Hundreds Arrested In Nationwide Pizzagate Raids

Hundreds arrested in Pizzagate raids across the country

A massive nationwide sting has seen over 500 individuals connected to child sex offences arrested in the first of many Pizzagate raids. 

Officials from police departments, fire departments and local government are said to be among the hundreds arrested, as the FBI ramp up efforts to arrest everybody connected to a Washington D.C pedophile ring.

The raids involved 23 law enforcement agencies spanning 14 states over the last 3 weeks, and targeted child sex offenders and sex traffickers across America.

The first wave of arrests comes just days after Jeff Sessions signed an executive order giving permission for authorities to begin arresting anybody connected to the Pizzagate scandal in Washington D.C.

Sheriff Thomas J. Dart  from the Illinois Sheriff’s Department, said in a press release:

“Sex trafficking continues to destroy countless lives, and this broad national movement should send a strong message”

“It’s particularly meaningful that this sting culminated on the day of the Super Bowl, which unfortunately has emerged as a prominent haven for sex trafficking.”

In Houston, where the Super Bowl LI was hosted, 183 sex offenders, including two firefighters, a retired police officer, and a Houston city employee were among those arrested.

I’m exceedingly proud to lead the nation in targeting sex buyers and traffickers during this annual initiative,” Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez told a press conference.

“Houston was home to Super Bowl LI. As we welcomed the world to our city, we made it clear that there is no place for victimization and sexual exploitation.”

According to a whistleblower working for the FBI, prominent high ranking politicians in Washington D.C. connected to Pizzagate will also soon be arrested after the agency have finished gathering all the necessary intelligence.

Investigators say they have held files on high-ranking politicians for years. However, they didn’t find a concrete lead until November 2016, when they monitored three suspects after they were allegedly caught using coded language in an internet forum created by the FBI to trap pedophiles.

Do you think this first wave of Pizzagate raids marks the beginning of more high profile arrests to come? Comment below and let us know what you think.

  • Reggin Mudd

    This website is propaganda to excite the Walking Dead…

    • javier

      there is some good chit , and some strange like the humans crossed with aliens. As for any washington scum getting arrested i will believe it when i see it

  • John P

    Don’t mix this with pizzagate. Pizzagate is an elite blackmail system and needs to be investigated.

  • rick lonzy

    United States political and World elite who have enjoyed the molestation of children, then to rid of them when they are done using them for their evil desires, will soon be paying the piper.

  • Ava007

    Kudos to the police force and all involved , the great work they are doing taking down these fkrs . Yes you are right , they will pay one way or another , they are scurrying like rats now . I watched a news clip yesterday while special thanks were given to the officers again whose job was to weed thru all the material and had to watch this heart wrenching stuff , she looked worn out …. I really hope Trump pushes this agenda ..,..

  • Arrow Durfee

    huge bust through Canada this week.

    • Rhonda Ann Godwin

      What huge bust? I’m in Canada. It is swimming with pedophiles. Especially in the Maritimes and nothing is ever published. Please tell me more.

  • ozlanthos

    “Oddly enough not a single one of them makes more than $100,000 a year.”


  • Eudoxia

    I certainly hope so. We’ve all been waiting with baited breath for this to happen. Perhaps it is why all the current anti Trump rhetoric and irrelevant attention seeking protests are galloping full steam ahead – all smoke and mirrors to detract what is really happening in the Pizzagate scandal. When we see some high profile names added to the list of those arrested I’ll be a good deal more relieved. To think these monsters have been abusing, traumatizing, selling and killing kids in ritual killings is simply pure unadulterated EVIL. The death penalty would be fitting and I thought I’d never hear the day I’d say that. While these predators breath they pose a grave threat to all people parents and children a like.

  • moresmokeandmirrors

    What about the celebrities.. and the judges.. and the music industry people.. .. dont see any mention of them… and Hillary the slag.. and all her mates.. and the wanker that owns the island,.. didn’t see any mention of him??… more smoke and mirrors bullshit

  • Paul Tye

    it’s good news but i’m wondering if this whole “pizzagate” was a deliberate trap set to catch pedophiles because of the line about coded language used on a forum set up by the FBI…. there doesn’t seem to be any big breaking news about politicians and celebrities …. it seems a bit odd saying they had files on high ranking politicians for years because with todays modern surveillance it should have been easy to gather evidence on political suspects? will be interesting to see where this story goes

  • fishing4truth

    Ross Kemp Report on Human Trafficking –
    Ross travels to India to investigate the ever-popular sex trade, where girls as young as nine are being trafficked from some of the country’s poorest slums to the richest cities. He meets up with a detective who is trying to combat the problem of prostitution, and speaks with a trafficker who claims to have murdered more than 400 young women.

  • Magik

    I’ll keep this simple . Find every last one of them and shoot them dead . We as a society must remove this evil .

  • Rhonda Ann Godwin

    I, sadly, believe there are pedophiles in the upper eschelons of both the American and Canadian govt., as there certainly are in provincial/state govts. Those who jail innocent parents in order to grab their children to abuse for filthy lucre and would they dare to do this if someone very high up wasn’t condoning it? I doubt it. But I, though absolutely not a fan, in any way, of either Hillary or Obama, do not believe either of the Clintons are pedophiles. I saw the way she bristled (at Trump’s Inauguration) when she saw Bill openly lusting for beautiful Melania – the normal reaction of a wife who still cares for and wants to be cared for by her husband – not the reaction of a pedophile/lesbian, and all the other things she has been labelled with. Cathy O’Brien, whose story I studied in depth, likely had false memories planted into her mind while drugged. Also, anyone, anyone on the planet, under the influence of the right mindbending drug can be induced to do things they would never do otherwise – so if footage ever surfaces of the Clintons in indisputable positions with children I’d wager they were drugged and taped for very high stakes. We’re focusing on the Clintons, Epsteins, Soros, etc., when the real f$%^&*&^’s are continuing on. Parents – your prayers will do more to protect your children from these evil forces than an ocean of speculation from news (fake or otherwise) outlets or any other thing. Stay vigilant.