Obama Meddles In French Election To Stop Marine Le Pen Win

Obama interferes in French election to prevent Marine Le Pen win

Barack Obama has been caught interfering in France’s presidential election, despite the recent scandal about alleged Russian interference in the US election. 

Obama gave Rothschild candidate Emmanuel Macron his endorsement, just days ahead of the final vote. Polls show that Macron is the only person standing in the way of anti-EU candidate Marine Le Pen from winning. Has Obama’s endorsement put Le Pen’s potential victory in jeopardy?

According to RT: French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron has made excerpts from a private call he received from former US President Barack Obama public. Obama’s office has denied that the call, made just before Sunday’s election, was meant as an endorsement.

Macron released an abridged recording of the call, which was made on Tuesday, on his Twitter account.

In the conversation, the former American president wished Macron “all the best” and advised him to work hard all the way through the campaign, because the last few days may make all the difference.

“I will fight till the last minute. And we will keep it in touch and our teams will liaison in order to organize a new contact and see how to work together if I am going to the run-off,” the French candidate replied.

Polls forecast that Macron will be pitted against right-wing challenger Marine Le Pen in a second round of France’s presidential election.

It was not immediately clear how exactly Barack Obama’s “team” was helping the Macron campaign. The ex-president does not currently hold any elected office, but remains widely popular in America’s Democratic Party, which is still reeling from a demoralizing surprise defeat in last year’s presidential election.

The release of the phone call comes as the current American administration is still being accused of winning the oval office with secret help from Russia. Trump has lost several members of his team over allegations that they had undisclosed contacts with Russian officials during the election campaign.

Obama’s office said his call did not constitute an endorsement of Macron.

“President Obama appreciated the opportunity to hear from Mr. Macron about his campaign and the important upcoming presidential election in France, a country that President Obama remains deeply committed to as a close ally of the United States, and as a leader on behalf of liberal values in Europe and around the world,” his spokesman Kevin Lewis said.

“An endorsement was not the purpose of the call, as President Obama is not making any formal endorsement in advance of the run-off election on Sunday,” he said.

Politico cites a source as saying that the call from Obama was made at the request of Macron, who wants to keep France’s policies in line with the former US president’s globalist vision. Vox says that Obama apparently hasn’t been in contact with any of the other French presidential candidates.

It was clearly an endorsement, and it was clearly a case of election interference ten times worse and more blatant than that allegedly carried out by Russia.

Congress should launch an investigation.

  • John C Carleton

    Give him some cocaine and ping pong pizza, he will get distracted.

  • Jimmy James

    I just hope the French are hep to his being a total moron with evil intentions.

  • Ron Wheeler

    If the French realize that the US is a bully, terrorist supporter, terrorist and outlaw, this endorsement should backfire in LePen’s favor. Possibly Obama did this to sabotage Macron’s chances. What is seemingly support is really a kiss of death.

  • Black Swan

    Lets keep defending our progressive psychopathic values! ” Everything is backwards, every thing is upside down. Doctors destroy health, Attorneys and Lawyers destroy Justice, Universities destroy Knowledge, Governments destroy freedom, the Major Mass Media destroy Information, Religions destroy Spirituality and the Central Banks destroy the quality of Life itself.” Michael Ellner

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    I cant believe we pay taxes to protect and feed Berry the embarrassment?

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    Obama tried telling the British to stay in the EU. Naturally, the British people (unlike their government) refused to take orders from some stray American. I suspect the French will be no less dismissive.