Expert: Organic ‘Robotoids’ Are Real And Have Infiltrated U.S. Politics

Expert claims organic robotoids have taken over US politics

Organic Robotoids – artificial intelligence designed to look human –  are not only real but have infiltrated U.S. politics and Hollywood. 

According to Dr. Peter, Organic Robotoids were discovered by Russian scientist purely by accident. reports:

There is a tons of information about these robotoids in Dr. Peter’s letters on this site:

If I remember correctly the Robotoid stuff in Peter Beter’s audio letters begins on number 45 and then Dr. Beter tells about these almost every letter after that.

Then I list some information about these clones and synthetics:

What if you were to discover that certain individuals in government, corporations, military, academia, media, and the alternative research community are either reprogrammed versions of their former selves or artificial beings entirely? What if you learned these were under the complete control of covert forces possessing a vested interest in manipulating society?

And then some Nicki’s weird performances like the “double” is in malfunction or something. And if you search more about this topic, it is the main characteristic of a clone, that it doesn’t work properly and it may start to malfunction over time:

Here some robotoid collapses on live TV-Show:

And then we have a conspiracy, that Eminem is cloned and here the clone is malfunctioning on live TV-Show:

  • ottospooky

    There are humans in politics and the music industry that herd sheep perfectly well. Millions of dollars’ investment in ‘robots’ to try and do this job seems – to me – a touch far-fetched…

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  • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

    Abso-crapola. That strident narrator in the first vid kills it for me….

  • Anne Felippe

    read the book The Silent Corner……