Truth Bomb Dropped Live On BBC By British Ambassador Goes Viral

Former British Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, refused to go along with the BBC propaganda on Syria and dropped a truth bomb live on air yesterday.

Former British Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, refused to go along with the BBC propaganda on Syria and dropped a truth bomb live on air yesterday. 

Fed up with the state sponsored propaganda from the very start, Peter Ford dispensed with niceties and disagreed on every level possible with the very first question put to him by the BBC host.

Referring to claims that Assad is responsible for the chemical attack in Syria, the BBC host said, “That’s a statement of fact, right?”


It’s a myth,” Ford said, his voice thick with disgust for mainstream media idiocy and lies. 

“It’s a statement of non-fact,” he continued, immediately rocking the host back on his heels.

What’s needed is an investigation, because there are two possibilities for what happened. One is the American version, that Assad dropped chemical weapons on this locality. The other version is that an ordinary bomb was dropped and it hit a munitions dump where jihadis were storing chemical weapons. We don’t know which of these two possibilities is the correct one. 

“Remember the run up to Iraq. The experts, the intelligence agencies, the politicians were convinced that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. They produced reams of evidence, photographs, diagrams. They were all wrong. It was all wrong. It’s possible that they are wrong in this instance as well. That they are just looking for a pretext to attack Syria.”

That was more truth than the BBC usually broadcasts in a week. Aware the truth quotient was way too high for his superiors’ liking, the BBC host went into damage control mode, and started reading from the same script CNN and MSNBC hosts use whenever a guest dares to go against the deep state approved narrative.

That’s right, the desperate mainstream media host accused Peter Ford, the former British Ambassador to Syria, of being a Russian operative.

But Ford was ready for that weak jab. Resembling a quiet, gentle man who has suffered one indignity too many, the former Ambassador launched into his counterattack like a man with nothing left to lose.

I don’t leave my brains at the door when I examine a situation analytically.  I try to be objective,” Fordham said. “And based on previous experience, including Iraq, we can see that we cannot take at face value what the so-called intelligence experts tell us when they have an agenda.

“Trump has just given the jihadis a thousand reasons to stage fake flag operations, seeing how successful and easy it is, with a gullible media, to provoke and lead the West into intemperate reactions.

If this interview was taking place on CNN, the satellite feed would have mysteriously dropped out by now and executives would be entering Peter Ford’s name in the ‘Never appearing on CNN again’ spreadsheet. But BBC haven’t learnt that trick yet, so viewers got to watch Ford rail against the phonies for a few more precious minutes.

“They [the rebels – Al-Qaeda and ISIS] will very likely stage an operation similar to what they did – and this was documented by the United Nations in August last year – they mounted a chlorine gas attack on civilians and tried to make it look like a regime operation.”

“It will happen and we will get all the warmongers coming to tell us that Assad is defying us and we most go in more heavily into Syria.”

By this point the BBC host realized he was dealing with a man who was hell bent on speaking the truth, and he could not and would not be bullied into silence with ridiculous accusations. He decided to give Ford the respect he should have had from the start of the interview.

With your expertise – it’s worth saying, you are a former Ambassador to Syria – with your knowledge of Bashar al-Assad and his regime in that country, what do you think his reaction to this will be?

Ford said: “Assad may be cruel, brutal… but he’s not mad. It defies belief that he would bring this all on his head for no military advantage, the site that was hit had no military significance, it made absolutely no sense. It angered the Russians. For no other reason, it’s simply not plausible.”

“We will all pay the consequences. The oil price will spike. There will very likely be more use, not less use, of chemical weapons, as a result of this. And, this is also important, the Russians and the Syrians will give less co-operation in the fight against ISIS.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Djago

    A brave man has spoken

    • Roger

      A fool has spoken, he indicated that Assad wasn’t responsible then a few lines later in the story he outlines two possibilities, 1. Assad did drop chemical weapons on his own people or 2. A locale was bombed where the chemical weapons were stored, causing the dispersion, in either case Assad was responsible because there weren’t supposed to be any chemical weapons in Syria!

      • Djago

        If that`s so? Who sold the chemicals to Assad? USA is guilty as hell in this false flagg operation, just ask McCain, he knows

        • Craig_Hubley

          All the countries facing down Iran got chemical weapons from the US in the 1980s. Shameful story. Saddam used them… but on “his own people” (as if that phrase means anything with any dictator).

          • GreenHearted

            Actually, I remember that an American Congressional Committee looking into that determined that it was Iran who gassed the Iraqi Kurds, not Saddam.

      • festina

        There are no chemical weapons in the regions controlled by Assad. There are chemical weapons in the ISIL controlled areas. The trick for ISIL is to use these chemical weapons in a way that it appears it was used by Assad, as they have just done. Trump has proven that he is a loose-shoot-from-the-hip canon, acting before finding out the facts.

        • doubting_rich

          ISIL has neither stocks of sarin nor anything like the capacity to produce it. This was not mustard gas.

          • Esther Schmeer
          • Kerry Grimshaw

            Really then Clinton didn’t approve the sale of Sarin gas to the rebels after all. I guess Wikileaks was wrong. Now can you supply your link so we can all see your evidence?

          • Greg Campbell

            Can you provide a disbursement system for it?

          • Spudslee

            Wikileaks couldn’t possibly be wrong or MAKING shit up!!

          • Neil Millar

            You don’t suppose that as they overran a good chunk of the country, they may have captured some, as was reported previously?

        • Craig_Hubley

          We already knew that about Trump but now it’s obvious he can be steered rather easily. Very scary.

          • a567and8


        • a567and8

          45 is also nonchalantly stupid. He eats too much chocolate cake.

          • Greg Campbell

            I’m sure your master Obama and his Iran will give you a taste, and you paid for it

        • Greg Campbell

          Do you have proof Assad has no weapons? Have you studied sarin gas? Do you know fire destroys it? Bomb make fire.

          Why was Assad bombing civilians

          And I bet he has sattelite and drone proof at his disposal, or is that not available according to your sources

          • Andrés Alrevés


          • Carolyn Zaremba

            Do you remember that the United States confiscated and destroyed all of Assad’s chemical weapons in 2013? That’s only 4 years ago. Your brain should be able to remember that far back, if not farther. You are another gullible person who, because you cannot recall history, believe anyone’s falsification of it. Shame.

          • Richards


          • Robert Browne

            Incendiary bombs make fire. The most common bombs are high explosive compounds which destroy concrete and steel. There is very little use for Incendiary bombs in Syria as the structures are stone and steel.

        • Carolyn Zaremba

          Correct, the American military confiscated and destroyed all of the Syrian government’s chemical weapons in 2013. ISIL is capable of manufacturing its own sarin and does. Catch, up, everyone.

      • notaNormanTory52

        For some people there really is no hope that they will ever believe anything except the Evil that is planted in their heads by Govts that such as our one that practice it each and every day , is there Roger ?.tell me Roger how is life when you spend it all dancing on other peoples strings ?.

      • iabanon

        NO he said it WAS NOT A FACT. THEN he stated POSSIBILITIES. There is no hope when people can’t discern these subtle differences in language.

        • Andrew Vincent


          • L. Kurt Engelhart

            Jealosy is a horrible thing.

          • Dianne Stanley

            But you cannot spell.

          • truth_without_bias

            Or he speaks more languages than you can!!!

        • John Redding

          Roger look at the video again and conceive what was said, it is possible you were distracted by the sign language interpreter.
          To say that “a fool has spoken” that must be the kettle calling the pot black.
          A very important comment to remember from this interview Roger, “we cannot take at face value what so called security experts tell us when they have an alternative agenda”

          • Greg Campbell

            But if he were a brave man, wouldn’t he go to the site and investigate himself?

          • Adam Johnson

            He’s an ex-ambassador not James bloody Bond…

        • a567and8

          Amen! So hard to understand the least subtlety. Better “45” dropped a bomb….heyyyy

        • Carolyn Zaremba

          It no longer surprises me when people cannot make distinctions like that. A person who cannot tell the difference between possibilities and facts, is a person who is ready made for the mass media to exploit. And of course they do, to the detriment of the rest of the world.

      • Ted Patrick Church

        It takes a fool to know a fool.

      • Lori Alayne Weber Miller

        Dude! if ISIS has a munition store that Assad does not know about How can you blame Assad for inadvertently exploding them?

        • Craig_Hubley

          They don’t have any logical argument, they are just trying to cover up for Trump, just like on the Russia hacks & vote suppression frauds.

        • Greg Campbell

          Because to blow it up, he had to bomb civilians.

      • Debbietee

        Geez, Roger, believe our propaganda much? You DO know, don’t you, that our war profiteers LOVE THIS and were lined up behind a Clinton win, and had to MANIPULATE to pressure Trump for ‘more war’ so they can profit? And you DO know – or do you? – that EVERYTHING we have been told in the past few years about ‘bad Assad’ and ‘bad Russia’ is GARBAGE to gain support from the public so that the war and oil profiteers can enrich themselves MORE?
        If you don’t know these things, stop being so gullible, and STOP believing our mainstream, which is now ALL PROPAGANDA almost ALL OF THE TIME.

        • Greg Campbell

          Then why did Israel attack Syria march

      • Craig_Hubley

        Assad was not in control of Mosul where in January the jihadis were widely reported to be making chemical weapons. If they moved them to this warehouse it would be a legitimate target, but whether Assad knew the weapons were there or would be released on civilians if it were hit, remains unknown. Certainly Assad could, just like Trump, have been fooled into hitting a target that would have negative consequences for him.

        Presidents as a rule are not that smart, which is why they need “intelligence” agencies to verify things for them. There wasn’t time to verify the claims Trump believed in. Trump believes all kinds of random crap, including his son in law Jared Kushner who would pretty much believe anything anyone at AIPAC told him.

        • Robert Templeton

          Uh, Craig, Mosul is in Iraq

      • Mary Crivello Milburn

        Russia was supposed to oversee the removal of chemical weapons from Syria years ago as part of an international treaty. What was Russias role in this ? Why would Assad gas his own people? No possible advantage for him to do so.

      • Tony

        You are the fool – learn to reason like an adult –

      • Forest Clayton Sprague

        a fool is speaking more like it…… long will it take for you people to stop believing everything the media reports as fact……politicians worldwide lie like hell……and Trump is the king of them all……notice that he is unleashing bombs and will soon re inact the draft……..

      • Roger Dumbass

        You stupid fucking idiot. You’re saying that even if paid MERCENARIES brought the chemical weapons into Syria that ASSAD is responsible?!? You have to be the most brain dead sub-human who is somehow still able to type. Have a nice day HASBARA.

      • Clarence J Renouard

        You didn’t read the whole article, or you’re cherry-picking a selected passage.

      • James

        Roger. Do yourself a favour. Go and find a brain. He was Ambassador to Syria – not a job for a fool. And your qualification? Hmmm? Tosser. Not exactly a qualification…

      • tonybazz

        Why is he responsible if jihadi terrorist smuggle in sarin from Libya after we deposed Gadhafi. It’s highly likely that Assad did not have anything to do with this nerve gas attack. You might wanna change the channel Roger, your not getting good information.

      • Richards

        No I believe he didn’t do it 100%.why would he he’s winning the war with the West PAYED terrorists
        YOUR listening to much MSM

      • Anti

        Ok go away you brainless twot.

      • jimmyjitt

        but then some people do leave their brains at the door.

      • Dave Hunt

        Who are you to call a former British Ambassador a fool? What credentials and experience do you have.

        And you can’t hold Assad responsible for everything in Syria. Much of the country is controlled by outside forces, terrorists, financed by Saudi Arabia, the US and the UK. Al Qaeda and IS are well-documented as using chemical weapons, Assad said Syria would stop and there is no documented incidence for a while. The UK government even admitted it sent recently chemical weapons making materials to rebel forces there.

      • Robin

        you need to read it properly. You are ignoring the fact that he said, a location where jihadis were storing chemical weapons. It does matter. Truth is important. This in now way implies that Assad had chemical weapons in Syria, does it?

      • Joseph Kelsall

        Keep up dummy. If you don’t understand the antecedents keep low!

    • doubting_rich

      Problem is that it was sarin – and only Assad has ever had sarin in the area. The only chemicals the jihadis have are
      mustard gas. No party disputes the latter fact, all outside observers
      agree that the deaths and injuries were not caused by mustard gas, but
      are consistent with sarin. Those who have been able to test samples say it is sarin. So we do know that his second “possibility” is not possible, because it does not fit the known, accepted facts.

      • Esther Schmeer

        The sarin entered Syria during the “Benghazi Libya US consulate’s operation to collect
        weapons from Libyan stockpiles and send them through Turkey into Syria for a set-up sarin-gas attack, to be blamed on Assad in order to ‘justify’ the US invading Syria, as the US had invaded Libya to eliminate Gaddafi. ”

        • Mary Crivello Milburn


      • David Thomson

        “Those who have been able to test samples say it is sarin.”
        Citations, please?

      • Kerry Grimshaw

        Rubbish. 1. John Kerry said they got 100% of the Syrian Chemical weapons. 2. Anyone touching a Sarin gas victim needs total covering or they die in minutes. Thats not what was happening in the videos. 3. Why would Assad do this and create a hostile response when he is winning the war and the West was on board with him? You are dreaming buddy! This was an American set up! You are either a puppet or are lost in the MSM bullshit!

      • Rich the Bitch

        ANOTHER idiot. If it were “Saaaaarin” as you undoubtedly spew from your retarded pie-hole, the people treating the gas victims would also have died. Maybe you should research Sarin gas a little before you speak about it like you actually know what the F you are talking about.

      • Stones Donga

        I have known that you don’t get in contact with sarin chemical victims but those were handles by those who came to attend and the parents were carrying their kids, what can you say on that? Another thing, so far you are the only one, together with the West, who think only Assad had that kind of chemical. That place is a war zone and a sponsored one. So everything is possible.

      • Eleanor LeTourneau

        If it was sarin gas then why weren’t the people supposedly giving aid wearing protective clothing, like gloves and mask. From the pictures I saw they did not have any on. For if you come in contect with that stuff it kills.

  • Kieron

    It’s the truth so simple? BBC caught on the hop I think. The gallery producer will have had a quite in depth meeting with programmes editor after that. Just before they both get seriously rammed by the network bosses.

    • Greta Snipe

      And you know this how exactly?

  • Amaris

    well said Peter Ford, it warms the heart to see that there are still a few good men willing to speak the truth on air. If the interview was being done on CNN, they would have probably blacked him out mid interview.

    • Roger

      You have good confused with stupid!

      • Nick Telfer

        A worthy and very erudite contribution to this thread I must say.. As Shakespeare said …words, words, words….a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing.

  • Black Swan

    Western Justice: Its OK to kill a million people as long as you are sorry. Tony Blair apologized for the mistakes made by the U.S. and it’s allies in Iraq, apologized and everything would be alright, if not for the fact that any mistakes of the Anglo-Saxons are always paid with other people’s blood.

  • John C Carleton

    Of course he did not give the third possibility, the gas attack was a false flag carried out in accordance with the dictates and blessings, of Nitwityahoo and Trump.

    • Ralf Yuri

      Well said, the third possibility.
      The Media is paid for the truth that it don’t shows.

    • A2er

      Trump is too stupid and disorganized to pull something like that off….

      • anglicus

        He’s not stupid. He just has a command of thoroughly useless information.

      • Alf Torp

        He probably would know nothing about it. These things would happen behind the scenes, directed by the various US “intelligence” agencies.

      • Roger

        President Donald Trump has all the solutions! Hillary Clinton never had a clue!
        President Trump, the man that didn’t need to be President!
        President Trump, the man that America needed to be President!
        Trump-Pence, the dream team of and for the American people!
        Making America safer, stronger and greater than ever before!

        President Trump is an unstoppable genius! Sixteen Republican challengers couldn’t stop him, the Democrats couldn’t stop him, adversaries in his own party couldn’t stop him, the lying liberal media couldn’t stop him, the thug protesters hired by the Democrats to disrupt his rallies couldn’t stop him, crooked Hillary, despite her underhanded cheating and attempt to rig the election couldn’t stop him, so why are so many wasting their time? Donald Trump overcame adversity never before seen in the history of an American Presidential election and no one is going to stop him! I truly believe that Donald Trump will be the GREATEST President that America has ever had! A safer, stronger more prosperous and greater than ever before AMERICA!

        President Trump is so right so often about so much, that it is unbelievable! He is an unstoppable genius!
        Sixteen Republican challengers couldn’t stop him, the lying, fake news mainstream media couldn’t stop him, adversaries in his own party couldn’t stop him, the Democrats and Hillary Clinton with her underhanded cheating and doing everything she could to rig the election including being fed the questions likely to be asked before the debates, couldn’t stop him and no one is going to stop him! President Trump did more in his first eight days than Obama did in eight years!

        • Pippa Moore

          This is satire, right? You should do stand up, you’re hilarious.

        • iabanon

          HAHAHAHAHAHA thanks for the belly laugh arsehole.

          • Andrew Vincent

            Raising the level of debate there.

        • Craig_Hubley

          Wow. Do you believe this crap? Do you have to repeat it every day to believe even 5% of it?

          Trump is a mass murderer of children, nothing more, nothing less.

          What he “did” in his first few weeks was make a vast array of dangerous poisons, legal and more prevalent… mostly affecting kids. And then tried to take health care away from tens of millions.

        • David Thomson

          Including sabotaging his man, Tillerson’s chance to make good on the oil contracts with Russia?

      • fanny

        Trump is the puppet and he does what he is told

      • David Thomson

        Trump wouldn’t even be privy to the plan.

    • anglicus

      He want’s to stay alive.

      • John C Carleton

        Staying alive is over rated, when you have to not tell the truth for fear of being murdered by Washington or Israhell.

    • John Pallyswine

      Nitwityahoo has more brains in his butt than you have in your filthy muSSlim head

      • John C Carleton

        I don’t think that was brains the Bear installed in Nitwityahoo’s dirrerier. :-}

    • Craig_Hubley

      He left that implied, that a third party could be behind it. Some possibilities are 3. Russia embarrassed by Assad and trying o ditch him without seeming to look guilty, and also willing to embarrass Trump (and/or give him excuse to ‘distance’ from Putin to distract from #TrumpRussia). 3a. Trump regime, same reasoning, distance from Russia 4. Israel, desperate that the US not make any deal with Assad. 5. Al Qaeda or Daesh deliberately placing the chemicals there to be hit, knowing it would look like the chemicals were in the shells. I don’t think anyone who knows anything about geopolitics would not have added those in their own head… as at least remote possibilities.

      • Wealth101

        @craig_hubley:disqus. Now that is a reasonable thinking of things through. Good on you. As for the rest, it is all conjecture… no one, NO ONE of us will ever know. We can’t know. We cannot perceive the thinking through the shrouds that cover the highest decision-makers. Although, Mr. Peter Ford has the background to at least see through some of it. I prefer to believe that Assad would have no military advantage to releasing the gas. As Mr. Ford says, he is not mad.
        And on another topic, did you see the MOAB dropped on the ISIS/Taliban stronghold last night?

  • Harry Bunzz

    The sign translator makes this whole thing look totally hilarious. It’s like having Mr. Bean on the side here.

    • Helen Smith

      I did wonder what exactly he was portraying!

      • Graygeez

        Well now you know that when your hearing fades that somebody will sign the TV or you – did you also know that if your sight is not so good you can get an audio description of what is happening on the screen? It’s amazing what you learn watching the news.

        • Helen Smith

          No, I meant what was he actually signing! Could have been anything from his facial expressions

    • Graygeez


  • Dare Oladunjoye Wilson

    Mr. Ford just earned more respect. I like any mortal who would hold up his/her in the midst of venomous crowd…he just did.

  • Wayne Handley

    Why, when the US then attacked the base that carried out the bombing is there no sign of a chemical stash in said base being hit?

    • Guy Roberts

      Have they even looked Wayne?

  • Yono Soekarno

    Cop this: 59 misiles were then fired at the air base they say Assad used to attack. Firstly, how can you fit 59 misiles onto an airfield. The shocking news is then the airfield is still operational! Careless propaganda

    • Roger

      You are obviously very stupid!

      • Mary Crivello Milburn

        Why bother to fact check anything on your own ? Typical deluded trump supporter who has to call out names because he only believes what he is told to believe, you are a child

    • Maihi

      Yes 59 missiles and they tell us only three hit the airfield, so where did the others hit? You really are stupid Roger.

      • Mary Crivello Milburn

        trump has 6 million dollars in shares in Raytheon, the company that makes the Tomahawk missiles, their stock price rose 10 % after the missile strike. Checkout Raytheons website and the stockmarket . Trump got 2 for 1 , he made more money and he played to his base

  • Louise Haig

    Tin foil hat nonsense. There are radar records showing planes taking of from Damascus to where the sarin was dropped….

    • Glynnux..

      No there aren’t.

    • something_new

      Please share them

    • Basu Deb

      Every aerial movement is known to both the US and Russia. That’s working protocol. Syria knew that America knows about the take off. Where is the report that it dropped sarin?

    • Bubbs
      • Craig_Hubley

        Facts!!!! Anathema to the Trump regime…

    • festina

      Fact: planes took off. Fact: they bombed something. Fact: USA has a surplus of Tomahawks in stock, the weapons producers need fresh orders Fact: a main business of the USA is weapons production Fact: 50+ Tomahawk were deployed Fact: USA lied about WMD to get the war in Iraq going Fact: USA needed a justification for using their surplus Tomahawks Fact: anybody who buys into the USA’s explanation for launching the strike is ignoring history Conclusion: fool me once, shame on you …

    • Craig_Hubley

      “The Sarin”… like, the Sarin that was found, which the Turks initially said was chlorine, then changed their report?

      “The” Sarin.

  • Scott Campbell

    Sorry to spoil the theory that BBC were surprised by his opinions or looking to shut up this view point but are you aware he appeared on BBC Newsnight the following day to say more of the same. If BBC so afraid of what he has to say why was he invited back?

    • Leslie Cox Sr.

      I believe they’re trying to save a bit of face now after all the bad reporting that they’re being rightly accused of. it’s about time too.

  • ragumbi

    That’s the last we will see of Mr Peter Ford at the BBC never mind CNN.

  • Lizziezoe

    If the USA step in and take out Assad, the same thing will happen that is happening in Iraq…ISIS will take over. Trump is a looser cannon than GW Bush! GW had some grey matter, Trump doesn’t.

    • Frankie

      Bahahahahaa a you’re a fool if you think GW had any brains at all.

    • fcabanski

      ISIS took over after the U.S. left Iraq. Doing nothing while mad men do their work is what let WW2 get to the point Hitler almost won. Not facing evil emboldens it.

      • Craig_Hubley

        The vilest evil on the planet Earth is presently sitting in the White House. That has to be dealt with first.

        We’re talking someone who mass murders children willfully, while taking their health insurance away.

        Who turns in an instant on his strongest backer (Putin). And who could easily start a nuclear war with a tweet.

        • fcabanski

          Who has taken away anyone’s health insurance? There have been no changes to health insurance. Obamacare increased the cost of health insurance for millions, destroyed millions of jobs.

          You’re a few months behind. The evil that was sitting in the WH was Obama. He is gone. A new evil, Hillary, for the WH was avoided.

    • Roger

      Not if we eliminate pussy’s like you on the battlefield! We need to rebuild our regular army and stop using reservists and national guardsmen that aren’t supposed to go outside of their home state anyway!

  • Don Walters

    Bull shit. Assad is NOT fighting ISIS. And this guy is a flipping idiot if he thinks this. Assad and Russia are trying to squash a rebellion. They are bombing innocent civilian targets and killing people indiscriminately. The is NO OTHER reason to bomb hospitals and houses like he is doing.

    • Glynnux..

      …and he’s using weapons of mass destruction…. sounds familiar. I don’t think many will swallow the same excuse twice.
      It would be a good idea to wait for the fact based investigation findings. Just because you despise the guy doesn’t mean he’s responsible. Evidence is good.

      • Frankie

        Hallelujah, a sane voice.

      • Craig_Hubley

        Evidence counts for nothing in the Trump regime, only “relationships”. In this case, with Jared Kushner.

    • Craig_Hubley

      Agreed Assad is not fighting ISIS/ISIL/Daesh (why don’t we just call them Daesh? There are lots of innocent little girls named Isis ffs and you’re probably getting them beat up in the schoolyard. Like other kids thanks to Trump…).

      He is fighting to kill moderates that the West would back, leaving only those the West cannot back (like AQ & Daesh).

  • unchained

    the place that was bombed, idlib, is an extremely liberal anti-assad part of syria. people forget that isis presence in the region has allowed dictators like assad & erdogan to consolidate power by just arresting/killing opposition & blaming it on ISIS/destabilization. Assad bombed idlib simply for being liberal & anti-assad, while erdogan staged a sloppy coup to arrest 6000 political opponents over night. That is what really happened. However, neocons will still try & use it as an excuse to invade syria. The ambassador not being able to differentiate between warhawks taking advantage of complex conflict (syria) & warhawks instigating conflict (iraq) is odd – given his position/job.

    • Craig_Hubley

      True on all accounts. Neocons use everything as an excuse to invade anywhere, they got the idea from Israel, which hits whoever it feels like “back” after being hit. Regardless of any credible statement of cause & effect.

  • Slipmatwax

    Ivanka and her Zionist hubby authorized the airstrikes

    • Craig_Hubley

      Sadly I think this is exactly correct. Trump trusts the Kushners, and with no foreign policy experience and lots of ultra-Zionist friends including Sheldon Adelson, they would be easily influenced to make Trump believe whatever Netanyahu’s Israel wanted him to believe. To Netanyahu Trump is a useful idiot, and his lever is Jared Kushner.

  • Anti

    Just sickens me that these evil inhuman Pharasies can do what they please and blame others just to get their way, and the no one at the top dares to go against them, Time they were thrown out as the crooks and cheats they are,

    • Craig_Hubley

      One can make a reasonable argument that any nation-state that acquires nuclear weapons, is a rogue state, and should be devolved and eliminated from the map somehow. The people who seek power in such nation-states are not good people, as a rule, as a good person would not want to be in any position where they had to decide to fire a nuclear weapon or not.

  • whariwharangi

    Did you hear the hypothesis that the bombs hit a chemical weapons dump?

    Its even possible the ‘chemical weapon’ was sewer gas or chemicals from a pesticide factory and not a chemical weapon at all.

    • Craig_Hubley

      Yes, but of course, there was no need to investigate such possibilities with a true fuehrer (unquestionable leader) in the USA… fuehrerprinzip is strong in this administration.

  • Leslie Cox Sr.

    What other footage has been aired other than small craters where these $1m missiles were supposed to have exploded? What real damage was aired? Nothing significant! What explosions were aired as in other attacks? Nothing! Any hint of burning buildings or smoke? NO!! This was was a badly planned fixture. A sad attempt to make ti look like an attack. Believe the evidence alone on the size of those craters probably caused by grenades. There’s something else afoot if you ask me.

    • Craig_Hubley

      There’s always “something else afoot”, but to know what, we’d have to know who Jared Kushner was talking to, and influenced by.

  • hollywoodjaxx


  • SwissMac

    ““It’s a myth,” Ford said, his voice thick with disgust for mainstream media idiocy and lies.
    “It’s a statement of non-fact,” he continued, immediately rocking the host back on his heels.”
    NO HE DID NOT SAY THAT!!! He hath a thpeech impediment and thaid that “it wath a mithtatement (misstatement) of fact”

  • Aikyu999

    “We will all pay the consequences. The oil price will spike.”

    I don’t give a damn about the potential rise in oil price – the oil oligarchy will always give consumers the shaft!

    We don’t need to DRIVE a petroleum car – it is a financial liability! In fact, we don’t even need to OWN a car! The oil oligarchy is desperate to fabricate wars anyway they can to perpetuate this fabricated consumer economy!

    The Western capitalistic economy is based solely upon OIL and the exponential INTEREST RATE. No one in power actually does anything – they lend worthless money, and charge usurious fees for it! Even the “printing” of money is based upon debt. So we can never pay off the debt! Moreover, Prezident Cheney fabricated this fear-based economy with 9/11. Security is now the USA’s only product – Homeland Security, TSA (Transport Security Agency), auto insurance, medical insurance, mortgage insurance, terror insurance, insurance for insurance. “We owe and owe, so off to work we go!”

    • Craig_Hubley

      “We” does not include me, as I don’t care if oil prices rise. Oil prices rising is good for a WHOLE lot of BAD people.

      Including the ones that planned this.

  • Larry Gabutts

    Of course there can be no solid proof that Assad used the weapons, and in a war zone it is actually not possible to carry out an investigation, as the Ambassador suggests. The rebels would indeed have had the interest to launch a false flag attack, the question is whether they had the capacity – I’ve read a number of experts saying they probably didn’t (of course there can be no absolute certainty). But I don’t think it can be said, as Ambassador Ford does, that Assad wouldn’t use gas because he “isn’t mad”. He has used it before and it very nearly brought about a strike from the Obama administration in 2013: does that mean he was mad in 2013, and then suddenly became sane?! Moreover, I think the parallel with Iraq is misleading: in the runup to the Iraq War, there was very strong pressure being applied on the intelligence community to come up with proof of Saddam’s possession of weapons of mass destruction, because the Bush Administration had already decided on intervention and needed to shore up its case; but today the Trump Administration was wedded to a policy of benign non-intervention with regard to the Syrian regime, and had pretty much signalled its willingness to seek common ground with Russia and refrain from pursuing regime change in Damascus, so, if anything, the pressure on the intelligence community would have been in the opposite direction to that which Ambassador Ford is suggesting.

    • Basu Deb

      Didn’t you follow the video? Don’t you know about the U.N. report on the 2013 matter?
      Why were the 28 pages concealed? Because that would make the execution of the US plan to destabilise Iraq difficult. WMD was a plant. The agenda was made long before. Likewise the Syrian agenda has been on the table for long.

    • Craig_Hubley

      “in a war zone it is actually not possible to carry out an investigation” <– absolute garbage, the people who do this are very brave – certainly as brave as first responders – and will go anywhere, the issue with war zones is that you can't follow as precise a methodology as everyone is deceiving you for their own benefit

      It's valid to suggest Assad did this before, or at least didn't deny doing it before.

      To say "the Trump Administration was wedded to a policy" is plain nonsense, Trump is never wedded, he's whoring his policy to whoever offers him commercial or public relations benefit personally. There's just chaos in Trump land.

      Yes it had "signalled its willingness to seek common ground with Russia and refrain from pursuing regime change in Damascus" but at the same time #TrumpRussia investigation pressure heightened to the point where Devin Nunes was forced to recuse himself – a VERY major development that people not following US politics may not appreciate.

      In circumstances like this, US presidents try to 1. 'distance' themselves from conspirators or accused conspirators 2. hit something, anything, with a military strike to try to gain a 'rally behind the POTUS' effect common in US politics 3. distract the media to talk about something else. Clinton did it to Iraq when the Lewinsky thing came out (pun intended). Nixon did it to Cambodia. There is no limit to the harm a POTUS might do in this circumstance.

      Trump also – in preparation for threatening North Korea – probably wanted to verify that he could indeed order a strike that would be carried out. There is or was considerable doubt that the military would obey his order to fire a nuclear weapon. Every strike against anything that he *IS* obeyed in, is more precedent for obeying some insane order that destroys the world. Which, in turn, increases his leverage as a nuclear vampire grifter kleptocrat thug.

  • grim3per

    who stands to make the most money when oil prices spike? CHUMP & PUTIN Inc.

    • Craig_Hubley

      Exactly. They also want sources of free-running light sweet crude destabilized so they can sell filth like Tar Sands, shale oil, and Arctic oil…none of which is worth a damn in a science-respecting world that knows its many hazards.

  • Thomas Remme

    “That was more truth than the BBC usually broadcasts in a week.” – Not true. They very fact that they aired this is proof that they do try to present dissenting or contradicting information.

    …and claiming that the BBC haven’t learned how to turn off a transmission is ridiculous.

    Baxter Dmitry, next time report the facts. Your hit piece is filled with bias and lies. You are yourself doing what you accuse others of.

    • Craig_Hubley

      BBC is still better than any US network except its moral equivalent, PBS. Which Trump is now cutting, of course.

  • Bubbs

    The Turks said in their own news, it was chlorine & sent their analysis to the UN…..but later the same day changed the report to, Sarin….
    I wonder why.Cough !!

    • Craig_Hubley

      Yes this is *VERY* interesting. And doesn’t rule out chlorine being hit in the building, but then Sarin being sprayed around just for the investigators to find…

  • Greta Snipe

    Ok, a number or provable facts wrong with your story. Firstly, at the most basic level you change his name half-way through the piece. It does rather undermine your own journalistic credibility if you don’t even check your copy before publication. Second, you say he was accused of being a Soviet operative. Can you show me where in the interview those words are used? Or anywhere else? Third, you second guess what’s in the interviewer’s head by imputing thoughts you can’t possibly know. That is un-sourced speculation. Fourth, you claim the BBC accidentally let this truth out where CNN would have pulled it. Yet it’s still here to be re-viewed by your good self. Fifth (nearly done), playing Devil’s Advocate is a way of getting points out of interviewees. “It’s a statement of fact, isn’t it?” is clearly a technique to provoke a contradiction. Apart from that, Mrs Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?

  • Rupert

    I thought the BBC was pretty fair, they asked 3 questions in 4 minutes and didn’t Interrupt until the very end. When these asked about a ‘statement of fact’ at the beginning it was to provoke the conversation.

  • Doc

    The look on the faces of the interviewer and co host face at the end is a picture. The BBC British Bullshit Corporation screwed in front of millions, they were clearly not expecting the response given. Well said Ford for having a pair.

  • Helen Smith

    My thoughts exactly, I don’t leave my brains at the door either. Daily Mail’s Andrew Pierce also has doubts.

  • debbie lariscy

    You know, as just a regular citizen I am not privy to complicated facts that people in power know, we try and listen to news, experts, etc. Like most, I believed that Assad did the gas attack, but now I have doubts. I still want Assad gone, but it serves no purpose if we don’t know the truth and act accordingly. We certainly don’t want war based on ignorance or zeal. But, I truly hope a GLOBAL initiative, many countries, will start working together to meet a crisis like this head on. The UN doesn’t, too political. We need a coalition that truly works. IMHO.

    • Craig_Hubley

      Well stated. The haste of Trump’s attack ruled out any deeper investigation, and showed a certainty that is quite unwarranted given his non-credentials. It put the USA on a “side” It had hitherto been trying very hard not to choose. One has to ask who benefits from that.

      • debbie lariscy

        Thanks, I appreciated your additional comments- it’s just so hard to really feel informed when we are citizens, not involved with the issues at governments level. I used to be so naive, but I grew up in a time (I’m a babyboomer) when politicians were a bit different, America had a clearer objective, and appeared to be on the “right” side of an issue. I did not vote for trump, with his impulsive nature at such a high position, and a lot of other faults of his. I truly wish we could somehow get a global response to issues like Assad, genocide, etc. It’s so political, but some countries do become allies and a coalition is the way to go IMHO. But, it’s PEOPLE who need to act – with most people Not being active in our democracy, 47% not voting last election, etc., it’s scary. But concerned citizens can resist, work on issues, etc. and make the government know our concerns and, maybe change things. Thanks, peace and be well.

  • slideguy

    Ford’s theory fails due to the fact that Sarin is stored as two separate chemicals and only combined when they’re ready to use it. A bomb would not have been able to create sarin accidentally. He’s blowing smoke.

    • Craig_Hubley

      *IF* it was Sarin. A lot of scenarios here haven’t been ruled out, like for instance, a small Sarin device used in the immediate aftermath of a chemical attack which was mostly something else, which might have been a warehouse hit. If you’re going to go to the bother of setting up the USA to attack Assad, you’re going to have lots of resources, including on the ground at the target. You could swap a Sarin bomb in for a regular one, too.

      Remember, Assad had *JUST* got a signal that said that a member of his family *MIGHT* be able to remain in power… so any other member of his family had a reason to set him up, discredit him, and become the new favorite.

  • griz

    Watch out for the CIA and KGB Mr. Ford, they are now coming for you.

    • Craig_Hubley

      He clearly doesn’t give a damn. Which is the only kind of person who should ever hold any diplomatic post.

      Groupthink is what got us into World War I…

  • BR549

    While I believe he is being truthful, what I am seeing here is another calculated step by the Obama Administration to have paved they way to undermine the voters’ confidence in Trump.

    Obama pulled the same crap with the Dakota Access Pipeline; Obama KNEW Hillary was going to lose so he intentionally caved in to the protestors demand, only so that Trump would come out looking like the bad guy by having to reinstate the pipeline operation. Personally, I would have felt much Prouder if we could at least ONCE honor a treaty we had made with the Native American population, but Obama, as well the equally treasonous Bushes and Clintons before him, had trashed our manufacturing and energy base in conformance with globalist dictates,leaving Trump no choice but to violate the treaty to give us a shot in the arm. so to speak.

    Kerry makes this dummy deal about having removed the chemical weapons, when it is now all too apparent that this Syria situation was manufactured to undermine support for the ONLY NON-globalist supporting administration in the last 28 years.

    If nothing, Democrats have shown us the color of their spots; they are sore losers (losers to be sure) and show no hesitation to putting a turd in the celebratory punch bowl at every available opportunity. In short, Trump was set up.

    • Craig_Hubley

      Wow, “another calculated step by the Obama Administration to have paved they way to undermine the voters’ confidence in Trump.” Sure.

      Do you actually know what happened in Dakota? Trump did not “have to reinstate” anything, it had no valid permits when it was going, it broke many rules, and was redirected over native lands from a suburb that fought it on the same grounds the natives did. The project is one he himself was invested in. When you say ” trashed our manufacturing and energy base in conformance with globalist dictates” I know you’re a science denialist, just come out and say it. Just say everything is globalist conspiracies… or Chinese like your fuehrer who claims China “invented” AGW specifically to cripple already retarded US firms that failed again and again to seize opportunities.

      The idea that Trump is “NON-globalist” is completely insane and contrary to his own international dealings on every front, including money laundering for criminals.

      If Trump was set up, it’s because he’s a moron, and weak, and doesn’t trust anyone with any real qualifications.

      • BR549

        And I suppose your beloved Hillary/Bernie entourage have the REAL qualifications necessary to run this country. You know, if people like you stopped trying to feverishly sniff Hillary’s shoe closet, you MIGHT have learned that the mission of not only the president, but ALL our politicians is to run our country, NOT RUN IT INTO THE GROUND. Apparently you’ve gotten so accustomed to to believing that only those clowns could run the country, when all they were doing was conditioning abjectly STUPID people into believing they were doing a good job.

        All the top business moguls could offer to come in and straighten this place out for free …… and your ilk would be crying foul because it didn’t look like the dysfunctional business models you’d come to love so much.

        As for the pipeline, you COMPLETELY missed the point, which I now see is understandable.

  • David Sims

    Mr Ford’s assessment of the situation is interesting and valuable. Your interpretation of the BBC’s handling of the interview is misleading. Clearly the producer of the programme knew ahead of time what Mr Ford would say and he was invited onto the programme to give his expert opinion so that viewers could have a more rounded understanding. The host was not in the least bit surprised or desperate and did not accuse Mr Ford of being a Russian operative. You clearly have selective hearing. We do need criticism of government propaganda and of the media’s response to it, but that criticism needs to be intelligent and as objective as possible. Your critique is that of a man who likes to win arguments “in over 80 countries”. I’ve read a number of thoughtful, critical commentaries on Trump’s politically opportunistic or just plain stupid reaction to the chemical attack in Syria in “main stream” newspapers. Don’t deceive yourself, Baxter Dmitry, into thinking that you are the only one with a bullshit detector. Good reporting is about gathering facts, interpreting them, probing for the truth, and writing clearly and honestly, not just about winning arguments.

  • PhillipNagle

    Remember that the Saudis, one of the primary backers of the Syrian rebels, spend billions buying influence in the government and the main stream media, both in the US and Europe.

  • acudoc1949

    I doubt Assad is cruel.

    • Craig_Hubley

      Why the hell would you doubt that? Of all the arguments given why Assad would not do this, lack of cruelty isn’t one of them. The Syrian civil war has been a horror of both jihadis and the government directly targeted civilians, slaughtering the “moderate rebels” who the US backed then didn’t back then backed then didn’t back until they were all DEAD…

      • acudoc1949

        Because I don’t believe the Jew-owned media and because, in the fog of war, fighting for the survival of your culture against a foreign invasion of despicable wahabbist mercenaries, civilians are inevitably killed—not out of cruelty by Assad, who remains popular with his people despite all the suffering but because the fight often results in horrific, unintended collateral damage. The real war criminals are in Washington, London, Riyadh, Tel-a-Viv, and Ankara.

  • fcabanski

    Oddly, Assad isn’t claiming he dropped bombs on an ISIS base where chemicals were stored.

    • Craig_Hubley

      That is interesting, but it would mean admitting he had no control over the chemicals, and also poor intelligence.

  • Drew Andrews

    Above and beyond all the rhetoric of both opinions the fact remains that they Sykes Picot borders have failed and are ungovernable. Assad attacked his people in 2011 because they started to protest peacefully. Britain and france decided to divide and decimate the Kurdish region because the best oil fields were on their lands. The world needs a strong moderate Kurdistan starting with Iraqi and Syrian Kurdistan. Sanity has to be reintroduced into this large section of the region in which there is a force that nobody will dismiss lightly. In addition the west must insert troops to reinforce the Kurds in areas of operation in which they are lacking such as heavy artillery, air force and naval force. All this must happen despite what Turkey wants. There has to be a safe zone in northern Arabia and this can only exist on Kurdish lands exactly because of who and what the Kurds are. Despot rulers have tortured their people for long enough. It is time for the Arab lands of Northern Arabia to be divided up along the lines of Yugoslavia. Nineveh must exist in its own right, so must the Shiite lands of southern Iraq. The Druze areas of Syria would be best annexed to Israel in my opinion and similarly the Palestinian regions of south Syria would be best annexed to Jordan. The area left in the control of Assad should be at least one quarter of what it is now. The rest should become democratic state of Syria. Syria and Iraq only ever were Sykes-Picot regions that were invented for western purposes. They will never be able to function as nations and this means that the peoples of these nations will be continued to be managed for the convenience of corporations like BP and Shell by dictators and ruthless despots.

    • Craig_Hubley

      Yes “the Sykes Picot borders have failed and are ungovernable…Syria and Iraq only ever were Sykes-Picot regions that were invented for western purposes”. Yes, this is true, and you can fairly blame the French, actually, as had it been up only to the British they might have been able to follow Lawrence of Arabia’s plan… cheating the Arabs but keeping the 1917 promise to the Zionists led to the 1948 disaster, it wasn’t Jewish-Muslim tension, it was one group favored over the other by the superpowers. Which we’ve seen time and again causing two native groups to fight, e.g. in Rwanda, in India, etc. The whole history of the 20th century is colonial racism extended to protect one group over another for narrow political purposes, that ended up creating blowback we all still live with.

      However there is no possibility for a “Kurdistan” that will not immediately become a destabilizing threat to Turkey as its whole eastern 1/3 is basically Kurdish and has been led by militants in the past. The Ankara regime at present is terrified of this, and wants Assad out precisely because with him in charge there is high risk of Syria just breaking up.

      Looking at these proposals, it’s more small countries: “Nineveh must exist in its own right, so must the Shiite lands of southern Iraq” Except however when you say “the Druze areas of Syria would be best annexed to Israel in my opinion and similarly the Palestinian regions of south Syria would be best annexed to Jordan” This looks like a dream plan for Israel: Reduces the Muslim (Druze are Christian) proportion of Israeli population, and also sets a precedent to annex “Palestinian” areas to Jordan (as the “Greater Israel” supremacists want to do to about half the West Bank, having stolen the rest with “settlements”). So the chance of this happening is basically zero.

      I suppose you also want Gaza handed to Egypt, which doesn’t want it.

      As for the “despot rulers”, well, who created those? The Shah and to some degree Saddam were US creations…

      The problem with your thinking is that you correctly argue that colonialism screwed up this region, but you want to do another round of colonial border-drawing from far away. Yugoslavia by the way did not break up peacefully, its parts remain at low-grade war to this day sort of.

  • Brendan Kevin Curran

    Ford’s theory fails due to the fact that Sarin is stored as two separate chemicals and only combined when they’re ready to use it. A bomb would not have been able to create sarin accidentally or so they tell us. So lets say the rebels released the agents together at the time of the bombing killing their own people for America to blame Assad,seriously fucked up, wouldn’t you say? Trump does look like he has been got at by someone as he is backtracking pretty fast on most things as though someone else is pulling the strings in the U.S.A… Putin on the other hand looks as though he calls the shots .It doesn’t get away from the fact Russia and America are in it for their own gains being backed by their own lick ass countries ,and Assad is still a murdering twat no matter what side of the coin faces up at the end of the day……America and Russia should unite and create a global peace force to govern over everybody .HAPPY DAYS.

    • Craig_Hubley

      “seriously fucked up” does indeed sound like any false flag perpetrator but especially jihadis… so not ruled out yet.

      Trump has been “got at” by Jared Kushner and General Mattis, at least. Plus whoever is telling him to spin Russia up as an enemy to escape #TrumpRussia scrutiny – some in the GOP are close to voting for independent House investigation, and Devin Nunes already stepped down due to his participation in the coverup, which looks very bad. At about this point in the Nixon collapse, you were seeing foreign policy moves that distracted and tried to get that “rally behind the President” effect. It didn’t work out well for Cambodia or Chile and it won’t work out well for Syria.

      “Russia and America are in it for their own gains being backed by their own lick ass countries” which has been not just true but obvious since 1944. However should they “unite and create a global peace force to govern over everybody” under present leadership, that is a kleptocracy of thieves and liars holding us all hostage with nuclear bombs. In that world, it’s more likely the rest of the world turns to China and India and Brazil and Europe to hold off the #TrumPutin alliance to destroy the biosphere. Remember, the main things they agree on are : 1. fewer rights for women and gays 2. Arctic drilling 3. they can kill anyone they want. When Trump and Putin are gone, there’s a chance for a US-Russian peace deal, but by no means will it be governing over any country that knows any history.

  • ieuan jones

    he is right no body knows what assad did or not did it trump charging the start line now the Russian are piss of and we Britain left the EU will get more attack in the future because stupid may agrees with trump and anyone think it was a right blowning up that air base and don’t think I like assad and putin but we give them the right to attack us.

  • Joy Gerden

    I wonder what was John McCain doing in Syria just a few days prior this crime? Where-ever McCain goes, he leaves a huge disaster behind him.

    • Craig_Hubley

      cough Sarah Palin cough

  • James Howard

    There are reasons why dropping a bomb on a chem dump wouldn’t yield the same effect. There’s witnesses ( who had no idea what they were describing ) accurately detailing what happens when a binary chemical weapon is deployed. To the average lay-person this is a debate..and that’s why Russia suggested the ‘Alternative fact.’ But if you take the time to educate yourself about chem weapons ( please do – the internet is a great resource ) you will find that the alternative scenario could not have happened. Someone (?) dropped Sarin nerve gas munitions from a plane on this residential neighborhood.

    • Craig_Hubley

      Is there a link from a chemist/specialist explaining this? I’m not saying you’re wrong, and when I first heard this idea it wasn’t from Russia.

      Even if we’re certain it was binary Sarin dropped from a plane, that doesn’t rule out 1. Russia doing it deliberately 2.someone else (Russia or Israel or rebel sympathizers OR A RIVAL FOR POWER WITHIN THE REGIME) swapping a bomb to ruin Assad’s shot at peace talks 3. an Israeli plane (far fetched but they have stealth tech, and drones).

      The reason you investigate these things is to rule out these possibilities. You don’t hit “back” within a couple of days. Unless that is you are adopting Israeli policy of just hitting whoever is next on your hit list regardless of what just gave you an excuse to hit “back”. That similarity plus Kushner pushing out Bannon are reasons for those who suspect Israel is behind *everything* to go nuts… and that in turn is going to be very good for all jihadi recruiting.

  • doubting_rich

    Problem is that it was sarin – and only Assad has ever had sarin in the area.

    “Remember the run up to Iraq. The experts, the intelligence agencies, the politicians were convinced that
    Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. They produced reams of evidence, photographs, diagrams.
    They were all wrong. It was all wrong. It’s possible that they are wrong in this instance as well. That they
    are just looking for a pretext to attack Syria.”

    Some of us also remember the claims that Iraq’s chemical weapons and production equipment were moved to Syria. Hmmmmm. Some of us also remember that some chemical weapons were indeed found in Iraq, just not in the large quantities expected. Some of us also remember that the main argument for invasion from certain important characters in that farce (like George W Bush – listen to his speeches) was that Iraq had chemical weapons programmes, not that he had chemical weapons (i.e. stockpiles). Some of also remember our learning in strategy, that WMD stockpiles are kept for deterrence by nations which openly state that they have them, but nations intending to use them need not stockpile weapons in quantity but only need weapons programmes and manufacturing capacity.

    Some of us also remember that John Kerry assured us Assad’s chemical weapons were verifiably removed. Some of us also remember Obama’s red line. Some of us also remember that FCO staff are part of the global elite that thinks they are more important and intelligent than everyone else so they should make decisions, have always been prepared to lie and love Obama and Kerry but despise Trump.

    In other words this guy is full of it.

    • Craig_Hubley

      With all the chaos in Syria it’s nonsense to just assume that no one else could have got ahold of Sarin or whatever else. There was no independent verification of the chemical attack’s characteristics before Trump struck “back”… does everyone really even believe it *WAS* Sarin? Early pictures show responders with nothing like the gear they would have put on (kerchiefs, at least) in a Sarin attack.

      So while I get the implication that the Iraqi program could have moved to Syria, that’s so many years ago with so much going on that it’s just not an argument that some of that material would not have fallen into rebel hands too. The “hit a warehouse” theory was never ruled out. The “false flag” theory is more credible given the quick response time to hit “back” (which a false flagger would do everything in their power to urge, rather than investigate).

      There’s no reason to believe Kerry was wrong that “Assad’s” weapons were removed… but by who, exactly? Was some of it “removed” to ISIL territory? These things are never very well inventoried, being secret, and expensive.

      Absolutely someone was “just looking for a pretext to attack Syria”. And if you can pin it on Trump so much the better. Trump is very weak. Trump is not credible. Trump has to do whatever his generals & Israel agree on, basically, even if it alienates his base.

  • Craig_Hubley

    Jihadis were making chemical weapons in Mosul in January. By contrast, Syria had been cleared after an exhaustive investigation of having any under its control. The story that Assad ordered chemical weapons strikes personally seems to have come from Israel. The quick strike “back” (an Israeli concept that bears no resemblance to its use in English, and usually meaning ‘hitting someone I have political reasons to hit next without reference to what they recently really did’) is also suspiciously similar to Netanyahu’s tactics. Aside from being a conveniently timed distraction for Trump, like Nixon’s various actions during Watergate.

    ““Trump has just given the jihadis a thousand reasons to stage fake flag operations, seeing how successful and easy it is, with a gullible media, to provoke and lead the West into intemperate reactions.”

    This has been the objective since 2001. “Intemperate actions” that only boost their recruiting, enable the narrative that the West is only after control of oil supplies & pipeline routes, that the West wants a “#WarOnIslam” etc.

    It’s worked rather well. The US is bankrupt after two expensive wars that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people and led to brutal and oppressive measures against thousands more, including many that seem to have been innocent. The US has essentially no world reputation left, after Obama failed to close Guantanamo, after he budgeted US$1T for *MORE* nuclear bombs (are they even “weapons”? can you use them to defend yourself? does the ‘deterrence’ claimed really work? or do they just sit around waiting for someone smarter than the US or Russia to trigger one of the ‘intemperate reactions’?)

    “They [the rebels – Al-Qaeda and ISIS] will very likely stage an operation similar to what they did – and this was documented by the United Nations in August last year – they mounted a chlorine gas attack on civilians and tried to make it look like a regime operation.”

    Exactly. Trump has every reason to double-down and attack Assad again, getting the two “Satans” (US & Russia) at odds to the benefit of jihadis.

    There’s an idiot in the US White House. He listens only to his unelected unqualified son in law Jared Kushner, a naïve Orthodox Jew who probably believes whatever any intelligent-sounding Israeli intelligence operative chooses to tell him.

    There was apparently not much consideration of other theories than “Assad did it.” This is a pretty dangerous situation.

  • Jenjen

    EVEN IF Assad was not directly responsible, he (and russia) have been inefficient/incompetent or unwilling to stop it.

    • Craig_Hubley

      Um yes inefficient/unwilling to stop… the jihadis they’ve been warring on, Trump himself, or Israel moles, or whoever else might have done it. Maybe Assad’s own generals? There’s a lot of suspects.

  • Mike Fuller

    Ford’s words speak for themselves. The writer’s insistence on embellishing is an annoyance and illustrates a poor journalistic style. He could earn a great deal more credibility by sticking to the specifics and not inserting a dubious commentary and questionable interpretation. Facts Mr Dmitry, do not need embellishment; so please stop doing it or you’ll end up writing for the Daily Mail.

    Watch the video, it’s dynamite.

  • Carolyn Hunter Dickerson

    From what I’ve read and heard that Assad actually said, is that they were going after two chech’s, and they were hiding in that area. They had no idea that ISIL was hiding chemicals there and it was a mixture of the chemicals plus a strong wind that day that blew the deadly fumes to a neighboring area where there were children. And although it was unfortunate, it was not intentional.

    • Craig_Hubley

      I don’t buy that they didn’t know about a wind on a day they were attacking a chemical factory, it’s the first thing you would check before approving such an attack. The idea that the chemicals that combine to make Sarin could have been mixed by accident is pretty much a joke, but here’s what I think hearing this:

      Someone close to Assad is feeding him nonsense to feed to the press to make him feel guilty. Which makes it feasible that a power rival also substituted a Sarin bomb for a regular bomb, or sprayed Sarin around at the scene (the initial Turks’ report said it was chlorine not Sarin… then mysteriously changed…) specifically to frame Assad.

      Ask “who benefits?” there’s a long but not overly long list.

      Also read this

      • Carolyn Hunter Dickerson

        I don’t think it was a chemical factory that they bombed. At least that’s not what I heard. (can’t remember where it was but it wasn’t a chemical factory, or else they would have made better plans.) Never said the chemicals mixed together to make sarin gas. It was the combination of chemicals that were there. If it had been sarin gas, those first responders would have been in full hazmat suits. They were not. So there’s no doubt in my mind that it wasn’t sarin as reported on lamestream media. Here’s what Assad had to say.

  • Craig_Hubley
  • David Thomson
  • David Thomson

    Syria stands out from Western countries in a variety of ways I was not previously aware of…

  • David Thomson

    Another clue as to “who benefits”.

  • David Thomson

    “Another clue as to “who benefits””.
    I’m not sure what became of the image the 1st time, when I uploaded it —

  • David Thomson

    Odd — this commentary section allows for uploading pics, appeared to be working, but not any more. Even the pic that did upload, is gone now. Too bad — “a pic’s worth a thousand words”.
    O.k. — more on who benefits…

  • Djago

    False flag

  • Fred.

    Its time that Fake News generators such as BBC, CNN, Sky News, CNBC etc get taught a lesson that their viewers are not stupid. Fox News is the only network that sometimes tell the truth. It appears on the cards that Sky News may be bought out by Fox News. This is good, and I will be prepared to watch Sky News too.

  • Alan Murray

    He didn’t say it was a myth. He said it was a misstatement, He has a lisp and it came out sounding like “myth statement”.

  • Margot Stewart

    There is another possibility. Maybe the bombing last Tuesday didnt damage rebel held chemical weapons but instead the rebels decided to bring out chemicals and actually damage some children nd try to blame Assad. Whose kids are those anyway?

  • fikiran

    Finally someone speaks a balanced response

  • fikiran

    A similar situation occurred when a boy of about 4 was pulled out of the rubble, instead of being treated he was photographed for propaganda reasons, and he was placed on a chair next to a first-aid box.
    BBC also showed a shot of an explosion saying it was a bomb falling from a plane. Yet a shout can be heard in the background ‘allah akbar’. and it was not the pilot. The BBC must be staffed by opponents of Assad. There is a war also being fought in Iraq against the same enemy – ISIS – and yet the reporting differs giving the Iraq war a positive slant. The US bombing of civilians in Iraq is overshadowed by the ‘chemical’ attack in which fewer children were killed. War in Iraq is a clean war whist the war in Syria is OK.

  • Yshuaben Moshe

    I’ve been saying since 2013 DAESH has sarin gas. It was given to them by the Clinton State Department under President Obama’s authority.

    • andywade

      Not to dispute your expertise, Mr. Random Internet Man, but if Daesh had Sarin gas we’d know all about it because they’d have used it on targets in the West and Israel. And then we’d be seeing some real shit.

      • Yshuaben Moshe

        No, they wouldn’t. They don’t have the capabilities to sneak it out of Syria. In fact, according to some sources DAESH is a CIA lead operation, as is Al Qaeda.

        • andywade

          Riiiiiight. *tiptoes backwards*

          • Yshuaben Moshe

            I’m sorry you don’t believe I facts and logic.

  • andywade

    We know that yournewswire is a Putin Fan Site, but who’s this Ford guy? I’m betting on “former Data Entry clerk for the British Embassy in Syria… back in 1985” :-p

  • Embroise

    Fake news as well

  • David Chang

    Either way Assad knew what he was doing. He was well aware of the chemical weapon stockpile and purposely bombed it. Face it, the man is a tyrant that needs to be dealt with.

  • Greg Campbell

    Well look at it like this. The rebels left in February. Very unlikely they leave chemicals behind when they are weapons, the type that kills your enemies.

    Then if the Syrians did hit a chemical cache, they would have still been bombing civilians to do that.

    My opinion, contact Israel for the truth

  • TomasEdwardChristian

    If the so called “Deep State” controls every level of the media or at least many levels, why don’t we just call it “The State”.

    If you have soviet spies controlling every level of your government or at least your media, you have a Soviet state.

  • Alex Ritchie

    Fuck You BBC paedo cock sucking Satanists

  • Alex Ritchie

    All part of ‘Agenda 21’

  • TimLong

    At the time Trump was desperate to distance himself from the investigation on his ties to Putin and collusion with Russia in his presidential campaign. There was also the “message” he wanted to send to North Korea, that he wasn’t afraid to attack them over their development of nuclear weapons.

  • CharlieSeattle

    It is common knowledge that Iraqi gas WMD’s were trucked to Syria with Russian help and stashed. Later ISIS over ran the sites and seized them. A Syrian/Russian air strike to destroy the captured stash is very possible and makes perfect sense.

    LEFTIST MYTH BUSTED: Saddam moved WMDs to Syria

    by Kelly Beasley | Apr 7, 2017

    LEFTIST MYTH BUSTED: Saddam moved WMDs to Syria

    For political reasons, the Liberal media covered up this eyewitness account of Saddam Hussein moving chemical weapons.

    Inside the Ring: Syria, Iraq and weapons of mass destruction

    By Bill Gertz – The Washington Times – Wednesday, September 18, 2013

    The U.S.-Russia agreement to dismantle Syria’s chemical weapons is reigniting a controversy over the 2003 covert operation by Russian special operations forces to remove Iraqi weapons — including chemical arms — and move them to Syria and Lebanon prior to the Iraq War.

    John A. Shaw, a former Pentagon official who first disclosed the Iraqi-Russian collaboration to The Washington Times, said the agreement brokered by Moscow could resolve unanswered questions about the arms transfers.

    “The Russians were the principal — if not the sole — supplier of chemical weapons to both Iraq and Syria,” said Mr. Shaw, a former deputy undersecretary of defense for international technology security who tracked Iraqi weapons for the Pentagon.

    Mr. Shaw noted that U.N. inspectors who surveyed the site of the Aug. 21 Syrian chemical weapons attack near Damascus found an intact rocket motor inscribed with Cyrillic writing, indicating the delivery system was Russian in origin.

    Mr. Shaw said Syria’s stockpile of chemical weapons — about 1,000 tons of nerve and blister agents — is estimated to be 50 percent larger than it was in 2003.

    “My people on the ground definitively tracked the Russian movement of Iraqi [chemical weapons] and high explosives to three locations in Syria and two in Lebanon in 2003,” Mr. Shaw told Inside the Ring.

    Russian convoys of trucks that carried the arms were photographed by satellites and confirmed by the chief of Ukraine’s intelligence service, who provided the Pentagon with specifics on the special operations units involved and the material they removed, he said.

    “Now we have the Russians ostensibly about to certify quantities of weaponry that until a few weeks ago no one admitted existed in Syria, much less that part of it had been moved from Iraq, or that all of it is Russian,” Mr. Shaw said.

    News reports from the Middle East, including Syrian defectors, stated in recent days that Syrian forces had begun moving chemical arms stockpiles to Iraq and Lebanon.

    The New York Times Rediscovers Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq

    LAURIE MYLROIE – October 17, 2014

    Indeed, senior officials in the U.S. and other governments, with no less access to critical information than the ISG, reached a very different conclusion about Iraq’s proscribed weapons: they were moved to Syria, on the eve of the war. Director of National Intelligence, Gen. James Clapper headed the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). In October 2003, Clapper met a group of journalists, telling them that “satellite imagery showing a heavy flow of traffic from Iraq into Syria, just before the American invasion in March, led him to believe that illicit weapons material ‘unquestionably’ had been moved out of Iraq,” the New York Times reported then.

    Moshe Ya’alon, Israel’s Defense Minister, was Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Force during OIF. Gen. Ya’alon subsequently said much the same as Gen. Clapper: on the war’s eve, Saddam “transferred the chemical agents from Iraq to Syria. No one went to Syria to find it.” That view was echoed by Iraqi general Georges Sada, former Deputy Chief of Saddam’s Air Force.

  • CharlieSeattle

    There is a very good chance that the poison gas was released AFTER the Syrian air strike caused them to explode in a rebel storage bunker.

    It looks the same from space! ……………Methinks that Trump was played!

    To many instances to pick from to back it up…..

    ISIS Used Chemical Arms at Least 52 Times in Syria and Iraq, Report Says

    By ERIC SCHMITT – NOV. 21, 2016


    ​Iraqi officials: ISIS chemical weapons attacks kill child, wound 600

    CBS/AP – March 12, 2016


    CIA director on ISIS’s access to chemical weapons

    February 14, 2016

    “We have a number of instances where ISIL has used chemical munitions on the battlefield,” says CIA Director John Brennan in a 60 Minutes interview with Scott Pelley.

    Scott Pelley: Does ISIS have chemical weapons?

    John Brennan: We have a number of instances where ISIL has used chemical munitions on the battlefield.

    Scott Pelley: Artillery shells.

    John Brennan: Sure. Yeah.

    Scott Pelley: ISIS has access to chemical artillery shells?

    John Brennan: Uh-huh (affirm). There are reports that ISIS has access to chemical precursors and munitions that they can use.

    The CIA believes that ISIS has the ability to manufacture small quantities of chlorine and mustard gas.

    Scott Pelley: And the capability of exporting those chemicals to the West?

    John Brennan: I think there’s always the potential for that. This is why it’s so important to cut off the various transportation routes and smuggling routes that they have used.


  • Anti

    Just the pointed scripted questions this biased interviewer tried to get away with.. It is stunningly obvous that Murika wants regimne change just as they have in the other 5 ME countries to gain control of the resources and pipelines through these countries, and all we get is OH terrible Assad, no one seem to notice or mention the same evil intentions in murika’s failed con tricks over and over again… I just wish this kind of thing happened there, I am sure we would see a very different country emerge.Maybe it would bring back integrity and honesty, yes i know … chance.

  • Axiom Seer


  • Patricia P. Tursi

    Thumbs up!