lets start with a link to the official police statement that they are investigating his death as a possible murder. You’ll have to produce more later, but I don’t want to overburden you. 🙂

  • glen folkard

    Work for the Khazars do we mate? Us researchers are well aware that your RICO gang has stooges to debunk and use the conspiracy crap to blur the Truth. Once we break down the Cognitive Dissonance that your crime cabal has created within us…only then can we see it clearly. There is ONE conspiracy-crime going on Jeroen. Alex Jones? We are watching him closely. Everyone has their price, even you Jeroen.

  • Shelly Kay

    WTF “it’s extremely likely that the star was killed” AND “He was definitely killed, we just have to find out who did it”
    Quite the contradiction, don’t ya think? smh…

  • LISA3347

    The ONLY people that BENEFITED from BOTH deaths is the RECORD COMPANIES! The have been MURDERING people like them for DECADES for their MUSIC! Less than 3 months after MJ’s MURDER – TARGET and WHOLE FOODS was playing their music 24/7 and MANY MANY others – as well as the BEATLES! Less than 3 months later ITUNES had all the BEATLES music for sale! They were so HAPPY they FINALLY got it that they put up a 50 story BILLBOARD downtown MIAMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRINCE & SAM COOK & MICKEAL all FOUGHT to own their MUSIC – ALL MURDERED!

  • Samuel Lawson

    Don’t insult the Illuminati by associating them with the record industry, The record industry is way more evil.

  • J Roy

    BS. The first thing they said on the news was “there appears to be no foul play”

  • Anedia Springsteen Reese

    I don’t believe he was killed bye anyone other than himself. Just like Whitney, Michael etc. He O.D. bye accident. He was seen pacing outside of the pharmacy while they were filling the prescription. That is typical body language of an addict. Being such a private person I can see how he could of kept his habit hidden from everyone. Even family. He was a wonderful artist that will be missed bye many and remembered as the icon that he was.

  • R. Meijer

    All these complot theories after an artist’s death.. too much really.. ‘illuminate record industry’ give me a break

  • Chuck S

    Stop that crap.

  • Marisol

    “They have put a crack team of investigators in place and are refusing to rule out a criminal homicide charge.”

    A crack team? Are they trying to imply something? They know that the devil behind this is Warner Brothers…

  • Calguy

    He indirectly committed suicide by over dosing on his pain meds. like my lady friend will too one day. They can no longer deal with the pain so over dose to fight the pain and knowing it will end their life one day , looking forward to it. ” Their at fault no one else” .~ Facts Man ….PS: They also buy them from others who are on them too on streets.

  • John Thomas Badcock

    No, the party was simply over and he was out of time…

  • glen folkard

    For sure, the poisoning MO fits the assassin Khazar profile. ‘They’ have taken our favourites because our favourites were willing to share industry secrets and motives. Michael Jackson never did anything sick, he was slandered by the KM before his blatant murder. This is part of their MO also. Tainting is their speciality, as is blatancy. Mirrors for mirrors for mirrors, in a tent, on the sand…on the opium, over 2000 years ago, the trick began. Our favourites are gone because they held the same secrets. We will all see soon enough.

  • glen folkard

    The music industries paymasters (banking-media-military cabal) are getting nervous is why the killings. The month of April is their favourite time for killing. Has been for a loong time. There is ONE conspiracy only folks. Forget bigfrigginfoot and space ships. They are created distractions. Ron Howard has PROVED this with on Youtube. Staged distractions, lots of em. Part of the idea is so we will be catatonic when we find out this year. A global psyop lets call it. Drop scale out and Whammy!

  • glen folkard

    While im here I will suggest we all study Cultural Marxism as an entry point into the opposite world of mirrors the Khazars have created for us this last 70 years. When we trace their money oddly we end in the Ukraine. Then we Google Maps The Khazarian Empire and bingo! So many key words here to copy and paste and research, do it and prove it wrong. I tried, I couldn’t and its true. I hated conspiracy stuff up until 6 months back when ONE lie jumped out at me.

  • glen folkard

    Great White Shark nearly eats me in half. I become UNBUYABLE. Money is a sickness. Unsickable I am also, haven’t been sick in 4 years since ol JAWS tried his thing on me. Google me and read the carnage. Youtube my name for my “Shark Attack Summary” The sooner we try and adopt ‘less is more’ the better our critical thinking becomes. Materialism is a prime distraction. As is the god awful, women demeaning porn and music industry. Sports the same..I Iove footy, but while im railing for my team the devious Khazars are hard at work on US ok. The Khazarian Mafia, Google that. Learn.

    Critical Thinking ends where Political Correctness begins, PC was formerly known as Cultural Marxism, Khazar psyop.

  • glen folkard

    I’ll even give yas the name of the SICKO ‘elites’ armed goons, they have soo shaped our lives and minds with the global psyop. CRAFT. Look them up, an Israeli false flag team. Experts..sick people. Killed 3000 on 9-11 2001’…3000 of your people. CRAFT. Wake up America you have been duped from the day WWII ended. We all have. Prince is only a deviation from the plan. Its very fluid PNAC is. Where is Cheney now? Rummy the old drunk? Those DEMONS are in Bill and Hillary now, and Obama, Soros and Zuckers, George Sr and Jr. Ronald Reagan who knew too much. The Khazars killed Lincoln also. LBJ was a Zionist traitor who betrayed JFK who the Khazar gang also killed. Matters nothing who SHOT him, the Banksters gave the nod. The Bilderbergs are the same people. Names for names.


  • Chiennoir

    What bullshit. I relegate anything with the word “illuminati” in it to the same dumpster as “chemtrails.”

  • nnej

    maybe because he was vocal about his religious beliefs him being a devout Jehovahs witness and like Micheal Jackson who btw was raised as a witness and was vocalizing his disdain for the industry was looking seriously to God before his murder, the demonic ruled music industry couldnt risk having theses artists with all their millions of fans talking about their beliefs in fear of us “the blind masses” forming the same opinions as Prince had about how wicked the world has become. So were silenced before it got out of control, they stained their reputations with false accusations and then when that didnt work they stole their music and then their lives. Think about it people do you ever wonder why an new emerging artist looks and acts and sounds so different in the beginning of their careers then transformed into someone unrecognizable…youtube has a video called the illuminati in the music industry..i’m not promoting this video for any other purpose other then to spread information and it changed how I view the world watch it or dont but the fact remains the same and thats its not hard to see just how far the world has fallen from the grace of God …

  • King Mj Jackson


    allies, the goal of this BLUFF is to expose the NWO..


  • jossass

    Hottest girls are every man’s wildest dreams http://bit.ly/1TtFjoA )))

  • crabbyoldlady

    I do believe this is satire, is it not?

  • pagliaccio sconcio

    total encampment^^^$$$ SS remember the bridge in the minn twin citys taken down in a boobytrap^^^.Same company who caused the bridge to fail leading to many deaths and 100`s of wounded the same company got the contract to build the new bridge which they did.Bid rigging!!!! coverup killoff endangering even the public.I drove across that bridge ONCE and I saw the booby trap TONS&TONS on pallets setting right in the same spot on the BRIDGE itself.The bridge was over stressed even without any vehicles on it where was the DOT? where was the goverment safety crews where were the inspectors?.Prince`s kill off will never see a court room in a corrupt as hell 2nd class system of the downed

  • pagliaccio sconcio

    when I lived in minn I was dodgeing CBS snipers and hit man every fn DAY man but than agin I`ve done that since birth it goes along with being a hughe`s.He was a frog in thier heat controlled pond they just turned up the heat and cooked him^^^ Xray gama ray satellites smart partic wireless on the nano scale with antrax built here in our labs in 911 even.try flesh eating bactrums seen that lived though that try air born smart partic controlled by RF.Try stomping me try burning me try shooting me try dragging me try marfa torusing me.Try beating me I`ve seen and been subjected to every warfare invented and know every hit man they got or can get.Howard made sure I knew and my step father whom fought the Uboat~SS on the open seas as a youth also made sure I knew the world I live in.That system won`t change no matter WTF happens just look out for the HGV`s that china/russia is building hypersonic glide vehicles that can get a nuke war head anywhere in the world in under a hour.We can`t defend from that we don`t have a agreement with china/russia on that type of weapon system.It isn`t covered by our starwars peace treatees because the weapon never goes into the high theater OR space only goes to the edge of at hyper speeds upto 7,000MPH shorter path to taget.Our long range missles are outdated to slow limited by peace treatees and we payed for that by buying from a weapon race china going MADD vs MADD

  • SandySB

    OMG let that poor man rest in peace. The conspiracy theories, ill-informed reports, it’s all so sad. He’s dead, none of this foolishness will bring him back. Celebrate the awesome man he was, not all this…

  • warhorse2010

    OMFG…just look at you all- id say the powers that be have won unanimously. “keep the masses warring with each other…” out of chaos comes order. when are you people going to figure it out? the only way we will ever beat them is to come together- stop with the infighting! Educate yourselves in history and law and learn to read the Bible- the answers are all there. you dont need to DIE in order to get to the kingdom of heaven- you have the answers and the power within you NOW. seek them out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laULDSZ30_0

  • warhorse2010

    Ezekiel 45:17

    And it shall be the prince’s part to give burnt
    offerings, and meat offerings, and drink offerings, in the feasts,(
    gatherings and parties held in his honor) and in the new moons,(April
    21st was the first day of the new moon) and in the sabbaths,(sabbath day
    is Saturday) in all solemnities of the house of Israel: he shall
    prepare the sin offering, and the meat offering, and the burnt
    offering,(Prince was Cremated on saturday) and the peace offerings, to
    make reconciliation for the house of Israel.(The house of Israel is the United States)

    Ezekiel 45:22

    “And upon that day shall the prince prepare for himself and for all
    the people of the land a BULLock for a sin offering.” (Taurus)

    Ezekiel 46:4

    “And the burnt offering that the prince shall offer unto the LORD
    in the sabbath day shall be six lambs without blemish, and a RAM without
    blemish.” (Aries)
    April 21st is also the day that the zodiac moves from the house of Aries to the house of Taurus. Coincidence? there are no such things in this life.

  • Jeda

    Prince was murdered by the people that stood to gain from his death.

    What does this have to do with racism?

    Prince, the most gifted artist that has ever lived has died, and we’ll never see another like him.

    Whoever was responsible for his death will be punished. Whether it’s in this life, or the next.

    Rest in peace brother.

  • Kayle James Reynolds

    I Knew It!!!!!

  • S_

    In the comments and discussion on this page and others concerning the death of Prince, ncerning the death of Prince, one can see how “programmed” Americans of all sorts really are, and how TPTB have us all divided-and-conquered. The predictable conspiracy-theory scripts enter the picture, and then the racial paranoia and hatred chimes-in, and so forth. But of course Prince had been killed by the Illuminati – I mean, the Reptoid Monarchy – I mean, the record industry – I mean, the CIA – I mean, “the” white man – and fuck you small-dicked thin-lipped no-ass pasty-skinned cracker and fuck you dumb chicken-eatin’ nigger and fuck you whoever else you are even though you’re “entitled to your opinion.” I myself had seen all that coming. It’s kinda ruining the sadness I feel over Prince’s death, as he was a musical genius who comes along about once per century.

    The internet has proved itself to be the greatest tool for confounding the truth and confusing the populace, keeping everyone fighting along micro-politicized and cross-politicized lines, and encouraging cowardly verbal assaults upon others, and granting issue to irresponsible discourse and disinformation. Sure, there’s covert stuff going on, and sure, “They” have killed-off those who have posed threats or were too inconvenient to Their scheme of things. However, that scheme also includes getting citizens to fight amongst themselves in endless feedback-loops of manufactured, strategized contention. “They” got us jumping to conclusions through hoops that we can’t even see.

  • Steve SC

    Oh dear oh dear…C’mon guys. Please lets try for one moment to understand one another or just at least listen and comment on things that we have experienced! As a white guy growing up in the UK I never thought or saw myself as someone who had gained any ‘special advantage’ in life. I don’t own a house or drive a Ferrari and to be honest have taken on a more healthy outlook on life where material things do not matter so much to me. I want to correct something I hear a lot from white people which is often directed to our black brothers and sisters alike which is, ‘get of your ass and get a job…or ‘don’t do the crime and your wont go to prison etc etc…As some one has mentioned on here in harsher words ‘do you know what is like to be a black person in this world? As I said I am white so the answer would be an emphatic no to that question but what I have done in the UK is grow up with black people and actually listen to what there concerns are and witness the obvious hardships they encounter in life. I used to look out of my window and see young black dudes sitting around on the wall passing the time and hear white people say they were lazy, or couldn’t be bothered to do anything! In my experience I would conclude these guys had the opportunity taken from them in most cases by a predominantly white run society! I remember driving around as a young teenager in my car thinking I was so cool driving around at night having fun etc, but as soon as I had someone black in my car the police would stop me. To all those white people who think that black people make this stuff up then think again. A black friend of mine would often drop by and we would drive around at night and I can tell you we got stopped on at least five occasions! I never got stopped when driving with other white people!!! So my point is, whilst they were just driving around like me, they (black people) were stopped by police and had false evidence thrown at them and gained a criminal record before they had even started out in life were I got nothing thrown at me. White people! I’ve seen it happen and yes however much you like to think that the police are not corrupt they are, so stop defending them! Black people are victimised and have been through time. Pick up a history book and learn!!

  • Melissa Thornton

    The comments on here are just over the top! Instead of discussing Prince and his untimely death you all are bickering about race. Can’t you see that is what the owners of this country want? They want to separate us! If you believe the problem has to do with one political party over another or one skin color over another then I have to tell you that you’re buying into the big show. Its all for show people! Did you know that it’s not illegal for our own government to use propaganda? Look up the term “astroturf.” Everything you see on the news, even the ads you see are all meant to serve a purpose. The truth is that we are all slaves to the people who own our government. They have a plan that was set in place a long time ago. It is to divide the people and to cause chaos and distractions so they can steal from us and fulfill their goals. To get as rich as possible. Don’t believe me, look up the Bilderberg group, the Rockefeller’s, etc.. Did you know that the Federal Reserve is not a division of our government!? Did you know that there is no law that states that you have to pay federal income tax? Educate yourselves and stop the childish finger pointing.

  • Jock Doubleday
  • prstewart

    Oh ffs…. this is a FAKE news site.

  • QuentonQuale

    “The parallels with Michael Jackson’s death are astonishing” Yes, they both abused drugs and died because of this. Doesn’t matter if they were legal or illegal drugs, the results are the same. Some people can’t accept that their heroes are flawed humans.

  • WhiteEagle

    Any updates on this? Thought they had it on a house monitoring video that he committed suicide via self induced drug overdose?

  • Jade

    The judge already ordered the vault be drilled in to searching for a will. But who will honestly be there to protect Everything in his vault when it is cracked opened?