Powerful Typhoon Lan To Hit Tokyo, Japan


A powerful type 4 typhoon is expected to hit Tokyo, Japan at 6am today, with winds blowing at 170 mph (273 km/h).

According to a report by Accu Weather, the conditions are ideal for the storm to grow larger as it approaches land. Current data shows the matured eye of the typhoon to be as big as 50 miles in diameter.

To give you an idea of its enormity, if the storm was placed in Manhattan, its eye would be covering parts of the lower Hudson Valley and many parts of New Jersey and Long Island.

The typhoon could cause some serious damage, with the powerful winds potentially rupturing the city’s infrastructure, floods being caused by heavy rains, and possible widespread power outages.

According to experts, the winds are not only going to be felt in Japan, but will be felt all the way to the east coast of the United States in the coming weeks.

Scientists suggest that the jet streams could be amplified by the storm, which will create more storms and colder winds across the North American continent.

However, for now, it’s heading for Japan.

Source: Accu Weather, Al Jazeera

Saad Salman

Saad Salman

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Saad Salman
  • Phanumas Bank

    G0D is trying to wake up whole world from the slumber of sin but not many are listening so more & more EQ (earthquakes), Hurricanes, floods, fires, volcanoes, typhoon will continue. West coast of US GET READY for some shaking…

  • Fingal Carson

    I have to agree. God/Earth is fed up. She has had enough and is going to remind people that she is the very bitch known for being impatient. It is all absolutely no coincidence. The areas in Florida that did get hit were all full of parasitic Boomers and “Greatest” leech generation. The areas getting hit are all full of sheeple, scum, or parasites.

    Everyone worth a f%(k moves and isolates themselves in areas away from all the losers and leeches. They do it for themselves, their kids, their families, and their lives. So even the more clever scumbags are never going to get affected.

    Just look at how people pay! Only losers in the city debit/charge with their cellphone in fear of having cash or cards in their wallets. Only idiots in the rural pay with cash for everything and get nothing in return for their spending. A lame society full of lame consumers, scared of consuming. Not for long.