Planetary Alignment Suggests Huge 9.8 Quake, California 28th May

According to YouTube user Ditrianum Media on May 28th 2015 there will be a series of planetary alignments where Venus and Mercury will be “charged up on the North-America / Pacific side” of the globe – causing a huge earthquake in California.

Nostradamus also apparently predicted the planetary positions for the day in a mysterious quatrain, where he writes:

The trembling so hard in the month of may,
Saturn, Capricorn, Jupiter, Mercury in Taurus:
Venus also, Cancer, Mars, in Virgo,
Hail will fall larger than an egg.

The video below looks why the planetary alignments may mean a mega earthquake for the West coast of the United States at the end of May.

What do you think about the predictions made in the video? Comment below.

  • Ron Kazmierczak

    i have had this theory since 6th grade n i have seen the patterns for yrs and now this man has it documented i neve stopped believing my theory n i sure support this man

    • Jennifer Murray

      I shall reply, from California, on May 29th.. 🙂

  • Aleejen Charms

    It’s bound to happen. Why not May? Give California back to the Mexicans slightly used. LOL! I do hope that it does not happen, the loss of life would be great. Peace.

    • elda

      Actually, LA and parts north are slowly moving north so it will just take part of Mexico and put it in LA and sooner or later LA and SF will be next to each other.

  • Kim Jerue


  • Awaken

    Oregon and Washington will not be affected?

  • Henny Vreeling

    How many times planetary alignments have occurred in the past with no result? It’s pure nonsense because gravity of a celestial body increases or decreases to a square, so if you approach (for instance) the moon or leave it, the gravity will be 4 times stronger or weaker when you come 2x closer to or get 2x further from it, only the moon (because it’s very near the earth) and sun (it’s at an average of 150 million km, but it’s very massive!) have a strong effect on the earth crust, all other planets and moons haven’t any gravity effect at all due to their very far distance! I’m a hobby astronomer for already 55 years!

  • DOCS

    I’m pretty sure that it’s already been determined that planetary alignments have no affect on the Earth.

    • aj


  • Catseye

    Why do people keep trying to predict horrible events? They always fail at predicting humanities end yet they keep trying. When I was in 3rd grade some kid said the world would end when he turned 19 because something or other told him so. Well I’m 36 now and the world is still spinning, the sun still rises and sets and the moon still looks beautiful in the night sky. People just need to stop seriously.

    • Kartums Pokes

      It’s for the attention they get from gullible people. Everyone wants to feel special. ^_^

      • Catseye

        LOL so true and he is getting the attention by both other gullible people and people who have actual thoughts. ^_^

    • TomInGreeley

      Somewhere in the world, every second of every day, the world ends for somebody. So technically the predictions are right.

      • Patriciaq

        He can’t be right because there is still to much in the bible that is going to happen before this big one hits any where, after all the things in the bible have come to pass then things will start to happen, there has been so many people, even pastors of churches that have predicted this to happen and it has not as of today , so don'[t worry about this earth quake worry about your salvation with the Lord

    • Mikeypoo

      But you never said if he was still alive?

  • TheBrian

    California is a Virgo state. The date that statehood for California was granted was September 9, 1850. That’s another possible, cryptic explanation of the comma in Virgo.

  • TheBrian

    I have to say that I’m impressed. I also hope that you’re wrong, and I do realize that there is the possibility that you are wrong, Frank, but this does look like it has the potential to be a reality.

  • retired actress

    Does seem like a tenuous astronomical line up. Is it not suspected that some of these major EQ’s are facilitated by TPTB who might have their finger on the button of some celestial ‘beam-maker’? Oh, wait, aren’t they into astrology?

  • vivian

    I dreamt of something like this today 2 planets causing destruction on earth and water gushing inland from the sea and it was scary and i hope it was just a dream

    • mikey

      Holy shit, i had the same dream last week…

      • vivian

        Am scared coz lately i dream of things and they happen latest one of rain causing flooding in nairobi and it happened this week. This is one is really scaring me and I pray to God that it was just but a dream.

        • Keldroc

          I guarantee you all dreams are exactly that: Just dreams. The random firings of your neurons during REM sleep do not and cannot predict the future.

          • Kitty Bridgeman

            sorry buddy but you could not be more wrong about dreams being “just dreams”….not my dreams I have had many dreams that definitely had significance & more…

          • Samira Peri

            Sorry buddy but you’re totally wrong. If dreams were in any way predictive this world would be a *weird* place.

          • Thomas

            I have had dreams that gave came to pass since I was 6 years old. Instead of dreams, you could call it vision, etc. I thought it was just coincidence for a long time until it kept happening over and over again. I also get these feelings of anxiety inside, just a heart felt feeling that something bad is about to happen. I don’t always know where, but I told a friend of mine that something major was about to happen in the world and it was going to be devastating. The next day is when we heard about the Napal earthquake… Not so sure about may 28th, but I’ve been havinubg this build up in my gut again and something is about to happen again. I pray it’s not California. I have hundreds of friends and family that live out there.
            Some people have a gift and it’s meant to be shared with others.

          • Jimmy

            I had a dream that I had to take a shit, and I did. So crazy. Omg I pray to god it was just a dream and not visions of future o my god

          • GP

            It’s coming and they know it. This Jade Helm is the prep. Most people in the USA are going to be displaced by the 9.8 eathquake on 5/28 and will be “helped” by being put in FEMA camps and martial law being invoked. SCOTUS is soon to push Gay Marriage on us and those good people who are against it will be eliminated. MARK MY WORDS. God has shown me in a dream.

          • Truthmatters

            ^^^ That’s some funny shit there! ^^^

          • rickahyatt

            Ignore those buffoons. If you have a gift, then you know it, and have to accept that others could never understand it. It just is.

      • Fff

        Me too …wait no I’m kidding

  • riksTlord

    Well it also has a name San Andreas. You can the destruction in a theater near you.

  • Tonya R Anderson

    Check out Dutchsinse.. you will be validated. He is coming from a scientific/geological perspective. He does not have your 28th day yet, however his earthquake predictions have been spot on..

    • Tonya R Anderson
    • Tonya R Anderson
      • Monty

        Does he work for the U.S.G.S. Tonya?
        Yeah, didnt think so.
        People need to grow up.

        • Keldroc

          Just what I would expect from a shill for BIG GEOLOGY!

        • Ashley

          Does he work for the USGS? Ha! Like they would tell the public if they knew something BIG was going to happen. You should be happy people are out there accurately predicting events that the media isn’t sharing. I have seen his videos and he has been spot on.

  • Bluedog

    Has absolutely nothing to do with the San Andreas movie premiere, May 29th. Hahaha!!!

    • cwhile

      Nailed it!!!

  • Doree Stone

    I would encourage interested people to look into David Talbott’s research on the ancient Polar Configuration (sometimes referred to as the Saturn myth) and Immanuel Velikovsky’s research on ancient planetary configuration of our solar system. Also, look into the web site

    • eemotion

      Yes, and in particular on this topic the work of Ben Davidson and Dr U Yen on their patterns of appearance of ‘earthspots’ leading to cyclones or earthquakes alike as a consequence of particular even right-angled planetary alignments pointing at the cymatic nature of the resonance felt with the other planets. From this morning’s news a more imminent potential delineates.

  • BeansNRice

    Congrats on learning English and buying a cool software program.

  • Lefty Blitzer


  • veronica martinez

    Why do people keep writing about these horrible events..its like december 21 2012 the end of the world oh look here we are three years later!

  • eclipse42

    Total BS!

  • Jack_Carter_USA

    We’ve heard this same scenario many MANY times before. Nothing happened then either.

  • CommonSense

    “According to YouTube user Ditrianum Media . . .”

    Really, writing an article based on a YouTube video? Wow – that’s some fine journalism there!

  • MikeofLA

    Planetary alignment has zero effect on earth for all intents and purposes. Nothing to worry about… Granted, that doesn’t mean we won’t have an earthquake, as they seem pretty random, so be prepared. Also, the San Andreas fault is incapable of producing such a large quake. More so, there are no planetary alignments coming up. Mars is opposite of the sun from us, Jupiter is a quarter orbit behind us, as is Venus; saturn is too far to make any appreciable impact and Mercury is too small.

    • Anon

      Actually planetary alignment can have a major effect on the earth. I’ve noticed that all the ones posting about Planetary alignment having “zero effect” are from the West Coast. Want to t talk science with people who actually understand it? Go practice with your chemistry set for a bit and come back when you’re old enough to understand.

      • Mauricio Sandoval

        “Actually planetary alignment can have a major effect on the earth.” good argument, with no backing, first off the movement of the plates are caused from within the Earth and not affected by other planets, because the san andreas fault is a strike-slip fault of the north american and pacific plate, pacific heading northwest and the north american heading west, there isnt enough stress for an earthquake of that magnitude. Chemistry set? this is geology my friend, you do not need to understand chemicals and their PH scales and what not to understand simple geology.

        • Anon

          What you are implying is that the Universe has no impact whatsoever on the rocks beneath our feet. And the chemistry set part was a joke, I myself thought it was pretty obvious myself.

          • Anonymous

            First off, Mauricio is correct, earthquakes are caused by what’s happening within the earth. There is no scientific proof that any other celestial body can cause an earthquake, it’s plain nonsense. Secondly, if you’re trying to make an argument and use ad hominem arguments as “jokes,” then you should probably stop, rethink your life status, and do something better than watching the planets for earthquakes.

      • Vlardyk Ismael

        Nope. I’ll come back on May 29 and have a laugh at your expense.

        • Stir_ the_ pot

          After watching “San Andreas” right. It opens the 29th. Coincidence?

      • Scott Carlin

        And I’m not from the West Coast

    • Tori Sim

      Earthquakes And Planetary Alignments

      • tjc360

        I want more text in this movie

  • Greg

    The computer graphic is certainly NOT to scale! Here’s the true scale of things:

    This is the reason that our moon-sun combination is ~20,000 times greater than all the other planets combined!

  • Anna Ruiz

    All i can say is God is comeing back soon,so many things are happening just like the bible said it would,,I pray for the whole world..if your not saved and believe that Jesus Christ died for you ..then i would get right with him before he comes back…God Bless every one….Amen.

    • Samira Peri

      That has been said always, doesn’t make it any more true.

    • Ryan Dale

      First if all it isn’t God that was supposed to be coming back it was Jesus. And secondly, aren’t you a little old to be believing in fairy tales?

      • Brittany

        God is Jesus. You’re the one living in a fairy tale. You really believe there is no creator behind all of this? We all have different finger prints for crying out loud. Each fruit bares a seed according to its kind. Our bodies heal themselves and know what to do when we have babies. The list goes on and on. God is amazing. We are a reflection of Him. We are made in His image, though we have sinned. He has saved us with His blood by manifesting Himself into a human and sacrificing Himself so that we could live freely in His name. AMEN. Have a baby, grow a garden. explore the world, ask God to show Himself to you. He will. His beauty is all around us. The devil works through people who do not want to act as the hands and feet of God, those who want to make fun of people and be rude and cruel like you, but that is just the sin living within you. Be set free by the renewing of your mind. Ask God. He will be there for you. Always.

        • jennshea71

          Jesus is God’s son. Not the same entity…

        • tjc360

          So fingerprints being like scan codes in the grocery line? Maybe we are a product like cows with number tags or cases of soda and Cheetos we are purchased goods and we just don’t know it yet? But who purchased us? Hmmm…

    • Wolffarmer

      How can god ( or Jesus,) come back when god was never any where

    • tjc360

      God should proofread your posts also.

  • Heroes United

    actually he is right. we get gamma rays from other constellations all the time. they cause our own sun to shoot off gamma rays in response and waves that you can’t see with the human eye do penetrate our weakening shield more and more.
    suspisious0bserver @ youtube can prove it.

  • Nicholas Wells

    Oh good. We’ve been without a mega-disaster scare for a while. About time we had another.

    Please excuse me sarcasim.

  • Lol

    Hahahaha. Some of you people have some serious issues.

  • Carding

    If these things will happen so be it, for it is written in the book of life and it shall be done. For we dont know the time, day, and year just be prepared as always for God has a plan in our life, for he will not let everyone go astray. Just be prepared to meet Christ in the air before all these things happen. For it is just like a stage play when God the Father the Director says,” Okay lets start the play, the first thing He will do is to lift up the curtain which means those that are his saints who received Christ as their Lord and Savior of his/her life will meet him in the air before all these things happen.”

  • ZoEy BaBa

    And here is the inspiration for San Andreas, starring on May 29, 2015.

  • Kirk W. Fraser

    Planetary alignment has negligible geologic effects as the planets aren’t close enough to affect ocean tides like the moon does. If you want to explore a more serious prophecy look at my Revelation Timeline.

  • Aquarius Maximus

    (the Nostradamus quatrain they are referring to doesnt fit now )The trembling so hard in the month of may, Saturn, Capricorn, Jupiter, Mercury in Taurus: Venus also, Cancer, Mars, in Virgo, Hail will fall larger than an egg. – Saturn is not in Capricorn – Jupiter is not in Taurus – nothing is in Virgo.

  • Toffer99

    Utter bollocks.

  • William Kauffman

    I believe that Planetary alignment does have something to do with Earthquakes. Los Angeles 1971, Full moon, Sylmar quake. and San Francisco 1987. interesting clip from the Reading, PA Eagle,372565&hl=en

  • Shalomim Halahawi

    It just happens to be a planetary alignment the day before the Movie San Andreas comes out with the exact same twist? try again.. some Americans are not stupid. Some….

  • Edog720

    This from the editor in cheif…what a crappy site. “According to Youtube” – lol

  • occams_beard_trimmer


  • IJK

    Boy, the Ditrianum people are profoundly ignorant of all things to do with elementary celestial mechanics. They might just as well have claimed that the alignment is going to give us all minty fresh breath.

    • Scott Carlin

      At least it won’t be “mediciny”

  • fredwerner

    Everybody, please set an alarm for May 29th, then bombard these jerks with “never Ever EVER make a prediction again” tweets, comments, emails, posts, etc. Send it to Sean Adl-Tabatabai , , “YouTube user Ditrianum Media”, and anyone else posting this nonsense.

  • annie

    Its not going to happen! Its impossible how many planets have aligned with no result? Many!!!!!!

  • Athena Tam Hadzi

    “Spirit told [him].” What a quack.

  • Johnny

    He was predicting the release of a movie! Lol San Andreas is being released on May 28th. There was no such thing as movies in Nostradamus’ day so he wouldn’t have understood what he was ‘seeing’.

  • D.J., Yvette

    Hello, I am writing this short email because you are discrediting the
    prediction at hand that makes people aware of what might be a disaster
    to many; and being put out as a possible warning for lives to be saved
    and evacuated. Before discrediting anybody’s work, it might be wise to
    be more informed. It is a big possibility that this prediction might be
    true. I have an aunt that lives in Baja California, and has lived
    there her whole life. The locals there are quite terrified, as a whole,
    as they have been hearing a thunder/ crack coming from the hillside
    mountain they live on. This sound has just started and not stopped in days, and
    no one in their entire life (for generations) has ever heard or felt
    such a thing. Also, I have a friend in LA that woke up today feeling
    that the earth was moving under her and it scared her….

    • Ashley

      Look up the prophecy that took place in 1937. I believe his name was Joe Brandt. He speaks of what he saw and what the people looked like in the “future”. He was spot on. Anyway, he speaks of Baja California as well as other cities and also the volcanoes and some of which are becoming active at this time. VERY interesting indeed.

    • Scott Carlin
  • Steven Chisham

    At 13:50 I noticed the link that he was avoiding clicking.

    It states the how this is false.

  • SuburbanWhiteBoy707

    Is it possible for planets, (that are too far away from earth to have an gravitational effect) to effect celestial bodies that Can effect us? therefore effecting the gravitational pull of the celestial bodies that have effect on earth?? serious question, just started going to college to learn about our solar system and the universe.. Just curious.

    • SuburbanWhiteBoy707


  • blah82

    This is most definitely NOT a viral campaign for the movie San Andreas at ALL…. Definitely not……

  • HarryWiggs

    I predict…Ditrianum will be as embarrassed as Harold Camp was….;)

    • Thatsthewayitgoes

      That was my first thought … Good ole Harold

  • Eddie Queue

    This guy needs to be
    arrested by Grammar Police of the misuse of English language sentence structures
    and pronunciations, and also has a throat problem: Solution ~ must drink lots
    of water, and his brain cells has dried out triggering to have delusional
    persuasion of deceptive prophecy

  • stephen zangre

    I predict he will be right but not on the 28th prob 29th or after its bound to happen and his alignment scenario seems legit.

  • me

    Doomsday conspiracies…Such a fucking joke! After today goes by with no activity we will learn that Sept 2 we will be in another alignment that turns us upside down and all super volcano’s erupt. These so called science buffs are no better then the fucktards who sit with a billboard in New York saying the lords coming..End-times are here

  • ronald1216

    its guess work there will be no major quake today some day ya but not now its just guess work

  • Catseye

    ROFLMAO, not only was he wrong, he also disable comments on his videos.

  • Fernando

    It all bs, today is the 29th of May 2015 @2:45 pm PT. One day after nothing happens..

  • rickahyatt

    What of the stated large military movement in preparation for such event?

  • rickahyatt

    What if something ELSE happens on May 28th? What big event with true massive implications is brewing, now. If the 3 Gorges Dam goes, so do all the Walmart slave-labor factories on the Yangtze Delta, not to mention the Red Star of the CHICOM leadership. There’s reason to believe it’s inevitable over a course of time, either built-up boulders and/or trash. Not to mention some say the earthquakes now being caused are due to it’s immense weight. The end result, of course, would be in having to put all those immigrants to work in our factories, and give them the American Dream. Our own are too obese to work.

  • jossass

    Hottest girls are every man’s wildest dream )))