Obama Urges Undocumented Aliens To Illegally Vote

Barack Obama has gone on record encouraging illegal immigrants to vote in the United States presidential election.

Barack Obama has gone on record encouraging illegal immigrants to vote in the United States presidential election.

Appearing on MiTu, a YouTube channel aimed at Latino millenials, Obama was asked by the host Gina Rodriguez if undocumented immigrants should be fearful of voting.

But rather than setting her straight and telling her that voting is a sacred right of citizens, and if you are an undocumented immigrant you are not a citizen, Obama actually encourages illegals to sneak into a booth somehow and vote.

How desperate are the Democrats? As the polls tighten and Hillary’s campaign lurches from one scandal to another, the president of the United States, making the rules up as he goes along, is urging non-citizens to vote.

Angry Public Reaction

Users on Twitter reacted in anger after the video was published on Friday.

Geoff Dunbar posted “and to think this is the opinion of the person who holds the highest office in the land! Unbelievable.”



Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Mira

    disgraceful, shows how desperate they now are. I suspect Trump was the straw man in this election, and was never meant to get this far.

    • charles17121

      Mira = obama shill throwing more BS in the game to see if it would stick . Keep drinking the obama and Hillary Kool Aid !

  • Deplorable Patriot

    Makes sense….this criminal who has held a position illegally for the last 8 years, is telling other criminals (a.k.a illegal immigrants) to continue committing their crimes by voting for a seasoned, Democrat female criminal mastermind!

    Time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

  • mike

    Impeach Obama the Muslim & hater of USA

  • Marge

    The 33 seconds you are showing are being taken completely out of context. If you watch the ENTIRE interview, or at least from marker 3:20 to 4:40, he specifically specifies about the importance of LEGAL citizens voting especially if they have undocumented friends or relatives. He is NOT encouraging undocumented people to vote.


  • GodwinsLawyer

    well, trump has aliens on his payroll — Giuliani, for one.

    • charles17121

      Staying true to your name just like most lying Lawyers !

      • GodwinsLawyer

        you think NosferRudy was born on Earth?

  • dianecee

    How many Americans are still willing to pay taxes?

  • jfkjax

    Encouraging the violation of law, and pledging no actions against those who break the law is an impeachable offense.


    “The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.” – Joseph Stalin https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/522b0dc5aa9ad174c8eb6d877d573b95de80823025741f42d65298a91e9e5620.jpg

    • Alabama Mothman

      Soro’s needs to wake up in prison or …

  • Reggin Mudd

    More fire for the “manipulated election” that leads to Obama nullifying the results. IMHO…

  • Christopher Pearson

    The “U.S.” referenced here is the “U.S. Incorporated” Crown colony whose American mercenary force is doing the business of Globalism and New World Order interests which involve all of the news we see. Constitutional United States has long been infiltrated by these interests as they are infiltrating all the other battlegrounds we are witnessing today – battlegrounds that are working out an agenda to destroy sovereign nation status and bring the world under a one world hegemony that’s got nothing to do with the American people.

  • yep

    obama you fu*k you days are numbered, you are going to jail you as*hole, period

  • Matthew Nelson

    Our country has come to this anarchy, this buffoon of a president urging illegal aliens to actually vote. He needs to head off to prison along with hillary ASAFP.

  • Doug Graham
  • Alabama Mothman

    Obama gives Trump all the evidence he needs to call for a case for vote rigging.

  • Defiant

    It’s just remarkable that there are no consequences for this kind of corruption. And if we think Obama is bad…just hope Hillary doesn’t get elected.

  • Jay Dillon

    For this alone he should do a good ten years in prison, no good time. We know very well he tried his hardest to steal the election for Hillary, and he probably made millions of dollars in bribes by that one simple statement.

  • Gabby

    Obrainer has no regards for U.S.A. law. You are suppose to be an expert on Constitutional Law. Go read it again. You must be a citizen to vote. If you become an inmate say good bye to your voting rights. Obrainer why would you go on t.v. and LIE. Why are we giving benefits to illigal aliens? lt’s illegal. How about following the law!