Breaking: Two Of Trey Gowdy’s Investigators Reported Missing

Two investigators working for the Congressional committee headed by Trey Gowdy have gone missing in the Little Rock, Arkansas area.

Two investigators working for the Congressional committee headed by Trey Gowdy (R-SC) have gone missing in the Little Rock, Arkansas area.

According to phone records, the two men were in Little Rock with congressional subpoenas and instructions to search the private residence attached to the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library.

The two investigators, whose identities will remain classified until it can be confirmed that foul play was involved, were employees of the federal government under private contract to investigate the Clintons. The specifics of what they were looking for is also classified.

Their vehicle, a blue Ford Escape, was found in a rest area just outside of town with the keys in the ignition, according to sources.

Jeff Session’s Department of Justice assigned special investigators to the case in order to keep it out of the hands of the FBI, which he believes may have become compromised.

In March, Trey Gowdy fought back tears in Congress as he put the elite pedophile ring on notice, warning that anyone who dares interfere with his child exploitation investigation will be forced to publicly explain why they are obstructing it.

Gowdy delivered an emotionally charged speech on the first day back at Congress, discussing child sex abuse cases and the mental images that have been scarred on his brain after seeing material related to the investigation into the pedophile rings that have infiltrated Washington D.C.

Addressing a detective charged with heading the investigation, Gowdy said: “I want you to give me a list of the providers that are giving you a hard time. We are going to have another [hearing] here. We are going to have them come and publicly explain why they are having a hard time complying with law enforcement in child exploitation and child abuse cases.”

My guess is that will be a very tough public explanation for them. So, give me the names and the providers that you are having a hard time dealing with. And I may not be able to make them stop doing it, but I can make them come and explain why they are doing it.

And my guess is they won’t want to do that.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • CharlieSeattle

    Arkancide strikes again?

    • Blue Eyed Infidel


  • JallopyMacfurry

    Democrats are evil racists.

  • Stephen Walter

    The Democratic party has morphed into a terrorist organization.

    • theo

      Darn straight.

    • Sugarpie

      They have always been a terrorist organization..they have increased since BO was elected

      • RavviOli

        They have NOT always been a terrorist organization. BUT now they are worse than a terrorist organization, they are stealthy and powerful. The DemonCrats are a Satan dominated group of people that exchange good for evil, and evil for good. They are exceptionally gifted at putting effective spin on their words. (deception at its finest)

        • OffwithHerHead

          Well they are the party Slavery and the KKK. So yah pretty much always been a terrorist org

          • RavviOli

            The KKK was formed to resist the Carpet Bagers after the civil war.

    • Debbie

      Totally agree

  • Lyndon Eaton

    this has been identified as a hoax story.

    • LHM

      I did notice how there were no sources for anything but the speech.

    • Near Doowhaler

      By who……?

    • Rayj Red

      By who? You?

    • Rayj Red

      You sound like you’ve been Eaton pizza..

  • itsfukedupheretoo

    Its the same here in Australia.. the leftys are evil.. and hateful..and vindictive.. and corrupt.. and scheming.. sound like the U.S democrats??

    • Ian McGreal

      I’m Aussie, too. What do yo mean ? Can you explain, without going into too much detail. I’d like to know … At this moment I’m reading Mark Dice’s third book on the Illuminati

    • Stonewall2791

      Sounds exactly like U.S. democrats. Scum is the same the world over.

  • John C Carleton

    Now i am all for taking down the evil baby raping and murdering scum of Washington DC. I however wonder if he voted to fund the FBI, CIA, HLS, Military? If he did, he is a International war Criminal responsible for thousands of innocent deaths. What makes the lives of the raped children in DC worth more than the Raped and murdered children done by the organizations he voted to fund, in foreign lands they invade with the funds he provided them?

    • Blue Eyed Infidel

      There’s a way good men can show their support for these exploited women and children. These men are painting one nail. If you see a woman or child and they’ve drawn a black spot on their palm and you see it, they are telling you they are in danger.

    • Dano

      Do you have proof of anyone he funded raping babies? A yes or no answer will be fine. If yes please explain.

    • Meowhiss

      Get help please!

  • Joseph

    Secret Executive Order law enforcement teams, largely pulled from the military, will be assigned to take down and/or capture the hired perps as well as the Clinton/Deep State criminal wet teams. The legal justification is “National Security” and still existing legislative “State of Emergency” The perps and wet team members should be VERY AFRAID!

    • Blue Eyed Infidel

      I guess this makes 51 dead bodies associated with the Clintons.

      • krychick SPP


      • livefreeordiehard

        That we KNOW OF.

    • Ranger

      Blah blah blah. Never will the Clintons ever be held to answer. They will kill anyone who dares stand up to them. The law enforcement teams should be afraid. Ask Gowdy’s investigators? Oh yeah, the Clintons killed them!

    • Mollie Norris

      This isn’t a national issue; it’s an international Illuminati Zionazi criminal cartel global takeover.

      • Joseph

        “Zionazi,” a code word for Jews, is simply a scapegoat. As there are only 14.4 million Jews in the World a/o end of 2016. Just 0.19% of the World’s population. No way does such a tiny number control any aspect of international affairs. Ridiculous!

        • Mollie Norris

          Actually, most Zionists are Christians, although Zionist Jews provided 95 % of Hitler’s funding. Soros is a Zionist Jew.

        • Mollie Norris

          Isn’t the global population of Jews a pretty transparent strawman diversion?
          Zionists provided 95% of Hitler’s funding.
          “…former professor Anthony Sutton, who wrote books such as Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, Wall Street and FDR.
          In these meticulously researched books he shows how the NWO
          manipulators used the cover of Red Cross to help the Bolsheviks (which
          he proves using declassified US Government documents). The fact is that
          the NWO conspirators were shaping the political agenda for
          Russia, Germany and the US all at the same time: they were behind the
          Soviet’s first 5 year plan, they were behind the rise of Nazism and they
          wrote Roosevelt’s New Deal. Who are “they” exactly? The Rothschilds and
          the Rockefellers, as well as their international banking colleagues
          such as the Morgans, their companies such as Kuhn, Loeb & Co. (whose
          management included Jacob Schiff, Felix Warburg, Otto Kahn, Mortimer
          Schiff and Jerome Hanauer [all Jewish]), their agents such as Colonel
          Mandell House, and their puppet politicians such as Woodrow Wilson. Sutton writes:”

          “Chabad Lubavitch rabbis defended Hitler’s genocide of Jews who rejected the pharisees’ Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalah and refused to emigrate to eretz-Israel in violation of the bible.
          “The Chabad Rebbe “Justified” The Holocaust:
          A “Surgery” Necessary To Save The Jewish People

          Article reprinted from Haaretz: G-d as surgeon by Yehuda Bauer
          The Chabad-Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson
          described the Holocaust by comparing G-d to a surgeon who amputates a
          patient’s limb in order to save his life.

          The panel discussion on “Haredim and the Holocaust” recently (May 2007) aired on Israeli TV Channel 1 should have included the views of the Lubavitcher Rebbe (Chabad’s so-called “King Messiah”), Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

          Schneerson does not accept the idea of “hester panim,” or G-d’s face
          being turned away, to explain why He was not present when 1.5 million
          children were murdered. According to some religious Jews, this hester
          panim was a consequence of man’s sins, and, above all, the sins of the
          Jewish people. Schneerson
          says that G-d was there, and that he wanted the Holocaust to happen. But
          because it is inconceivable, in his view, for G-d to commit evil, he
          portrays the Holocaust as
          a positive event, all the more so for the Jews.

          After this text was published in the summer of 1980, kicking up a
          storm, Chabad claimed it was based on an inaccurate Hebrew translation
          of talks that
          the Rebbe delivered in Yiddish. The Rebbe, they said, had no idea his
          remarks were being published. It seems hard to believe Schneerson would
          not go over every word
          published in his name, let alone a text put out in Hebrew by Machon
          Lubavitch in Kfar Chabad.

          In fact, there is a document written by the Rebbe himself, in Hebrew, which bears his statements about the Holocaust.
          The late Chaika Grossman,
          a leader of the underground in the Bialystok ghetto, who survived the
          war and served as a Knesset member for several terms, published an
          article in Hamishmar newspaper
          on August 22, 1980, quoting Schneerson and expressing her profound shock
          at his words. On August 28, 1980, the Rebbe sent her a reply on his
          personal stationary. The
          letter, apparently typewritten, contains a number of corrections in his
          own handwriting, and is signed by him. In it, the Rebbe confirms
          everything in the published text.”

        • Mollie Norris

          “At The Electronic Intifada, we read that the Nazis and the Zionists worked together to support the idea of a homeland for the Jews.

          “Although never specified or discussed in The Flat, the Nazi
          government had in fact been approached about this matter by the Zionist
          Federation of Germany, of which Kurt Tuchler was an active member…””

  • okydokyartichoky

    I can’t find this anywhere but questionable sites like this, like all some truth and some fake, wish the Alt sites would pick up but then they probly get their source same as these people.

  • Bradley James

    Make sure these investigators are armed with a fully armed escort.

    • Norman R Cousino II

      Tear into the Clintons,and bring down their empire of death, and cult of sickness.

    • O’Bummer

      who is fully armed for the fully armed escort

  • Norman R Cousino II

    Clinton’s are pure evil.

  • armyisnumber1

    NEVER EVER send Federal people anywhere unless they are in a group of at least a 1/2 dozen. The Clinton Crime Family have a long list of people missing, murdered, or committing suicide.

    • Marney Poland-Morris

      My thoughts exactly @armyisnumber1. Hopefully they won’t make that same mistake again.

    • Anisha Dunne

      you would think by now they would use EXTREME CAUTION AND BACKUP to the hilt when investigating the clintons…its like clintons are protected by Roman mafia psychopathic henchmen…latest report bill is on deathbed…may they reap what they sowed all these decades…international operative entities using our office of trust as their personal criminal syndicate network…next to pedophiles, this is the only exception i make for capital punishment…b/c these types are incorrigible and psychopathic…

    • Dan Williams

      Only half a dozen? That many to do the investigation within sight and reach of the other five would be fine but send at least a couple of platoons of infantrymen to protect the investigators 24/7 until the case is closed and the Klintonkovs are dancing on the end of a rope. That should also insure that any of the Klintonkov demons of Arkansas that attempt to harm the investigators have some 7.62 mm holes in them.



    • rcwarbirdbuilder

      Looks like every one and everything is compromised by the deep state.

    • charyoutree

      Chaffetz is resigning now…

      • DonNeedNoStinkinUserName

        Has he been shown their heads in a suitcase or similar cause that resignation came completly outa left field. I got a real shock the other day when I read that – my initial thought was that he’d been got at. The second thing I thought was Inauguration day & Jason C saying to Killery that it’s not over, or something along those lines. The other 2, Gowdies’ people, have been Arkinsided for sure. Billy Clinton has a hold on that state that causes pain when squeezed. And with Trumps total 180 degree turnaround of Assad & Syria, about no more wars & ya have to start wondering what’s going on Is Sessions doing the right thing shutting out the FBI Or is he part of the deep state & will be trying to keep a lid on the scandal – God only knows as the FBI have to viewed at present as totally off the reservation (Obviously not all but with enough in higher positions & it doesn’t matter what the rank & file find out)

        This is not a good look & I fear the worst

    • Mark

      Pray that all evil will be exposed.

    • O’Bummer

      More than disappointed

    • Dana Hilyer

      Because the Clinton’s re untouchable so they think.. Their day I’d coming soon and I hope Trey Gowdy is the one to take them down.. I hope they both go down to.. Bill and Hillary deserve to spend the rest of their lives in prison..

      • Ranger

        Jesus will return before anyone within the Deep State circle will prosecute the Clintons for anything. Once they file any charges for any reason, The Clintons will use disclosure to expose everyone. And, that will never be allowed by the Controllers.

    • Lawrence Pearson . This stops early . No Seth Rich (DNC ) , John Ashe (UN ), Shawn Lucas (lawyer who served the DNC) . Democratic PARTY Where the hits don’t quit . Spinning the newest and latest killer hits of the twenty teens .

  • David Howard


    • Blue Eyed Infidel

      All the raped women came forward to say they lied. Every single one of them. All of Bill Clinton’s rape victims still stick to their stories. You are ignorant! They tried everything to besmirch our President. Obama committed treason every day of his failed administration. Quit spreading lies.

    • Jackie Anderson

      So are you David. Please disappear

  • 100
  • Frances Shannon

    Well the Clintons are at it again. Trey please make sure if they killed the investigators that you have them in prison immediately. The body count keeps rising and nothing is done to them.

    • KarmaUntoKarma

      Trey isn’t reading these threads…

      • Ian McGreal

        LMFAO !!!! Classic smartass

      • SilverDragons

        I know many Americans who wish congress would read these threads they might actually learn something. Of course, the politicians are probably in so much do-do themselves that they just pretend to be stupid.

        • John Skiba

          I agree. Particularly President Trump (who I like). Can you believe he spoke out in support of “Asset Forfeiture” laws, on the grounds they were a tool against organized crime? He apparently was totally unaware of the statistics on how it was actually being used. “Organized crime”: The police departments who derive the majority of their budgets from assets seized from innocent travellers.

          P.S. – To the overwhelming majority of police departments who exemplify integrity: I always have, and always will, support you with EVERYTHING I have, including life itself.

          • Really?

            My girl friend’s 20 year old son was thrown in jail in Nebraska as he was driving thru the state. He has more than $10,000 cash in his car. The police stopped him, seized the cash and sentenced him to one year in jail. They said he was going to use the cash for criminal purposes. No proof. Pure evil.

  • Duane Stickney

    Man there are fin bunch of lunatics on this page…holy shit.

    • Blue Eyed Infidel

      Get off and there won’t be any

  • Mario Singletary

    The DEMONcratic party is corrupt to the core and most likely every one of them is guilty of one crime or another.

  • NewHampshire Bound

    It’s a believable scenario for sure. But umm….sources? Lol. This is the epitomy of fake news, in case you all didn’t know. This is the ACTUAL fake news. Not the lying media like CNN etc. Sources and stories like this are part of a game. Likely this was put out to poison the well for whatever they actually WILL find in the investigation. Sowing a seed of doubt, etc.

  • rayzie

    I shared this story and many people think it is fake news. What is your source? Where did you get this information? Have you verified I don’t care it is true? Not many sites have shared this story, and the ones that did are not very well known. I’m very curious about this.

    • Memegalt2012

      yes. need more info. facts

  • GatorDog

    The Democratic Party is now the enemy of the United States of America. It’s become a party of criminals, terrorists and thugs run by deep pockets Global Socialists. It don’t get any worse than this folks. Time to wake up, we are at war, were just not using bullets, yet!

  • John

    You can kiss them goodbye.
    I knew that as soon as I heard ” little rock”.

    • John Skiba

      Remember a “Presidential Aide” who commented on her boyfriend and his “Wee Willie” and his “Little Rocks” ?
      (I can’t believe I just said that – The Devil made me do it !) 🙁 🙂

  • Lucia826

    Well, the first names would be the one giving a”hard time” and what the subpoenas were for. If there’s foul play, then the makes it two more in the Clintons’ hit list. (Now around 51-52)

  • Chris Reiman

    they were driving a ford escape?? try looking on the side of the road walking…..

    • Scooter Biggs


      • Betty Balthrop

        Not funny!!!

  • Scooter Biggs

    Ah, Little Rock. The epicenter of corruption.

  • ShepZC

    The liklihood is very high Clinton-Podesta mafia killed them.
    The FIB is more than compromised with the criminal Comey at the head.
    WHY Trump has him there I dont understand.

    I believe the #1 REASON Trump ran for President was #PizzaGate – to save kids

  • SilverDragons

    Looks like the Clinton Mafia got nervous as the investigation was getting too close for comfort.

  • AllNotWell

    Prayers for the investigators. I want them safe.

  • Mark

    Subpoenas for everyone on the terrorist left!!!

  • O’Bummer

    Time to bring out Jack Bauer, Tony Almieda and Eric Carter. Oh they are just fantasy. Too bad, we could really use them.

  • DefendAmerica

    Craig Sawyer, child trafficking investigator, had his funding page shut down. The elites are stomping us.

  • Gramma76

    Past time to question the Clintons under oath! Preferaably with alie detector hooked up!! The cimes have gone on way too long!!

  • Desmond Last
  • judyann j

    omg, that’s terrible… the Clinton Cartel still active, people still committing, “suicide,” in contagious numbers

  • sammy

    and chaffetz now quitting his job while podesta makes fun of him. and the people have a choice of either criminal pedos (democrats) or zionist profetters (republicans). the west is a joke

  • Tony Griffiths

    Bout time Craig Sawyer and his crew got in there. They are NOT intimidated. They are Special Forces. BOUT TIME !

  • Narrow Gauge On30

    Clinto henchmen are behind this, and Sorors is behind them !

  • jmzvaners

    We praise YOU YAHWEH ELOHIM (LORD GOD) Almighty Who is, Who was, and Who is to come to have mercy upon our Nation and deliver us from the evil of the Clinton/Obama Mafia. If it BE YOUR WILL, YAHWEH ELOHIM, help Jeff Sessions and Trey Gowdy and their people round up these corrupt and vile people and bring them to justice. And put an end to the pediphilia rings in our nation saving our children from these horrible acts of violence and murder. Put a hedge around President Trump, Jeff Sessions, Trey Gowdy, and all their families and staffs that work to put an end to these crimes. YOU SEE ALL AND KNOW ALL YAHWEH! GIVE THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION THE UPPER HAND IN THESE MATTERS AND BRING THESE PEOPLE TO JUSTICE AND TO SUFFER TO CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR INSANE MURDERS OF THE INNOCENT!. We ask it in Jesus (Yeshua’s) name. Amen.

  • Lophatt

    It is all so amazingly, blatantly corrupt now. We are at a new stage in the NWO plan for sure. I read that Comey had gone to New Zealand for some conference. He landed in a taxpayer-provided executive jet complete with another similar jet for his entourage of security thugs. He was in chinos and dark glasses. Sort of like Santos Traficanti, if you can picture a “Howdy-Doody” version.

    These little Demi-gods need to be taken down several notches. It is clear that the swamp is getting deeper.

  • Countryboy

    More bodies compliments of the Clintons

  • Jared Huffman

    Always send two teams when investigating the Clintons … One to investigate and one to watch their back.

  • Gordo

    The Clinton’s have had a never ending war chest of funds to perpetuate their evil. These funds are used to fund good squads of people that do not possess the humanity of an ant. They intimidate, persecute, threaten, threaten relatives, kill, wound and torture their victims. The war chest is no longer funded like it once was, the Clinton’s powers have been clipped. Trey Gowdy may have a hard time taking them down but I am confident they will go down and when they do, even the most liberal democrats will view the Clinton’s in utter disgust.


    The Clinton “circle of death” just got wider.

  • Savanna

    Maybe they should use a SWAT TEAM next time…instead of using them on innocent Americans. This would be a good use of force…anything to stop the pedo-creepazoid rings!!!

  • Ranger

    We no longer have Party Politics nor a working government. We have a District which does not belong to America, and it has become an entire criminal organization. The men behind it, have taken over all aspects of monetary issuing, manufacturing, marketing, education, science, art, banking, and finance.

    The American Slave has zero say, and are controlled and ruled by some very sick and mentally disturbed individuals.

    Missing investigators, and who’s in the middle of the mud? The Clintons! You can’t make this stuff up. Why again aren’t the Clintons rotting in a prison cell?

  • wally63

    Welcome to the Great United Soviet Socialist Satanic Stasi States of Amerika, Komrades.

  • Vassya Illich

    Think the clinton death list and its expansion. The human traffickers/pedos are having the light shown on them. They are running like roaches and killing like demons. The light of GOD will prevail.

  • screamingmimi


  • keycat

    Arkancide is REAL! ☠

  • ellinas1

    DISCLAIMER: The Resistance may include information from sources that may or may not be reliable and facts that don’t necessarily exist. All articles should be considered satirical and any and all quotes attributed to actual people complete and total baloney. Pictures that represent actual people should be considered altered and not in any way real.

  • professorchaos

    “employees of the federal government under private contract to investigate the Clintons” ???????????? And look at all the people on here who bought this fake news. fed’s working under private contract? you people will believe anything.

    • professorchaos

      Next up, Virgin of Mary statue cries blood. No, it’s on here, really, you stupid phuchs.

  • Anisha Dunne

    The truth of the matter is this…the Clinton/Obama/Bush syndicate et al will continue to “get away with murder” all because the civilian is “Missing In Action.” Why do you suppose they fly the Black POW/MIA flag? What is the real meaning of that flag? Do you think it might have a double meaning? I will bet that people on the street if asked what do they believe that black POW/MIA flag means, they would each in their innocence believe it concerns our soldiers/veterans…(probable deniability right?) ok. But, in truth, what happened to every citizen here on the American soil in 1933? According to the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917 as amended 5(b) March 9, 1933, didn’t that by operation of law CONVERT every American from a “private” citizen/civilian, to a “public/corporate” entity of District of Columbia? By now you ought to grok there is a distinction in the law between a private citizen and a public citizen. We have TWO jurisdictions that the court clerk/judge must discern as to whether the one before them is a private citizen in equity, or a public citizen/enemy belligerent/ward of the state at law. The one is under Rules of Equity, the other Rules of civil procedure. Most of the 300 million people here in America are PUBLIC citizens. If you are a public citizen of District of Columbia do you have a civic duty to organize a grand jury in your county along with about 25 other people? No. public citizens have state privileges. Only documented private citizen has a prerogative to organize a people’s grand jury in their county. Who are the only ones who can indict criminals? A county grand jury of the people of the state of _________. WHO is “missing in action” here????? The documented private citizen/civilian, thats who.

  • Danita Williams

    I can not confirm this anywhere but here…Can you provide more proof it is real?