Stroke Victim, Unable To Talk, Heard Doctors Discuss Selling His Organs

A stroke patient lying paralysed in hospital listened in horror as doctors told his family that he would not survive and later, among themselves, quietly discussed selling his organs for a quick buck. 

A stroke patient lying paralysed in hospital listened in horror as doctors told his family that he would not survive and later, among themselves, quietly discussed selling his organs for a quick buck. 

Jimi Fritze, 43, heard every word but couldn’t protest because he was unable to move or speak.

Only my ears and eyes were working. They (the doctors) told my girlfriend that there was no hope“.

His heartbroken family and friends had come to say their final goodbyes after doctors claimed that brain scans showed he had no “zero percent chance” of pulling through.

As they surrounded his hospital bed, doctors asked the family about the possibility of donating his organs when he died, not realising Mr Fritze could also hear the conversation.

He eventually recovered after his family sought a second opinion from another medic, who quickly realized that Jimi Fritze was fully conscious and could make a full recovery.

He was given cortisone to bring down the swelling in his brain. It took three weeks before he was able to tell his story about the nightmare of hearing the doctors’ talk about selling his organs.

He has now launched an official complaint against the doctors for breaching rules by discussing organ donation before a patient is brain dead, as reported by The Local.

The Wall Street Journal recently published a shocking report about the organ harvesting industry, claiming that doctors are regularly taking organs from patients while they are still alive. New U.S. regulations allow doctors to “inject a paralyzer” if the body will not stop moving, in order to “safely” remove the organs.

Oftentimes a hospital can make more money out of a dead body, because of organ harvesting, than they can make by billing a patient whose life they have saved. This is especially true in cases where the patient does not have insurance, and will struggle to pay a hefty medical bill.

The new regulations have proved controversial among medical staff, with many anesthesiologists and nurses removing themselves from the organ donor register after witnessing “corpses” writhing and jerking during organ removal operations.

However Mr Fritze was unable to even write and jerk to let the doctors know that he could hear them discussing what to do with his organs.

Mr Fritz, who suffered a brain haemorrhage while out with his girlfriend and close family on the Gothenburg archipelago, is now taking legal action against the hospital and demanding the doctors in question be investigated for ties to the black market organ trade.

The hospital’s spokeperson said that they are cooperating with the investigators to get to the bottom of what exactly happened and the hospital can’t yet make an official statement.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
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