Trump Authorizes Congress To Pursue Criminal Charges Against Hillary

President Trump authorizes Jason Chaffetz to pursue Hillary Clinton in criminal investigation

President Trump has authorized Congress to pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton, even if that means she ends up in prison. 

Chairman of the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Jason Chaffetz, told members of the committee that a recent meeting between him and the President revealed a desire by Trump to ensure Hillary Clinton receives whatever justice she deserves.

Chaffetz told members:

“President Trump visited Philadelphia when we were at our planning and strategy session.

I went backstage with the President here’s what he said:

‘You do a great job. Listen, I understand I’m the president and you have a job. You do the oversight. Don’t slow down. Go after everything you want to go after. You look at everything you want to look at.’

If you sat there and heard what he said to me about pursuing oversight and government, you would be inspired. And for him to convey a message of ‘don’t slow down,’ I think was a good message.”

The news that the President support’s the criminal investigation comes just days after the Oversight Committee ordered FBI Director, James Comey, to hand over the contents of Hillary Clinton’s email server.

Trump’s words will likely bolster their resolve in exposing any criminal wrong doing by the former Secretary of State in their continued investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

This was never a political targeting in the beginning and just because there was a political election doesn’t mean it goes away,” Jason Chaffetz told reporters earlier in the month. “There were a lot of other characters that were involved in this that we have to look at.”

  • rcwarbirdbuilder

    Amen! this going to start the real swamp draining, thank God.

    • marecek21

      You need to drain the swamp between your ears.

  • dianecee

    Lock her up!

  • Rick


  • Defiant

    I STILL think, in the end, Shrillary will skate. It’s just the way of the world. I HOPE, however, that she’ll be nailed to the wall. God knows she’s guilty enough to serve the rest of her life in the Stony Lonesome.

  • Wendy

    YES….Get to the bottom of Trumps TAX RETURNS !!! Find out WHY his supporters would NOT consider having an INEXPERIENCED contractor, mechanic, plumber, roofer, electrician, babysitter or even a DOG WALKER be in and around their HOME but are perfectly willing to have someone with NO EXPERIENCE run our COUNTRY !!!

    • Fred Freud

      give up, the election is over and Hillary lost. the best candidate won.

    • Anti_Marxist

      Tissue, playdoh, crayons, blankie???

      • NHNative

        Don’t forget binky lol

    • Thomas Faddis

      Ummm, Your definition of ‘experience ‘ includes CORRUPTION???!! Please, PLEASE STFU wendy!!! We do NOT ‘need’ Anyone as experienced in corruption as hildog, lol!!!

      • Jack West

        Wendy what has killary done to help this country, in 30 years in office she has done not a dam thing but corrupt more then was there. Now even the foundation is closed they are crooked to the bone

    • marecek21

      Spot on, Wendy. Of course, you were attacked by know-nothing morons.

  • magus

    hopefully Obama gets so scared…he shuts up

    • HarryLola

      He’s not smart enough to shut up, neither are the clintons. They believe they have a right to waste our time. May they all get what they deserve.

  • Peanut

    Conduct a thorough investigation leaving no rumor uninvestigated, prosecute if evidence supports, convict if evidence convinces a jury beyond a reasonable doubt, sentence to prison as an example that no one is above the law.

  • Thomas Faddis

    Sure hoping this is True!! (Her cover-ups need to be Exposed!!!)

  • disqus_vM1Ts0vZ7C

    For our world to regain its sanity, it is absolutely imperative charges be pursued against hclinton.

    For too long, murder, graft, theft (Haiti refugee fund), rape (her husband), and other highly immoral conduct
    has been perpetuated upon this nation, and her American citizens by these two excuses for human beings.

    Just as our universe operates on laws of physics, gravity, water cycles, and seasons,
    so there is a natural law and order that demands justice for breaking it.

    For America to regain her strength, she must be freed from the shackles of corruption which hclinton
    enslaved her.

    • NHNative

      And there’s a lot more that’s even more disgusting. She is evil incarnate.

  • Joe

    Too much hate and wishful thinking. The real crooked one is Drumpf! Hands down!

    • Ellis Thorwaldson

      You’re an idiot Joe, you fucken libtard!!

  • NHNative

    Is this legit or fake news?

    • lageorgia

      usually it’s a fake news site but once in awhile they get a real story

  • Rude Richard

    Most of congress is guilty of treason so let the executions begin…

  • Jan Carter

    About freaking time!