Saudi Prince Admits He Had Snipers At Mandalay Bay During Mass Shooting

Saudi Prince admits he had snipers on roof of Mandalay Bay on night of mass shooting

Saudi Prince Al-Waleed had admitted under interrogation that he sent an elite team of snipers from the Saudi Royal Air Force to the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the night of the mass shooting.

According to attorney Matthias Chang, Prince Al Waleed Talal sent snipers to the hotel to rain havoc on the unsuspecting victims at the Route 91 Festival, which was then blamed on “patsy” Stephen Paddock.

In an email, screen-captured and uploaded to Twitter, Chang details how the Saudi Prince sent snipers to the Mandalay Bay to occupy the floors above Paddock’s room:

Dear Theresa,

It was Prince Al Waleed Talal, a sinister global elite. Good friend of Zionist Bill Gates and owned the adjacent Four Seasons Hotel but on the fateful day, sent snipers from Saudi Arabia to occupy the floors above the patsy Paddock to rain havoc in Las Vegas.

He has been arrested and imprisoned  and went under extreme interrogation and spilled the bean as to his role.

During the election, he tweeted that Donald Trump should withdraw from the race as he could not win. He hates Trump.

The top 5 floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel (35-39) is a Four Seasons Hotel. Since 2007, Bill Gates, who donated 1 million to ‘gun control’ and Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, a member of the Saudi Royal family, have been majority owners of the Mandalay Bay Hotel’s Four Seasons.

The Saudi royal family members often reserve whole floors for their private use.

In August 2017, just one month before the mass-shooting, the Saudi air force booked a number of suites at hotels along the Las Vegas strip. reports: A luxury tower on the Las Vegas Strip will turn into posh military barracks starting Saturday.

A Middle Eastern air force has booked the entire W Las Vegas, a 289-room tower at the SLS Las Vegas, for most of August, according to numerous employees speaking on the condition they not be identified. They said employees are being shuffled around to accommodate the booking.

Greta Vanhersecke, a publicist for W Las Vegas, confirmed that a group has booked the hotel for August but declined to say who it was. A search of the W Las Vegas website shows the hotel is sold out from Saturday night through Aug 28.

One of the employees identified the group as the Royal Saudi Air Force. A spokesman for the Royal Saudi Air Force based in Washington, D.C., could not be reached at his office. The spokesman did not respond to email requests for comment.

Saudi Arabia’s 10th Squadron Royal Saudi Air Force will be taking part in Red Flag 17-4 at Nellis Air Force Base, according to, a site dedicated to military aviation photography and spotting. Red Flag, combat training involving the air, space and cyberforces of the United States and its allies, will be held Aug. 14-25.

The Nellis public affairs department said in an email that it does not disclose the participants of its joint exercises, adding that any participant has the right to choose its own lodging.

“While we encourage foreign participants to stay in our base lodging for ease of travel during the exercise, they are welcome to make arrangements anyplace they prefer,” the statement said.

Employees from S&K Technologies were visible at the W Las Vegas this week. S&K Technologies has provided logistics support to the Royal Saudi Air Force during Red Flag operations for many years, according to a 2014 post on S&K’s website.

“Depending on the year, the Royal Saudi Air Force will bring 175-210 members to these realistic combat exercises,” S&K said in the 2014 post.

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    Wohoa….Mo$$ad too?

  • helen sabin

    This just doesn’t make sense. NO PROOF!

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      Evil is very wicked& manipulative and secretive. never know

    • truthteller13

      Right. And Saudi Arabia involved in 9/11 makes no sense. And them funding ISIS makes no sense. We were sold out, dummy. The House of Saud has $1TN dollars. And we train with them, they are our ‘little brother’ country (Bilderberg Group). How easy is it to get helicopters in there and kill some patriots? Why is it hard to believe?

      • NDMA

        wake up peasant pirate kind the whole world knows how shekel slavers work : we see through your kind’s bullsh*t … are you watching Samuel 15:28 happen again? ROFL

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          You’re right on target with the ROFL…veterans today is nut job site.

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            lol slaves of money are amusing to say the least : nobody believes the lies & cries of money lender and weapon seller’s whores ; are you watching your kind lose everything for going too far? #FreePalaestina 😉

   really, slaves of money simpletons would be hilarious if they weren’t genocidal peasant & pirate pieces of sh*t hehe


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      • MEL

        Considering ISIS has infiltrated CIA or is CIA; and parts of FBI as well … that would mean parts of deep state are ISIS … thus, that wouldn’t be too difficult. But, our domestic terrorists or hate group with military training could have just as easily pulled this off. No plat form given … someone killed Paddock. Government going to go with their version …. and keep moving … forward.

  • Titus Sviatoslav

    Choppers using fixed wing aircraft ID over the kill site…was this an assassination attempt gone bed on prince MBS?
    Was the shooting primary or was it cover for a botched extraction?

  • Debs

    Fake news ? Obtained under extreme interrogation ? There is something very odd about the shooting but don’t think this is it.

    • NDMA

      The only way a prince is being extremely interrogated is if he’s dead at the end : because if he’s actually a prince, the interrogators will not live for long once he’s let out. I’d think this is bullsh*t

      • AmericanFaith

        Many Saudi Prince’s are in custody right now…For major slave trade of young girls…you should really keep up with global news…


    I had a very nasty feeling that the one man Paddock guy could not have done all that shooting by himself and get way with it for over an hour…..

    • MEL

      Well, obviously not …. I presume you haven’t googled the video of the cab driver recording the shooting from her car? Obviously, 2 different automatic guns FAR APART LOCATION WISE thus, at least 2 different shooters from day #1.
      Another video shows shots coming from LEFT to RIGHT from BEHIND a fenced area (the tarp shows the direction). These shots were aimed directly at police lining a wall. (police; on the right, mistakenly tell the crowd of people running towards them to go back … which would be the direction facing the line of fire) As the police peek over the wall the Mandalay Bay Hotel can be seen … directly ahead and to the right of them. Bullets can’t turn 180 – 360 degrees while flying through the air. Those shots would have been right to left (or straight down coming from the right). Thus, at least a third shooter (not rapid fire … just single sniper shots heard). Another patron ran along the side of the stage (line of fire for Mandalay Bay Hotel) the turned to run BEHIND the stage PERPENDICULAR to Mandalay Bay; but, out of line of fine – covered by entire stage area – and was hit in the FRONT of her knee (exited the back). Not hit side to side … (direction of Mandalay Bay Hotel). Thus, a 4th possible shooter. Three men were filmed on top of a trailer towards the back of the crowd dressed in black/dark ninja type clothing running back and forth with at least one appearing to kneel on one knee with a long gun in his hand; and another jumped down into the crowd as they were running/leaving. People thought they heard or felt like someone was chasing them with gun fire. A possible 5th. Someone has caught muzzle flash coming from on top of what appears to be the pyramid Lexor Hotel – #6. Another slot machine gambler a few miles away heard gun fire and ran with a crowd of people … she reports to have seen a man fire a gun and saw the muzzle flash standing outside of a glass door. Where’s the description of that shooter? #7 If Paddock committed “suicide” … then he shot himself in the nose?! (The Saudis were there but, they are always there. They own that part of the hotel. And, yes they ‘may’ have gotten someone out immediately for security reasons. There was also police radio scanners who reported seeing 7 gunman on the airport grounds. But, I don’t recall them saying ‘shooting’ … just gunman. Could that have been his security team?) This information you can get off the internet and see or hear for yourself. No disputing this information really. Other pieces of information you might find are other police scanners … of the police chasing people on the strip (maybe on top of buildings or elevated areas). One scanner revealed: …. “suspect down … suspect shot … suspect down”. Why was that not reported … and with a description?! One woman sitting at a bar across from the Mandalay Bay saw police chasing a man threw the lobby (wearing a security vest) … where’s that description of that suspect? Allegedly, the guest next to Paddock’s room saw multiple men going in and out of his room the night of the shooting after returning from dinner. After the shooting was over (and he was barricaded inside) the police escorted/rescued him out. As he was leaving he reported seeing multiple dead people in Paddock’s room. (Allegedly, one wearing a yellow security vest. And, again no description of that suspect.) At the bottom of the escalators in the Tropicana a man can be seen face down – not moving with what may appear to be a white sheet over him; or perhaps only his shirt? Is he dead or passed out drunk? 50/50 – Right? I don’t see how this was an assassination attempt on anyone … as it was like the wild wild west all over the place … (and reports of shooting going on for over an hour … miles and miles apart; before and after the Mandalay Bay Hotel shooting). *Also, an additional six windows broken out of the Mandalay Bay Hotel (on the other side to the right) can be seen the next morning?! What’s that about? And, allegedly Paddock registered several hotel rooms surrounding the concert? Unless, he cancelled the reservations … I’m not really buying into or presuming “HE” did that. [Even the Chicago reservation is sketchy. Maybe part of the clues left behind …. concert “Life is Beautiful” … Rapper to perform “Lorde and Chance”. (Even the Las Vegas security guard’s name is either suspicious or ironic … “Jesus” .. and “Campos”.) Several similarities between the 9/11 attack, the Dallas, TX BLM attack and the Las Vegas country Music Fest. (Only “Paddock does not fit the profile & would have needed help at some point”. That’s their story & they appear to want to stick to that?) Regardless if Paddock converted to Islam or not … I don’t see how he would convert to a racist anti-white Muslim? Wouldn’t make any sense really? Makes that ‘suicide’ shot look stranger and stranger.

  • Adriaen22

    So….”Paddock, the millionaire mass murderer” didn’t score too well on the audience applause meter and we need a new villain. A man under threat of beheading might admit to pretty much anything, I suspect. But sadly,a few Saudi snipers in the Mandalay Bay does not explain shooters at ground level in the venue (supported by acoustical analysis) and shooters on the David Copperfield Theater (muzzle flashes caught on camera), men with high powered rifles at the Tropicana (supported by 2 unrelated eyewitness accounts), men in black camo getting in to vehicles parked at or near the Excalibur parking lot, armed men at the Paradise Hotel shopping complex, armed men inside Caesar’s Palace, and an armed man entering the employee entrance at the Bellagio (all on the police scanner)….nor the unidentified helicopter flying between the Delano and the M.Bay at low altitude. Yes, indeed, a man under threat of beheading will admit to anything you tell him to.

  • Michael Hendrickson

    There is also a video of shots being fired from a helicopter hovering near the Mandalay Bay.
    Confessions obtained by torture are not true.

  • Eric Blust
  • Eric Blust

    Al waddd tried to killed the saudi king at the tropicana that night.

  • Eric

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