Reddit Exposes Hillary Clinton Staff Trying To Frame Assange As ‘Pedo’

Reddit Exposes Clinton Campaign Officials Trying To Frame Julian Assange As 'Pedo'

A Reddit investigation has directly linked a pro-Democrat Super PAC and a tech company with employees with close ties to Hillary Clinton with a smear campaign plot to falsely accuse Julian Assange of pedophilia.

The investigation was sparked after WikiLeaks released a series of tweets on Wednesday outlining an elaborate plot by a dating website currently attempting to frame and smear Assange.


WikiLeaks also linked to a detailed timeline with documents proving his innocence and exposing the dating website as a shell company purportedly created to entrap him.

Todd&Clare, the dating website leveling the accusations against Assange, has been proven fake. It has been exposed as a shell company set up as a front to launch the smear campaign against Assange. Everything about the site is fake. They have no real members. Details here.

Smelling a rat, the Internet got involved. Redditors began to dig into the case and uncovered what they believe is a smoking gun linking the failed pedophile smear campaign to people with close personal and professional ties to the Clintons.

Using the Way Back Machine to search for archived web pages listing Todd&Clare’s address, Redditor’s found the fake dating site was listed at the same address as Premise Data Corporation, a tech company in San Francisco.

Then things became interesting. The investigators found that Premise Data’s founder, David Soloff, has ties to Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.

He boasted on his Twitter account that he recently spent an hour with Hillary’s Vice Presidential candidate.

David Soloff Tim Kaine

Responding to tweets from Redditors, he told them to expect drones. He has since made his account private, but you can view an archived page of his tweets to Redditors here.

Premise Data’s links to the Clintons don’t stop there. Lawrence H. Summers, who served as the 71st Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton, is a director of the company.  He was also Director of the National Economic Council under President Obama.

This is the same Larry Summers who also works at the Center For American Progress, a George Soros funded Super PAC.

He is also on record emailing John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Confused? A /pol/ user created a handy graphic to explain the links from the fake company attempting to smear Assange to the company filled to the brim with Clinton staff and associates. You can view it here.

The more Redditors dug, the more links to the Clinton campaign they uncovered. Premise Data’s VP of Growth and People Operations, Joanna Lee Shevelnko, is married to Russian software developer Dmitry Shevelenko, who it is claimed worked for Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

The original phone number listed by fake dating site Todd&Clare even matches the Premise Data phone number.

Smoking gun? Or just an enormous coincidence?

Is this all a coincidence, or have Reddit found the smoking gun linking the smear campaign plot against Assange to Clinton compaign actors?

A Reddit user pointed out that as the fake Todd&Clare operation was such an elaborate job (fake youtube videos, fake Facebook, etc) he doubed they would make such an egregious error as to use a real address that could be traced and investigated.

But it was pointed out that the address was only found using the Internet Wayback Machine to uncover the original address Todd&Clare registered to. It has since been scrubbed. Would they go through the effort of changing it and scrubbing the old address if they weren’t hiding something?

Another Redditor suggested that as the website was fake, they creators probably just chose a fake address – and as such the real occupants of the address, Premise Data, may have nothing to do with whole episode. But what are the chances of a fake street address chosen by a fake company accidentally landing on an office with staff like those employed by Premise Data?

The whole case is reminiscent of the South Park episode when the kids outsmart the FBI just by using social media. Is this the Reddit thread that uncovered a giant conspiracy to smear Assange in one of the worst possible ways?

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • ZincKidd

    This tells us a few interesting things: 1) somebody’s getting desperate, 2) There’s worse yet to be revealed via Wikileaks, 3) low-paid smear doctors are incompetent, and 4) Hillary’s judgement regarding such matters is pathetic, no wonder all she has to show for her time as SOS is a string of disasters.

  • Sumit Gupta

    kids are smarter than fbi….nice

  • disillusionist

    John Podesta and his brother Tony are closely tied to the Center for American Progress. Podesta founded the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank in Washington, D.C., and served as its president and CEO until he stepped down in 2011. One big happy family.

  • Alan

    Well the filthy turds already tried to frame him for rape, so this was meant to be their next step. God they’re disgusting.

  • plebeian_secession

    Soloff the bagman!

  • Team_Huli

    If Hillary doesn’t like you, you will have a sex problem. And Russia is in bed with you…

    Geez, this is getting old Hillary!

  • Lee Michaels

    Hillary and advisors showing their smarts thinking they could beat Assange at his own game…ya didn’t even get out of the blocks you morons.

  • Peter Peters

    Wow. Just wow.

    Where is the FBI? What on earth is happening here?

    Hillary and her team trying to smear enemies again. Trump – false accusations of sexual assaults. Election – fraud, violence, intimidation. Assange – false allegations of paedophilia. Talk of ‘droning’.

    And the rest. It just goes on and on. So many ruined lives because of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

    And this woman with Bill has a chance of being POTUS. The Clinton in the White House for 8 years.

    Think about that.

    I weep for America.

  • Anon

    This is bad journalism, and makes me suspect the Wikileaks twitter is indeed compromised. Here is the real suspect in this case, with evidence included:

  • yolkipalki69

    Corruption at its best…….. feels like a coupe is due any day

  • Tyler Durden

    The real crime is that choice of jacket.

  • Diane Hovinga

    Hillary Clinton has to be quaking in her boots wondering what kind of bomb Assange is going to drop on her; he promises one that will be campaign ending on Nov. 1st! As far as the smear campaign on Assange goes…just look at the one she pulled on Trump!

  • Cody Alan Reel

    I hope Wikileaks gets to tell us everything.

  • Lora J. Haederer-Verbonitz


  • Xeo

    We wonder why Obama gave ICANN away.
    It is because WE the PEOPLE are empowered by the Internet, and we are a threat to the embedded power structure that all of those a$$-clowns depend on to become rich – at OUR expense, no less.
    “But ICANN is out of the hands of OUR politicians,” you say.
    Wrong-o. They are ALL buddies, and will work in collusion to delete domain names, deny access and shut down traffic as THEY see fit.
    WE are the threat to them. But WE are many, and THEY are few.
    Hillary will continue with their perverse modus operandi. We must thwart them at every turn.
    Vote your conscience. You know who it must be.

  • Loosegoods

    Interesting too I’ve noticed how the Clinton’s themselves, not just their campaign or the DNC are super quick to blame others wrongfully for those transgressions and crimes that they themselves have in fact been and often are still involved with. Pedophilia and the Clinton? Look at the WikiLeaks releases from Wednesday, 11/14/16. There is lots of information circulating at this time, and from all that I’ve read before, I’d have to bet that it is true far sooner that I’d think to claim that it is all BS.