NYPD: Hillary Clinton ‘Child Sex Scandal’ About To Break

New York Police Department (NYPD) detectives have uncovered evidence of a 'child sex ring' on Anthony Weiner's laptop that they say could "put Hillary Clinton away for life".

New York Police Department (NYPD) detectives have uncovered evidence of a ‘child sex ring’ on Anthony Weiner’s laptop that they say could “put Hillary Clinton away for life“.

According to NYPD sources, files found on Weiner’s newly found laptop which he shared with his wife Huma Abedin, show evidence of a political pedophile ring operating within Washington, involving members of Congress as well as numerous top Clinton aides and insiders.

According to reports, a folder on Weiner’s laptop named “life insurance” contains explicit evidence that both Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin helped run and cover-up a Washington pedophile sex ring.

Truepundit.com reports:

NYPD sources said these new emails include evidence linking Clinton herself and associates to:

  • Money laundering
  • Child exploitation
  • Sex crimes with minors (children)
  • Perjury
  • Pay to play through Clinton Foundation
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Other felony crimes

NYPD detectives and a NYPD Chief, the department’s highest rank under Commissioner, said openly that if the FBI and Justice Department fail to garner timely indictments against Clinton and co- conspirators, NYPD will go public with the damaging emails now in the hands of FBI Director James Comey and many FBI field offices.

“What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,” the NYPD Chief said. “There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.”

The NYPD Chief said once Comey saw the alarming contents of the emails he was forced to reopen a criminal probe against Clinton.

“People are going to prison,” he said.

Meanwhile, FBI sources said Abedin and Weiner were cooperating with federal agents, who have taken over the non-sexting portions the case from NYPD. The husband-and-wife Clinton insiders  are both shopping for separate immunity deals, sources said.

“If they don’t cooperate they are going to see long sentences,” a federal law enforcement source said.

NYPD sources said Weiner or Abedin stored all the emails in a massive Microsoft Outlook program on the laptop. The emails implicate other current and former members of Congress and one high-ranking Democratic Senator as having possibly engaged in criminal activity too, sources said.

Prosecutors in the office of US Attorney Preet Bharara have issued a subpoena for Weiner’s cell phones and travel records, law enforcement sources confirmed. NYPD said it planned to order the same phone and travel records on Clinton and Abedin, however, the FBI said it was in the process of requesting the identical records. Law enforcement sources are particularly interested in cell phone activity and travel to the Bahamas, U.S. Virgin Islands and other locations that sources would not divulge.

The new emails contain travel documents and itineraries indicating Hillary Clinton, President Bill Clinton, Weiner and multiple members of Congress and other government officials accompanied convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein on his Boeing 727 on multiple occasions to his private island in the U.S Virgin Islands, sources said. Epstein’s island has also been dubbed Orgy Island or Sex Slave Island where Epstein allegedly pimps out underage girls and boys to international dignitaries.

Both NYPD and FBI sources confirm based on the new emails they now believe Hillary Clinton traveled as Epstein’s guest on at least six occasions, probably more when all the evidence is combed, sources said. Bill Clinton, it has been confirmed in media reports spanning recent years, that he too traveled with Epstein over 20 times to the island.

  • James Peabody

    Source of statements by NYPD chief? By not referencing an actual source, the idea that the top police official in the largest city in the United States would make such statements about an open federal investigation, and in a very blue state, strains all element of credibility to this piece. If this is true, it is a tragedy for those children, and one or more people deserve the electric chair. However, without a source for the words attributed to the NYPD chief, this sounds like a hoax.

    • The Bohemian Romantic

      read post above this

    • Rob Roy

      Usually rumors are true!

    • WA1

      Usually, someone lower down the totem pole spills the beans… someone with a moral compass, someone, who is not hell-bent on a power kick… Trouble is, they get called “Whistle-blowers” and nowadays, spend time in the pokey for their trouble.
      William Binney?
      Edward Snowden?
      Bradley/Chelsey Manning?

      Need I say more?


      known to be 100 per cent true, the vid now out on the DARK WEB.

  • https://www.cwporter.com danlauria

    this is clearly fake. You say a NYPD chief made statements but you don’t list his name.
    It’s a shame that your story is bullshit because we all want to see Hillary in prison.

    • The Bohemian Romantic

      see post above

    • Enchanted

      Of course you would say that. You who support this deviant treasonous criminal could murder her family on television and you would say she was just having a bad day. WAKE UP. This woman hates you too.

    • msgapeachss

      Maybe they aren’t allowed to reveal themselves for legal purposes/technicalities. This has not been made “formal” yet, but it looks like it is about to break.

    • Mira

      it’s not fake, this is only the tip of the iceberg. They can’t reveal ALL the info online like that when the matter is under investigation. All I can say is I’m so glad all this is coming to light now, and this EVIL woman is NEVER ever elected. Prison is actually too good for her, and her hubby Bill, a child rapist. Just think what harm she can do to the US and the rest of the world with all that power in her hands, it’s unthinkable.

      • diane

        Her supporters are stupid and may not know about this before Nov 8. MSM won’t mention
        it until they have no choice. Needs to go viral at least—better yet, arrest her NOW! Not after she (God forbid) gets elected and we could get stuck with Timmy.

        • diane

          Maybe billboards in swing state urban areas announcing this? with web site addresses for more info…

        • tavistock

          That would be just as bad, Kandy Kaine…….no ……..

      • tavistock

        Pickles for Prison

      • Fingers&ToesCrossed

        I have to ask…and before I’m slammed/insulted/called a “troll”, I have already voted for Trump via absentee ballot in my state. I WANT this to be true. (That doesn’t sound right. I DON’T want it to be true that young children were molested but I do want there to be something horrific enough that the Clintons did that will ensure we never have to deal with them again because they’ll finally be locked away forever) Why aren’t we hearing this anywhere other than the internet? I know that video proof could exist as well as confession from the Clintons that they did this and CNN STILL wouldn’t cover a story like this but no one on FOX has uttered even a peep about this. If NYPD and an NYPD Chief made the comments the article claims they did, FOX would be all over this story in a New York minute. But nothing has been said by anyone. If a legit NYPD officer/NYPD chief truly put this out there, we’d see Guiliani on FOX discussing what his police ‘sources’ have told him about this. He, too, hasn’t uttered a peep.

        I’m aware of the claims going around that this story is going to break on 11/5. You don’t know how desperately I want this to be true. (Again,just to be clear, I don’t take any joy in the thought of children being raped by the Clintons or anyone. But I DO take joy in the thought of that dopey smile being wiped off of Bill’s face and that c u next tuesday Hillary spending the remainder of their days in a prison cell!) And while I think they’re both evil enough to do the things the article mentions, I’m leaning towards this being a sick joke to get Trump supporters falsely excited/wound up. I sure as hell hope I’m wrong.

        • Mira

          your media = Fox, CNN etc, will NOT tell you anything, the MSM is there to spread propaganda, and keep people DUMB and controlled by the elite. It is a painful moment when you actually wake up, and realise the world is actually not as you thought it was…full of God fearing nice people, all striving to help each other, far from it, It is the people at the very top who are the richest and the most corrupt. In fact they have sold their souls to Satan for the riches in this life, and do the most despicable things.
          You need to consider other sources of info to confirm Clintons connection to paedophilia and other crimes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12zVlaZyX3Q This is not just about winning the elections, the Clintons have been doing this for a very long time. The reason this is now coming out is because of wikileaks.

          I don’t think you should be slammed as a troll, you are just seeking honest answers. There really is a lot of information out there from many sources and books, I just think you have been relying too heavily of Fox, and MSM to get your info, do not listen to them, they lie and cover up the truth. Even the chanel RT is so much better to get honest news. Also http://www.yournewswire,com is good.

        • alm3texas

          FOX will come along if you will. I read this story early this past Tuesday morning and wondered how long it would take to get “out there.” Thursday. BBAeir for a couple of days has been at least reporting the FBI revolt. So they’re getting to it all, just slow to respond. Gotta be Sat., Sunday etc to IMPACT TUESDAY voters. If anything , exploiting kids is truly the bottom of most barrels that people will reject.

        • Ann Churchill

          I saw the NYPD on TV when they discovered this info and I heard what the chief said ( quoted in articled). Obama’s DOJ killed the story.

    • Jason Holly

      You’re fucking delusional and guilty by association if you vote for that evil cunt!

    • http://benjwgarner.com/ Ben Garner

      I wish people would stop writing this crap because it discredits the real evidence. It’s pretty poorly written; even the quotes sound made-up.

    • Ann Churchill

      It is true.I watched this happen on TV at the time.Obama’s DOJ gave so much pushback that the story got buried, as far as I know. Might be in the FBI, not that that will help ,given Comey’s reliability.


      I year later, clearly NOT FAKE your opinion then to be proven wrong in 2018… the video proving it is already out on the DARK NET .. and personally, I would love to see Hitlery hung or firing squad execution by the US MILITARY .. she will be very lucky is she only gets life in prison …. 2018 now . WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!

  • DocileConNoMore

    Sen. Bob Menendez was not voting the way Sen. Reid wanted on a matter and he was immediately exposed as a member of the Lolita Express who had had sex with twin girl minors and charges were floated. He changed his vote, and funny the pedophilia was dropped and he was exonerated. But, I don’t forget!

    • KrakenFartz

      I guess Menendez discovered that he had to climb back on the Reidophile express in a hurry.

    • theo

      I always figured that’s how they control people. Wonder what they’ve got on Paul Ryan, Cory Gardener, etc?

      • zippy

        WHO does Epstein works for?

        • rexisdead

          Bill Clinton.

        • Alex de Bellencombre

          Israeli Mossad and the guy that owns Victoria’s Secret (not joking)

        • KENKENKEN

          I think he made his hundreds of millions on Wall Street long ago.

    • FreauxDeaux

      Reid’s brother needs to beat his ass again.

  • Uncle Monkey ® ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴯᴸᴱ

    Yeah, no. There’s an awful lot of misinformation making the rounds in a false-flag operation. It’s hard to tell if the people disseminating this believe it or not. While I fully believe this is entirely possible and even true, I doubt the veracity of the supposed source as well as the statements by an unnamed NYPD official actually saying he’d turn the info over to wiki. This very rumor/speculation has been floating for weeks, and morphs to fit whatever recent developments have taken place.

    I just hope there’s at least enough information to put Weiner in the clink with a 300lb bunk mate for 10-20. If new and unseen emails are from the deleted HRC stash, so much the better. I’m not about to fool myself into thinking Hillary will ever do time simply because Barky is going to give her a pardon, anticipating reciprocation when she’s POTUS. Remember, bathhouse Barry can let the entire administration off the hook, and he’ll do it.

    • The Bohemian Romantic

      google STEVE PIECZENIK, look at his wikipedia bio. go to youtube & watch his 3 most recent videos. this and more is confirmed. the nypd has to follow protocol and cannot announce what they discovered until the FBI & DOJ are ready to go ahead. nypd involved are not announcing yet. these are leaks

  • PogmoThoin13

    Since when did NYPD have any access to Weiner’s laptop? The feds have it.

    • fredevans

      huh ? you arent reading the news. Why dont you actually read the news before you post such stupid comments. why do you think the feds have it ? because they got it from the nypd, another low information voter.

      • The Bohemian Romantic

        go easy. not everyone is a news geek like us:)

        • Charles E. Elrod

          When someone first reads a reporter with a name like Sean Adl-Tabatabai what first comes to mind!! Corruption in itself!!

        • Fingers&ToesCrossed

          Perhaps you ‘news geeks’ would care to explain why, since NYPD put this out there, we haven’t heard Hannity or Guiliani mention it? They don’t even have to refer to a child sex ring, they could simply say ‘Something huge is about to break that’s a game changer, according to our sources!’ but instead, they’re completely silent, only discussing the FBI investigation regarding Clinton corruption. The election is mere days away. Hannity and Guiliani are two people who would scream from the rooftops that something huge was about to break with regards to the Clintons. Instead, there’s nothing. Just crickets….

          • The Bohemian Romantic

            Because people are sick of hearing ‘Something huge is about to break that’s a game changer, according to our sources!’
            And she lost so we’ll see where this goes after January.

    • YesMeansNOMeansYES

      yes, the NYFBI

  • Sharon

    Nothing surprises me anymore about Hillary and Bill Clinton. They need to go to jail. If this is true, this is horrible that she is running for President.

    • Buffal0Bob

      Jail is too good for that white trash.

      • Albert8184

        Please…. don’t lump Hillary in with the white trash. Most of them are disgusted with her too.

        • Buffal0Bob

          Heh…soon as I pushed “Post” the insult became clear. Mea culpa, mea culpa!!!

      • Choshen Ha’mishpat 425:50

        “white trash” was another jewish bolshevik term like “racism” used to exterminate whites
        so please, stop using it

        • Buffal0Bob

          I get it but the context here is clear. No offense is intended but it is fitting for the Clintons and their ilk.

  • Skywalker

    But … but … but Trump said mean things about women 10 years ago

  • Ela Hau

    Per Podesta email: man, I miss you

    From:SternTD@state.gov To: john.podesta@gmail.com Date: 2015-09-03 18:17 Subject: man, I miss you

    The next three months are going to be rougher internally than in Beijing. Between 7th and 1600, no fun. Hope you’re doing ok. I’m dreaming about your hotdog stand in Hawaii… (supposedly hotdog & pizza are code for pedophilia)

  • The Bohemian Romantic

    nypd involved are not announcing yet. these are leaks.
    google STEVE PIECZENIK, look at his wikipedia bio. go to youtube & watch his 3 most recent videos. this and more is confirmed. the nypd has to follow protocol and cannot announce what they discovered until the FBI & DOJ are ready to go ahead

    • TXbornTXbred

      They should have arrested her and others. Then gave over evidence to FBI upon request, only. DOJ and FBI will set on it until after election then if Hillary gets in she will make them stop any investigation….as has Obama.

      • The Bohemian Romantic

        But she didn’t get in. So now this will get interesting.

  • florida1


  • Jennifer Twodoves Caton


    • Joey888

      Put the weiner into something useful… JAIL!

  • tom

    Why not pop out one incriminating email or photo, just to let the evildoers know you’re serious?

    If not, what is the triggering event?

  • Scooter Girl

    Got as far as ‘by Sean Adl-Tabatabai’.

  • Warren Blum

    Let’s just hope this has merit. I hate Clinton’s and socialist demorats. And Obama blows

  • Jimmy

    Search for “white house pedophile ring”, and see what was happening during H.W. Bush term, 1989…the “franklin cover up scandal”…the bushs and clintons are birds of a feather!

    • Slipmatwax

      Let us not take our eye of the criminal being investigated, let’s not tackle the Bush’s until Hillary goes on trial, then all the juicy information will surface

      • Jason Holly

        Fucking hang them all!

        • Bone_spurred

          No ! Go for Hillary first! Stop her before she can heaven forbid assume the office. You won’t have to investigate the Bushes because when Hillary goes down she will take them all with her

          • Madeleine Gilvey

            That is so true. They are already turning on each other.

      • Очаровательные россияне

        All that need to be done it to get one to break and turn state’s evidence. But that will NEVER happen. The Fake Bureau of Investigation has seized all the evidence. Kiss it good bye.

      • Judy Robery

        I don’t believe the Bush’s are involved in any of this!

        • jfk

          more fool you this is how they gain there power , and the puppet masters have something over them to control them

        • KENKENKEN

          They are ! wake up .

        • Cheryl Conine Roberson

          The old nan is a disgusting pig.

          • Lynn

            Give me the gun with the bullet in the firing squad. Please. I know right where to put it.

        • Uncle Ruckus

          look up Prescott Bush and see if you still see that family the same way

          • Judy Robery

            This does not mean that the two Bush presidents were that way. You’re saying that because of the sins of the father , that the rest of the family is the same way.

          • Riku Ruohomäki

            Conspiracy of Silence, the History Channel / Channel 4 co-production TV documentary about the gay child prostitution scandal in the White House. Look it up. Secret Service confiscated all copies of it, TV Guide magazine were recalled, then edited with any mention of the documentary excluded (people who had subscribed or went to newsstands early got a copy where it was still listed). But there’s a low quality raw, work-in-progress copy of it (with text plates missing etc) circulating on Youtube. Any time it is taken down, somebody else puts it up, sometimes with a different name. A perfect example of the Barbra Streisand effect. Anyway, that’s from the Bush era.

          • Karen Sabin

            Quite honestly Judy Robery, yes. George Jr. helped cheat Obama into office his second term. The video of the twos conversation of how it was going to go down was removed shortly after it was discovered out there on the net.

          • Quantum

            Give me the boy until he is 7 and I will show you the man

          • Judy Robery

            Bush Senior maybe, but with a wife like Barbara, he wouldn’t have gotten away with it! I don’t believe it of George W and Laura either!

            Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t vote for Obama! You know the saying “Beware the enemy from within”! I really believed that. It made me pay more attention to what was going on! I also voted for Trump, and would do it again!

          • Lynn

            Barbara as I said above was from a satanic family, the Prentices, The president of McCall’s ( the husband) but her real father was the most notorious satanist that ever lived, alistair crowley. You are not naive, just uninformed, I’ll say again.

          • Lynn

            This is exactly what generational Satanism is. It is passed down from generation to generation. People in the truth community have been abused by these men. Kathy O’Brien, a MK Ultra mind controlled child become mind controlled young woman was used as a sex slave by the elder Bush, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. You really need to get into the truth community if you want to learn about these things. You are not naive, just uninformed.

        • Karen Sabin

          You are going to be so shocked then when you find out just how deep in the DC Swamp corruption the Bush’s are involved, including, but not limited to, being at the top of the list pushing the NWO and enslaving We the People to government submission.

        • Lynn

          You don’t know the Bushes then. Barbara Bush’s father was the most evil man on earth. Her father was not Prentice, the man who raised her, but Alistair Crowley who BBs mother had sex with in a satanic ritual in Paris, France 9 months before Barbara was born. Not her husband, who was back in America running McCalls. They are all satanist and illuminists. And father and son are former members of skull and bones, and both are members of bohemian grove. Haven’t you seen both, along with their wives and children, grandchildren, throwing up el Diablo while being photographed? GHW Bush’s father, Prescott Bush, supported the Nazis financially and made millions from it. They are all about the new world order. All of them are pedophiles which is pretty much a given if you are a satanist, bondsman, groveman, wife of the same and children of the same. They take part in what is known as generational Satanism, which means their families are one of the 13 bloodline families of the Illuminati. They were all likely sexually tortured as children, did it to their own children and to any children that fall into their sick sphere of influence.

        • Lydia Martin

          George H W was involved with The Franklin Coverup out of Omaha. Minors were used out of boys town and girls out of foster care to commit crimes and act as prostitutes so politicians could be blackmailed. Last time I looked you can find a copy of the report onlime. It will enlighten you about George H W. bush. Remember he was former CIA.

      • Karen Bolin

        For sure they took trips to the island daddy and sons they aren’t clean bushes

    • http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/337485161 David Howard

      Google “Operation Brownstar”

    • whisperingsage

      This will really test whether Trump is one of “us” of one of “them”. This is his big chance to “drain the swamp”, if he doesn’t he is one of them.



        • whisperingsage

          I hope so too

        • whisperingsage

          Well after a year, Trump HAS proven himself as a fighter for the abused, and I am sure this is why he is gettin g such flack in the MSM, and the government surrounding him, so ours prayers are with him daily, we see two of his private helicopters had “incidents” one had the tail sheared off, by the grace of God, no one was hurt, The swamp is fighting to keep it’s power and we are dedicating as much prayer as we can, and posts, to help his end in ending the swamp.


        Trump / Sessions HAS ALREADY demonstrated they are fully taking this on , thousands of pedophiles already arrested, the illegals deported and just this past week, one of the biggest human , adult / child sex trafficking site taken down and arrests made and a second one as weel in the last week, many in Congress and Industry exposed and stepped down to escape prison for now … will see many more, both Demoncrats and Publicans … it is well underway and there are right now, approx.. 25,000 SEALED Indictments … THE BAMA involved as well and is thru many industries and the US Military as well.. Heard GITMO one was filled up a while ago, GITMO 2 ready or about to be and if run out of room, have the hundreds of FEMA CAMPS across AMERICAN that thousands more can be place in for any number of crimes.. FOLLOW the Q GROUP postings and find out what is going on behind the scenes .

        • Madeleine Gilvey

          Yes I was listening to it today.

    • NavyBlue1962

      You’ve got that right.

    • Sandra Collins

      Youre disgraceful.. The liberals can’t stand to get caught that will bring shame upon them,, woops here it is

    • Wiez


  • Joey888

    Is there ANYTHING else that can be added to the CRIME, INC. family… the CLINTON’S ARE THE MOST CORRUPT PEOPLE ON THE PLANET. Come ON people… SEX CRIMES WITH MINOR CHILDREN? LOCK THEM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • United we Stand

    What delusional monkey would assume with little less or more…, after all of floding… with Clintons, they are innocent and even qualified for most treasureable image as a human being…Bahaha

  • diane

    When will she be arrested? Indicted? She is for sure a flight risk.

    Something BIG has to happen to get MSM to report on it since few of her supporters ever see anything else. ARREST HER ASS NOW!


      Likely this year. 2018.

      • Madeleine Gilvey

        I hear, this month something big is going down.

  • http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/337485161 David Howard

    The FBI polygraphers will clean-up this mess.

  • American Patriot

    Bet you 100 to 1 old man harry reid is one of them along with john mcCain….

  • Johnny Indica

    hillary clinton pedophile scum!!! I hope you rot in jail you piece of human filth!!

  • Johnny Indica

    I wonder how much cocaine they took to this island… just like bill clinton’s cocaine importing business to MENA airport.

  • davidgary1

    Why has this not gone mainstream?

  • R.S.

    It’s fake.
    Look up the source.

  • WeAreAConstitutionalRepublic

    If this is true I hope to Almighty God its not buried and forgotten. We need justice. We demand it.

  • Julia Titus

    This is a fake story, made by a satire site. Get over it.

    • biffboop

      LOL. Snopes? Snopes is run by leftists who ALWAYS label “FALSE” any negative story on the Clintons.

    • Behind every blade of glass!

      Snopes??? hahahahahaha You’re crazy, aren’t you??

  • Le Modele Francais

    Everyone is worried that Attorney General Lynch and Obama is going to sweep this under the rug….but they have no control over the City and State of New York and can arrested, tried, convicted and sentence in a State Court with no interference from the Federal Government.

  • Edsword

    I know I’m going to get attacked. But I think that people should be careful to fall for these things. You will notice that the article above had no names. All the information except for the pedophile part is public knowledge. I don’t want to be a Debbie downer, but this is probably an internet conspiracy article. I want to see Hillary go away for life, believe me, but I think the Clinton Foundation is where her crimes are. If this turns out to be true, I won’t say I would be shocked, because I don’t put anything past the Clintons, but I would be surprised.

  • ddanimald

    How many people will Obama have to pardon? Including himself. No justice, no peace.

    • C2

      Maybe that’s exactly the reason she won’t even be charged until after Obama is gone. That way she won’t be pardoned. Obama can’t pardon her from a crime that she hasn’t been charged with.

      • DocileConNoMore

        You just might have it right there!

  • James w Johnson

    Can this really be proven? This like a damn XXX soap opera.

  • Stephanie Munroe-Hazel

    I’ve been following Doug Hagmann for 19 years. His investigations and sources have never been wrong. This is an in-depth interview and some may discard it. I strongly advise you not to. Doug explains what his sources inside both the FBI & NYPD have confirmed to him. The forces willing to kill to keep this quiet are formidable.


    • Maggie Rose

      I have carefully looked for credible evidence on this relationship with Hillary to sex, devil worship, etc. This interview with Doug Hagmann tells me that it is so explosive, yet so important that it be revealed when they are sure they have a solid case to put many important slimeballs away for a long time.. Yes, the election is looming. So much is at stake. I believe that enough will be revealed to give Donald Trump the edge. May God help us all if this thing is buried again and not finally revealed and destroyed. This is not the first time these issues have tried to surface. We have so much to do to cut out this corruption. The Clintons are part of a horrible cancer that has been allowed to grow and spread for years. All good people need to stand up and fight to destroy it. This is a huge step forward.

    • former expat

      “Vince Foster.”

      Nuts, nuts, nuts, nuts . . .

  • Warren Massey

    And you idiots believe this . We are living in sad and very scary times . There is no end to what one will do to win an election . Does anyone of you idiots believe that a story as damaging as this , would not have been discovered long before now . Timing people timing . Recall in the article ” we will give the story to Wikileaks “. Wikileaks would not even be a thought if this were true . A story like this would have been able to stand on it’s own . Dummies !!

  • beentherdonethat

    Death to the globalists! or this government is going down!

  • Craig

    If this if true – what the HELL are the NYPD waiting for? The election in only a few DAYS away. ALL news stories like this are, “ABOUT TO BREAK!” Well then…. DO IT!

  • mclehman

    I wish they would give the name of the NYPD chief sited in the article. When an article publishes an unnamed source, nobody takes it seriously. Has anybody seen the name published anywhere? (Though I’d fear for his life truth be told.)

  • Al Pace

    If all true, imagine this was 1775. They’d ALL be hung!

  • Debby D.

    Always there is BIG NEWS!!!! .. “about to break!!! ” … “about to be released !!!!” . . . “about to change everything!!! “….

  • Benderisgreat

    On a Friday. Not a Monday, but a Friday.

    Well, better late than never.

  • jim Griffin

    Until names are named, as much as wish and hope this information is accurate, I’m not buying it. This is too big to squash. Where is the “breaking news” report? NYT? Washington Post? Huffington Post? As corrupt and bought the MSM is something this transformative could not be suppressed.

  • Zbigkid

    Instead of talking about it, they should release the information NOW ! We are looking at a rigged election anyway, by the democrats, and so the votes need to be overwhelmingly for Trump, to stop this depraved and criminal duo from getting back into the Oval Office. The Clintons obviously set most of this up with Epstein, so that they could take a whole legion of people down the tube with them, and use it as blackmail material well into the future. Divine intervention is needed immediately into this election, and Obama most importantly needs to be ousted. His reign of corruption, and enabling of Clintonian Crimes, makes him just as guilty as the Clintons are. We need to upend all of this crap.

    • lanetta

      Yes and amen

    • former expat

      Have a cookie. You seem like someone who needs a cookie.

  • Buffal0Bob

    Child Sex.
    Human trafficking.
    Sales of human body parts.
    Money laundering.

    It goes on and on.

  • Zbigkid

    People need to understand this is now happening. The Clinton citizen silent coup, and FBI counter-coup…..

    Spread this message if you want this country to be saved.

    • lanetta

      I saw the videos…very impressive and I’m glad they are there.

    • former expat

      Sandy Hook truther.

  • Choshen Ha’mishpat 425:50

    >800,000 children go missing per year in the USA alone most never found. Many of these children wind up in Hillary’s sex slave industry, they are kidnapped, imprisoned, raped, molested and most are murdered often tossed out of jets over the vast oceans. This is why they’re never found again.
    The Saudis fetish about raping white babies to DEATH, this is called SNUFFING and even the videos of snuffing sell in the 5 figures for the highest level perverts.

    • lanetta

      All those girls that were taken…….now you know where they are ….or were.

    • former expat

      Type fast. The orderlies will catch you at this computer any moment.

    • James Frazier

      You sure are gullible and one sick puppy.


      Involves not just sex with minors but satanism, satanic torture , sacrifice and eating babies and young children … this , telling you now in reply 2018 … all to hit the fan 2018 into 2019 ..

      • Madeleine Gilvey

        Oh my Lord , I know its happening in Hollywood.

  • Choshen Ha’mishpat 425:50

    WHO ELSE? Kevin Spacey, George W, Prince Andrew, Hillary, Bill, Weiner, Huma, Alan Dershowtiz, ALL PEDOPHILES ALL GLOBALISTS

  • Choshen Ha’mishpat 425:50
  • William Ludwig

    The Carpetbaggers went South,,,,,,The Clintons came North.

  • YogicCowboy

    Literally nothing would surprise me about that infernal couple.

  • nan

    Heads should roll, Russian Dizdar has been exposing this subject throughout the elite and such for years. It is nor just child abuse it is sicken ritualistic that she and them all are into. It is their religion and they want it to be the worlds. This is a religion and it goes into satanic, Luciferian worship. it is just overwhelming. Thank you NYPD AND ASSANGE. People just ignore it burr wonder why this world is getting so dark? It is the agenda. Disgusting and outrageous.

    • former expat

      Have a cookie. You sound like someone who really needs a cookie.

  • Henry Schwartz


  • DANA

    I have been waiting for this to surface!
    This small islands sits right across from St John and StThomas usvi
    This story is very well known throughout the Caribbean. I have heard stories of this from all the locals. They continue to build on this island daily it has its own helicopter pad. I go to St John twice a year I always look across and wonder what the Hells going on over there!!! The Clintons are not the only ones who have hobnobbed with the guy who owns the island. The locals call it perv island!! The local Caribbean people were disgusted by the story when it broke years ago.

    • Madeleine Gilvey

      So sick ,on every level.

  • former expat

    Shouldn’t this site be part of the 4chan network?

    • NoBS NoSpam

      Attacking the messenger is the only option if you the information is incriminating. Did you post out of desperation? It’s not working.

      • former expat

        Seriously? That’s your response to my months-old post?

  • rikkirat
    • NoBS NoSpam

      Snopes is a PR firm for the Globalist.

      • rikkirat

        Yeah and maybe you need to loosen that tin foil hat a bit.

  • Mary Fran

    Well, we know that even if this is true, it won’t be allowed to touch Queenie. And people will STILL vote for her, not matter what she does. They would vote for Stalin and Hitler and Pol Pot.

  • Lydia Owen

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  • lernin

    Repeat after me: THERE WILL BE NO INDICTMENTS.

  • aRcaNum

    Morons, the lot of you. if you believe this you’re operating on a very minimal amount of brain cells and their corrupted as well.

  • Tedy Bear

    THIS IS NOT A LEGITIMATE NEWS ARTICLE GUYS!! THIS WAS WRITTEN AND PUBLISHED BY THIS WEBSITE! Check out all the details and notice there is no affiliation with the normal newsfeed such as AP associate press, etc. Anyone can write up something and make it appear to be official news. I’m not saying this bc I want it to be false, on the contrary, I welcome some confirmation of these rumors. BUT! the confirmation has to come from legitimate sources or else we are doing exactly what they are being accused of which is propaganda. If this is really going on inside the NYPD then why isn’t the New York Times reporting? Or any of the Hillary haters? Why is it only appearing here? and on Breitbart? come on guys! this is a scam, don’t be duped. AND to YourNewsWire.COM: shame on you! you just do this to make more money from all the advertisers we see all over your page! this is garbage and you know it.

  • WA1

    Well, the Trump made it, and his speech suggested he is putting the nation and its people first… When was the time Clinton, put the voters above here bankster handlers?
    As a Brit who voted for Brexit, the tide is turning. Perhaps the astronomical salaries for doing a mediocre job of producing outsourced production for new products, without sharing the spoils with those who make them, is finally coming to an end?

  • Theremust beanotherway


  • kennybaird

    More lies and bullshit if they haven’t done anything to this bitch and the others just like her in D.C. then what makes you think anything is any different now or going to change.

  • Rusty Grant Appling

    Get them ALL.

  • David Earl

    Mar 28, 2018

  • David Earl

    LAPD Announced 28 Even Bigger Named Celebs Who Are Going Down With Hollywood Sex Crime
    March 29, 2018

  • David Earl

    The leader of a Hollywood-based sex cult who was arrested Monday is connected to the Clintons and high-ranking Democrats, according to reports.

  • MikeandKim Daniels

    Well, Im sure James Comey cleaned up her mess for her.

  • nycorvette

    Hillary will pay off the police to get away with everything she did that is what she does

  • http://asumenacumen.blogspot.com/ Constancio S. Asumen, Jr.

    Finding dirt on the Clintons is as significant as finding hogwash in the pigpen. So where is the beef, as Walter Mondale would have said.

  • Sam

    Nothing will come of it

  • Albert Hahn

    Show me the facts……..and then find a honest judge…

  • James Frazier

    Comey has not been the director for sometime know…This is all bullshit.The NYPD would have put it out there the momenthe was fired if any of it was true

  • marstob

    Old news.

  • kathleen dungan

    I would like to know if this is a true story? Nothing being said on TV about it, I’m sure it would be big news if it was true.

    • Mary George

      No the mainstream press knows about this.They will not report it.


    YES , REAL OLD INFO NOW.. THE VIDEO NOW ALREADY RELEASED ON THE DARK WEB. BETWEEN this involving murder of a girl child and her multitude of her sex crimes and a plethora of other crimes going back decades, sedition and TREASON, hoping she is soon arrested , tried and convicted by the US MILITARY and then imprisoned for life of executed as per the provisions in the US CONSTITUTION …. MANY MORE NEED TO SEE THE SAME FOR THEIR Treasonous actions in selling out and trying to destroy America. Now is the time !!!!!!!

  • Patty Cobb Morris


  • Madeleine Gilvey

    I don’t care what party you’re in if you have committed this heinous crimes you deserve to go to jail.

  • meadows mt wilson


  • Teddi Goldstein


  • Jeff Hopkins

    Gotta love new York

  • Mark Hughes

    The NYPD’s chief is James P. O’Neill. Any particular reason you couldn’t use his name? After being in public relations and journalism for over 30 years, I’ve learned not to trust articles that totally rely upon unnamed sources.

  • Brenda Echtle

    I think everybody that was connected to this in congress wheather thier liberal or republican should be arrestedthe law should
    share thier names with the public. This is disgusting.

  • Georgia Girl

    This is an old article reposted. James Comey is no longer FBI director. I read this article sometime ago, a year at least. Obviously, nothing will happen because its the Clinton’s, specifically Hillary. God will deal with them.

  • Marcia Hyer

    why are they not in prison, so deep day light has to be pumped in. But not let out ever!!!! NOT EVER!!!!!!!

  • CaMaven

    I’ve been hearing this for a year and nothing’s happened. Powerful forces are preventing it.

  • Mary George

    Why is Trump ignoring this?Why is Sessions ignoring this?

  • Joe Pagan

    What is the name of the NYPD police chief? It’s important to know because anyone who shares this article will be attacked for spreading “fake news”

  • Zorro17