WikiLeaks: Bernie Sanders Was A Plant, Democratic Primaries Rigged

WikiLeaks says Bernie Sanders was a plant for the Clinton Campaign

WikiLeaks emails reveals evidence that Bernie Sanders was a Democratic plant put in place in order to ensure Hillary Clinton won the primaries. 

Reddit sleuths found evidence of the Clinton Campaign getting Bernie Sanders agree to a longterm strategy of allowing Hillary to win before he announced his candidacy in April 2015. reports:

Let’s start off with this one email dated 12/09/2015:

To: Date: 2015-12-09 11:09 Subject:

Robby’s memo for this afternoon

In the attachment is their General Election Transition Concept… 2 months before the primaries started. Some key findings (hold on to your butts former Bernie supporters):

Objective of Comm Plan

  • Frame the general election race for press and electorate at large: why HRC is running, contrast with GOP, what’s at stake for target voters (will take place in BG states, but national framing is the core objective).
  • Secondary objective will be communicating Democratic unity and using Sanders and others to help drive contrast and urgency.

Under Specific Goals:

Specific Goals

  • Re­roll out core campaign message (fighting for us)/make the contrast with the GOP clear
  • Put the GOP immediately on the defensive and create cross­pressure between general election and primary messages; force them to get firmly on the record with right wing positions
  • Protect and reinforce leads with key constituencies
  • Conduct tour in key markets to hit BG voters; focus on states that didn’t get as much time in primaries
  • Demonstrate unity through POTUS, Sanders, O’M and other endorsements. Have primary opponents help drive contrast and urgency.


And under the Timing section they even planned when they wanted the primaries to end:

Scenario 1: Primary ends Feb 9 Feb 15­March 29: rest, fundraising March: general election messaging tour, fundraising

Scenario 2: Primary ends March 1 March 1­March 15: rest, fundraising March 15­April 15: general election messaging tour, fundraising

Scenario 3: Primary ends March 15 March 15­March 30: rest, fundraising April 1­April 15: general election messaging tour, fundraising

And under Surrogate Events… wait for it, this will upset you:


Special team of reliable GOP opposition surrogates­­this may be a good project for DWS­­who birddog GOP candidates, especially likely nominee, at their events (need special staff team at HQ that does this); reinforce basic contrast message and try to push them further to the right.

  1. Women’s bus tour chasing GOP; speaking at events and challenging them to be clear on women’s health/equality issues
  2. Hispanic activist groups to protest GOP events; seek outside groups to badger GOP candidates, get them on the record
  3. AA team; POTUS legacy?
  4. Youth group? Hollywood types or digital influencers?

Bird dogging CONFIRMED.

And now check this email out where they were made aware Bernie brought up HRC and WJC on wealth and that “this isn’t in keeping w the agreement”:

Fwd: Sanders criticism


Date: 2015-05-26 12:04

Subject: Fwd: Sanders criticism

This isn’t in keeping w the agreement. Since we clearly have some leverage, would be good to flag this for him. I could send a signal via Welch–or did you establish a direct line w him?

Begin forwarded message:

From: Christina Reynolds

Date: May 26, 2015 at 9:22:07 AM EDT

To: Robby Mook, Kristina Schake <>, Jennifer Palmieri <>, Tony, John Podesta, Oren Shur, Brian Fallon Subject:

FW: Sanders criticism Following up on our call on Friday, just wanted to give some updates and flag that Bernie went after HRC and WJC on wealth (including using the word “hustle.)



  • kk singh

    Unbelievable but I believe it as capitalist machinery is way ahead of what voters think! They plan well in advance to counter any possibility of a “party for the working class” coming to power.
    Here in US, this possibility was not there and as such the fight was to be between the bourgeois parties. As far as the American economic and foreign policy is concerned, no qualitative change is likely, who ever wins, Both Democratic and Republican parties are identical and even dumbest voters understand this.
    As far as Bernie was concerned, he and his staffs did well to create an aura of “Socialism” and ensured Hillary’s victory, a favourite of Obama and other war mongers, supporters of ISIS and other forms of terrorism and other big super capitalists!
    So, the lesson learnt is for the people who are for the socialism! Bernie is a capitalist agent but talks of socialism, or even Social Democracy, which is nothing but capitalism! If you are for socialism, be sure, if the party is in favour of abolition of Private Property or not, whether favours Dictatorship of Proletarian Party to suppress the enemy class or not, whether acts in favour of socialisation of all means of production or not!
    If not, beware of traitors!

    • FinalMythology

      Pure socialism is a mistake. Plus some of those candidates Bernie is backing with his new superpac seem to be funded by Soros too. Bernie also allowing big large donors to donate.

      • Lisa Ann


  • Joe Leonard

    Pretty sh!tty plan since Bernie almost won.

  • Earlene Hammond

    After carefully reading these over several times, I see absolutely no evidence or proof of Bernie being a plant, at least not to his knowledge! We all knew he had signed some sort of agreement to be allowed to run as a democrat, but that does not necessarily mean he was aware of being used for that purpose! The fact that the primaries were rigged months in advance would have to be true so all the players in all the states would know what they were expected to do to make her be the winner. Those plans were complicated, and carried out in a variety of ways so as not to be really obvious, which would have required the cooperation and assistance of many state party leaders and DNC members working the polls in all the states! Who knows how many of those people might have been threatened into doing Clinton’s bidding? Just like who knows what threats were made against Bernie and/or his family? I am sure there were some, as do many of his supporters at the convention who saw a lot of what was going on, and who were treated reprehensibly the entire time they were there! Once a Bernie supporter, always a believer. Bernie is not capable of being so dishonest to try and hoodwink millions of people! It just is not who he is!

    • billwalker

      I do get the impression that more people are SELECTED than ELECTED

    • CaribbeanDrift

      You should go to the new (third) mansion he bought right after he conceded the Democrat ticket to Hillary, and tell him that you still believe in his honesty and integrity. He clearly believes in equality for all.

      • politicalsanity

        Mansion. Right.

        A 3 bedroom, one story cottage on a lakefront in Vermont.

        Bought with funds from selling a property that Jane inherited from her parent ‘ s death, NOT from Bernie selling out.

      • Lisa Ann

        You are pathetic. It’s a cabin in the woods. Woopty do!

  • Rosa

    Sanders was a plant to ensure Hellary won my ass….Why take the chance to add a candidate rather than not? If anything Trump was a plant to ensure a Hellary victory but it backfired.

    • Hans

      Actually, Trump WAS a plant – the wikileaks clearly show that Clinton’s people helped him get airtime and a free pass during the primaries because he was a “pied piper candidate.” They wanted him. They got him. All time political backfire! Stupid Democrats! LOL. So glad I voted for Jill Stein.

  • Nikki Chaffin

    If she wanted to win handily she’d have just run against Webb or O’Malley.

  • Fred Young

    What’s really shocking about this whole thing is how the Democrats (the tolerant party) USES minorities to do their dirty work.

    “Hispanic activist groups to protest GOP events; seek outside groups to badger GOP candidates, get them on the record.”

  • Louise Pugh……

    Who knows if that was the plan they should of figured out how to insure all those proposed voters to vote when it became time if in deed they were going to in the first place? It looked to me like Bernies rallys were filled with many ppl that wernt old enough to vote.. Bernie was left behind frm day one in my opinion the Clintons like them or not will not lose at most any cost a long with their backers. She is still trying to win.

  • okobserver

    I don’t see fool proof evidence that Bernie gave in to Clinton but I do have questions. Shortly after he withdrew he bought a $600,000 beach house. This is a man whose new worth is listed as $500,000. Now I’m a retired accountant and this numbers don’t compute. Democrats and Sanders supporters should demand an accounting of the money raised for his presidential run.

    • Gail M

      The house was purchased with the proceeds from the sale of a property in Maine, that was earlier inherited by his wife Jane from her parents.

  • David Hewitt

    LMAO…. Okay, Bern here’s what I want you to do…. THROW the primary! Throw the primary?!! THROW THE PRIMARY! Do it by offering the people free stuff like ‘pie’ and clean ‘skies’ and free college and healthcare. Yeah…. they’ll never forgive you for that! 😀

  • Joe Caner

    Unfiltered “truth” seems to be a lot like drinking unfiltered beer. It tastes great going down, but after a while can lead to gastric/intestinal distress as one struggles to digest the various and often conflicting leavening elements.

  • Lisa Ann

    Total Bullshit. Let’s get ready for Huma’s “Insurance Policy” file to be opened Jan. 21.