Video Claims Chattanooga Shooter Body A “Stuffed Dummy”


On July 16, 2015 a horrific shooting happened in Chattanooga, Tennessee that ended with 4 U.S. military men at the hands of a what authorities are calling a “lone gunman” – yet, a new video raises questions about the “body” of the gunman shown on mainstream media.

The video, uploaded by YouTube user Edifying Others [1] shows CNN footage of the dead shooter lying on the ground.  The narrator points out some interesting and potentially suspicious things:

1. The Body

YouTube user Edifying Others questions the body shown in the video.  He questions whether it is a body at all.  The body appears abnormally flat, and the video narrator believes it is nothing but a “stuffed cotton jumpsuit lying on the floor (sic)” – what do you think?


Also in question is the head – when the camera zooms out, it does appear as though there is no “head” on the body in this specific footage…


The narrator claims the body “is as flat as a pancake” and it looks like “it was run over by a steamroller”….

2.  The Lack of Blood

The last “smoking gun” the video questions is where is the blood?  The body appears to have no blood anywhere around it in this footage:


The video ends with the narrator claiming that we have all been “scared by a scarecrow” and that there is no dead body.  While it is a fact that innocent men were killed in this shooting, the video of the alleged killer’s body is, at the very least, interesting.  What do you think?




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