NASA Shuts Down Live Video Feed As Massive UFO Appears

6th January, 2015  — As NASA were broadcasting their live feed showing the International Space Station – what looked like a giant UFO appeared on screen, surprising viewers of the live stream. Very shortly afterwards NASA cut the live feed and removed the video from its archives.

A “UFO Hunter” who was watching the feed managed to capture stills from the feed as the UFO appeared.  What do you make of this? A UFO or something else?

  • anon

    fake video’s about fake u.f.o’s being seen from a nasa live stream, thirdpahse of moon has nothing but fake videos. people shouldn’t give someone who fakes stuff like this the time of day especially when it’s obviousely a fake.

    • Ria Yvonne Rich

      Can you prove it’s fake? Or are you just another one of those close minded people?

      • Emmanuel

        Actually you can and the proof is actually in the close up of the picture on this website. You can see the stars through the space ship, prooving it’s a poor collage where the layer’s transparancy in photoshop or gimp was not set properly.

        • kamran shengli

          thats not actually proof though is it all that says is the object in the picture was somewhat transparent which is as possible as the whole idea of it being a ufo or not i am not convinced either way but neither am i convinced your argument is valid it is no more valid than this being a ufo until anything is proved one way or the other no one can say for sure it is all just conjecture all you show me is that you know about photoshop and gimp well good for you but this is still just a picture of something as yet undetermined as to its origin make up or concept, have a great day ^_^

  • Gaz Cosmic

    Anon wake up!!

    You will when the disclosure of the secret space program is like the rest of the sheep
    Kept in check until there said…

    3 steps of truth.

    1, ridicule

    2, violetly opposed

    3, self evident

  • Vanir

    I think they are doing more harm than good to this very important subject. A crappy video, of a photo, of a cropped photo….

    I like to see new UFO videos, just as long as it isn’t by TURDFACE of moon.

  • Tony Stephenson

    The way the cloud formations look looped and the subsequent look of the low pressure clouds make me think loops are disturbances in the clouds from a recent plane doing looped turn formations. Just my first thought.

  • Private_Eyescream

    All of the International Space Station footage is filmed underwater in the giant test pool at NASA.
    All of it. NASA has no astronauts on the orbiting ISS, it’s just an empty shell. All of their video footage is cheap (by Hollywood standards — not cheap to the taxpayers funding the NASA Scam Criminal Organization) special effects on the standards of 1970’s sitcom weightlessness. If you see a UFO in the NASA video, it just means some joker dropped his pool toy into the tank by accident and it sank to the bottom of the pool in front of the camera.

    • Reaper

      you are an idiot. my uncle was an astronaut and i have spoken with him many times. i know it is true , everytime i ask him about it you can see the excitement in his eyes. he absolutley loved his career at NASA. the USA will soon be on mars, what will you say then?

  • Private_Eyescream

    International Space Station Hoax : Air Bubbles Rise- Space Walks Simulated in A Massive Water Pool

  • Private_Eyescream

    The “Planet Earth” you see in the International Space Station video is a big rotating model over the pool water.
    Note how pitifully low-resolution the video feeds are from the “Space Station” in regards to the Earth, it is a big vague ball with fake clouds projected on it. You see none of the city lights from “space”, you don’t see the stars in NASA’s pool, you don’t see the moon in NASA’s pool. You don’t even see the 8 other planets from “space” in NASA’s pool.
    So what are they doing with the STOLEN MONEY? Pocketing it and spending it on drugs and hookers.

  • Reaper

    I cant wait until the US makes it onto Mars. They already have theMars rover which is an incredible feat. Soon their will be a man on Mars and it will be incredible. NASA is the earths biggest pride

  • Callum

    Is nobody going to point out that NASA use Ustream for the ISS live footage. That still is from a YouTube video