Turkey To Flood Millions Of Terrorists Into Europe After EU Argument

Turkey vows to flood millions of terrorists into Europe following EU row

Turkey has threatened to flood Europe with millions of potential terrorists following an escalation in tensions between Turkish and European authorities. 

Diplomatic relations between Turkey and the Netherlands have reached a new low, with Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus claiming that politicians in Europe live under a “facist, neo nazi influence.” This comes after the Dutch government banned Turkish ministers from campaigning in the country.

In response, Turkey has now threatened to impose travel sanctions on European politicians and cancel the migrant deal with Europe – which could lead to millions of refugees flooding into the continent.

Zerohedge.com reports:

Kurtulmus said during a news conference following a weekly cabinet meeting that Ankara also is closing its air space to Dutch diplomats until the Netherlands meets Turkish requests, according to the AP.

Kurtulmus also says the Dutch ambassador to Turkey, who was traveling when the diplomatic row started, won’t be allowed to return, and said that Turkey’s government plans to advise parliament to withdraw from a Dutch-Turkish friendship group.

It was unclear what the sudden Turkish escalation means for economic ties between the two nations: as a reminder,  Dutch direct investment in Turkey amounts to $22 billion, making the Netherlands the biggest source of foreign investment with a share of 16%.  Furthermore, Turkish exports to the Netherlands totalled $3.6 billion in 2016, making it the tenth largest market for Turkish goods, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute. Turkey imported $3 billion worth of Dutch goods in 2016. Should the diplomatic spat lead to a collapse in trade relations, a Turkey recession is all but assured.

Kurtulmus said the political sanctions will apply until the Netherlands takes steps to “redress” its actions. He said: “There is a crisis and a very deep one. We didn’t create this crisis or bring to this stage.”

However the most troubling development, and one which has the potential to sway the outcome of the Dutch election which will be held in less than two days, is that in the final power play aimed towards Merkel, Kurtulmus exclaimed that since “Europe has not kept its promises on the migrant deal, for us that agreement has ended.”

Which means that one year after it collected $3 billion for the migrant deal, Turkey has just voided the agreement, and the next step would be that Turkey is about to flood Europe with refugees currently held inside Turkish borders. And since by some estimates Turkey currently harbors over 2 million potential migrants, Europe’s refugee situation is about to get far worse, and as a corollary, support for anti-immigrant political organizations across the continent is about to take another step function higher.

  • quest

    Turkey for lunch, nice, smells good, pass the knife dear.

  • Roberto Deramo

    Since Erdo-wan just told you his plans, best to get the drop on the imbecile!!!

    Revoke NATO membership from Turkey, then lay the lumber to him.

    Anyone forcing their way into the Europe should be shot in their tracks. That will end it.

  • Abbadin

    I understand that Turkey is located at a funnel point, but if Erdowan is able to stop the flood of refugee’s, than so can European nations… Its stupid to suggest that Turkey is controlling the future of Europe… Europeans just need to get off their ass, be more proactive and united against threats…

  • Frank C

    “Turkey TO flood…” means they will. “threatened to flood…” means nothing. Just BSing. Again, misleading HEADLINES; poor journalism.

  • nuclearbaby

    I think its a great idea….Europeans need to learn a lesson about their Pride,,..and shooting their mouths off….. Hats off to Erdogan for behaving like a true Ishmael (muslim)….Genisis 16:12″He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.” … This ride gets more exciting everyday….Cant wait for the war to start…hope it is nuclear early on in the piece..hehe

    • Paul Rice

      When Europe closes to migration and travel , but to trade , we will see what Turkey does when it loses access to one of the biggest trade regions of the world .

    • Paul Rice

      If it is nuclear war then many nations will suffer also as radiation does not stop at frontiers , and food and water will be in short supply , and trade will stop .

  • Black Swan

    Return the stolen oil revenues from Iraq and Syria and the refugee problem will disappear.

    • Paul Rice

      That is absolute rubbish

  • Paul Rice

    Turkey will regret its actions as doors close for trade and its people find that they are persona non grata across the world .