Lady Rothschild Blasts John “Pizzagate” Podesta On Twitter

Lady Rothschild has blasted John “Pizzagate” Podesta as a "loser" in an attack that signals he may be about to be disavowed by the elite.

Lady Rothschild has blasted John Podesta as a “loser” who ran an “arrogant and out of touch campaign” in extraordinary public comments that may signal John “Pizzagate” Podesta is seen as a liability and is about to be pushed under the bus by the elite.

Responding to an interview in which John Podesta attempted to blame everyone under the sun for Hillary’s election loss – except Hillary or the Democrats themselves – Lady Rothschild launched an eviscerating personal attack on the notorious former Clinton campaign manager.

Is John Podesta about to get thrown under the bus by the elite?

The Wikileaks classified email dumps exposed Hillary Clinton for what she really is – a member of the infamous Rothschild family’s inner sanctum. Hillary jumps when they say jump, and when they give her the silent treatment, she asks them what kind of “penance she owes them.”

If the elite have turned on John Podesta – as the personal insults in Lady Rothschild’s tweet suggest they have – then the former campaign manager is in for a rough ride. As internet researchers continue finding skeletons in Podesta’s closet, it would be foolish to bet against James Woods’ claim that Podesta will be in jail soon – as soon as the establishment stop protecting him.


Months before Hillary Clinton officially announced her bid for the presidency, the Rothschild family was hard at work helping craft her future economic policy and holding $100,000 dollar-per-head fundraisers to help fill the Clinton coffers with Rothschild cash.

As Wikileaks revealed in the hugely-damaging release of John Podesta’s emails, (Lady) Lynn Forester de Rothschild, who maintains an incredibly cozy personal relationship with the Clintons, was already forming Hillary’s economic policy in January 2015 — long before the former secretary of state announced her candidacy.

On January 7, 2015, Lady Rothschild wrote to top Clinton aide, Cheryl Mills, under the subject heading “FW: Elizabeth Warren”:

I think this blog overstates what Warren was doing, but we need to craft the economic message for Hillary so that Warren’s common inaccurate conclusions are addressed. Xoxo Lynn.

Make no mistake – Hillary Clinton is controlled by the Rothschilds. If they have turned on John Podesta, then the entire establishment will follow. His goose is cooked.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Keith Veradalasads

    Apparently she does it to herself with a banana…unpeeled…. hmmm…. the devil makes her do it.. Apparently.. did you know the rothschilds set a place for satan at their dinner table…… Rothschild EVEN SOUNDS LIKE A PEDOPHILE NAME

  • Sara Paterson

    Its funny that out of Rosthchilds few followers on Twitter Aprox: 80. Only Politician I saw her Following was John McCain. That I would Image is her Political Pocket Puppet.

    • Bill the eighth

      Following his mistress like a good little slave. He really is a POS.

  • Robert

    I just want to know when Trump is going to arrest all who are involved in the PizzaGate. I want to see the names of all the old perverts that have been assaulting and killing our kids for their enjoyment. Please Mr. Sessions….start the arrests please.

  • AtomicMetroid

    It’s bad when jews are trying to distance themselves
    ah ah ah

  • Ken


    Looks like the globalist are sacrificing Podesta to the sharks.

    After James Wood’s twitter blast, they have apparently decided that the whole Pedogate thing can’t be contained.

    John Podesta is meant to be a firestop: They are burning a high profile conspirator in hopes that the fire wont spread beyond him.


  • FollowDaMoney

    Would that not be considered foreign influence? Collecting money from a NWO shadow government?

  • Kenguru

    Throwing their own under the bus?Hmm?

  • Wiley Coyote

    It’s ALL “Rothschild money”. ALL of the George Soros money which goes to support all those ultra left wing radical protest groups is ALL “Rothschild money”. That’s how the Rothschilds have operated for centuries, through stooges and front men. J.P. (John Pierpont) Morgan, himself, (who was wealthy in his own right), was a front man for the Rothschilds. The “White Star Line”, owner operator of the so-called “Titanic” which sank in April, 1912, was controlled by J.P. Morgan on behalf of the Rothschilds. The “Titanic’s” sister ship, the “Olympic” had been heavily damaged in a collision in 1911, so they pulled a “switcheroo”. Of course the “Titanic” sank on its “maiden voyage”; that was the first opportunity the conspiracists had to ditch the irreparable Olympic! Of course the stern split off the ship while it was sinking; that was where it had been weakened in the collision. In the process of sinking, John Jacob Astor, the world’s richest man, and fellow millionaires Benjamin Guggenheim and Isadore Straus, who opposed the “Federal Reserve Act” were killed. Then they crammed through the “Federal Reserve Act” a year later in December 1913 in order to unconstitutionally outsource control of the money supply of the U.S., and steal all the gold out of Fort Knox.

    • Winnie Eldrup


    • RaisingMac

      Yes, Soros is known to be a running-dog for the Rothschilds. But then, how many in Washington, Hollywood, New York and London aren’t?

  • Wiley Coyote

    The Rothschilds want to throw Satanist pedophile John Podesta under the bus and put some distance between him and them to “prove” that they’re not Satanists and pedophiles.

  • Tehuti Set-Heru

    Oh he is not going down alone as some perv lone gunman loser. We’re getting ALL of you SOBS this time!!!!!!! ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!

  • AnotherLover

    I just gotta say: Dammm! That was vicious. Savage.

  • Chief Queef

    I almost feel sorry for Pederast Podesta after the Supreme Overlords of the Worlds Wife called him a loser and blasted him, the Rothschilds have had a project for years, they spread fake news, an as soon as they do, watch Royalty, Celebs, Politicians, Bankers, entire nations and every MSM media repeat it, no matter how ridiculous, they did that with the whole “climate change is the cause of terrorism” line, and many many others. They usually use their magazine, the economist to put out their talking points that the entire establishment and watch as the lemmings get in line to repeat their supreme dictates. That being said, as I started to feel sorry for Pederast Podesta, I started to remember he is extremely rich and that he is a child rapist and probably a child killer, and a Crowley Satanist, as Sex Magic/Spirit Cooking is Crowleyism, who he got from an Extra-Terrestrial Being (Demon from Hell) while being f@#ked up the ass in the desert in a black magic circle.

  • David Stanley

    squeeze his balls until he sings like a bird then bring them all down.

  • catalanismo is hatred

    Trump is servant of the Rosthchilds!!

    • Larua

      a little paranoid are you?

  • TSMontana

    Who is James Woods? The Actor?

  • Larua

    first place, she is not a lady, she is a psychopath,
    She is afraid of being exposed herself by braindead podesta.

  • Lisa Sperling

    Podesta destroyed a “great family”? And who would that be?

  • julietaube

    they are turning on each other. It is what happens when despicable people get together. Eventually, they are despicable to each other.