United Nations Calls World’s Youngest Leader A ‘Dangerous Terrorist’

United Nations declares worlds youngest leader Sebastian Kurz a 'terrorist'

The world’s youngest leader Sebastian Kurz, who vowed to destroy the New World Order last October,  has been declared a “dangerous terrorist” by the United Nations. 

The UN’s Human Right High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein slammed the new Austrian anti-globalist government, claiming their libertarian policies are “dangerous to democracy.”

Breitbart.com reports: Al Hussein said he was “very worried” about the implications for the rest of Europe after the conservative Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) and the populist Freedom Party (FPÖ) formed a new government earlier this week Kronen Zeitung reports.

The UN official called the coalition a “dangerous development in the political life of Europe,” and said he was particularly concerned with the new hardline migrant policies endorsed by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

He also slammed Kurz, saying the new Chancellor had “moved sharply to the right on the question of immigration and the rights of migrants in order to secure votes from the camp of the Freedom Party of Heinz-Christian Strache and thus win the Chancellery.”

“We have to be very careful about whether there is an imitation effect for other politicians in Europe,” Al Hussein said and warned, “The extreme right should think very carefully about where it leads its countries and the continent in general.”

The Socialist faction in the European Parliament has also come out against the new coalition saying they would not rule out similar sanctions against Austria that were threatened in 2000 when the FPÖ last formed part of a coalition government.

French EU Economic Commissioner Pierre Moscovici countered the socialists saying the situation was different from 2000 and that implying that sanctions were unlikely.

The coalition was also met with protest from far-left activists on Monday in Vienna as extremists clashed with police in an attempt to break through their lines during the inauguration of the government at the Hofburg palace.

The new coalition sees the populist anti-mass migration FPÖ gain several key ministerial positions including Defence, the Foreign Ministry and the Interior Ministry. FPÖ leader, and new Vice Chancellor, Heinz-Christian Strache has previously vowed to lower migration levels to zero and ban radical Islamic extremism from Austria.

  • OliverF

    F the U.N. Globalist Pedophile Ring.

  • lost in the desert

    My enemies enemy is my ally. The screeching condemnations of a scab is a far greater compliment than the commendations of a respected peer

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  • monica

    he is a smart fellow & knows what needs to be done. The UN is a bunch of asholes

  • odeshalo

    Merkle just barely squeaked in, Germans are on the war path against the EU, and the global economic playing field is being leveled. Pres. Trump just issued an executive order to freeze all assets pertaining to, belonging to, or associated with destruction of human rights…from economic hit men, murder, human trafficking, etc. A huge movement is being orchestrated in a final breath-taking count down. The voting in of Sebastian Kurtz is another peg hammered in place. We are witnessing the greatest shift this world has ever known since the Son of God redeemed us. Open your hearts, eyes and ears, for history is unfolding in front of you! Pray for those whose names we may never know, who have been fighting this deadly underground war on the world’s behalf for decades. The tide has turned….

    • Tentative Infidel

      Excellent post. I am in 100% agreement, the tide has turned. Death to Globalism.

    • Andy C

      If various other things are not stopped, this could be just enough to stop resistance. Very fabian of them, something they have done since Roman general Fabian, and the modern Fabian Society. But there is more reason to hope now than ever.

      On the other hand this is much deeper and dodgier than many are aware, with the parts played by human traffickers and economic hit men completed or simply run their course, they aren’t needed for global power consolidation anymore. In fact, left loose, they pose a danger to them, more than us. Various books and such are being written by them as they get more free time.

      But I agree that it has been a long time since something this dramatic has happened.
      Approving of Jerusalem could turn out to be worse news than many might imagine.

      • Devo432

        The Islamo-Nazis would hate the U.S. no matter who was elected President, but their allies in the U.S., the Democratic Party, would never admit that, but it’s true.

  • Djago

    UN – United Numnuts

  • Godzilla17

    A country has every right to decide who and how many they will admit inside their borders to avoid being overwhelmed economically and culturally and to protect its citizens. Migrants from certain religious backgrounds want to live in parallel communities and apply their own alien laws which may clash with host countries own laws.

    • Rouge Krama Macaluso

      Godzilla knows best ^

      • Joyce

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    • sue murphy

      Could not have said it better!!!!

    • Martin Roberts


    • Lolita

      Right you are Godzilla17; however, we have BLACK ROBES who are trying to legislate from the bench. Hawaii for one… Now that idiot is going to run for Governor. God help America. I back Sebastian, and his leadership. Trump is doing the right thing and he will prevail…

  • its Mad Mad Mad

    He has very very big ears… and don’t forget ears keep growing all of ones life… imagine how big they will be when he is seventy….he already looks a lot like “Alfred E Neuman” lololol

  • Rouge Krama Macaluso
    • Stephan Williams

      I’ll bet your ISP reads, Tel Aviv, Rouge. But if it doesn’t all that means is that you’re most likely a serial-lying hasbarabot tirelessly toiling in the trenches for Israel from some other country. Your post is offensive for the way it slanders Germans and continues the jewish lies of “gas-chambers” and “millions murdered ” BS. I really don’t know how air stealers like you are able to sleep at night.

  • john
  • john

    The UN needs the US and not the other way around. The Organisation of islamic Cooperation has 57 members or which 56 are members of the UN. They are not signatories to the UN Human rights Charter but will sit on Human rights councils telling countries like Australia that we are violation the human rights of those on Manus or Nauru. The UN has gone long past its use by date and is now a Muslim puppet. The UN is hijacked by Islamic interests who buy off small member stats and bully them into voting against Israel and countries like Australia. It is time to stop being a member of this joke of an organisation.

    • Patsy

      The USA, although a signatory to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, has never adopted or incorporated the whole of it into their legislation.
      “Although the U.S. Constitution provides strong protections for civil and political rights, it fails to recognize the economic, social, and cultural rights guaranteed in the UDHR. Some rights, such as the right to education, can be found in some state constitutions; others, such as the right to an adequate standard of living including food, shelter, and medical care, have not been recognized as rights.” From http://www.theadvocatesforhumanrights.org/human_rights_and_the_united_states

  • john
  • john

    The UN and the EU have at least 2 agendas, to make the World 100% islamic and therefore having a White Genocide . Simple .

  • Tonald Drump

    Support whoever this guy is

  • jeff

    All of Europe, Australia, and Canada needs a leader like this.

  • Devo432

    If you oppose globalization (the Islamification of Europe) you’re part of the “far right.” On what planet?

  • Cecelia Henderson

    The UN needs to listen to the world. We don’t want their damned Muslim refugees. What part of this can’t they understand? We will help care for them and protect them, but we want to do this in a land that is Muslim. Their stated objective is to over throw the host Countries Government and take control, killing all the infidels. Find a place with lots of land, build a basic city and protect and care for them until they can fend for themselves. By doing this you reduce the chance of civil wars, genocides, massacres, rapes and religious suicides. What’s wrong with saving these refugees in their own land????

  • Hermann Resinger

    For this Moslem guy is immigration the same as taking over Europe and Austria. Best from Austria! Let’s fight the islamisation of the west!

  • Kjeld Hesselmann

    The United Globalist Liberal Utopian Eco-Elitists wanna do all they can muster to smear freedom loving people represented by politicians in various right-wing parties. Today the Liberal fascists are hysterical and panicked because of the President in the US who in reality stands outside established parties.

  • Lolita

    This young Austrian politician is kicking some real ass. Isn’t it nice for a change to have a leader who kicks ass instead of kissing ass? Let’s encourage the Austrians and especially him for here on out! Poland is also doing a heck of job as is the Czech government. They get it…. Islam is not a religion of peace.

  • Allan Franklin Brewster

    The United Nations Democracy is actually Socialism, the enemy of America.

  • Sandy Miller

    Why do I feel an immediate chill as soon as I looked into this guys eyes. Something is not right about him.

  • steve

    ..’an Arab telling the civilised Austrians how to run their country, What a disgrace.

  • Eric Ardaiolo

    Beware of False Prophets, who come to you in Sheeps Clothing, but inwardly, they are Ravening Wolves.. You shall know them by their Fruits.. If they Speak about Worldly Things, then the Love of the Father is Not in them..

  • All you need is love

    I find it tragically funny that a Muslim especially UN based, protests the sovereignty of any European country. I find it more so, when European countries take this protest seriously.

  • john
  • Kolsat

    This man comes from the Muslim Kingdom of Jordan where Human rights are non-existant and he calles Kurz a terrorist. We have not heard him speak against Saudi Arabia for their Yemen campaign or against any Muslim country. Therefore he has no credibility.