Video Claims Chattanooga Shooter Body A “Stuffed Dummy”


On July 16, 2015 a horrific shooting happened in Chattanooga, Tennessee that ended with 4 U.S. military men at the hands of a what authorities are calling a “lone gunman” – yet, a new video raises questions about the “body” of the gunman shown on mainstream media.

The video, uploaded by YouTube user Edifying Others [1] shows CNN footage of the dead shooter lying on the ground.  The narrator points out some interesting and potentially suspicious things:

1. The Body

YouTube user Edifying Others questions the body shown in the video.  He questions whether it is a body at all.  The body appears abnormally flat, and the video narrator believes it is nothing but a “stuffed cotton jumpsuit lying on the floor (sic)” – what do you think?


Also in question is the head – when the camera zooms out, it does appear as though there is no “head” on the body in this specific footage…


The narrator claims the body “is as flat as a pancake” and it looks like “it was run over by a steamroller”….

2.  The Lack of Blood

The last “smoking gun” the video questions is where is the blood?  The body appears to have no blood anywhere around it in this footage:


The video ends with the narrator claiming that we have all been “scared by a scarecrow” and that there is no dead body.  While it is a fact that innocent men were killed in this shooting, the video of the alleged killer’s body is, at the very least, interesting.  What do you think?




  • Russell the below was actually uploaded by me YouTube user rusalot77,,,

  • Miss.Anne Thropee

    Well…I cannot lie, I was expecting this.

    The even sadder truth is, because of the members of my family, and the long lineage of Marines in my family, it begged to make me angry that now, knowing about Jade Helm 15, and the surfacing videos of Marines declaring their loyalty to the Constitution, as opposed to taking, and disobeying orders that contradict it (i.e. the precedent of many Marines who would face disciplinary action rather than obey, and carry out forcing Americans to give up their right to bear arms now an issue) is strangely synchronized–not a coincidence–to come on as a threat to any Marines whom openly declare such.
    As soon as I heard about it, and the fact that my life-long addiction to the ‘truth’, and mistrust of any Government agenda, immediately sounds alarm bells, jaded and always cynical when anything tied to terrorism in the US–I wonder why–always instinctively knowing better, just makes me mad. As many of you here, we have defied the brainwashing tactics, and instead of questioning something so awful, sick of terms like ‘Tinfoil Hat wearing Paranoids’ being the most common reaction from those that refuse to see beyond any realms of possibility is just annoying. I liken it to being on a Disney ride, and whilst everyone else is ‘oooing’ and ‘ahhhing’ at perfectly lit latex stretched over the otherwise frighteningly hydraulic Terminator-like skeletal animatronic truth that I see.
    Now this. Confuse, Divide and Conquer. I say Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome.

    I look forward to seeing more proof, and there will be, surface from those that have a willful attitude which doesn’t allow some of us to ignore, or worse, believe in this nonsense.

    Well, Here is to hoping that we won’t see any familiar faces of crisis puppets…as there will always be. Thanks once again, Mr.President, I have another folly to further the truth, and perhaps more of the weak-minded sheeple will stop, reboot, and realize just what is up.

    • Robert Beckwith

      Conspiracy theories like yours – whether true or false – tend to take attention away from Islamo-facist terrorists , who are real & truly do commit these acts.

      • Miss.Anne Thropee

        Do they?? I was not aware that I had so much power…Gee, must be something I didn’t drink.
        In all seriousness, I would tend to agree that indeed, ISIL are a blight to anyone that they deem heretical, satanic, anything American, Indeed. However, I can only defend my stance, that the NWO will take advantage of such atrocities to make even one faction to their agenda, which is multi-faceted, and when it comes down to it…here is an example of how ‘confusing’ us puts you and I into a debate-not necessarily a bad thing- as we are at least discussing it.

        Which? I will admit is also positive, especially when those having the discussion are not just cussing, and calling each other vulgarities.

        I can assure you that any of us conspiracy theorists that have honest intentions feel the same, and indeed…it is a strange paradox which is certainly part of the show.

      • Miss.Anne Thropee

        Wow…First? I don’t make up any theories…I follow my instinct, and blend it with a rarity these days called ‘logic’.
        My Father is a retired Vietnam Vet, I was reared in a long line of Military service, Now…why would I say something that is obviously against my own beliefs and pride in the USMC, or any other faction of the US military system?
        It’s okay, I will also answer that.
        Because it is an insult to all of those that have served, are now serving, and will serve. (I am guessing you have never seen the other side of parade boots, whilst the zen of polishing them for Drill or Inspection…let alone even seen the inside of any boot camp…am I correct?).

        There is an agenda, and within this agenda, is a whole lot of other sub-agenda’s…and you know whom it is going to affect Robert? ALL of us, Military or not.
        Do you support The Constitution Robert?
        Do you own any weapons? (namely guns?)
        Because they are coming to take em from you…Know what Jade helm 15 is?
        Well, perhaps now that we have had another odd ‘shooting’ at a theater in Louisiana? Strange that lightening never strikes twice in the same state, is it not? But we sure seem to be seeing them rapidly happening here, there, and everywhere. There is Martial Law coming Robert…They are going to (under the umbrella of ‘Military training operations…as always) start making sure that we…The People will not be able to fight back.

        I am not going to go an further, as you seem to have made up your mind, and I am not here to try and change it. However, just watch…I think you just may be able to see it for yourself very soon.

  • disqus_ZN3ittOIb8

    in this view- they all look like cardboard figures- lol!!

  • Yall are idiots!

    You are a fake as for your video! You do live here you were not inside that hospital where his dead body was at as for your bullcrap video Shame on you for making people think you are truthful! People who went over seas for your freedom for your selfish ass life this is how you repay these fallen men?! Some with children and wife’s and you set here and say it’s all fake when In fact this did happen in my home town and people lost their lives to a Isis attack! Shameful people like you are the reason why people are so misinformed! God will show you the way because you are so wrapped up in conspiracy theories in the government out to get you, you don’t see the truth of what really happen this site is bullcrap and shameful to the men who risk their lives for you

    • Ricky Ross

      They don’t risk their lives for me or any other American! They risk their lives for lies and the growth of Empire / NWO for the Politicians in D.C.and Israel!

      • Scott Matkin

        Then leave this country and go spend some quality time with your goat.

        • Ricky Ross

          See my post below …

      • Kristen

        Do you think they want to do that? Leave their families and to fight a ugly war for shameless people like yall that don’t appreciate anything that have done. It’s sicking how how people really think this is fake people life’s they got taken are not fake people who worked in that hospital and seen every dead body it wasn’t fake! Screw yall #noggastrong

        • Ricky Ross

          They take an Oath. Following illegal / corrupt orders is no excuse! It didn’t work at the Nuremberg Trials and it does not work now! Break free from your group think Nationalism …

      • Daryl Lee Posey

        You are a scumbag. Thank servicemen erstwhile that you are allowed to speak English and spout your load of bullcrap. You are a pos.

        • Ricky Ross

          I served corrupt politicians who serve big corporations for 6 years! You are blinded by group think Nationalism … here, chew on this! “It would be very difficult for me to think of any term that disgusted me more than those words uttered continuously in the presence of virtually any soldier in the United States:

          “Thank you for your service.”

          What service is actually being praised by those conditioned to say these empty words? Why are they thanking and praising nearly every soldier they see?

          – Is it because hatred of the U.S. is increasing, and new enemies are being created in the Middle East and all around the rest of the world?

          – Is it because thousands and thousands of innocent people are being killed now in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and many more are being threatened?

          – Is it because 20,000,000 to 30,000,000 foreigners, mostly innocent civilians, have died just since World War II due to U.S. interference and war?

          – Is it because indefinite detention without due process, torture, assassination, and rendition are now common and accepted practices?

          – Is it because suicide rates among American soldiers have increased 80% since the Iraq War began?

          – Is it because mental problems now send more military personnel to the hospital than any other cause?

          – Is it because destruction and separation of military families is rampant?

          – Is it because civil liberties have all but disappeared due to so-called terrorism legislation to keep us safe?

          – Is it because of the creation of the USA PATRIOT Act, Military Commissions Act, NDAA, TSA, and Department of Homeland Security (DHS)?

          – Is it because of the massive buildup of killer drones abroad and at home?

          – Is it because the huge deficit spending to support multiple aggressive wars is causing economic chaos?

          – Is it because of the surging number of double amputees of American soldiers?

          – Is it because of increasing energy costs due to the United States unwarranted presence in the Middle East region?

          – Is it because the domestic police have now become a brutal militarized force, bent on controlling the entire population?

          I could of course go on, but the picture is clear. Those who continue to believe the propaganda about all U.S. wars leading to the protection of freedom, and to our national security, are blinded by ignorance, and consumed by pathetic false patriotism. No U.S. wars have ever served
          the purpose of freedom; they have only served to destroy it.

          Due to these wars of aggression and occupation, our freedoms are virtually non-existent today. We are spied upon, tracked, searched without warrant, sexually assaulted, and radiated. There are now checkpoints in many parts of the country where it is demanded that we “show our papers,” and killer spy drones are filling our skies. Government agents and the military are patrolling all U.S. borders, and Blackhawk war helicopters sporting heavily armed soldiers hanging on tethers are flying over our cities.

          Because of these wars, the government has gained enormous power, and continues its assault of a police state environment has taken hold, and if not curbed soon, will lead to Martial Law in the near future. The DHS has purchased enough killing ammunition to murder more than twice the population, and on the say so of one man, Americans can and are being assassinated.


          In order for our national security to be defended, we first have to be attacked. That has not happened. In order to protect freedom here at home, all foreign wars must cease, and all the government agencies and “terrorism” legislation created since 9/11 should be abolished immediately! Every U.S. base on foreign soil should be closed, and every troop stationed in another country should come home and enter the private sector. At least that would be a good start.

          There is a reason that the young are sent as cannon fodder to die in the wars of the politicians, bankers, and corporations. They are less likely to challenge the orders they are given; orders meant to be obeyed regardless of the immoral nature of those demands, and regardless of
          the horrible consequences they will most certainly face. Those who “serve” do not serve the people who falsely praise them; they only serve one master, and that master is the nation state and its benefactors. It is not “we the people.”

          Thank you for your service? Absolutely not! We can’t afford any more of this kind of service!

  • whitesoxed

    Fool someone once…it happens
    Fool someone twice…didnt you learn the first time
    Fool someone 465 times then your dumb

    • Mark

      You’re ***

  • James Horne

    You’re an idiot, Royce !

  • brenda chafin

    they also had a crew there for 3 hours after every thing was over ” RE-creating the crime scene” to see if anyone could have seen this coming, or when the shots started if they could have done something different. No need for blood in a re-creation

  • Tre

    My dad was one of the 6 police officers who went towards the gunfire and killed him. If you only knew how mentality scared he is from having to see dead marines laying everywhere, maybe then you’d understand that not everything is a conspiracy. When i see things like this, it angers me so much to know that there are people out there who will never believe what my dad did that day. There’s so much fault in this conspiracy that its ridiculous. Please tell me how the government made hundreds of people tell this lie. From the police officers who shot him, to the citizens who heard the gunfire, to the marines that survived, to all the other police detectives, to the ambulance personnel, to the nurses at the hospital, to the people doing the autopsy, to the people at the funeral homes, and most importantly, the families of the victims. Do you just think that everyone just gets paid off and they live happily ever after, living this lie for the rest of their life? Yep, im pretty sure every conspiracy therorist just shit themselves with how much sence i just made… ill just leave this here.

  • Moral Max

    you don’t see the truth of what really happen this site is bullcrap and shameful to the men who risk their lives for you.Casquette Huf