Trey Gowdy Points To Barack Obama As Source Of Flynn Leaks

Trey Gowdy points to Barack Obama as being the source of the Flynn leaks

Trey Gowdy has accused former President Barack Obama and six of his administration officials as being the source of the Michael Flynn leaks. 

During a House Intelligence Committee hearing on Monday, Rep. Gowdy said that key staffers in Obama’s administration, including Obama himself, leaked details about former National Security advisor Michael Flynn’s alleged collusion with the Russian government during the 2016 presidential race. reports:

It should be noted that Gowdy did not give evidence for any of the names he raised possibly being the source of the leaks.

The South Carolina Republican first asked the FBI director if former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper “knew the name of the U.S. citizen that appeared in The New York Times and Washington Post?… Would he have access to an unmasked name?”

Gowdy asked similar questions about former CIA Director James Brennan, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice former White House advisor Ben Rhodes, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former acting Attorney General Sally Yates.

Finally, Gowdy asked Comey if he “briefed President Obama on any calls involving Michael Flynn.”

“I’m not going to go get into either that case or any conversations I had with the president,” Comey answered.

  • satanshitsintheirmouths

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  • MUFC

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