Video: Mainstream Media Host Says Illuminati, Queen Aren’t Bad


American television news reporter Jim Cramer made a comment about the Illuminati recently that has many scratching their heads.  Appearing on the nationally aired show “Mad Money”, Cramer was discussing Ben Bernanke and his “honor”.  He then said, among other things, that the Queen of England and The “Bavarian Illuminati” aren’t bad.

According to Political Correctness:

Jim Cramer talking on Mad Money on CNBC was defending the honor of Ben Bernanke when he made this bizare comment: “The Bavarian Illuminati, The Trilateral Commission and the Queen of England are not all bad.” Now apart from his startling admission that the Illuminati is operational, why lump them in with the Trilateral Commission and the Queen of England? It appears he is of the opinion that all 3 have tremendous amounts of power in economic policy…

What do you think about Mr. Cramer’s comments?

  • Albert Pike

    Freemasons, Scottish Rite, York Rite

  • Anthony Haller

    Bavarian Illuminati hated the abuse of power. This guy is fucking moron.

  • jgoddard

    The people he mentioned are all part of the Elite who run and control the world

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