William D. Campbell, Due To Testify Against Clinton, Survives Assassination Attempt

William D. Campbell, a Russian insider who is due to testify to a Senate committee on Monday that Hillary Clinton accepted bribes in the uranium scandal, has gone into hiding.

William D. Campbell, a Russian insider who is due to testify to a Senate committee on Monday that Hillary Clinton accepted bribes in the uranium scandal, has gone into hiding, telling close friends that he has already survived one attempt on his life.

William D. Campbell is due to testify against the Clintons on Monday – a testimony that legal analysts warn could put Clinton behind bars for “twelve plus years”  – however Campbell has raised fears that he might not make it to the hearing on Capitol Hill.

Warning that he has “already survived one attempt on my life since it was made public by the Sessions DOJ that I intend to testify,” Campbell claims that if it wasn’t for the fact he was carrying, he would have been killed during a routine daily hike in the hills behind his home.

Explaining that he was surprised by an armed man in the woods, Campbell said he drew his weapon and held the man’s gaze until he disappeared.

“I was prepared for any eventuality,” Campbell said, explaining that “the stakes are very high, I understand that. Was this man connected to anybody I plan to testify against on Monday? I have no proof. But I can’t take risks, which is why I have gone into hiding until Monday.”

Investigative reporter John Solomon from The Hill told Sean Hannity on Thursday that William D. Campbell, a former consultant for a Russian firm, has video of briefcases full of money used to bribe US officials in the Russia uranium scandal involving Hillary Clinton.

Solomon says the Reuters report published Wednesday downplaying the informant is completely inaccurate, and he and staff at The Hill expect an eruption in D.C. on Monday when William D. Campbell unleashes his “huge massive bombshell” testimony against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the conduct of the State Department during her tenure.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Vox Populi

    Russian mafia paying Clinton Foundation (Hillary) for the sale of uranium company mining in BLM public land with the help of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Democrats in Govt. Not Putin but Russian Judaic mafia (Chabad Lubovitch crime family).

    • The Mechanic

      You hit the nail on the head! I just hope this guy is able to testify and takes down Clinton, Obama, Holder, Comey, on and on…..

    • Jaybird

      Why do you think the Bundy ranch stand off happened? It wasn’t for back taxes, that was just an excuse. It was orchestrated by Harry Reid of Nevada. That valley is prime for solar panel farm. Bundy was the last obstacle. He wouldn’t take their offer to move so they decided to move him anyways. Seems old Harry had already sold that property and been paid for it by the Japanese. But he couldn’t deliver as promised. So in came the BLM with some bullshit back taxes excuse. Only problem was they never figured on us who came in and took on the crooked BLM. Plus that land where his cattle were grazing is a hot bed for minerals, especially uranium. So it was a twofer. Oh and old Harry, he had to return that money to the Japanese company or he might have been a statistic also.

      • RedOnTheHead

        His exercise equipment might finish the job if he neglected to return their money.

  • Duke LaCrosse

    No more walks for a while

  • https://gab.ai/HWR HWR
  • clarioncaller

    Jefferson Beauregard is a Deep State ‘Plant’. If senate goes into recess, time to pull the plug on him and make a ‘recess appointment’. And at the same time send Rod Rosenstein packing, too.


    4 people last year… Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, John Ashe, Victor Thorn. One common thread.

    • BrotherPatriot


    • RueDeLaDeplorable

      Haitian official Klaus Eberwein who was set to expose the Clinton Foundation of fraud and theft of donation monies found dead in Miami of suicide.

      • Ron C

        Yep…it stand operating procedure to say suicide or robbery gone bad no suspects, no matter how many times the victim is shot in the back. Even if he/she is murdered in his ICU room!

    • Ron C

      The Soros wholly owned democrat party?

  • Gyre

    Everybody wants to see her go to prison. But it’s pretty fucked up if he doesn’t have an FBI bodyguard to cover him over the weekend.

    • Majah

      Who trusts the FBI these days?

    • Marie

      He needs a private bodyguard.

      • Larry Thornton

        He needs a bunch of close riends, and a bunch o f AR-15’s AND AK-47’s with 30 round clips or more this weekend.

        • phillman5

          This is the time the second amendment was meant for. He should have uzi’s and other automatics, what are possible capturers or assassins going to have?

    • Alan Rhoads

      One cannot even trust the FBI. There are rogue agents even in there.

  • William the Resolute

    This guy must be crazy as hell to go out into the hills unescorted….what part of Clinton Crime Family doesn’t he understand?

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

      WHY IN THE HELL is this guy NOT in the Federal Witness Protection program??! Heelllooo????!! That ALONE should tell you the game is rigged…

      • OliverF

        That might be equally dangerous considering deep state.

        • Isschade

          amen amen, OliverF

        • lcw oso

          Ask Scalia. Oh thats right we cant

          • Renellin

            Doubtless he would have insider information about how dangerous the Clinton Crime Family is.

      • Brent Roads

        sounds that way!

      • too much TV

        At this point I would not trust the Federal Witness Protection program. Best to get some private investigators and keep some close friends handy.

      • Lee

        There was one “witness” in that program who was set testify about Bush Sr. and Noriega’s involvement in the cocaine smuggling the CIA that spawned out inner city crack wars. The night before he was to be seated he died of acute alcohol poisoning while in the custody of the U.S. witness protection program. So much for our DoJ being anything but as corrupt as the rest of our filthy government.

        • balagan123

          If you want a take on the FBI, read the book by Sibel Edmons, “Classified Woman”. Should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand how it works. As said in the interview, there are many really honest, agents in the FBI, devoted to revealing the truth. Unfortunately, they are not likely to be in the higher echelons. To rise to the top in any organization, it is much more likely that you are a political animal. ie willing to do anything necessary to fulfill your ambitions. The FBI was corrupted by Hoover and it looks like they haven’t shaken themselves loose from this legacy.

          • Ron C

            Their are no longer any good FBI agents…they have to receive a complete communist indoctrination in the halls of academia before they can even apply for the FBI…and true the worst of the worst rise to the top of the FBI, all agents believe it is their duty to destroy all and any free sovereign nation.
            Many of the federal cop shops need to be abolished…period! Are way to corrupted to be maintained!

          • The100thMonkey


            My nephew is an agent.

            A Marine, a war hero, with 4 tours.

            Loves America.

            Many are great Patriots.

            No doubt,

            “Some” are idiots.

            “Some” are treasonous from current indications.

          • Ron C

            I get your point…but when absolutory NO one from the previous Obama administration is even being investigated and NO warrants are being served in the dead of night…such as Manafort’s family was harassed…and the witch hunt continues for Trump Russians, while any honest person can see it is a scam…well one lose trust in an obvious banana republic bureaucracy…just saying.

        • Jeronimo Dan

          Everyone in D.C. while Old Man Bush was V.P. and president knew he along with Bill Clinton, Col. North, Don Lafferty and Bobby Seal were bring in cocaine by the plane load. Old Man Bush is probably one of the biggest importer of Cocaine in our nation’s history. The Bushes like to claim they are Conservative Republicans, but they are “NEW WORLD ORDER” and want nothing more than run the whole world, with just a handful of others.

      • Tim Weedeman

        Hello, they are the ones trying to kill him.

        • Richard

          ..and many witnesses have a tendency to commit suicide before they can testify…Shot in the back of the head…TWICE !

      • Christine Cuneo

        People die in the Federal Witness Protection program, remember?

      • Rozann Osborn-Rietkerk

        The witness protection program has failed for so many others, he probably felt safer not in it.

      • John

        You mean Federal Clinton protection program Don’t you?
        I think the above question answers your question!

      • Rick Krejcik

        when you can’t trust FBI , you cannot trust witness protection .

      • TexanForever

        … because a few in the agencies are part of the deep State.

      • Polly

        Amazing these days, that we even have questions about the Fed Wit program, isn’t it? If it would be me, I would NOT go into it. Way too much evil seething underneath in all these fed programs.

      • Catapult

        DOJ outed him.


        Bingo Buddy! Seems the government is also in cahoots with the Clinton crime syndicate or, afraid of them.

      • Ron C

        Because it is thee feds that would like to see him commit suicide…the federal authorities are the problem.

      • AnotherLibBitesTheDust

        Problem here is he has info on EVERYONE INVOLVED and it IS NOT JUST the Clintons.

      • Richard

        Only people that support liberal far left democrats get witness protection!

    • TexanForever

      He WAS escorted. … By Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson.

      Remember, a gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.

      • FollowDaMoney

        I would also have Mr. Body Armour, Mr. AR10 and Mr. Fido Bombsniffer.

    • Catapult

      The DOJ outed him. That tells you how deep the deep state is.

      • Ron C

        The DOJ has been weaponizing the leaks to the press, every since Trump won the election! And guess who is investigating the leakers…??? The FBI leakers…know isn’t that a joke!

    • Jessie Taylor

      Can’t help but wonder why Sessions announced that this guy would be testifying against the iron maiden Hillary. What is in it for him. We all know he refuses to investigate the Clintons. Someone needs to investigate him.

      • Hold my vodka while I pass out

        He buggers little boys!

  • OliverF

    What the hell are you doing taking a hike in the woods? Seriously, we are talking about the serial killer Clintons here.

    • Stephen Gomes

      Well he can’t very well trust the govt to protect him, the deep state works with/for Hillary.

      • OliverF

        Certainly! I fully agree. But taking a hike alone in the woods is simply crazy when you are to be testifying this coming Monday! We need this to happen.

    • Roger Sheddy

      there woods are not Washington d.c….

      • OliverF

        What’s that supposed to mean? Are you implying that their reach is only limited to a particular area? If so I’m still waiting for the drum roll and cymbals pal.

        • Roger Sheddy

          Seth Rich was killed in Washington DC –you know no one is allowed to carry any sort of firearm there… in the woods it’s a whole lot harder to keep people from carrying a gun around, especially if you go to a place like where I live. If someone would shout “Mad Dog!” in the middle of The city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, you’d have a dozen people pull guns out to protect everyone from it…

          the Clinton murder machine is good at killing people in isolated places where there are strict gun laws and also doing things like sabotaging aircraft and what have you…

          … buddy.

    • Vic Hern

      His lawyer said he is having health issues from his chemo cancer therapy, so another good reason for him to NOT go out alone without
      armed escorts.
      Seth Rich should have known better than to walk home, 3/4s on his way to drunk, walking home, late at night, knowing he was “in some trouble” with his Wikileak connection and having a big argument with his boss Donna

  • Anne Felippe

    Even if he has videos showing the clintons receiving the money personally, i dont believe anything will happen. The system is far too corrupt and the clintons must have books full of things they are using to blackmail or threathen anyone. I think sessions is completely compromised and it is amazing trump keeps him on. They must have threathened his family.

    • balagan123

      Why do you think Obama behaved the way he did. He has a lovely family and someone would only have to put the word Kennedy in his ear for him to comply to whatever they wanted. Compare his words before he was elected with what he actually did. It is amazing he accomplished so much. Look at who he took as his advisors. The same bunch of revolving door cowboys that Bush had, many of them from Goldman Sachs.

      • Jaybird

        Obama behaved the way he did because of being bought and paid for and put in office by Soros. How else would a do nothing Senator of 2 years win the presidential election. It had nothing to do with his lovely family, which wasn’t his to begin with. You have got to be the most naive person in the world to think he was threatened. His whole 8 years of terror on America, was planned well in advance of his running. He was prepped way before you ever heard of him. You are definitely a liberal if you think he accomplished anything. As far as words before and after elected, if you truly listened, were exactly the same. I remember one of his speeches in particular, in Pa. where he said America stills clings to guns and God and needs to change. Also he said if you have a small business, you didn’t build that, the government did. You remember only what you as a dumb ass democrat want to. This guy did more damage to America in 8 years then all previous presidents combined. If you call that an accomplishment, then you are truly fucking blind.

      • Vox Populi

        And now we have Trump, a man I voted for based on his campaign rhetoric. He has done the same backtracking Obama did except this time its worse. Trump is owned by the same Zionist neocons that said 9/11 was a good thing for Israel. Starting to think it was not Russian hacking but Israeli hacking all done to put Trump into office. Jerusalem was the end game. Another step towards the New World Order with the head if the snake being Jerusalem. Next up fake alien invasion, and jewish messiah (antichrist) promising to save the world from fake alien threat.

  • Isschade

    Serial Killary at work again… I’d be eating NOWHERE and going ANYWHERE until I went to the Courtroom… I pray he makes it safely and can spill his guts for the AMERICANS !!! Killary MUST be stopped !!!

    • Janice Evans Pfeiffer

      Hillary literally has planes crash, cars crash, people committing suicide with shotguns WTF! I’m so sick of that bee itch…..I’d love to see her executed on live TV.

  • Michelle Grant

    PEDOGATE FUKUSHIMA… pick a scandal

  • Joanne Yeadon

    Wait a minute- just a few days ago the media was saying he was gravely ill in the hospital getting chemo therapy for his cancer

  • American Beagle

    I heard a rumor this morning that if he doesn’t get to testify soon he will publicially release all his information.
    I have seen his attorney on Hannity, she seems to know what she is doing.

    • plumberskid

      There must be a tape of his planned testimony somewhere, that can be used in the event he disappears permanently.

      • agnostic conservative

        Yes, Hopefully they have a dead man switch set up, like Assange has.

  • Gregg Parker

    Pop goes the weasel Hillary…

  • LulaMae

    A #DeepState Leaker.

  • Joy Augeson

    why not made a recording send it to Hannity, DML..

  • Mary Jones Vanderford

    Just when was this supposed to have taken place? I don’t see any other media reporting that this witness had been approached by anyone. I would think that Fox News would have reported on this if it was true, Tucker Carlson and Hannity as well. Why would he take a walk by himself when he should know better. Not sure this article is good solid information.

    • christineA

      Lame stream media doesn’t share A LOT, BELIEVE ME. Every single day, so this is by FAR nothing new.

  • Steve Middleton

    wow this guy needs protection and should go and tell his testimony to FOX NEWS or another trusted news so it will be on record and have many many people as witnesses

  • soxaddictpa

    The DOJ (Mueller etc…) leaked his name and address last week, a full week before the testimony. Why the hell doesn’t he have 24/7 security with him?

  • John Carman

    Talking Heads still do “:the Tease” so everyone will tune in next week. Enough of this stall tactic, just Release the information on Hillary doing Bribes. If it was a public official, it is a violation of 18 USC 201. If not, it’s another section of Bribery laws.

  • Sherry Pittinger

    They will kill this guy. He is a hot potato and for them to leak his name, corruption is about. Why leak his name? It is time for polygraph tests on a regular basis with this garbage going on. Tired of this dishonesty clean this massive mess and get these dishonest people leaking out of there. This guy better have 24 hour protection if he does not why not?!! They want to take him out!

    • Stuart Perkins

      Polygraphs are no good with experienced habitual liars.

    • sundaze

      Leaking his name actually helps him. Those who want him dead, gone already know who he is. This way, the public knows, too.

  • dmacid

    Why in HELL did Sessions release his name. OOOOHHHH Dumb me I forgot Sessions and Clintons and Lynch, and Comy and a whole bunch are very many years, long time old butt kissing , cover up for each other buddies.

  • mgales12

    Hannity is very smart and there many like him very much involved in this thing. I don’t think that the guy and his attorney would be that careless to rely only on his being in court, even we know how sensitive this thing is, much more those who close and personal. I’m sure they know that the information has to be well protected, and carefully documented, copied and videotaped. Many ways to make an effective case.., at least in my view and understanding anyway. Hillary is Toast..

  • Slightly flawed.

    Lets see this happen, and let’s have Clinton in the dock, and then, hopefully in jail.

  • glojean

    He is very sick with cancer and receiving chemo. I hope he has a contingency plan, if he is too ill to testify. I would make copies of everything and give a deposition to my lawyer, and all the info to Hannity, Tucker, Laura, with lawyer also having everything. If the cancer doesn’t get him, the Clintons will!

  • Semosig

    I’m just curious as to why Hannity on the segment with John Solomon never mentioned anything about William Campbell having had an assassination attempt. Can not believe if it were true that that is how they would have started. Campbell is fighting cancer and wants to testify regarding Uranium One but with chemo he is very sick but still intends on testifying. Where is the assassination story??? Is part of this really fake news.

    • sundaze

      The story is out. But you will never see this covered in “our” mainstream news.

      • Semosig

        I never really considered Hannity mainstream news. He rails against mainstream news. Who is covering it besides YourNewWire.com?

      • Semosig

        I understand what you are saying but Hannity is not afraid of controversy and if this is true I believe he would have aired it.

  • http://mehaf.freeforums.net ShepZC

    make popcorn

  • RH Sibley

    I would hope that there are copies of all the evidence he has locked away safely somewhere along with a pre-recorded testimony of his revealing all he knows. Pray for this man’s safety.

  • superllama

    the story title is wrong. if the clintons are suspected of involvement, it should read “man survives suicide attempt”…

  • Gordon Scott

    Pizza delivery for William Campbell.

  • http://www.math.missouri.edu/~rich/MGM/primer.html rwinkel

    People stop reading this worthless crap. Seriously how hard can it be to copy and paste a single link to back up the claim in this article? Stop it baxter or whoever you are. Stop wasting people’s time. Your lack of links betrays your motive: to muddy the waters.

    • sundaze

      The waters are already muddied. This man’s testimony could help us get rid of some of the mud.

  • balagan123

    Perhaps the far bigger crime of Hillary is the way she colluded with Debbie WS to keep the peoples choice, Bernie Sanders from being the Democratic candidate. We could have had the best president since FDR. Instead we have the worst one since Bush the Younger.

    • SpacelySprockets

      We just had the worst pos ever for 8 years.

    • phillman5

      Sanders, the best president since FDR? An admitted socialist? balagan if you don’t like capitalism, why don’t you go move to a socialistic country and see how well it works.

  • kkc003

    they should leak location of this man, but really its location of the Clinton compound. oops wrong house.

  • sundaze

    Of course it was smart to release this man’s name. Those who want him dead knew about him already. If he did not go public, it would merely be one more questionable death. This way, if he is killed (before cancer kills him) we can know something is definitely wrong, fishy. This helps protect him.

    • Deplorable Me

      Same reason that Donna Brazile went public.

  • Vunderkint

    Okay it’s Tuesday, the guy was supposed to testify yesterday Monday the 20th did he testify?


  • Joe

    Wow, where is our justice department? How many deaths have been associated with Hillary?

  • Cappmann1962

    Why is he not in protective custody??? Like there’s no history of people about to testify against the Klintons mysteriously dying?

  • RevnantDream

    Hire ex marines for body guards


    Well knowing the ;past history of those that were prepared to testify Against Clinton most people don’t believe that this informant will ever be alive to testify , Clinton and the democratic party can’t afford to let any one testify against her

  • Hentor The Barbarian

    It sure would be a day in heaven if the entire democratic party went down because of this guy, wouldn’t it?

  • Jaybird

    Lets see now, you are the witness who could put both Clinton’s in jail, and you’re out hiking, alone. This guy should at minimum if he values his life, be someplace where there is a good defensive posture, have trip wires and traps set all around that defensive posture, have multiple weapons, and then be someplace else. We did it in Nam, just like that, killed a lot of the enemy, and lived to see another day. Put yourself in the most unlikely place they would ever look for you. Even if it means truly roughing it until your day of testimony comes. Tell no one, seal up all your electronic devices in a lead lined hack sack, and honker down and wait. Trust no one. The Clinton’s tentacles go very far and wide. If he doesn’t know that by now, he is a dead man.

  • southern indiana hoosier

    I think he made up the hiking story.


    I pray he stay alive.

    I also pray justice is served by his testimony.

    Is this why the Clintons remain unscathed, for murdering witnesses?

  • Beeker D.

    Hey William, No Airplane Flights , No Walks In The Park (especially Vince Foster Memorial Park), Don’t go near any Rail Road Tracks, Over Any Bridges and Don’t Travel With Any Arkansas State Troopers!

  • omarzugget

    Not so sure about the accuracy of this story. Campbell is reported to have cancer and undergoing chemotherapy – not likely he’s walking in the woods.

  • summertime

    When, and even before, his name became public, I was so worried for his safety. I pray he is able to give testimony b

  • Bev Schewanick

    Good Grief, I hope he makes it until Monday and he actually testifies.

  • sawdst

    He has reason to worry, numerous people involved with the Clintons have met untimely deaths!

  • bh9

    It is simply beyond comprehension that the press and the government have collectively put a target on this man’s back by advertising his name and past before he gets to testify. Something beyond mere incompetency?

  • Just Jack

    If this doesn’t put that C V N T behind bars, nothing will.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    William D. Campbell, probably has the life expectance of a Testes Fly?

  • Reality check

    Do not trust the FBI for Witness protection. There were many men in Boston killed because of the cozy relationship between Whitey Bulger and the FBI- went to them for protection and they leaked to Whitey- he was murdered- and who was in the thick of things in FBI and Asst US Attorney – you got it Robert Mueller. Whitey was a pedophile and it was common knowledge he was blackmailing Senators in Ma with tapes and threats to reporters- to allow his brother to assume Senate president- giving the wolves the state. Weld was supposedly a victim and that is why he came in strong from DC was going to handle the Bulger brothers but they totally controlled him in short time and he became the Bulger lapdog. Now I see Mueller was FBI Director when the Chuck Scarborough intern was found dead in her office. Mueller never moved into a RICO against the church as Bernard Law got sent to exile in Rome- where he continues his bullying of nuns – can’t help. It think they have the goods on Mueller to- can explain some of his past behavior
    Mueller also involved in the case against Hollywood pedophiles Bryan Singer and GalGoodard exposed by Anthony Edwards – you can’t make this stuff up and the so called press are worried about the height of the First Ladies heels
    Remember when we had a press? Not the want to be celebrity culture of today.
    It’s time to totally disband the FBI it has rotted from the top and I don’t think a head transplant of Mr Wray an save the decomposition we all feel. Othing more dangerous to see something say something when the corrupt are leading the charge. For us Please Senator sessions- you are making us lose our belief this can be faced- it is past time

  • Purplesuiter

    An investigation into WHOM at the DOJ leaked his name is warranted and when that person[s] is identified they should be arrested for putting Campbell’s life in danger.

  • William the Resolute

    There is a theory that Trump, Sessions and Mueller are all working on a reverse sting on the whole HRC crime family, there are 1800 Federal Indictments sealed and waiting to be served….what is really happening?

  • Carolinatarheel

    Crooked Hillary, Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Comey and Crooked Mueller need to be thoroughly investigated!

    America First! MAGA!

  • The100thMonkey

    Put the dam n…testimony on video tape with a timer showing. Hold him with The Presidents Marine unit. Otherwise, this is nonsensical. If he actually exists, his so called “cancer” will matasticize over night and he’ll suddenly be dead.

  • Elroy

    Even if Campbell’s evidence is accepted by the Congressional committee and it substantiates crime/treason was committed by the Obama administration, we still need a DOJ that will do the job they all swore an oath to do. I’ll believe it when I see it. No matter what, Jeff Sessions must be removed before he dismisses the Uranium one crime/treason altogether. If he is allowed to do that, that will be the end and the traitors will go unpunished. Sessions and Rosenstein are both DC swamp creature who are protecting Obama, the Clintons, et al and need to go ASAP!

  • Mary George

    Why was he outed? Is Sessions compromised by Killary?

  • Fontaine

    Nothing will happen to the ice queen. We have heard hundreds of times that she is going to jail but that never happens. I’ll say again: She committed all her crimes because she KNEW she could get away with them.

  • John angel

    Fake news

  • Ron C

    Actually I’m surprised the FBI hasn’t sent a hit squad for Campbell…after all it is their sworn duty to protect the Clintons at all cost…? How are the globalist’s going to bring in their police state if the FBI keep falling down on the Job?

  • Lady Ela

    On Monday. That gives the Clinton Cartel aka Russian Mafia aka Soros people time to get him. Yikes…Hiding like how? Is there anyplace to really hide? I think he would have to tell NO ONE! INCLUDING HIS LAWYER.

  • spawn44

    If this guy has the goods. The FBI enablers and Hillary’s team are going up the river.

  • Renellin

    Who would we have to protect him? Certainly not the FBI.

  • AnotherLibBitesTheDust

    he has info on EVERYONE INVOLVED and it IS NOT JUST the Clintons, some of those involved just may be working for the FBI right now, including Mueller and Roseystain.

  • joe

    Follow the money. The Clinton Foundation is pure RICO ACT case. Where the heck is the DOJ with the grand jury on Hilliary and Bill? We don’t need any more investigations. The proof is already on the table.

  • David Rowley

    Pray earnestly this guy lives to tell his story. I don’t think Hellary is any favorite of God.

  • Sean Shafer

    six attempts???