Rihanna: ‘If Jesus Hasn’t Answered Your Prayers, Try Satan’

While attending a ceremony to rename the street she grew up on after her, Rihanna advised an audience of children to "try praying to Satan."

The definition of stupidity is doing something over and over again when it isn’t working,” according to Rihanna, who told a group of children that “if Jesus hasn’t answered your prayers, try praying to Satan.

Rihanna has been honored by the Barbados government who re-named the street she grew up on as a child after her, and speaking at the official ceremony to unveil the newly-named Rihanna Drive in Bridgetown, Barbados on Wednesday she took the opportunity to hand out advice to young Bajan children.

I know it isn’t easy being born in Bridgetown, Barbados, it’s a struggle and you have to work twice as hard to achieve anything. You have to hustle. I’m still hustling, but I am living proof that you can do anything,” Rihanna told the children in attendance, before adding, “If you came here for tips I can give y’all the biggest one straight off.”

How many of y’all have prayed to Jesus for years, prayed with all your hearts, and got nothing back from him?” Rihanna asked the audience, comprised mostly of children and early teens. “Hands up. Be honest, it’s OK.

After a few of the children raised their hands, the Diamonds singer said:

Jesus doesn’t care about you. Do you really think He even listening? Hot tip y’all, because you are my people. Be efficient, go to Satan,” Rihanna said, before Prime Minister Freundel Stuart hastily changed the topic, and shocked parents intervened and removed their children.

The new street sign for Rihanna Drive in Bridgetown, Barbados.

In spite of the light rain, Rihanna seemed in high spirits as she attended the ceremony, smiling and waving to fans as she strolled through the streets of her hometown dripping in expensive jewelry and wearing a luminous yellow dress and huge gold hoops.

Rihanna’s Satanic preaching is merely the latest public dalliance the singer has shared with the dark side. After starting her career as a fresh faced R&B singer, she reinvented her image, embraced dark spirituality, and rode to the top of the pop game while flashing Satanic hand gestures and promoting Illuminati symbolism.

Since establishing herself in the global consciousness as a Devil-worshipping entertainer, Rihanna has attempted to tone down her dark image, however the disturbing remarks she made in Barbados suggest she is far from a reformed character, and she has openly embraced the darkest forces in society.

The incident has also sparked fears around the world that the Illuminati have moved onto the next phase of their masterplan, and have begun using celebrities to openly promote dark spirituality as a viable religious choice for those seeking guidance – and even children.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • Clayton Malcolm Jackson

    Rihanna is playing with the notion that prayer to Jesus does not really work! Satan is a myth….Too bad people of arfican decent are intoxicated by this hogwash!! Prove her wrong if all this religious stuff ain’t fantasy!

    • Hotepsekhemwe

      That’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen all week. Most devil worshipers are caucasian. Unless you are referring to the millions of “people of african descent” (learn how to spell) who are following a false white Jesus.

      • Clayton Malcolm Jackson

        Nothing looks dumber than your choice icon….Haha…The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt! Your unenvied categorization seems obvious! Where you got those statistics on devil worshipers? What year is your info from?? Ha….You must be a unique specimen of a pedantic idiot to criticize someone’s spelling on a social media forum! Were you educated in a way that suggested that you had to criticize people in such a desperate way to give substance to your unfounded and fantastic indoctrination?? It just shows the evidence of a malfunctioning or nearly exanimate neocortex. I typed my message on a cell phone with buttons that almost touch! I have piano player fingers too…hahaaa… Typos they happen to everyone, it’s weak to use that insignificant observation as a point to show yourself up as an more educated person or intellectual superior in such serious debate! I am not in grammar school, and who the fuck are you to be correcting others on social media? And in your official slave master’s language?..Huh?? You are using an Alphabet that make up the words you use to pray/communicate and trying to come off as some kind of an intellect?? The alphabet is the derivative of??..Alpha and Beta are lowest states of vibration. No point stressing about the English language, the idea is to be understood. So chill!! Too uncomplicated?? I speak over four languages, I’ve traveled over 24 countries around the world and met people you would even dream to get close to! Who the FUCK are YOU???? I am allowed to misspell a word. I do not need to be super accurate esp. when communicating with a non entity like YOU! Didn’t you realize that while typing the word descent, one can accidentally double press the d key, miss the s key, seeing that c,d,e and s on the keyboard are basically in a row. I don’t rely on a spell check like some of YOU! After a little thought. It came to me that you most likely are suffering from a case of repeated passage of feces into inappropriate places, perhaps previously inaccessible regions of your brain! Or Encopresis perhaps?? Or is it just a case of enviousness, seeing that I am free from the effects of Abulia?
        I am trying to open people’s minds, not block their minds with fallacy and superstition! And you?? You need therapy! Lot’s of fucking therapy…Damn….
        DISCLAIMER: I only guessed what your mental disorder might be based on the what my intuition tell me. So, please don’t run to your local Doc and receive any bad medication, because I may have just misspelled something! I may not respond, it’s busy season, I might be busy doing work!! I wasted enough time responding to a pure bred onager online! Really out of character for me. It won’t be repeated!! Get help man…. The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt!

      • Wombman360

        African with an upper case. Proper noun. Peace God.

      • th1gurl23

        There devil followers all over the world.. there are a ton in Africa too..

    • http://senior1938wordpress.com/ Nicasio Martinez

      (“people of arfican decent”)– I am of African decent. Any time a general statement such as you made, you open a needless can of worms. As it was in the days of Noah; so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son Of Man. There shall be a great falling away, as never before! We are witnessing this in our living days now. Darkness have covered many of those who profess to follow God’s word. Know at such a time; “Look up for your salvation draw nigh”!

      • Clayton Malcolm Jackson

        Niacasio. Thank you for your response! Yes, I said people of African descent. Guess what descent I am of? There is absolutely nothing wrong with introspection. Christianity is one of the most damaging ploys that was set upon the black man’s mind, it was intended to be used to further enslave our kind….Salvation my butt crack!! How could your former slave masters come back and redeem you, and punish you at the same time, while you are praying on your knees? A very defenseless position! Prayer….Prayer..No results, it’s not practical! If it presents the only hope for trouble souls, ok, I could understand the reason for the intoxication then. Looks like someone figured out the way you think and gave you a channel to suit your superstitious, impressionable mind and trap yourself. No results!! Look at the black situation, your faith denounces buddhism etc, but the people who worship these Gods prosper and have harmonious relationships! Yet you call these people EVIL. You know what’s evil, being poor and destitute, that when all the shit happens! Would your earthly father made in his own image and likeness see you suffering and not come to your aid?? So where the hell is he in 2017???? How long you guys been waiting for Jesus? A man from the skies with horses. Pure fantasy!!! Generation after generation. Believing in a book that has so many denominations derived from it, utter confusion, just as our state of affairs! Why is your salvation translated?? We must be a real different breed of human being to accept that horse crap..Ask yourself the questions above and think for once, not just follow due to a fear of hell or just for tradition’s sake. Do not quote scriptures to me of a translated book you don’t even understand as a reply. Let’s reason if you want to debate! Thx

        • Rebecca Edmund

          Don’t forget how Satan tempted Jesus with the riches of the world.. And how Jesus turned his offer down. Actually, through tribulations do we get the kingdom because no pain, no gain. Don’t also forget how satan tries to steal and kill, meaning he will do anything to obstruct God’s people and cause them to give up while making life rosy for his followers.. Don’t be deceived by the riches the devil offers to those who’s sold their souls to him.

          • Nigel

            2 Timothy 3 clearly says that we should expect these things to happen. “3 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, … But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.” as Christians we need to stand firm, looking up to our redeemer. Because whether you are white or black you have an appointment to meet Him.

          • Stanna Pinkowski

            Yes we need to be ready, the Word of God say not to wait to turn to Him today for a gift He paid in full for you and me, for the skeptics although we need faith there is more evidence of God’s Word then anything in History. I can list information to any willing to hear just ask. Although we all have fallen short God is that completion…He made us with a missing piece/peace to draw us to make a decision to serve Him or satan/ourselves. It will be are fault if we live eternity without Him. He wants a relationship with us and if we choose correctly we win a life so abundant it’s incomprehensible Choose Jesus and know perfect ❤️ love be with our Father for eternity.

          • Cecilia Gaines Kelly

            Everything Rebecca just said is so true. Satan shows his followers short time glory, where their end is destruction. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. That is Rihanna end if she continues to follow satan.

          • Lucifia Starborn

            Quote some more lies from the book of Lies. The bible is NOTHING but ancient myths, fairy tales and outright lies concocted to keep fearful, stupid people like you and your fellow idiots forever on your knees, frightened of every shadow, weak and pitiful.

          • th1gurl23

            Actually the bible is a real history book, everything really happened, there are a ton of evidence and other forms of history that show these things really happened. All of the kings are in other historical archives . The bible also has a ton of prophecies, that have happened , happening now and future events.. which is what makes the bible so reliable. The bible is very powerful, reason why it is illegal in many places. The bible has changed people’s lives and tells you the personality of God, how to live a life to the fullest without pain. When He is coming back.

          • Chad Laurent

            *DJ khalid’s voice ” You’re smart you’re loyal … you gone buy ya mama a house …

        • billy

          You are ignorant buddy. Christianity is not a white man’s religion. Christianity originated from the middle east

          • th1gurl23

            Its true, Jesus was a Jew and so was majority of the people in the bible

        • billy

          Further point of clarity- its like saying there are no barbers because there are a lot of people have long hair. Its only the person who wants their hair cut who looks for a barber. Im sorry for you because for some of us Jesus is real, he answers my prayers everyday, and Christianity is a lifestyle which is full of hope, peace and love. Jesus is real my friend, if you havent experienced Him then I cant blame you. For some of us we its not delusional as some people like you think. You can try to apply logic and reasoning but this is beyond reasoning. Its spiritual. For example, I cant say because I cant touch or feel your emotions, then you are not feeling pain when you are hurt. Its personal isnt it…. so is spirituality and knowing Jesus …. its personal.

          • th1gurl23

            I love your answer! God bless

        • Tom Baker

          You just have not opened your mind to the real possibility. Superstitutions? You think all this is just a freak accident of nature?

        • th1gurl23

          uumm.. you obviously know nothing about Christianity.. you get your information from hear say.. The bible teaches to get out of bondage. completely against it. The bible says to trust God not man.. there are a ton of false conversion. The bible speaks of these people whom have used the bible for control. Look at any religion they are all a type of control. Jesus said “follow me” not religion. Jesus put the pharoses down and in their place for using the bible to control others. “former slave masters”? whom are you speaking of? any one that came from the US slavery all masters are dead.. no one is alive today from that era. Prayer does work and I have seen it work and my prayers have been answered. But God is not our genie. he is not here to give you what you want. It is on His time and he knows best. You are wrong on other “gods” look at India and china ridiculously poor countries.. who worship these gods… look at islam.. look at America which is mainly Christian. Christian counties are the richest in the world.. God has blessed those the most. God is not my “earthly father” He is my heavenly Father. If you read the bible it tells when He is coming.. he said you will know the season. The bible is full of prophecy. Being poor is not evil, it is humbling. God helps those who ask for it and have a full heart who loves Him. Lets put it this way.. earth will be the only heaven you will know, for others earth will be the only hell we will know. Jesus is omnipresent He is everywhere all the time. He sees everything you do, there are no secrets. He is to big to see with our eyes. Think about it.. why is there only 1 buddihsm, 2 islam sides, 1 Hinduism, 1 mormanism and 1 of each other religion. Christianity has like 10 different.. its like that question on a test that has multiple answers.. 2 of the could be answers look alike and it usually is between those two answers. Man have used religion to control people.. The God of the bible who is alive.. just wants a relationship with you. He does not want to control you. He wants to love you. But in this world we have free will. You can accept His love or reject it. When you accept it.. it is powerful and will change you. You will have a completely different outlook on life. Salvation is where you will be for eternity, Saving you from sin. We where bought with a price. God had his only perfect son die on a cross, whom was flogged. He was beaten, and skin ripped off of His body by a whip with glass and metal attached. He is the only perfect man whom has ever lived. So that we can have a relationship with Him and not have to do “works” which is what the people had to do before He did this deed. I am very close to God and can debate with you if you would like.. I have studied and have had all of my questions answered sooo.. ping me if you want on FB

    • th1gurl23

      I am sorry but satan and Jesus are not myths.. so much evidence all around us. I have seen things from both.

  • Jeremy Peace

    Get ready to “GET LIT” Rihanna!!

    • Bonnie

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  • betty herron


  • Tami Jo Whitmire-Williams

    What a first class idiot..geez..smh!! Just stick to singing..k?

    • PittsburghGal53
      • LBB

        You keep posting that – what is it on that page that you find so fascinating? Everyone knows she is a singer…

        • PittsburghGal53

          If you took the time to read the article I posted, you’ll see that she did not renounce Jesus at
          all, and NEVER told kids to pray to Satan…so this article is phony bologna. If anything, she expressed gratitude to God.

        • PittsburghGal53

          The point is, according to the second article, that she never advised youth to abandon Jesus for Satan…

    • Pickle

      she can say what ever she wants lol

      Person first, singer second.

      • th1gurl23

        She was speaking to influential children who look up to her.. So you think it is ok for her to say.. pray to satan? give your soul to satan?

        • Pickle

          Yes, and its also not real. This isn’t a real article, none of this actually happened. Takes like 2 seconds of research to find that out. Can’t even be fucked to use google could ya? So much knowledge at your fingertip and you choose to remain ignorant.

          • th1gurl23

            This article does not effect me.. So to be ignorant of a singers words. Who cares.. But stuff like this does happen.

          • Pickle

            obviously it does since you commented, and even if people do, one of the great things about America is 1. Free speech, and 2, we don’t have a national Religion, not everyone believes the same shit you do. Its not even that hard of concept to grasp lol. Its crazy how simple everything is.

          • th1gurl23

            I mean sure what she said bothered me… But not enough to investigate if it was true.. I comment cuz its fun to creat dialogue . i agree with your last comment. Freedom is the key..

  • Godschild

    Some people prefer burning in Hell for eternity rather than live in Paradise for eternity . I chose Paradise myself and this witch can jump off a very high cliff !

    • Linda Hughes

      That’s not very christ like saying someone should go commit suicide, I know we are all human and fall short but remember we aren’t the ones supposed to do the judging

      • Terry Grimbeek


      • Carol Carey

        We are called to be fruit inspectors. We judge the character of people and in this case judge the character of the woman giving ungodly advice to children and teens. With those words spoken she is deceiving the ears of the young and setting them up for the broad road that leads to hell. We don’t know the intents of people’s hearts but we certainly must judge situations to make the right decisions in matters concerning our own character and behavior.

        • LEV™

          Bwahaha. Fruit Inspectors huh??? lol

        • PittsburghGal53
          • th1gurl23

            Carol is right.. we are called to judge others..

          • PittsburghGal53

            I don’t like Rihanna, heck, I don’t like Hollywood and celebrities in general, BUT if you read the article, you’ll see that she did not renounce Jesus at all, and NEVER told kids to pray to Satan…so you’re judging based on false statements. If anything, she expressed gratitude to God.

        • Stewart Walrond

          The article is not true, I listen to her speach. She spoke of her faith in God which helped her in her difficult times.
          You cannot believe everything people write. What is the writer’s motive.
          I live in Barbados.

        • Godschild

          Yes there is such a thing called Righteous Judgment but these ungodly people don’t get that . But it is nice to see that some do . I pray for Rhianna as we should but that don’t mean she ain’t headed for Hell if she don’t change her way just like for a lot of you , but then from what I have seen in 60 years a lot of people are and will willingly walk into the FIRE . Oh but for those who think I am going there ? Ha I got Yahshua ha’ Mashiach and baby that is my ticket to eternal life and it can be for anyone who desires and repents and comes to the Lord Thy God ! By these comments it just gives credence to what I was saying ….God Bless all you haters of the Words I pray for you . Now watch them seethe out of the woodwork !

          • GlobalBaje

            You do realize this article is fake news??!?!?!! Yournewswire is known for fake news!!! Be more responsible in condemning others based on untruths. You sound silly!!!

          • Godschild

            Hey guess what ? I could careless what you think because you are the one speaking from your rear end why dont you try and do some research and find out who she is and what she is . She is everybit a part of the Illuminati and the Globalist Elite you know the ones destroying America or is it that you really don’t care ? Nah you’d rather make ignorant snide comments when you know absolutely nothing about who you are talking about .

          • Godschild

            ok snowflake I see you are just another one with a implanted head

        • AXV

          Your bible…Your god, specifically says NOT to judge others. It is for your god to judge. Not you, pathetic small humans, who are incapable of perfection and commit sin, every time you think! Judging others is a SIN. YOU NEED TO REPENT! YOU need to read the bible because you are being a hypocrite. Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, “Let me remove the speck from your eye”; and look, a plank is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. (Matthew 7:1–5)

          • https://www.etsy.com/shop/akitschisjustakitsch JustaKitsch

            You did not even read the scripture you posted!

            Having REPENTED we are then called TO judge once the plank is free from our own eyes!! …we are Always to use discernment!!! Once we can see CLEARLY, having REPENTED, we are TOLD TO JUDGE but judge rightly.
            Matthew 7: Simply speaks to being careful when we judge, judge, but not hypocritically. When we judge we are to judge with righteous judgement.

            Matthew 18:6
            But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

        • https://www.celticchat.org Alex Nuta

          God gets to judge.
          You get to STFU.
          Especially if she didn’t actually say any of that at all in real life. It’s lies, pure and simple.

      • KhaleesiBlaq

        We are told to judge..

        1 Cor. 6:2 “Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?
        6:3 Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?
        6:4 If then ye have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church.
        6:5 I speak to your shame. Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you? no, not one that shall be able to judge between his brethren?”

      • Ashley


      • Godschild

        You don’t know the Word very well if at all do you ?

      • Godschild

        Have you ever heard of a thing called figure of speech ? Oh no that’s right because ignorant people can’t see through when thir head is stuck in their rear end . Now tell me about how I judged you by telling you your head is implanted and then I will respond by saying go put on your diaper and sit in a quiet room and snibble .

    • Tanya Ramos

      Matthew 18:6 If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.
      Now that’s what the God almighty says but our job is to pray for them to repent of their sin God loves them too..God has the final word

      • Leeboy

        LOVE this enough said

    • PittsburghGal53
      • Godschild

        I don’t condemn I don’t need to condemn the Bible does it all by itself ! Maybe you should try reading it you will be surprised how much Christ enlightens a soul .

    • Anita bartonBechthold


    • Lucifia Starborn

      Godschild – what a proud and boastful name, guess you WILL be burning in Hell after all for the deadly sins of Pride, Arrogance and Egotism.

      • th1gurl23

        people don’t go to hell for that.. people go to hell for the impartible sin: refusing Christ.

      • Godschild

        Nope been washed bought and sold in the blood of the merciful Christ and you had better do the same or Judgment awaits you pal!

      • Godschild

        Nah Tahshua ha’Mashiach saved me by His Grace . You will see someday you will see and I hope it’s not to late for you !

  • Lisette Verri

    while im sure that rhianna is luciferian, this website is fake news. i have zero tolerance for fake news. it doesn’t help the cause, it hurts it. time and time again these posts are shown to be completely false.

    • Cliff Annor

      Why did you read if you know it’s a fake website? I guess you’re fake

    • Paloma Genios

      How can you speak out of both sides of your mouth? ” ….I’m sure Rihanna is luciferian…[but].this is fake news.”?….so pray tell, on which days does she only turn on her Lucifer. .? Only on CNN interviews.?

      • Danielle Arneata Barnes

        Great reply

      • Kathleen Van Zandt Grant Bye

        Apart from your dreadful grammar, it is easy to find what Rihanna really said on youtube and she didn’t mention Satan. It may be that she’s satanic but, at least in this one speech, she didn’t mention Satan. That’s all Lisette Verri was saying.

    • Marcus Garvey ll

      I do not know if the report is true and correct, but it is evident that Rhianna is just another slacker promoted by the Capitalists, mostly at the expense of the dull, poor and ignorant. It is all about money and it is shameful that the Barbadian government has seen it fit to honour such a indiscipline person.

    • th1gurl23

      How do you know it is fake?

  • Pamela Evans Gerry

    Hey Ri- James 4:3. (Don’t let the Book burn your hands, Baby.)

    • Jamie Meekins

      Right on Pamela Evans Gerry

  • Terry Grimbeek

    satan is the god of this world, we should how ever NEVER teach our children that he answers your prayers as he is the great deceiver, Jesus your will be done. These are all signs and things that must happen for the end times to come, this is all prophecy coming true. This is all antichrist and spoken of in the Scriptures of Revelation

  • James Johnson


    • joseph ray

      Why aint you famous or wealthy???

      • Pickle

        not everyone wants that life cuh

  • Idk

    If i didn’t hear it from her mouth i can’t say shidd

    • Mary Adams

      go to u-tube and you can watch her say she is

  • Paul Duffy

    Fake news.

  • morpheus1994

    Depends on which God and which Satan you’re talking about. One man’s god is another man’s devil…

  • rjh4elohim

    Wow! Uum, fake news not withstanding … Most of Hollywood apparently are Luciferian servants, living voluntarily — the worst Slavery ever. This is the Truth: “Jesus” is what REVELATION warns about: “The Great Delusion,” Invented by the Romans (now RCC, or Cath. Church). A Delusion cannot answer your prayers! So, now what! Read up on the History of the “church,” which is what the “bibles” do not tell you. THE TRUE MESSIAH IS A HEBREW JEW Named after our Creator/Father, YAHUAH/(SALVATION) IS GOD (God is a title) … And MESSIAH IS YAHUSHA, Meaning, YAHUAH IS SALVATION. Messiah said, “I CAME IN MY FATHER’S NAME, [and His people didn’t receive Him], ANOTHER WILL COME IN HIS OWN NAME, AND HIM MANY WILL RECEIVE.” So now, You who love “God,” seek Him in Truth, “STUDY TO SHOW YOURSELVES APPROVED TO THE FATHER…” OBEDIENCE TO THE COMMANDS IS “THE” MOST IMPORTANT THING! DO NOT LET THE RCC TELL YOU TO NOT FOLLOW FATHER’S LAWS — That’s been a Luciferian lie since Genesis! TESHUVAH: REPENT & RETURN TO TORAH IN MESSIAH YAHUSHA’s NAME!

  • Lee Davinci

    Y’all actually believe this ? Fake news .

  • PittsburghGal53

    Again, Yournewswire offers no source for these allegations. Come on, guys, who would share this swill?? Now, with just a DuckDuckGo inquiry, this is what I came up with, and it is nowhere what you reported…https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/rihanna-shares-touching-message-after-barbados-unveils-rihanna-drive-news.40261.html?_amp

  • boblion


  • John Peter


  • Evan Evanov

    I read the comments and all i see is religious freaks . I am really amazed that they are not extinct by now – Lucifer Jk Jk its me 😀 😀 😀 but truly are ppl still belive in god or whatever that much pff if God is real i will start beliving in Santa again 😀

    • Tom Baker

      Where did all this begin? Who started the universe? You REALKY think all this is just some freak accident?

  • https://www.facebook.com/CleanAirFoodWaterFreeEnergyHealthcareEducation/?ref=br_rs BayNative


  • http://www.JuliaClark.org/ Julia Clark

    Vid or it didn’t happen.

  • Ronald Hodges

    I hate that song that she sings that samples Carlos santana, when I hear it is cringe it agitate the he’ll out of me I know hate is a strong word but there’s something about Rhianna that makes me uneasy…there a reason why Chris Brown beat her ass way back then

  • Antonella Ercolani

    Nice reverse psychology there!!! Lol convincing people that they follow Lucifer or Satan to run back to the psychopath warmongering (like the elite) Yahweh and jesus and give these vampires energy LMAO

  • Anthony Tysher Ray

    Fuck Satan, fuck god. Im neutral…

  • clarioncaller

    Now we know why she got the crap beat out of her.

  • Matheus Mercier

    Satan is the answer

  • Dustin Cucunato

    Wow, a LOT of incredibly gullible people on this post. Don’t believe everything you read. Especially on the internet. (Or in a bible, for that matter.)

    • Tom Baker

      This may be a fake report but she is a satinist

  • jeweettoch

    Again no source..

  • Justin Yearwood
  • billy

    If she said this… mark my words, unless she repents she is going to fall ……

    • Tom Baker

      You’d be amazed how many musical artists have sold their soul for success, most of them. Look up what Michael Jackson said before they killed him

  • Kiana Greenleaf

    I hope you all realize that this is a satire site…

  • linda camac

    This woman bows to “Satan” every time she orders an animal to have it’s skin ripped off it’s back to adorn herself! Tethered, these animals are skinned while alive — conscious and screaming — all fur farms! Although I don’t believe in Satan or much of anything this lady better pray that Karma isn’t coming for her!

  • Richard Rosario

    Christianity is superstition. There is no devil…just a whole lot of superstitious fools. LMFAO! Idiots may fear. People with a brain laugh at the foolishness of the faithless. They hope and hope and it’s all placed on a fantastic, stolen, mythical story. Every religion claims its true…none of them show even the smallest hint of actually being true. They are just a set of ridiculous beliefs a 5 year old child should be old enough to know they are bullshit. Article’s veracity or not.

  • Roger Legacy

    There will always be The Defiant Tails who spend their entire lives trying to Wag the Dog.,,,,,,,, By kicking the goads, they are only harming themselves,, Acts 9:5

  • disqus_TfNievNKqx

    The headlines on this site are so legit. “Jay-Z Caught Shapeshifting On United Airlines Flight To LAX” “Time Traveler From 2028: Trump Will Win 2020 By Landslide” “Real Life Mermaid Filmed Being Pulled Out Of Lake”

  • Paul Bird

    Prov 15:2
    the mouth of the [self-confident] fool pours out folly.

  • Bro. John Musilla

    these are demons masqurading as humans – children of satan leading others to eternal hell fire – Children of God rebuke sin – live holy – come out of all worldliness & live a set apart, holy & righteous lifestyle filled with the Holy Ghost of heaven –
    Worship the LORD JESUS CHRIST – ONLY HIS BLOOD SAVES – cry aloud now & spare not – the LORD JESUS CHRIST IS NOW COMING – be bold – speak out – preach the truth & do not be ashamed or afraid – we are now at the finish line- give GOD your all – your love- your strength- your life- your obedience – give all- hold nothing back- THE COMING OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST IS NOW IN HAND

  • Carlos


  • Kayla Green

    I don’t buy it.

  • LovelyE

    Smh, it’s funny how they threw in the truth (Illuminati free mason agenda & Rihanna being a devil worshiping Illuminati puppet) with a stupid lie (Rihanna telling kids to worship satan) to get readers (who don’t do any research) to dismiss it all together. I study psychology so I caught that quickly. She is what every other person in Hollywood is. & FYI, ALL news is fake news. It’s propaganda, used to make the public feel a certain way about a certain topic.

  • Shirley Thomas

    She must have been high on that stuff again

  • LovelyE

    See my original post got deleted..so I’ll say it again, THEY MIXED THE TRUTH (the Illuminati free mason agenda & Rihanna worshiping satan ) WITH A LIE (Rihanna telling kids to worship Satan) SO YOUR MIND WILL DISMISS IT ALL TOGETHER. All elites (especially the ones in Hollywood) follow a man named Aleister Crowley. A satanist who teaches black magic. Look it up.

    • LBB

      Aleister Crowley died in 1947. He’s not teaching anything these days…

  • Keith Balcombe

    Ok I’m not going to say how dare she and about the god and Satan aspect. It’s this crazy idea of praying to god for something that you could do yourself. The fact is in life you can’t pray for something. You have to work at it. That is what makes things happen. It’s the individual not god or Satan. I had a total right knee replacement almost 3 weeks about. I had it November 16. Do you think I actually prayed and said oh god please make the surgery go well and for me to wake up? No. I never did. I wasn’t scared but I had faith in my doctor and now I have faith in myself to get my knee bending again which it is over 90 degrees. I’m doing the work not god. The fact is if you pray for something and do nothing you’re lazy and using deities as a shield.

    • LBB

      You were blessed to have a doctor, using his God-given intelligence and abilities, who was able to repair your damaged leg. Now, follow your doctor’s instructions and get back on your feet.

      While you’re doing that, consider that you could have done NONE of that yourself. Even your physical therapy is under the supervision of a therapist who has been blessed with the skills and intelligence to know how to get you moving again!

      • Keith Balcombe

        Question? Who do you think is doing the work? It’s me. Yeah they showed me how to do things but I’m the one who is doing it. As far as god intelligence goes for my doctor, I’ll ask him next time who his professors were when he was doing pre-med. I’m sure god did not make the cut.

        • LBB

          Why not just ask your physician if he is a Christian? Ask him if his MD mentors are Christians. Ask him if he believes that God works through him in healing the sick and the injured. You may be surprised at his answers.

          • Keith Balcombe

            Okay let me say this. I was brought up in a religious household meaning my parents held me by gun point to go to chruch and sunday school. My whole family is religious. I’m not an atheist but going back to my upbringing I always questioned the stories in the bible and so forth. My belief is this. I do believe is something out there. Call it a force, spirit that holds everything together. However, it is not connected to religion. People equate it to religion based on the fairytales the bible says. Except they don’t look at the whole thing logically. They are so many religions with different stories. Now on South Park they had an episode about this years ago when the mormans picked the right religion and the christans and everyone else went to hell. As far as heaven and hell goes, I believe that is here on earth. So what happens to us when we die? I don’t know. However religious people buy into the heaven and hell ideals. The fact is you don’t know what happens to us when we die like I don’t know either. Yeah, maybe I went off topic but I had to explain I’m not an atheist. I have an agnostic view on God. I always have. Now as far as my surgeon goes, he might believe or he may not but it doesn’t make a difference anyways. You can say God is helping him do the work but I don’t see it as much. If that was the case, people die in surgery at times? Now I know you will probably say something as God’s will to that effect. Look believe what you want to believe. I don’t have a problem with people believing in God. My problem is when people are proselytizng and I’m not saying you did it in this thread but I don’t necessarily disagree with Rihanna. I think she was being sarcastic or maybe she is like me and was upset her parents forced her to be apart of a setting she didn’t like. Religion doesn’t not make you a better person. Parenting does that. That’s why I’ve never been in jail or done drugs or don’t anything illegal. My parents think it was God that made me not do anything bad. I don’t see it that way. I see my parents gave me a good upbringing but the religion aspect had nothing to do with it. Plus I now stay away from members of my family just because they are religious and I find them annoying to be around. Religion if anything has made me stay away from certain members of my family because I don’t want to hear it. Anyways, that’s my story.

  • Valerie

    This should be a wakeup call for all of America!!! Christians need to stand up and fight back. Boycott these blasphemous people who are poisoning the minds of our kids, teens, and world! If she can proclaim her deceit, then Christians should shout God’s truth even bolder!!!

  • Joylyn Inniss

    I feel obligated to comment on this article. No words about worshiping Satan was uttered at that ceremony. Why tarnish her character? Rhianna repeatedly thanked God for her success.
    Stop spreading lies.

  • RodneyG

    I was there and I never heard that, so could they please provide the clip with it?

  • Lucifia Starborn


  • Lucifia Starborn

    Oh my my, look at the ignorant, brainwashed Christian idiots having a judgmental, “Holier Than Thou” ,self righteous hypocrite orgy. So much for compassion, charity, mercy and forgiveness – guess that only for white Christian child molesters like Moore.

  • Jade Deva

    Fucking idiots. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! Show me a recording. Show other articles backing this claim. Use your brains and stop believing everything you read. Your all bible thumping, rock-throwing , judgemental assholes. The bible says is saying to judge OK the bible also says alot of other bs. Think for yourselves you mindless drones. Your the problem with humanity. Shoving your shit down everyone’s throat. She is successful black woman starting from nothing with a free mind and spirit. Must be a devil worshipper or a witch. Burn her at the stake. Is this Salem? …… Kick rocks. Peace

    • Jade Deva

      These websites feed on your ignorance for views and profit. They purposefully spread lies and they know what you sleeping fools will feed into. Positivity doesn’t sell. Conspiracy and negativity does. Your feeding the true beast devil and don’t even know it. WAKE UP

  • Crystal Waithe

    As a Barbadian I am personally offended that the writer of this article would defame her character in such a way. Whether Rihanna really believes in God is a matter for her and Him. However this article is completely untrue. Firstly the weather was terrible not light. Secondly she said nothing of the sort. She actually advised people struggling to achieve their dreams to go to God humbly, claiming she does so even now. Again whether she does or not I have no idea but please stop spreading lies about what was stated. It was a wonderful event and there is no reason to lie.

  • Ifill Jennifer

    Can Baxter Dmitry please stop posting the wrong information Rihanna never said any of this crap get a life and go actually report the truth…

  • Mustafa El-amin

    Who heard or recorded her saying this? Need proof!

  • Stewart Walrond

    The article written on Rihanna is not true, I live in Barbados and listened to her speech which was broadcast live and nothing of the sort was said. She spoke of her faith in God which has helped her when she felt discouraged and encouraged the youth and all of Barbados to not give up despite difficult circumstances.
    The world press was there and would have truly made that their headline.

  • David R. Campilan

    God answers prayer in three ways, wait to test your temperament and your patience, no coz it’s not good for you, and yes coz it’s God’s will. Rihanna is a sample of a person who does not know how to wait and does not know how to be humble and wait for God’s perfect will and she’s the person who can’t wait the blessing of the Lord. This is why she calls Satan coz whoever who calls Satan the wish shall be granted on the spot but the her soul will be offered to him in hell. God bless you Rihanna, may God save you from Satan.

  • Kevin Glover


  • Ansem_Seeker_Of_Truth

    Isn’t it a sin for you Christian to lie and give false witness? Yet you’re happy to promote made up propaganda for your own Christian agendas. I looked up this quote about “Rihanna telling children to pray to Satan”, and I was surprise to learned that it never happened. It turns out the quote originated from a website notorious for making up fake rumors and misleading articles. You people do a disservice to your own religion.

  • Troy Walker

    Fake article. Lol

  • PDK

    LOL Show me a video.

  • GlobalBaje

    People need to be more responsible in what you share and digest from the internet.. Yournewswire is fake news…always been. You guys run with anything the internet tells you like 3 year olds. Have some bloody sense…sheesh. #clowns

  • JoblessGentleman

    I understand Rihanna; I don’t like the fact that she told a group of children to pray to satan, but because she’s done it herself, she’s probably only half of the person that she used to be now that she’s letting evil spirits move her to talk like that to kids. Having prayed to satan myself when I was a child, I’m sure she went through the same hell that I continue to experience today. Seeing how she hasn’t taken her life already, she’s either fully devoted to leading others away from Jesus Christ or, somewhere deep down, she’s still hanging on to the hope that she’ll be relieved of the burden that she now carries . It’s understandable to be outraged and upset with what she’s done, but I think we should pray for her.

  • Mars

    Thats not true.. ri ri never said that.. she said keep your faith in God.. What kinda article is this spreading lies and propaganda?

  • Edwin Lawrence

    RIHANNA – IT IS POSSIBLE! She says to Barbadians to GO BACK TO YOUR CHILD LIKE FAITH IN GOD even as she did as a child and BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS. She encouraged Barbados their children, young men and young women to Have FAITH IN GOD, and NEVER FORGET THAT FAITH CAN GO A VERY VERY LONG WAY..Let’s keep praying for Rihanna…and Barbados. HOLD ON TO YOUR FAITH. …GOD IS ABLE TO DO ‘Exceedingly, Abundantly Above All That We May Ask Or Think, According to the Power That Worketh in Us. Eph 3:20

  • Kathleen Van Zandt Grant Bye

    I don’t like her, the way she dresses or what she sings but she DIDN’T say what this article says she said. It’s easy to find and listen to what she really said on youtube.

  • Janet Daley


  • https://www.celticchat.org Alex Nuta

    I’d still worry more about the damn Nazis.
    Friggin’ Nazis running wild in America!
    WW2 veterans are wondering what the heck they bothered dying for…

  • https://www.dropd.co/ Jen

    This is a damn LIE! Did you forget about the passing of Net Neutrality which is an “open Internet”, wherein policies such as equal treatment of data and open web standards allow those using the Internet to easily communicate, and conduct business and activities without interference from a third party. Which means any website can say whatever they want without repercussions.
    They can falsely claim that Rachel Ray is leaving her show to sell beauty products when she is in fact Not. Back to Rihanna. This is what she actually said https://youtu.be/TmOYclC3j0o

  • Jeremy Berryman

    Funny, Rihanna has stated that she believes in God and that she focuses on obeying God and reading her Bible. She is a fan of Protestant charismatic minister Joyce Meyer. In 2015, Rihanna told Harper’s Bazaar that her faith in God has helped her throughout her career. so says Wiki

  • Jeremy Berryman

    Personally I would’ve had more respect for her if the article was true. Jesus is a delusion for the delusional. The only true god is Lucifer Morningstar.

    Nah, just kidding, there is no god.