consummate liar, hustler, unethical person to come down the pike in my lifetime. She served, with dishonor, on the legal team for the Nixon Impeachment Commission. There she tried to deny a sitting President the right to counsel at the coming Impeachment hearings. Even a low level marijuana user has the right to counsel. Give her a fair trial and sentence her to the maximum. If she is convicted of more than one crime, sentence her to consecutive sentences.

  • Dan Reznik

    this reeks of bullshit

  • kxqmate
  • Roseann

    Here’s how to restore the faith start with the investigation of all those involved in 911 and execute all of them..Bush 1& 2, Cheney, Rumsfeld,Rice, Netanyahu, Blair, Saudi turds etc, next Drug dealers Bill Clinton and all involved Hillary arms dealing Benghazi & human trafficking Obama,Emmanuel (Israeli military) Jared,Rice,Biden…all administrations since Bush Sr was VP!

  • Tresia Eachus Mitchell

    Obama should be next for pushing Islam on us…and still behind the public”s eye deceiving us.

  • 5th Avenue

    Putting her in prison is much better than putting her in jail.

  • John J Mattingly

    WTF? Morgan Freeman got paid by HRC and the DNC to publicly disrespect Trump! Remember that commercial? I say again, WTF???

  • Harry Southgate

    … If he didn’t say it he should have done .. considering the twat he made out of himself on her account with the ‘Russian election meddling’ debacle ..

  • NovelDog

    When, if ever….will the FCC crack down on Fake News, and pornography, over our air waves?

  • Republicans Did 911

    But we hate coloreds, right guys? So we do not believe what he says. We hate freemen

  • Notion
  • Tramp

    Hanging her for treason would do even more