Nicole Kidman ‘Blacklisted’ From Hollywood For Vowing To Support President

Nicole Kidman had contracts cancelled by Hollywood studios and was warned to "steer clear of the Oscars," after she vowed to support Trump.

Nicole Kidman has had contracts cancelled by two Hollywood studios and has been warned by “famous liberal celebrities” to “steer clear of the Oscars“, according to a source at Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles.

Kidman has also received threatening letters telling her to “go back where you came from” sent by intolerant liberals, despite the fact she was born in Hawaii and holds dual US-Australian citizenship.

Why all the hate? Because on January 10th, Nicole Kidman, a Hollywood A-lister, dared to go against the Hollywood agenda and told an interviewer that “we need to support whoever is the president”.

Sounds like a reasonable statement in a democracy. But then the backlash began. A few days later, mainstream media decided to mobilize against her and began reporting that Kidman exhibited “bizarre behavior” during the Golden Globes … despite the fact the awards show had taken place a week ago and was no longer in the news cycle.

Make no mistake, free speech is under attack by the mainstream media and Hollywood. And they are using underhand methods

Vigilant citizen reports: There is something seriously wrong with mass media and today’s political climate. Censorship is sharply on the rise. Character assassination is rampant. The absurdly Orwellian term “fake news” is used to dismiss important stories. Rational discussions about important issues have been completely evacuated from all platforms to be replaced with angry agenda pushing.

Those who dare go slightly out of the ideological boundaries set by mass media are shunned, harassed and destroyed.

If we’ve learned something in the past year is that one of mass media’s boundaries is: “Do not show any kind of support for Trump”. But things are getting worse. The boundary is now: “Do not even acknowledge democracy”.

A few weeks ago, Kanye West was handcuffed and forcibly sent to a hospital shortly after KIND OF showing support for Trump.

Indeed, during one of his shows, West praised Trump’s strategy of bypassing mass media (and its outdated methods) to reach his electorate.


After news got out that Jennifer Holliday would sing at Trump’s inauguration, she was subject to violent backlash.


Jennifer Holliday pulled the plug on her inauguration performance because people threatened to kill her and her family … TMZ has learned.

The “Dreamgirls” star agreed to sing at an inaugural event but did an about-face Saturday, saying she bailed because she was taking heat from the LGBT community.

But we’ve learned when her agent contacted the Inauguration Committee, he said the reason was death threats. We’re told the LGBT concerns were not even mentioned.

A rep for Holliday told TMZ Monday … both the death threats and the LGBT reaction were factors in her decision.

The rep tells us, “It was all of those things. She wasn’t scared to perform. She didn’t want to put her family at risk based on the death threats and she also didn’t want to offend the LGBT community which was especially upset that a past ally would perform on a program with President-Elect Donald Trump.
TMZ, Canceled Trump Inauguration because of death threats

Nicole Kidman appears to be a new target. At least, she is being severely warned. Not unlike Kanye West and Jennifer Holliday, Kidman did not even openly support Trump. She simply shared her views about democracy. But that does not fit with the current mass media narrative.

Backlash Against Nicole Kidman

On January 10th, Nicole Kidman told Victoria Derbyshire on BBC television:

[Trump is] now elected and we, as a country, need to support whoever is the president. That is what the country is based on. And however that happened, he’s there, and let’s go.”

Since this blasphemous remark, Kidman has been the subject of attacks. She even felt the need to defend her claims by later adding:

I was trying to stress that I believe in democracy and the American Constitution, and it was that simple.

Here’s the video where she basically tells people to stop harassing her about this.

Despite this fact, shortly after her statements, “news” came out questioning Kidman’s sanity. Indeed, a few days after the BBC interview, “reports” emerged that Kidman exhibited bizarre behavior at the Golden Globe awards, which took place over a week prior, on January 8th. In other words, they went back in time to dig up something to use against her. And it made headlines all over the world.


A headline from the Daily Mail about Kidman.


Another flattering headline from mainstream media.

The Daily Mail article states:

In a report published in the magazine this week, the Aussie actress is said to have left ‘some observers wondering whether she’d had a few too many pre-show wines’.

The 49-year-old was evidently hungry as she was ‘constantly ushering over’ waiters with pizza.

Husband Keith Urban, 49, was left to brush pizza crumbs off her frock, the magazine alleges.”

– Daily Mail, Getting pizza all over her frock, ‘shooing away’ a cocktail waitress and interrupting interviews: Nicole Kidman’s ‘bizarre behavior’ at the Golden Globes revealed

Other celebrities such as Joss Whedon (director of the movie Cabin in the Woods) took aim at Kidman for her unacceptable comments about democracy.


This attack by Josh Whedon directly contradicted one of his previous retweets…


Kidman Knows About the Elite

Throughout the years, Kidman has been in contact with some of the shadiest elite groups in the world.

She was married to Tom Cruise, who is the most prominent Scientologist in the world (Scientology was founded by occultist L. Ron Hubbard who was close to occultist Aleister Crowley). Kidman’s divorce with Cruise was extremely messy as it was deeply interwoven with Scientology politics. Since the divorce, all kinds of bizarre reports and rumors have been emanating about this relationship. More recently, Leah Remini revealed that Nicole’s children Bella and Connor (both deep into Scientology) have turned against their mother:

Remini shared a post-wedding ride to the airport with kids Bella and Connor, asking if they’d seen their mother recently.

“Not if I have a choice,” snapped Bella, according to the book. “Our mom is a f—ing SP.”

In church terminology, SP is a Suppressed Person and designated enemy.”

– Uproxx, Leah Remini Claims That Nicole Kidman’s Kids Consider Her A ‘Suppressed Person’

In 1998, while Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were Hollywood’s “it couple”, they starred in Stanley Kubrick’s seminal movie Eyes Wide Shut, which was specifically about the occult elite and its rituals.

Eyes Wide Shut is about a couple mingling with the elite. The profound symbolism of the movie tells a complex story about the forces at work today.
Eyes Wide Shut is about a couple mingling with the elite. The profound symbolism of the movie tells a complex story about the forces at work today.

In short, Nicole Kidman has been around all kinds of people and organizations. Since she dared going slightly against the current mass media narrative, she has been the subject of attacks against her mental sanity and credibility. Is this mass media’s way of warning her to shut up before she speaks?

This trend is extremely worrying and this climate is bordering on all-out oppression. Why is this kind of dictatorial climate being allowed?

And, no, this is not about the “Liberals vs Conservatives” debate that is used to divide the masses. It is about free speech, an important RIGHT that we should all uphold and defend.

If we accept free speech to be denied to a category of people, soon enough, it will be denied to all people. The same excuses that are currently used to censor a viewpoint will be used to censor other viewpoints – maybe a viewpoint that matters to you. If you disagree with the Trump administration, you certainly have the right to criticize and even protest peacefully against it. But that right is also guaranteed to those with opposite viewpoints. If it is not, we are setting dangerous precedents that can (and will) be used against all of us.

The true division is not between Left and Right, it is between the masses and the elite. Do not let them capitalize on anger against Trump to justify censorship. It’s a trap!

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • Dr John

    It was and is Nicole Kidman’s right to speak and support her choice. It is not the right of the media or the producers to censor her speech or determine who she should vote into office. That is communist behavior, oppressive and controlling. As Americans we should boycott those that oppress free speech. Movies produced by these companies and magazines or news papers that slander in an attempt to control behavior in this manor. They need us more than we need them, we have the money they want.

    Thank you Ms. Nicole Kidman for speaking up when you understood the risk… you are a courageous and honest person.

    • Siobhan D Dwyer

      If she has a right to free speech then so do the rest of us. No one is censoring her but people are speaking out against what she said. Don’t be a stupid hypocrite and argue for her rights while denying others the same.
      You only support her because you like what she said. If she’d said the opposite suddenly your support of her right to free speech would disappear. She can say what she wants but she has to accept the consequences – that’s the definition of freedom – no one has to agree with her and they have the right to say if they don’t.
      How foolish that you are quick to condemn communism when Nicole was suggesting we all mindlessly follow a dictatorship. One and the same but the latter seems OK with you. You go ahead and blindly bow down… I’m far too intelligent for that.

      • authentic8

        There are people not only criticising her point of view but defaming her character and questioning her sanity in what seems to be an orchestrated way by digging up old (possibly false) “reports” simply because she said Americans should support whoever is president. Blacklisting (if that is what is happening), when it has nothing to do with a person’s ability to perform a job, may be legal and within directors’ and producers’ rights but it is still pernicious. I would not boycott a movie because a producer or director had expressed different political beliefs to me but if they blacklist a talented actor because of their political views then I certainly would and hold them at fault for it. It’s clearly not Nicole Kidman who should be condemned for speaking her mind. The reaction from some to her is categorically different to just speaking their minds – it’s hateful.

  • mike

    i will only watch ALL Nichole Kidman’s movies from now on and stay away from all these other communist thinking producers- who da hell hell needs them. I hope they all go bankrupt Evil Jews

    • Siobhan D Dwyer

      Bigots spreading hatred. Exactly the kind of people who support Nicole’s statement (yet who can’t even spell her name!)

  • freeman

    i cant wait for the west coast to go and all the trash that is there. then you will all burn. truth hurts

  • nocoleisok

    Coming against Nicole is not a smart move.. she is the vision of what is good and right still left in the world… she is a decent kind hearted individual.. and she is and Australian.. not a smart move to come against her.. the shit will surely hit their fan and splatter all over their faces…

  • HWR
    • Siobhan D Dwyer

      The irony of defending one person’s right to say anything while trying to spread hatred against and oppression of an entire group of people. Not that you’ll have the intelligence or humanity to understand.
      When the people defending you are this hateful and bigoted you’ve got to realise you’ve done something very wrong. Nicole must be experiencing a painful awakening right now.

      • HWR

        Not sure what you’re saying. What oppressed group of people? Jews?

  • Black Swan

    Defamation of character is a form of hate speech, Ms. Kidman should consult with a reputable law firm and sue for damage to her public reputation.

  • Siobhan D Dwyer

    Nicole did not describe democracy. Quite the opposite. She described a dictatorship. Just because someone has been voted in it doesn’t mean that everyone should stupidly follow them. That’s Hitler’s Germany. Nicole shouldn’t be attacked personally or slandered. She doesn’t need to be. Her statement is easily taken apart to show the real danger of mindlessly following authority. And Nicole, if you want to support women’s issues and raise ‘Alpha daughters’ as you state then join the movement against allowing Trump to abuse and control women not by saying we should all get behind him regardless of what his does like a mass of controlled robots.

  • Fabre

    Well done Nicole…respect

  • LLD

    Trump is not Hitler .You need to do your homework .This is about stopping the globalist agenda (NWO) .Look at what our government has been doing to our people ,with spray our skies with chemtrails ,Gmo foods putting flouride in water .Also demanding children get vaccinations which causes autism.Tell me do they care what there doing to us.NWO is about depopulation.President Trump is fighting that .WAKE UP and stop spreading lies about him .Find other sources for looking at news .It’s all propaganda and you are being brainwashed

  • Jennifer Wilkins

    O M G. And those are the people who point the finger at Trump accusing him of being a bully? I had no idea that being a bully was so contagious. No wonder we the people can’t control bullying in our school systems. It starts at home. Children learn most what they live at home. We who were not at all happy about Mr. Obama being potus did exactly what Nicole Kidman is saying to these Trump haters. We got behind him, for our country’s sake. The united states.
    Well. All of us non haters…whether voted for Trump or for hillary…are pointing a finger at you… The problem …You are total hypocrites

  • Leif Knudsen

    Fascism is on the move again. Their flag bearers are the liberal Hollywood censors. Through – for the time being – verbal abuse and threats, the liberals are stiffling free speecha dn the democratic spirit. Teh Hollywood liberals are coming fast to be alike the brown marching troops in Germany smahsing windows and vilifying their enemies. Meryl Streep just miss the moustache.

    McCarthyism is revived by the liberals issuing berufsverbot to those not complying with the liberal credos. I hope Trump will know how to crack down on the fascist traits and secure a free democratic society.

  • Dennis

    Hey Josh Whedon asshole, I will never watch any of your films ever again so fuck you! There I am voting with my wallet again!

  • fishing4truth

    Nicole Kidman has more class in her pinky fingernail than 99% of the Hollywood sheeple.

  • Alan Dille

    The BOX one lives in, is determined by their perception, (which is how they see life) and determines their REALITY. One at high levels of CONSCIOUSNESS (perception and Reality) Knows that consciousness (or Spirit) creates one’s Reality, thus his life. One at a lower level or Perception are at a low level of RESPONSIBILITY so BLAMES OTHERS; like the government, their church’s or God, for the condition of their life. ONE ONLY SUFFERS BECAUSE ONE CANNOT SEE TRUTH.. So what level of suffering are they at. is another way to determine one’s perception. At high levels of perception. one sees the real TRUTH to things, so survives better, At lower levels of perception one goes into agreement with those around him or the Media or the Average, as he cannot see the real truths. His life reflects his Perception. That “Wino” out in the street, the “Street person”, (as it is easy to see lesser perceptive people) all attract those who think, like them, all around them, They allow such people in their space, as they agree with each other,
    It is easy to see that agreement is REALITY, Look at the different agreements of the same Truth’s, in your church’s Denominations. Look at it in Political groups. All the Democrats agree with other Democrats, all the Republicans agree with all the other Republicans. Perception determines one ‘s Reality and what they agree too. There is a way to determine who is more right. Become MORE perceptive…The more perceptive the more survival one’s viewpoint, the more Creative, the more Ethical, Honest, having more virtues being used, or the more SPIRITUAL and the more responsible on more, or all of the Dynamics or urges to survive life offers.
    Perceptive people have more of the ability to see TRUTH so their actions are more survival and so benefit more people, The less Perceptive the more Destructive, Dishonest, unethical, irresponsible, criminal (or out-Exchange) and demonstrating less of the good Virtues’ we consider Spiritual. Look at the good qualities of Perception at the TOP and the Bad qualities at the BOTTOM of the scale and look at who ever you judge or evaluate, as somewhere on that scale. Who is more of a Parasite and who HELPS man more??? Know their is a way to raise one’s PERCEPTION and so bring one and society to a higher level of REALITY or agreement… There are higher REALITY levels to become aware of as one grows, One not growing, only sees the REALITY of where he is stuck at, his REALITY LEVEL. One never grows, if he never puts demands on himself. Notice how our government takes the demand off people and so trapping them at a low Reality level? Notice the Perception level of the party doing that and know that is why, we are where we are at in this country with so much out exchange or criminal. Where you have a Criminal (out exchange society) you inevitably have a POLICE STATE. That is where we are heading, if we do not raise societies PERCEPTION and thus his responsibility level….
    We have a Technology to do that, so it is a race between Survival or Destruction being able to recognize why one does what they do or understanding Perception or our fellow man and why he does what he does.The perceptive will see it all about him, the unperceptive, if he sees it will degrade it as it is not real to him…

  • Pamela Hunter

    Well, now I have a some what better feeling about Nicole. I am certain it is difficult being surrounded on all sides of evil. I was unfriended by a ‘real’ friend on Facebook for being against Hillary. So some refuse to see even when the curtain has been pulled back. If you listen to ex CIA Mind Control ops… Cathy Obrien (listen to her on youtube) she says both Hill and Bill are both Pedophiles. But from the little I have gleaned…. these ‘Pedophiles’ are actually of the Synagogue of Satan…. Luciferians… they do the sex and torture etc… then do their human sacrificing for Power from Lucifer. STUDY THE HISTORY OF BLOOD LIBEL… THAT WILL TELL YOU WHO THESE GUYS ARE…. NEW WORLD ORDER GUYS. COMING SOON.