Pedophile’s Decapitated Corpse Found On Judge’s Doorstep After Bail Hearing

The decapitated corpse that was found on a judge’s doorstep in Dallas, Texas has been identified as belonging to a notorious pedophile who was recently allowed to walk free on bail by the judge, according to reports.

The decapitated corpse that was found on a judge’s doorstep in Dallas, Texas has been identified as belonging to a notorious pedophile who was recently allowed to walk free on bail by the judge, according to reports.

William Smith, 28, from Dallas, Texas was discovered in the early hours of Tuesday morning, decapitated and slumped against the front door of the judge who had granted him bail in August.

Smith was arrested last month following allegations by his then girlfriend that he had raped her 8-year-old daughter.

After a police investigation in which Smith was found in possession of child pornography, he was arrested on two counts related to child pornography and one count of child molestation.

After being charged, Smith walked free from the court after the judge controversially ruled that he did not pose a threat to the local community, and he raised the $30,000 bail required to trigger his freedom.

The alleged victim’s family said they were “shocked” that Smith had been allowed to walk free from court.

“Gangland-style execution”

Smith was awaiting trial for his crimes and was awaiting a court date which was due to be scheduled for later this year, however it seems that somebody from the local Dallas community decided to take matters into their own hands.

The judge, whose name has been withheld, was woken at around 3am by his “frenzied” barking dog. When he went outside to find out what his dog was barking about, he found the decapitated body of the man he had allowed to walk free slumped against his front door with the severed head left on the steps.

Investigating officers described his death scene as resembling a “gangland-style execution“.

A local resident said of the horrific discovery that finding a headless body was an “unusual” occurrence: “This is a nice area.This is the kind of thing that usually happens in mob films, but not around here.”

Dallas police say they are currently “following leads” but have yet to make any arrests for the murder.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  • Tim Burrows

    disgusting, all these folks were trying to do was get ahead.

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      OOOOooooo! lol!

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      I feel a bit guilty laughing at this, but….

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        i’m trying to not laugh my head off

      • peacenluv80

        Don’t feel bad. its a fake story.

        • Dierk Wharton

          I wouldn’t feel bad if it were a true story, it’s a nice uplifting fictional story to say the least.

        • Dime

          Says the whore.

    • Mikael Jackson

      Heh, took me a second.

    • Jesse Gambill

      He was in way over his head

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      • John Ladurini

        Someone took care of that problem it appears!

  • kenneth keen

    This no doubt happened in America….not the type of place you would want to live in. Specially dangerous at night.

    • Carla Shellenberger

      I’d say it became much safer, the guy who was killed was a sexual predator. Justice was served to him and the judge who allowed him to walk free.

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

      No, knucklehead. ‘Dangerous’ for pedos in T E X A S …..Get it?!

    • sandy daniels

      where the hell are you from? England?

      • Karen Scott Hansell

        He posts on Disqus to numerous articles, with the same phrase “America… not the type of place you would want to live.” He also advertised something in another ad on Disqus that would be paid for in Euros. So he is from Europe somewhere, but not Britain. They use pounds.

        • sandy daniels

          Regardless he is an arrogant idiot probably from france they are the most arrogant buggers in Europe. Funny how they are so arrogant when twice we had to save their pathetic butts…. but that’s europian gratitude for ya

    • Karen Scott Hansell

      Did you not read the article, or are you geographically challenged? TEXAS is in the United States. The U.S. is a very large country with many cities, suburban and rural communities with a wide range crime statistics and varying demographics. I know for a fact there are pedophiles in Europe too. I noted that you have made a few comments on Disqus where you say “America… not the type of place you would want to live in.” I see you advertised something for 400 Euro. So where is this lovely place you come from? What is it really that you have against America???

    • JeremyB

      Fake Story, never listen to a Blog

    • kenneth keen

      We all knew it – America! And look at the replies! These people need to have a wall built around them and then Mexico could sleep safely at night! Build a wall and then next would be a filter we can use, so that nothing more of the sickness of what they call USA gets onto the internet.

  • Bryan Doyle

    Wow Justice Texas Style! Yes Haw!!

    • peacenluv80
      • Johnny Sierra

        Too bad that you have to educate everyone on this. I always research these stories. It takes all of 5 minutes to determine if it’s fake or not. Most people just automatically comment.

        • Sean Goodspeed

          Well done captain research first 5

        • Stumpie

          The search for truth has all but died, no nobler cause except the pursuit of knowledge and fear of the Lord is the beginning of all knowledge!

      • Pastor Wanda D. Cleckley

        Why…life as we know it is changing. People are tired

      • larsjustinen

        The 9th commandment is utterly ignored by this generation. (Thou shalt not lie.)

        • Jarrett Murray George McDonald

          when is ANY commandment followed? oh that’s right, NEVER

          • Kenny

            So I guess you’re a murderer, thief, and cheater? Turns out that 99% of people follow the commandments 99% of the time.

          • PeachBlossomTea

            because they are not pieces of shit. do not have to have god or believe in a silly book of fables to be a good person.

          • Kenny

            “Good person” is a subjective term. In some cultures it’s morally good and acceptable to perform honor killings, street justice without due process, execute gays and still be considered a good person. But I think you mean “good person” as in reference to Judeo/Christian principles but you’re too stupid to realize it.

          • Patrick Lavender

            How can being a perverse sexual deviant make you a “good person”?

          • Rhonda Hedrick

            Maybe not, but you sure do to make heaven your home.

          • Patrick Lavender

            The bible has been proven over and over again to be factual in all of its events. Non biblical resources have also proven it. Don’t be a fool. Constant evidence is unearthed to confirm biblical accounts and places… You may ignore it is you like, but to run your suck about it being a total lie is simply being dishonest, which is breaking at least one commandment.

          • Dime

            You are an idiot. Nothing in the bible has been proven false. It has been proven it could of happened. Never confirmed never denied. Unless you lived 2000 years ago, and seen it first hand, all you can do is either believe or not.

      • Edward_J_Stosal

        People still use Snopes? Even Snopes has been Snoped. It would be nice to see justice though like that

        • amindofitsown

          Original local news source: nothing about the victim being a pedophile, or the head being found on a judge’s doorstep. At least research a bit before dismissing a page outright

          • Jeremy

            Uh. This link is to a Mississippi article.

          • amindofitsown

            Right, the original picture wasn’t from Texas, it was from Mississippi

          • amindofitsown

            If you look up the link on a computer or desktop browser, you’ll see the scene in the video that the picture was taken from

          • amindofitsown

            The shot in the YourNewsWire article can be seen at the :25 second mark in the MSNews video

        • Walter Hewitt

 is run by a very liberal team of amatuer investigators who depend heavily upon the internet to fact-check stories for their accuracy and truthfulness… They have, indeed, been caught more than a few times in not rendering reliable investigative conclusions… In the eyes of many, they are are not trustworthy — to say the least, they are neither infallible nor expert investigators.

          • ResponsibleCanadian

            Snopes is a hell of a lot more reliable and has a far better record than 99% of individuals posting things they come across on the internet.
            But nothing is infallible.
            It’s a great start for anyone questioning the authenticity of a post. They can always pursue other sources for confirmation.

          • Yankeetraveler

            Snopes has been found to be operated by a husband and wife team with no more investigated talent than a 6 year old. They were deemed reliable by obama because of their constant throne licking. You really don’t have to search to far to find out that they are as fraudulent and crooked as the entire obama administration.

          • amindofitsown

            The Snopes article is spot on here. The picture in the YourNewsWire article appears at the :25 second mark in the MSNews video. No mention of the victim being a “pedophile”, nor anything about the head being found on a judge’s doorstep


          • jmi0112

            DNC contributors.

          • Dave Lawrence

            Your bigotry is showing.

          • 4EVERYHWH7

            THANK YOU Yankeetraveler!!!

          • Elaine Cossette Price

            Soro’s has a hand in snopes, not sure if he is a partner or what but if you watch they always lean left.

          • john smith

            Obama and his admin have been out office for some time now and your still on his dick. stfu already!

          • SBD

            We all know Obama never mentioned Bush once he was in office ,

          • Sandy

            Yes he did

          • Stefenie Godfrey

            Sarcasm. Lol

          • SBD

            Surely you can’t be serious

          • Cheryl Valentine

            These people are like a broken record! They’re going to be trying to blame Obama for everything that goes wrong for the rest of their lives!

          • Kyle Donovan

            Trump isn’t any better

          • Patrick Lavender

            The King James Bible is the infallible word of God.

          • Josh Durant

            so “infallible” that god needed this James chap to fix it for him? Everything is coming together now. Thank you so much for this post

          • ResponsibleCanadian

            What in hell has this got to do with my comment or this article?!?
            Besides that, the King James Bible is as full of crap as any tabloid you pick up at your local grocery store.

          • 4EVERYHWH7

            THE KING JAMES BIBLE is full of crap to you because “you” are full of crap” an “ONLY CRAP” comes out of you CRAPPY MOUTH that you picked up from your CRAPPY LIFESTYLE!!! IRResponsibleCanadian, you talk just like Canadian PM Justin Trudeau . . . A PUNK!!!

          • kenneth keen

            Is there a copyright on that phrase? “Not
            burdened with intellect” has never before been used in USA, if they find
            out what it means it might even replace “awesome” when trying to sound

          • jcoftexas

            Psalm 14:1 The [empty-headed] fool has said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable deeds; there is none that does good or right.

          • ResponsibleCanadian

            You bible-thumpers are such a waste of sentience.

          • Cletus

            Oops, this illustrates why bible-thumpers need their own forums.

          • dolly

            Following the money trail is always a good place to start – pay attention to who funds blm movement, and now antifa movement – yesterday ‘the female crook’ got caught donating 800,000 to antifa (clinton)- a couple of days ago, kelloggs just got caught donating one million to the blm. When you can’t find information on how much money a person/company/campaign leeches make, and snopes as well, the money is hidden – oh and forgot about planned p – what did they do with 400 million a year for 8 years?

          • ResponsibleCanadian

            Stupid people don’t know they are stupid.
            It’s the same with conspiracy theorists.
            Sheer lunacy displayed with pride.

          • Stefenie Godfrey

            Also the same with douche bags, sheer douchery displayed with pride.

          • ResponsibleCanadian

            Yes, because critical thinking is synonymous with douche while moral superiority is acquired by frequent douching.

          • Amy James

            Snopes is run by two liberals who are now divorced. They are paid to shill every story. It may not be true, but Snopes is not more reliable than 99% of individuals. I’d say they’re less reliable than 57% of people. #MAGA

          • 4EVERYHWH7

            THANK YOU Amy James!!!

          • ResponsibleCanadian

            MAGA?? LOL!
            Look- anyone parroting Donnie’s con phrase immediately disqualifies themselves from any intellectual discourse.
            You’re fired, ha ha.

          • Bassman56

            This your opinion, though, and not a fact. Who do you consider to be a fair fact checker?

          • Anne-Maree Williams

            Snopes couple was charged with embezzlement of their own company!!

          • Mollie Norris

            They don’t need to shill every story themselves; their posts come from internet searches of MSM shill news.

          • amindofitsown

            This is why you actually read the Snopes article. The picture in the YourNewsWire article appears at the :25 second mark in the MSNews video. No mention of the victim being a “pedophile”, nor anything about the head being found on a judge’s doorstep


          • Dave Lawrence

            … And they are better than NOBODY, Nobody.

          • Bronx Girl

            Snopes leans left of center every time. If they can spin it, they will.

          • dolly

            I tried to find out how much ‘snopes’ was worth financially? Could not find any information since there was so much messing around with co-worker/porn/etc – the original married couple made such a mess of their personal lives that I lost interest and couldn’t keep up. Shocking that greed took over on the guy’s part.

          • 4EVERYHWH7

            THANK YOU Walter Hewitt!!!

          • Bassman56

            I would like a link to that information. Many of my conservative friends have been saying the same thing, yet are unable to give me any info to support their statement. Help me out, please.

        • Vicki Johnson Pisel

          Yeah it would

      • Jerry Allen Test

        IF SNOPES says it’s fake,… it’s true!

        • Katherine McChesney


      • Barbara Thornley

        you can’t believe snopes they are bought and paid for by Soro’s . he only lets people know what he wants us to hear to try to run this country how he see’s what HE thinks is fit for us .

      • Katherine McChesney

        Snopes is fake news. They are liberals you moron.

      • Bob Young

        Too bad then.

      • Amy James

        too bad

      • 4EVERYHWH7 is fake!!!

        • peacenluv80

          You cannot trust just one source… Snopes is used as a tool…follow the info given to get your answers…

      • Truthhurts

        Snopes is a lying leftist site not unlike CNN.

        • peacenluv80

          You cannot trust just one source…snopes is a tool…follow the info given to get your answers…

      • SBD

        Snopes ,

        Surely you can’t be serious

      • Mollie Norris

        We all know snopes is fake – old news.

        • peacenluv80

          Hey Mollie….use your brains…do research and fact check the info from Snopes. Don’t just take Snopes word for it. I swear each generation is losing intelligence…..

    • Katherine McChesney

      Hooray for Texas.

  • mo

    they should have mailed the head to this POS judge.

  • sandy daniels

    The “judge” should be taken out of his position and never allowed to be even a janitor in the halls of justice

    • JeremyB

      fake story

      • peacenluv80

        AMEN Jeremy!

  • scud420

    Cool story. any sources?

  • dagdamor1
  • Robert Owen

    No exactly the best method but it sounds as if somebody wants the judge to understand that they need to change how they are dealing with criminals

    • Naomi Rose

      Tolerance for this kind of thing is at an all time low and judges that are lenient may find more of this. America Will clean up their streets one way or another.

      • peacenluv80

        It’s a fake story.

        • Scarlet Feather

          It should be true.

        • Katherine McChesney

          You’re fake.

          • Stradart

            Who’s fake? Reading these comments you’d think everybody’s fake… so who’s fake? One thing remains though there are more people happy about this story than 10 years ago. People have woken up to pedogate and will clean the swamp

        • Stradart

          Get over yourself

    • Iyauna Dearing

      Preach it babe

    • Nellie Price

      OR change their own ways!!!!

  • Torquil Gordon

    in a world full of LARPers ,Be a Paul Kersey

  • Alexander Scipio

    Donthca love a happy ending?

  • Jim Bowie

    That would be “Texas Justice”.

  • Ty Beard

    What an unfortunate accident.

    • peacenluv80

      It was no accident, it never happened.

  • Christolero Bandido

    This is a hoax. I can’t find it anywhere expet for here and this guy’s FB page. Asshole…

  • sittin_in_sunshine
  • nodomino

    But it’s ‘a nice area’. Zoning laws should declare the neighborhood as a decapitation sanctuary.

  • David

    hold on people, dont get all pissy and lose your head about stuff….. i mean it was probably an accident

  • JeremyB

    Too Bad this story is fake and bullshit

  • Samuel Fondren

    When courts provide injustice, vigilantism must provide justice. Good riddance.

  • Peter Bares

    The above story is a fabrication based on a burned and decapitated body that was found in Jackson, MS in June 2017.
    Source articles here.

    Follow-up here via CNN:

  • Wayne Kerr

    The police won’t be following any leads as they will agree with the outcome, but not the method.

  • Inajeep

    Even Texas has Democrat judges.

  • Markrod420

    Thats a good warning for the judge. You have to assume that whoever did that will eventually do the same to the judge himself if he keeps letting pedos slide. I personally am glad this happened as i believe all pedos should be killed.

  • Mad Trapper

    I think this judge needs to be held accountable for his actions !!!

  • Cassius Thomas

    The police are scratching their heads. Hats off to the executioner!

  • Roger Lepus

    You can pretty much bet the police know the gang that did it but won’t be working real hard to find the guys that did it. I wouldn’t. He owned it. Hope the judge got the message.

  • Janet Hamster

    I would suggest that the police not work too hard to find the perp. Besides, it’s probably like the Agatha Christie murder mystery where everyone on a train had been a victim of a person, and they all stabbed the guy.

  • Scott Logan

    This is a strange ass, if not “bullshit” story…This story says that the corpse was found on a Dallas Texas judges’ doorstep, but the police carrying the body bag, and the police vehicles are in Mississippi…Jackson Mississippi to be exact, and there is NO mention of Mississippi anywhere in this story. Mississippi is 2 or 3 states east of Texas….strange indeed!

  • Scott Smith

    The judge should be the one missing his head.

  • Huey P. Long

    Cool, let’s start doing this more.

    • peacenluv80

      That is actually awful. Would you personally decapitate someone. Actually sit there and really think about it… Anyway this story is false..

      • Kiki

        Would you sit there and watch him rape your child?

        • Ariol Limage

          Wouldn’t watch them, but wouldn’t decapitate them.

      • Jesse Gambill

        That’s awful to rape a child. Actually really sit there and think about it.

        • Dierk Wharton

          She doesn’t have the capacity to even understand what she is saying. She is probably the type that marches and parades for violent criminals and child molesters to be released early.

          • Rick

            Minimum, she’s a step ahead of you knowing it is a fake story.

      • Jarrett Murray George McDonald

        if he were doing this to my child yes. yes i would. after i tortured him for a while first.

      • Hepolito Flores

        I would with extreme prejudice..

      • Dime

        If this was 2000 years ago I would be the first to stone your whore ass, if that tells you anything. Stop posting that Snopes BS.

  • tonym

    He really lost his head over this case!

  • beckyblanton

    Thank you, whomever did this. I am opposed to the murder of human beings, but pedophiles who rape children are NOT human beings. They are demonspawn. I hope the judge got the message.

    • peacenluv80

      Demon spawn I agree but you agree it is okay to do this to someone? Either way you don’t need to answer because this story is fiction.

      • Stradart

        You’re really obsessed over this huh? Do you have a real job or is this it? You sound like a Clintonian disfonctional copy-paste machine. You’re the type that writes “love” on your business card while screwing over the clientele.

      • beckyblanton

        Is it “Okay” to murder someone? Obviously not. But people do it every day. Pedophiles are murderers. Is it okay for them to kill the souls of an average 250 children each over a lifetime of pedophilia? Judges are notorious for laxity in the sentencing of rapists and pedophiles, so many go free to offend again. I’m not for saying murder or vigilantism is okay – after all, I’m not a deranged Democrat firing on Congressmen in a ballpark, or at a Las Vegas music festival, or a Democrat cheering for the deaths of “mostly Republican concertgoers” in Vegas, or Kathy GIfford posing with a severed head of a sitting president, but given that pedophiles are the most ruthless, evil demon spawn on the face of the planet, would I be upset if a mother, father or family whose child was raped and sodomized, left with rectal and bowel issues that would shorten their lives, create lifelong trauma and mental and emotional health issues requiring thousands of dollars of health care and therapy, and result in over a million dollars worth of public funding to treat, and who might ultimately become homeless, or worse, an offender themselves…I have to say, no, it wouldn’t bother me if they did “something like this.” I don’t support or encourage it, but I have seen what happens to children who are molested, sold into child sex trafficking etc. and it honestly wouldn’t both me to see pedophiles all placed on an island and nuked into kingdom come.

  • Cuck Todd

    Right on. I mean off

  • J.r. Radcliffe

    The matter was settled out of court..

  • Honkythecracker

    Too bad the hero didn’t have time to rig a bucket to the door to spill the chomo’s insides all over the judge and his barking dog….

    • peacenluv80

      Wouldn’t have happened. Fake story. But from your statement someone should be keeping an eye on you.

      • Stradart

        You are the one who should be watched here actually.

  • peacenluv80

    You should change your motto to Rumors. Entertainment. Unfiltered. This story is not true. The body in that bodybag in your picture is Jerome Jackson from Mississippi. Fuck the internet for real.

    • Stradart

      Get a life girl. Or is it boy? Find a real job.

  • peacenluv80
    • Stradart

      You shouldn’t be too excited either. You never know what’s ahead…

  • Tiara Preist

    I think that they should just rule it a suicide and call it a day. they do that with all of killary clinton’s victims.

  • Carl Christensen
  • Kurt Miller

    Perhaps this needs to become more common, what with the imbecile judges we have these days. Also it would not hurt to add a few lawyers who aid and abet these types of criminals.

  • SAINT Brand Cannabis

    When the police and Courts are corrupt and unjust; such drives folks to murder….

  • ed2276

    Now the judge is right….the man poses no threat to the community.

  • Stewart Hyndman

    Wouldn’t it be great if justice remained blind.


    Sure, sure… due process and all that… but I don’t see anyone missing the guy.

  • Sean Goodspeed

    Got what any father would do for their children . fuck him.

  • o0o0lllll0o0o

    I like it !!!!!!!!!!

  • SteveGio

    Paul Kernsey

  • Robin

    unusual? No shit!

  • John Hoolko

    fake news

  • Jack Gamatta


    • Stradart

      It is sometimes…

      • Jack Gamatta


      • Jack Gamatta


  • Stradart

    Another Emasculated Clintonian again whining… Get over yourself. Everybody knows now you don’t count in the “real” schemes of things. Liberalism is a Illness and you’re about to be flushed out of the swamp

  • Marty McFarlane

    why didn’t they execute the judge?

  • Nellie Price

    Well well well…crime does not pay judge did you not know that? This message that was delivered to your doorstep speaks a million words! Watch out now…if they knew where to drop that piece of shit……….need I say more?

  • Buck Sunset


  • Mark Gantz

    Your Honor , on behalf of all parents everywhere , thank you for setting bail !

  • Wayne brown

    Yea Buddy!!! He wont bother anymore children..Great Job!!!

  • Marcus Rhodes

    Hmmm… I wonder when the first female gym teacher’s corpse is going to turn up in her principal’s offfice for having gotten a slap on the wrist for seducing some budding gymnasts.

  • Darin Livingston

    It would be even an greater story if the bulk of it were true. I do agree with this type of justice however. Anyone that harms a child through sexual predation should die a most horrible death for destroying innocent lives.

  • amindofitsown

    Nothing about the victim being a pedophile, nor the head being found on a judge’s doorstep

  • stan

    That’s how you get ahead in Texas.

  • James Willy

    Now somebody should kill the judge so he gets the message.

  • Denise Clinton

    Good! I doubt the cops look to hard to find the killer.

  • Walter Hewitt

    If it is a FAKE NEWS story, it is still reflective of a form of “justice” in the view of many … however barbaric it may seem.
    Judges should take greater care in their decisions and should NOT allow personally-held ideology to taint their judgements.

    If it is a TRUE news story… there are many who will feel that justice was done – not by the courts in this instance… but by some vigilante who took the law into their own hands…

    In either event, we can only hope that the rapist will never have the opportunity to commit such a crime again.

  • Jeffery Rightmire

    Good deal–

  • Chrystal Riley

    Claim: A pedophile named William Smith was decapitated and left on a judge’s doorstep in September 2017.
    Claimed by: Internet
    Fact check by FALSE

  • Snufy

    If that creep had raped my 8 year old daughter, ….well…..

  • Truman Glasscock

    The story is fake but a pedo does deserve something like that…. but death would be too nice.. publicly chop their junk off.

  • wisdave

    Suicide? 🙂

  • Jim Rohl

    That is one case I would put on the back burner—way back

  • Jim Cain

    Has to be a fairy tale! Even our media as crappy as they are would have been all over this one! As far as I am concerned, no pedophile should live to see the inside of a court room! They are the lowest in the chain of scum!

  • Rachael Auck

    Whoever did this deserves a medal not jail time

  • Ry Bolton

    Welp. Either get counseling and own the fact you have issues stemming from childhood or whatever, or die. Guess ol boy wasnt too keen on getting therapy. Thats about as liberal as I can be on this subject.

  • Sure It Is

    Excellent- could only have been made better if the head was found in the Judges bed!!! Hope whoever did this is NEVER caught!!

  • Ray Wolfe

    Murder may ass, The judge had the opportunity to do the right thing and to follow the law. He chose to ignore the law and evidence. Therefore, Texans did the judges job for him. Now, go after that crooked judge for putting the community at risk.

  • Adam Freeman

    will smith is dead?

  • mark bartosik

    Hillary would call it a suicide…

  • Estelle VonFriedmann

    I hope they don’t find who did it. That POS is no longer breathing air or a threat to any child….

  • Dave

    WOW! Great news!

  • Charles Kafka

    if the police and courts (enforcement and justice depts) don’t do their jobs,
    it’s up to the citizens to .
    they should either step up their game, or step down.

  • Bob Young

    Excellent outcome.

  • robbiedunn

    Child abuse is a life sentence for the victim

  • cunamarra

    If this story is real, this judge who has failed to know justice and protects evil at the expense of the good, should not wonder why the jungle has crept into his neighborhood.

  • Xeloda85

    “Dallas police say they are currently “following leads” but have yet to make any arrests for the murder.”

    LOL you think anyone is going to tell them that ? nah.. kudos to these vigilantes

  • George Platt

    I live in Dallas. This DID NOT happen. Baxter Dmitry is a lying sack of shit.

  • Joe Ayers

    Why not name the asshole judge?

  • Tradecraft46

    Tit for tat is the best game theory.

  • navydave

    Somehow I think this would have made it above the fold in more than a few papers. I call BS.

  • John Hosty

    Heads are gonna roll…

  • Jim white

    the judge deserve to find the dog shit on his front porch – the subliminal message on this could be – they are telling the judge he could be next

  • Chrisput

    Oh well.

  • Tiffany girl

    Whats wrong with texas? Whats wrong with the judge? This is sad that the judge didnt care enough to keep that monster locked up

  • Bacon Perfume

    Ok, I admit it. I like the initiative the decapitator took. Message to dirtbags. Message to stupid judges. Boom, Mic Drop!

  • Amy James

    I wonder how many children he would have had to have raped or viewed being raped by pedophiles and how many snuff films of children being shot in the head while men ejaculate in their mouths he would have had to have watched before a judge would have decided that he did not pose a threat to the community.

  • red raven

    Live in Dallas it’s real

  • Ace bluenote

    Either way, snoped rightly or wrongly, the idea will foment terror into the perverted minds of pedos. I could not imagine what a child has to suffer, and the pain in the hearts of a mother and father. But, since there is relatively little justice in this once great land, and really not a lick of common sense, it will suffer what it will suffer. We must all do penance for all the injustices in our Nation, or we will all likewise perish. Amen.

  • martin xxxxxxxxx

    I love with this style…
    fucking price you pay ass hole

  • Michael Dugan


  • Vicki Johnson Pisel

    Would be awesome if this was real

  • Pray Hard

    Hopefully, the police did it.

  • Jessica LeAnn Vanderford

    So it happened in Texas yet the picture is from Mississippi news channel showing something happening in Mississippi. Hmmm

  • origionalwinja

    I hope whoever did this gets away with it!

  • Angel Rodriguez

    Is the man dead?, did Somone cut off his head? Did they leave his corps on the judges doorstep? Was it in Texas? If anyone of these questions are not true then it’s FAKE NEWS but if they are FACTS then it is bonafide news. And how could I have missed this on my news channels.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Justice served and the Judge needs to take note. Message served.

  • Cletus

    Sometimes justice gets served in spite of our judicial bureaucracy. If this particular event is fake news, it’s too bad. The fake story was very uplifting. Let us call it fictional news.

  • PaC SGM (R)

    Suicide …move along nothing to investigate here.

  • Terry Roberts

    Love that Texas justice!!

  • Jack Gamatta


  • Kangaroo Caucus

    I am OK with this! Maybe he will think twice before releasing a child predator in the future

  • Buckley

    Snopes sucks

  • Bernadette Sava

    If the judges did their damn wouldn’t be necessary for other justice. Can’t feel sorry for him or the judge or his neighborhood.

  • leforteelise