Sweden Bans Mandatory Vaccinations Over ‘Serious Health Concerns’

Sweden's Riksdag looked at all the evidence and then banned mandatory vaccinations over health concerns.

Sweden has banned mandatory vaccinations, citing “serious health concerns” and the fact they violate a citizen’s constitutional rights to choose their own healthcare. 

The Swedish Riksdag (parliament) rejected seven motions on May 10 that would have enshrined forced vaccinations into law, stating “It would violate our [Swedish Constitution] if we introduced compulsory vaccinations, or mandatory vaccinations.

Noting also the “massive resistance (by Swedes) to all forms of coercion with regard to vaccinations“, the Riksdag also made reference to “frequent serious adverse reactions” in children who receive vaccinations.

An English translation of the Swedish report:

“NHF Sweden sent a letter to the Committee and explained that it would violate our Constitution if we introduced compulsory vaccinations, or mandatory vaccinations as was submitted in Arkelsten’s motion. Many others have also submitted correspondence and many citizens have called up Parliament and politicians. Parliamentary politicians has surely noticed that there’s a massive resistance to all forms of coercion with regard to vaccinations.

“NHF Sweden also shows how frequent serious adverse reactions according to the rate at which FASS specifies in the package leaflet of the MMR vaccine, when you vaccinate an entire year group. In addition, one must take into account that each age group will receive the MMR vaccine twice, so the side effects are doubled. We must not forget that, in addition, similar adverse reaction lists apply for other vaccines.

“In the letter, we have even included an extensive list of the additives found in vaccines – substances which are not health foods and certainly do not belong in babies or children. We also included for lawmakers a daunting list of studies that demonstrate vaccination is a bad idea.”

The full report can be accessed here.

The Swedish Riksdag’s sensible decision flies in the face of what is happening in the United States and other western countries right now. Big Pharma has lawmakers in a choke hold, dictating policy and using the corrupt media to silence dissenters.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently appeared on the Tucker Carlson Show and bravely exposed the “lawless mafia state” that is Big Pharma and their “extremely lucrative” vaccines scam.

The pharmaceutical industry is so powerful,” RFK Jr explained. “They give $5.4 billion a year to the media. They’ve gotten rid of the lawyers, so there is no legal interest in those cases. They have really been able to control the debate and silence people like me.”

Asked how things could get this bad, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explained that Congress granted Big Pharma “blanket legal immunity” when it comes to vaccines.

Big Pharma became a law unto themselves after President Regan signed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. They can put toxic ingredients in your vaccines, they can seriously injure your child – but you cannot sue them.

What you have to understand is that the vaccine regimen changed dramatically around 1989. The reason it changed, Tucker, is that Congress, drowning in pharmaceutical industry money, did something they have never done for any other industry – they gave blanket legal immunity to all the vaccine companies.

“So that no matter how sloppy the line protocols, no matter how absent the quality control, no matter how toxic the ingredients, or egregious the injury to your child, you cannot sue them.

So there’s no depositions, there’s no discovery, there’s no class action suits. All of a sudden vaccines became enormously profitable.”

The enormous profits in the unregulated industry meant Big Pharma companies raced each other to produce new and unnecessary vaccines to pump into newborn children – often dozens at a time.

It became a gold rush for the pharmaceutical industry to add new vaccines to the spectrum.

But at what cost? The vaccine industry, operating under their own rules – or rather, complete absence of rules – is making it impossible for us to find out the facts. President Trump has long called for an independent inquiry into vaccine safety. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is calling for the same.

[Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Drops Vaccine Truth Bomb Live On TV]

I got three vaccines and I was fully compliant. I’m 63 years old. My children got 69 doses of 16 vaccines to be compliant. And a lot of these vaccines aren’t even for communicable diseases. Like Hepatitis B, which comes from unprotected sex, or using or sharing needles – why do we give that to a child on the first day of their life? And it was loaded with mercury.

Tucker asked, “We do give that to children?

We continue to give it to them. The mercury has been taken out of three vaccines, but it remains in the flu vaccine, and it is still in vaccines all over the world. And it is the most potent neurotoxin known to man that is not radioactive.”

“How can we inject that into a child?”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tried to put the outrageous situation into context.

If you take that vaccine vial and break it, you have to dispose of that as hazardous waste. You have to evacuate the building. Why would you take that and inject it into a child?”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Ralf Yuri

    Either you believe in the God who created heaven and earth, or believe in a vaccine.

  • itsclose@now.com

    As for me and my house.. We will serve the Lord….. this vaccine information has been around for 20yrs that I am aware of…… if people are that stupid that they choose to live their life with their head up their Anus hooked on sport, alcohol, drugs, inane hobbies and the rest of the devils scams.. then so be it and woe bety them….. Stand in God’s name or fall for the devils game… take your pick … you only get one pick…

    This is an old doco..but well worth a look… it has progressed way way past this point now….


  • John C Carleton

    As long as Washington DC occupies America, the evil that is the scum serving the beast in Washington DC, USA Federal Empire, the said scum will try to force American parents to bring their own children to be poisoned, killed in many cases, by the witches brew of chemical conceptions and heavy metals which their rich buddies make billions on.

  • rick lonzy

    Don’t forget John that the Vaccine Cartel pushes lethal vaccines on us adults too. In healthcare they push vaccines including the flu vaccine which is useless anyway. Before taking the shot they make you sign a Release of Liability form in the event you might contract Guillan-Barre Syndrome, this can cause a person total paralysis from head to toe and they are kept alive on a ventilator. Uh, I think I’ll take my chances with the flu bug instead.

    Vaccine Cartel – Big Pharma is all about world depopulation agenda, make people sick and destroy their immune systems.

    • Gary Golden

      No, no, no. A depopulated customer is no customer at all. Chronically sick is what they are aiming for, not dead.

      • paul

        sounds about right 😀 maybe 1/20 get cancer 1/50 die? who knows

  • Paul Davis

    Hi there, I am wondering if you could place the exact words from Riskdags where they stated “serious adverse reactions” as the reason? Please copy it in Swedish (as this is my language) and link to it.

    At this point, I realise you are lying about the reasoning and relying on the fact most people can not read Swedish. Well done for the lie.

    • Stephane

      Doing yourself the 2minutes googling would risk you finding what you clearly prefer not to find. I’m French and speaks Swedish. As an assumed pro vaxxer you care to enlighten us all ignorants we are?

      • DDestroyer

        lmao, so dramatic. Still hasnt posted the translated passage about the adverse reactions, conveniently.

        Do you halfwits ever answer a question in a straightforward manner without squaring up like smug imbeciles?

  • Paul Davis

    The NHF Sweden i not an authority on this subject either. They are an alternative health promoter and not representative of Riksdag.

  • Paul Davis

    Take some time to read this https://www.riksdagen.se/sv/dokument-lagar/dokument/svar-pa-skriftlig-fraga/vaccin-for-barn_H4121097 the reason the “mandatory” vaccination program was not included. It is because 1) diseases are under control, 2) vaccination rates in Sweden are greater than 95%, 3) the Infectious Diseases Act 2004 allows action to be taken and enforce vaccination in the case of an outbreak.

    Clearly this is something that was overlooked?

    • logi techy

      you gotta be a real idiot to have a pro vax portrait… brainwashed to hell and back lmaoooo

      • DDestroyer

        lmao @ sisterfisting feral retards with no qualifications except “internet truth squad e-detective” smugly spouting this cheeky chucklef**kery.

  • Jason

    Its funny how when you translate the link provided it talks about being unconstitutional to be forced into anything. But absolutely nothing to do with side effects, autism, or how vaccines are “bad”. It is almost as if the writer made that part up.

    • anyess

      Or maybe the right to be free from coercion is the point of the legal decision. You don’t have to make an argument about effects when the real issue is that the vaccines are being made mandatory, and eliminating the right to determine for one’s self what will or will not be done to ones’ body.