Insider: Trump Was Told Clintons Are Dying

President Trump has been told that Bill and Hillary Clinton are dying, according to a White House insider who works closely with the president.

President Trump has been told that Bill and Hillary Clinton are dying, according to a White House insider who works closely with the president.

A merciful Trump took pity on Bill and Hillary Clinton upon hearing of their ill-health. Not because he approves of pedophilia, corruption, or murder. No, because he is a spiritual man who can see that karma has caught up with them and is about to pay them back with a vengeance.

“Their fate in hell far exceeds any punishment we could impose on that pair. We must concentrate on the network of crooks, pedophiles and traffickers that exist right now and prosecute them with the full force of the law,” Trump told the team in a closed-door meeting at the White House.

Trump also believes that the Clintons are a fading force in US politics. Bill’s career is well and truly over and Hillary is a thoroughly defeated figure, languishing at rock bottom in nationwide approval rating polls.

It is believed that a blockbuster Clinton trial would destabilize a country already racked by division, and a guilty verdict would transform the deeply unpopular duo from despised and rejected figures into undeserved martyrs.

President Trump, playing the long game, does not wish to give the DNC this gift.

According to the White House insider it is former president Obama, who has been ignoring the customary peaceful transferral of power, who is viewed as the greater threat to the Trump presidency.

The White House insider also explained that the leaks coming out of the White House would “soon dry up” as Obama-era holdovers were removed, and staff loyal to the president were appointed to key positions of trust.

The leaks, “half-truths and outright lies“, have been pounced on by mainstream media and used to smear President Trump.

On Friday dozens of US Attorneys were given notice to hand in their resignations, as Trump continues cleaning house and streamlining government.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • John C Carleton

    Not dying fast enough. Bill and hill need speedy trials if they are dying, so they can be hanged together on Pennsylvania Ave., while America and Americans cheer! Need to make examples of these evil scum. No one escapes what they do, but America has to make an example of some of these elite pedophiles. Can not think of a better pair. Be doing them a favor, they will not take so long to die if America Hangs their asses.

  • hillaryariousbillygoatbaabaaba

    “Their fate in hell far exceeds any punishment we could impose on that pair.,,Hey look at the upside bill and hill will have each other for company..kinda a double whammy for them…we know how much they dispise each other… Lololol.. Hillaryarious….

  • Ingmar Blessing

    What then did she want in the oval office??

    • Candace

      It would have put creepy Kaine in there if you can imagine that horror.

  • rcwarbirdbuilder

    CIA and do nothing Congress need to be investigated and brought to trial
    for malfeasance and dereliction of duty along with treason against the
    US people. The poison Chemtrail spraying needs to stop now.

    • Pioneer

      And the assignation of Kim Jong Un’s brother.

      • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

        Ohhh? WHO’D he bone?! Huh, huh?!

  • norinco

    I think billy has aids…and Killery has Kuru

  • Candace

    Well they certainly do look like it, but not soon enough.

  • Jacques Devin

    That’s no excuses, we’re not living among the deads. The laws are for everybody without exceptions or excuses. Put the Clintons on trail and let the chips fall where they may.

    • 5string

      Saddled or bareback?

      • Phineas Gage


  • Pioneer

    Verdict is still out on whether Trump is working for the American’s or Israel, like the rest of our government. I don’t like his health care reform. It needs a complete repeal.

  • ShepZC

    If Prez Trump gives Bill and Hellary Clinton immunity for all their crimes, he is NOT the LAW and ORDER President he PROMISED us he would be!

  • Denverwinter

    If true…….this is like spitting in the face of those and their families who have been tortured, murdered, raped, ruined, been jailed at the hands of the Clintons. Totally disparaging to those who supported Trump and to all whistleblowers. Trump demonstrating he is no different from any other administration allowing the previous criminals to continue with their crimes. No justice, no MAGA. Truly discouraging to say the least.

  • Tin Foil Hat

    Just another anonymous source. Sorry, don’t buy it

  • John Schilling

    Best news of my lifetime, right next to President Trump’s election! Bill&Hill Bye-bye will be a block party bbq in my neighborhood! Can’t wait!

  • Dean Deanyoda


  • Msgtdubb

    America is really going to miss them, NOT!

  • Ghassan jenainaty

    Both Bill and Hillary are war criminals. Their crimes in the Middle East wont be forgotten

  • Ivan Pihama

    Trump it seem has Punk us he’s surrounded himself with jews his son in law loan 259 million from that evil prick George Soros

    • Frank

      Where can I verify this information?

  • DeathFromTheShadows

    I believe that a trial would only destabilize the snowflakes and democrats, and not the real Americans that the nation depends upon. It would drive them over the edge and force them to grow up by proving to them once ad for all that they are idiots for following the wicked witch and her pervert husband,

  • Charles Michael McCullough

    one is above the law. They need to be brought to justice. I don’t give a
    flying F$#^^ what the division in the country is. Did Lincoln give a
    F%$#@ when he gave the “Emancipation Proclamation” speech, knowing full
    well it could bring the country into a
    civil war? What is right and above the law is that even if it does bring
    civil war to our country, then so be it. Our Justice system is based on
    the rule of God, not man

  • John Flynn

    I have never seen so much disdain for a political couple in the US…the party’s over for these two

  • Woodshedding

    They’re headed toward either Antarctica, or some satanic country like Qatar that won’t extradite them.
    At least, if I had a hundred bucks, I’d bet it on that.