Youngest World Leader Bans George Soros’s Foundations From Austria

Newly-elected Sebastian Kurz has informed George Soros that his Open Society Foundation has 28 days to cease and desist operations in Austria or face legal action.

The world’s youngest leader, newly-elected Sebastian Kurz, has informed George Soros that his Open Society Foundation has 28 days to cease and desist operations in Austria or face legal action for “attempting to undermine the democracy of the nation.”

31-year-old Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s youngest ever leader, has told colleagues that action must be taken immediately, after news broke that George Soros has donated $18 billion of his $24 billion dollar fortune to his Open Society Foundation.

The situation has become critical,” Kurz said. “Soros is throwing everything he has behind his push for global control. Misinformation and media manipulation has already increased exponentially overnight. We have no room for complacency.

Kurz, a self-described truther who says he was “red pilled” by the 9/11 film Loose Change, claims that he understands the Soros agenda, and “there is no way in hell this country will be his fifth victim.”

It is understood the Austrian chancellor is referring to the number of national economies Soros has crashed in order to gain enormous personal profit and political influence.

Asked why he was banning George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, Kurz said, “Because it’s 2017.

The news that Soros has released 75% of his vast fortune to push his political and social agenda has caused shockwaves around the world, with many democratically elected leaders expressing fear that the sheer weight of his billions, used to buy politicians and journalists, will be difficult to fight against.

Kurz agrees. This is why he has taken fast action.

The specter of Soros is the greatest challenge humanity is facing in the world in 2017. He is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming his blood funnel into anything that smells like money, using this money to corrupt politicians, journalists and the public sector, and attempting to create the world in his image.

The people of Austria have rejected the New World Order, and it is my duty and my privilege to uphold their will.”



Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • slim

    good for him, he should have told him if he catches him in the country hes going to be burnt on the steak just like every other country should do. he is going to love hell.

    • lily

      Soros is a citizen of the US.

      And if I were going to be burnt, I would choose a steak also. Or did you mean stake?

  • Shine


    • Ivar Diederik

      Other fake news sites.
      If there were genuine (Austrian) sources, they would have been included in this article.

  • ich bin es nicht

    I cannot confirm these message neither in Google Youtube ore Bing. Please name sources. Fake News?

    • Tea Party Supporter

      I can’t find it either. If, I don’t see or hear them saying it, I don’t pass it on.

      • Ronin

        I can’t find anything either. This has the smell of fake news. Unfortunately.

      • Timothy Tuttle

        Found on google in first seach

        • Ivar Diederik

          Then share the link.
          I’m quite sure that what you found is just another English article.
          We want the original statements, in German.

          • zigzzagz

            It’s satire man.

      • John Winward

        The line “great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money” is taken from a well-known article about Goldman Sachs. It’s just possible he was quoting it,of course, but not likely. (Rolling Stone, Apr 5, 2010)

    • Paul Blair
    • Jimy Kraus

      I found several links to this in German. Being I do not speak the German language I can not tell you what they say in order to establish if this is “fake news” or not, but I was able to read enough articles in English by different sources on the same incident that I believe this to be factual. Just as I believe Soros to be an evil scum bag piece of shit that Satan himself doesn’t even want. Just look at the demon. He looks like a dead man walking. I also believe he assisted the Nazis and helped to deceive is own neighbors. 14 yrs old at the time is plenty old enough to be an evil piece of shit willing to do whatever it took to get what he himself coveted. The reason you can’t find it on google is because google is a liberal piece of left wing shit company that sucks up to scum like Soros and scrubs anything negative posted about the snake son of a bitch.

      • Ovidiu Craciun

        how about bing search engine, same as google search engine?

        • Jimy Kraus

          I found things using Duck Duck go that do NOT show up when using google. Never tried Bing, so I am not sure ??

      • lily

        Why don’t you go to YouTube

        Listen to the guy talk. The stuff written across the screen, is not what he
        is saying. There are several videos about him. I watched 3. In each one,
        someone would cut into the conversation and give their point of view.
        But right now I am particularly talking about the one that has the words
        written across the screen. Soros doesn’t make mention of the Nazis. Only
        the written words do (with parentheses around it).

        And if Soros was at age 14 old enough to be an evil piece of shit, shouldn’t
        someone your age know that using the words that you do doesn’t make you
        a great person either.

        Why don’t you just grow up.

        and, oh brother, I just noticed that you are the one who put the youtube
        video below which the exact one I am talking about.

        • Jimy Kraus

          Sorry, but I didn’t post any video from You Tube.

        • Jimy Kraus

          As far as myself being a great person goes. Well you can think of me what you wish, as if I am running a campaign to win your vote for public office or via for your admiration or acceptance…. NOPE. Not at all really don’t care what your opinion to be. I am however blunt and up front use profanity on occasion to voice mine. Unlike Mr. Soros I have no hidden agenda or hedge money investments positioned to profit in the event the US economy fails. My profile is real and I am as un-fake and open as one could be. If I had any credit cards or money in the bank I wouldn’t be so transparent, that’s for sure ! How I ended up here was actually by obscure chance trying to fact check something

      • ich bin es nicht

        You dont understand me. I agree that Soros is a dangerous man. But believe me there are no links that confirm the given quotes of Mr. Sebastian Kurz. I understand german language because I am German. Understand? NO Confirmation. It is a Fake. Believe it or not.

    • Lynda Corner

      You’re looking in the wrong places…liberal bought & paid for information. Try reading a book. I think DuckDuckGo is fairly reliable so far.

      • Gus

        And you are relying on BS republican garbage? LMAo

    • Takuto

      I repeat, this is fake news! Kurz is a Soros puppet. Proof:

    • Mykill Mielia

      I would like to pretty much confirm it is a fake, made up story. First this article doesn’t link to the alleged statement. Second nowhere such a statement can be found. Third the German sites (and I can read German) which report on this story are only very peculiar sites which simply repeat it in a translation or report the connection to the “news” from here. Fourth their are several sites which report this is a hoax, from a site in Dutch (I can’t read Dutch but hoax is right in the banner) to several in English.
      One made a more thorough reporting, even showing how a direct quote is stolen/plagiated from a 2009 story.

      • zigzzagz

        Yuck…Mediamatters….wtf are you doing over at that degenerate site.

  • Matt Palumbo

    “Asked why he was banning George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, Kurz said, “Because it’s 2017.“

    So this is satire? lol

  • Sun

    Well good for this young leader.If he can do it why in the world can’t someone in the USA do the same to Soros?He is an Evil man.All the Evils seem to thrive in the USA– WHY? Why is it allowed? Soros needs to be gone ..

    • nayia theo

      Soros was once asked why he destroys economies with his currencies speculations, and his answer was , “because he can. Its up to the government to legislate he cant” . So either the government is ineffective or colluding with him.

      • dave

        Exactly, well put, Soros himself gives the solution to the problem, but he knows that there is already too much corruption and that they will do nothing about it.

      • Vern Bauerle

        Not necessarily. there are other possible interpretations that occur to me. Purchasing news outlets and turning them into tools with policy changes and bribery is one. Further, his activities aren’t always clear until the effects are seen. By then the effects on the economy and political perceptions make it difficult to counter any of it. Here’s a video that claims to “reveal” who Soros is. In one sense it does. (Eg. soros is not his real name. But explanations make it a matter of life and death had his family not changed it. Vetting that and other claims may be problematic. Then there’s the fact that the video’s narrator (attempting to be cleverly sardonic, and snarky entertainmentis an acceptable substitutes for real evidence for millennials. does the video’s producer mention the billions invested in the politically generated foundation? I’ll be going back to it to check that. It’s gettin late, or rather, early, so I have only time to ask the thought questions and suggestions. “Don’t let them make you just think you’re thinking when you aren’t really thinking.” – Theophilos < . .

    • Wayne Darnaby

      George Soros needs to be hung. No need for a trail, he’s guilty. Just get’er done. Swing him high in a tree, for all the people to see.

      • Jiri Klouda

        He needs to be hanged, he might or might not be hung, probably not.

      • Jeri

        There is one problem here. He has a son who is going to be following in his foot steps.

        • Dr.Weird

          Well then his son has to go too, and his son’s wife, and any part of his bloodline down to the last man woman and child.

        • Lynda Corner

          I believe the son or nephew is married to the “lovely” Chelsea Clinton, so there’s the problem !!!

          • sudyrand

            I don’t see a problem with it. We’ll finally be getting rid of the clintons to boot!!

          • Debi Presley

            Ewwwww, he must LOVE sloppy seconds….and thirds….and fourths……

          • Susan Sloate

            Not true. Chelsea’s husband Marc is no relation to Soros.

          • Aaron

            But he is now, a relation to the Clintons

          • CWS_FAN

            Lynda: You have taken the lead for the most stupid input of this thread.

        • Wolfgang Oliveira

          Romanov family is the answer

      • DatBus

        The problem is just him, its his money and how its been spread about.

    • A1234567Z

      If Soros does not have an investment licence and “green card” (dompass) to operate in Austria he has a right guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 2, 13.2 to a status in his own minority territory where he can look for his own self determination passport etc.

      • Roberta Gabor

        I do not know very much about this man but if he has all the money that it is stated that he does, he could do an awful lot of good. Question: Is he doing an awful lot of good? Are hospitals, badly needed in some countries being built in his name? Is he responsible for building water plants for people who are drinking water from unsafe sources. My! If he has so much money he could do a lot of good. God’s word says “that to whom is much given, of much shall be required.”

        • A1234567Z

          International Law says that the money or wealth of any group of people is guaranteed by their own economy and not by a right to hold other groups of people in servitude. (Article 4 of the Universal declaration of Human Rights). If Mr Soros has no cows, dairy or beehives etc. (His own subsistence guaranteed by Article 1.2 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. ICCPR) he may be suffering from wealth illusion and find all those numbers in his own bank account in his own territory and have a desire the Chinese to respect it and not the Reciprocity of 1875. Inflationary currency has been seen in Weimer Germany and Zimbabwe and if he sees fit to buy Austrian homes to deprive them and their children of their homeland he will be violating the Declaration on the Definition of Aggression and the Austrian President must use the courts of his own State to enforce these laws compliant with the Charter of the ICC and Article 3b of the ICCPR.

    • Emily Johnson

      Because Soro’s has bought off so many of our Congressmen, especially McCain, Obama and Hillary…He has also contributed to Ryan and many others…and now you have Bush the 43rd pushing for the NWO…

      • CockolitoKid

        Uh, Bush ‘The Elder’ was in on it first! go figure….

        • ItsJo

          I understand that many years ago, the ‘Grandfather Bush, was VERY close to Saudi Arabia, and saw the advantage of a “Globalist Agenda”….G.W. Bush with the other presidents-CERTAINLY seemed to echo the SAME GLOBALISM AS OBAMA, CLINTON, AND THE REST. He had many fooled for a while, but NOW people see the “One World Order” of the Bush’s JUST like Obama & Clintons. Its WHY they HATE the populism of America that President Trump has awakened in people to “TAKE BACK AMERICA”, and PROTECT THIS REPUBLIC AND IT’S CITIZENS.

          • Tamika Burkett

            Well said

          • Darko DakiStina Marković

            The funniest part of it that Trump is a part of that machine, only his supporters are too dumb to see it. You got duped by a spoiled elitist.

          • ItsJo

            and You, know MORE than WE American Voters and Our President?

      • lily

        Well, Hillary got very little from him. One place said $1 million and another
        said $7million. Neither will buy any election for anyone. And yes, I believe
        that you are right – donated money to both McCain and Obama.

        Who did the right wing get money from? Well, I know who didn’t get money
        from the Koch Brothers this past year. Do you? (p.s. – Trump)

        • Roberta Gabor

          I will always believe, Trump won, because the people elected him and Hillary lost because of Hillary.

          • lily

            Certainly Hillary lost because of the assumptions that people had made and were
            told about Hillary. How many of those things have been proven?

            But my guess you weren’t really a person who was a democrat anyway.

          • Marcalene Wilson

            I was a democrat , but did not vote for Obama , and would never vote for corrupt Hillary. Being a democrat or a Republician does not matter. I voted for who I thought would do their best for the people. And that was Donald Trump. We have not has a President that was for the Americian People in a decade….. until now.

          • lily

            I beg to differ with you.

          • Stuart Malcolm

            Keep begging but it is obvious that the Clinton’s are crooks. American voters have had all of them that they can stand.

          • lily

            If it is so obvious, why hasn’t anyone come up with some REAL proof, rather than
            rumors. You just want her to be guilty. That isn’t good enough.

          • Patrick McDonald

            Killary, her cronies and lawyers got rid of all of the evidence-and it actually sickened me to watch them all, one after another, plea the 5th at the Senate hearings…

          • lily

            I always know that someone is really bright, and going to write something
            worthwhile when they use names like Killary and Obummer.

            Tell me more about the please at the Senate hearings. And tell me what is still
            open on the Trump/Russia collusions.

          • Patrick McDonald

            Obviously, you DIDN’T watch them…

          • lily

            Some day we might have a discussion on the womanizing of Trump. And his
            connections with Russia.

            Meanwhile, tell me about Hillary’s little dirty tricks. Which ones are you talking

          • Patrick McDonald

            I will agree that President Trump is a womanizer, but certainly no Bill or Harvey. Lately, it appears the “Russia Collusion” does not exist as far as Donald is concerned, but, it does appear that they spread their own false posts on Facebook to help him. Still, Hillary STARTED the smear campaign against President Trump, and lost…

          • lily

            I’m pretty sure that Bill is no Harvey. I’m also pretty sure that there is more to
            find out about Trump than we currently know also.

            And just how did Hillary start the smear campaign. Everyone has been doing that
            since the day we heard he was running for President. And is there any particular
            reason why you keep griping about Hillary. Are you trying to take the attention
            off Trump. Ain’t workin’, is it?

          • Patrick McDonald

            We do and we don’t have proof. Of the emails they did get, some were incriminating. You don’t believe there was much more incriminating evidence on the emails we didn’t get? Bill is no Harvey…so you believe it was Monica’s fault?…with no blame to Bill? And what about the other women Bill had when he used the White House as a brothel? The point is that Hillary, being a supposed supporter of women’s rights, is just as bad as Bill, and another reason I didn’t vote for her. The fact is people voted for Bill not knowing how he was and they elected President Trump knowing how he is, but, we voted for him because we the people want change, and Hillary would not give us that, and is as big a liar as they come. It was Hillary who first started with the smearing ads, then Donald followed. As far as griping about Hillary, I was pointing out that although President Trump isn’t perfect, I would much rather have him than Hillary, for the reasons stated, and more.

          • lily

            No, I don’t believe that it was Monica’s fault. I just don’t think this is fooling around,
            especially illegally, was anything equal to Weinstein.

            The rest of what you have said is pure conjecture, once again.

          • lily

            I didn’t say it was Monica’s fault, or even implied that. Weinstein
            appears to have gone after every pretty girl that was available, and
            especially those who wanted a job. People in movies have a lot
            to hide because the whole world knows about them, and they also
            may not get a job again, if uncooperative. Thank heavens, people
            don’t have that sort of stigma any more – or at least as much.

            And tell me how Hillary is just as bad. At what? Sleeping with
            other people? Tell me more. I missed that.

            And again, what has Hillary lied about? As for smear tactics
            in politics that has gone back to the founding fathers; it is hardly
            a new thing. Tell me what Hillary started? And what was her
            smear. And then Ditto Trump.

            I can think of one person who didn’t run a smear campaign. Obama.
            He was nice to both Romney and McCain, though maybe more
            to McCain. And if he, himself, did not make fun of Palin he was
            the only democrat who didn’t. And who was more outrageous
            smeared and lied about than Obama? I’ll bet, no one.

          • Patrick McDonald

            How is Hillary just as bad? You think she was the only one not to know what was going on with Bill and how he was using the White House as a brothel?…and he didn’t get impeached because enough Congressional Democrats voted against it …and she didn’t know about Monica? Read some of the secret service accounts of Bill’s White House. Also, as the Senate further investigates, more is coming out.

          • lily

            Do you know why Clinton was impeached (which means:needs to
            go to court, not that he was in court). And the charge was about
            a sexual harrassment charge by Paula Jones, when he as gov. of
            Arkansas, not Monica Lewinsky though that is when we all became
            very familiar with her. It is also when became familiar with how many
            other legislators were having affairs at that time, including at least

            one that was courting gay guys.

            With that in mind, I think that we can reliably say that the Senate is
            not still investigating Bill Clinton and his love life. Now, if you want
            to talk about Trump, I’ll bet anything in the world that is being

            investigated, whether by legislators, or the press, and whoever

            can’t stand the guy (and there are a whole lot of those – check the
            poll numbers).

            P.S. I think it is more likely that the secret service guys are being
            investigated, than vice versa. But if you have actually read

            some of their “dope” on Clinton, let me know where you found it.
            I would love to see it.

          • Patrick McDonald

            It’s been two nearly two decades since impeachment proceedings were filed against Bill, so I did a little research. It seems that impeachment is really a fancy word for indictment (of a high official of government). For Bill, he had four charges, two for perjury and one each for obstruction of justice and one for abuse of power, and they were related to Paula, when he was gov of Arkansas, and which later brought out Monica. However, it was kept from the people for over three years (the incident of Monica goes back to 1995, with impeachment proceedings initiated in Dec. 1998). Also, even with a Republican-controlled congress, Bill was not convicted. However, I found this:The rules adopted by the Senate in the Clinton trial — including limiting the number of witnesses and the length of depositions — made it harder to prove a case compared with trials in federal court, said former Representative Bob Barr, a Georgia Republican who served as a House manager during the trial and is also a former United States attorney. So, although Bill was acquitted, that does not mean he was not guilty, only that with the lose rules and shortage of time, he was acquitted. If the Senate had spent a REASONABLE AMOUNT OT TIME on Bill, he probably would have been convicted. Still, what with Paula, Monica, and who knows how many others, Hillary still “stuck by her man” who committed so many acts of adultery, IF Hillary was really for women, she would have at least divorced him, and, advocated the fact to other women. President Trump, although he grouped women, which is demeaning toward women, and something I despise, at least he wasn’t cheating or having sexual relations with them (although grouping can be called cheating). So, while we were concerned about what Bill did, we are also concerned what Hillary did not do.

          • lily

            This may come as a surprise to you, but back then – and maybe still – filing for
            a divorce was not a possibility within the precepts of the Catholic Church, and
            for the Protestant Fundamentalist Churches, you could get a divorce ONLY for
            Adultery. When you are in the political limelight – unlike Hollywood – you have
            to be careful as to how the public views your private life. So perhaps she
            was doing what she could to still be on the scene, or maybe they remained
            together for the sake of family, or maybe she just didn’t care.
            Quite possibly, all three.

            And don’t play the “Trump was better” game. When he was married to his
            first wife, with kids, his to-be 2nd wife was in the same building carrying on
            an affair with him. I don’t know too much about the first wife, but the 2nd
            two were not what you would want to bring home to mama.

          • lily

            I believe that I have already responded to this but it’s a long post, and I tend
            to deal only with parts of long posts.

            Have you not yet guessed why Clinton was not indicted? You are talking about
            an offense that ever so many politicians have participated in themselves. And
            if Clinton could be kicked out of office for it, so could they. They just wanted
            to make Clinton look bad (badder than them) and they succeeded for awhile.
            But they knew that if Clinton has lost, they would be going through this
            procedure with every term that came up.

          • evamaewong

            Bill and Hillary have been up to no good since they first met. Their “marriage ” was a merger of 2 very ambitious, power hungry narcissists, not a “love match”; Chelsea has been a prop from the moment of her birth to provide the illusion of a normal happy family! Hillary never wanted a kid, but as with so many other things she did to advance his political career after his first term as governor ,i.e. the total makeover she underwent when some powerful Dem ladies took her aside & told her the bohemian wadxrode,the sloppy hair and the God awful glasses had to go cuz Bill needed “a more refined lady by his side in order to win reelection. Suddenly , Hillary was a stylish, perfectly coiffed BLOND Hillary, minus the huge glasses!
            If you’re interested in a peek of what IT’ really like in .
            the Clinton relationship, read the book or watch the movie titled Primary Colors! It was written by someone deep in the inside of Bill Clinton’s first campaign for president, fkrst published by an outhor knkwn as ANONYMOUS, and ppl involved in the campaign were freaking out cuz the. info was sooooo accurate compared to what actually happened during those early moths. of the campaign.
            Take off your rose coloured glasses, and see how low the Clinton’s are capable of going to get what they want, no matter who they destroy in the process! That has been their modus operandi for decades, and they show no signs of changing this late in the game!

          • lily

            Anybody who uses those childish obnoxious names isn’t worth
            listening to. You sound like an elementary school idiot.

            Her lawyers got rid of the evidence! Evidence of what ?

          • Patrick McDonald

            Got rid of what evidence???…where have you been???…about her emails-all 33,000 of them that are missing! …and I will bet that at least some of them implicate her selling arms including Stinger missiles that could have been used to take down any helo’s that could have flown in to help in Benghazi…and a reason why Hillary did nothing to help….the truth will come out! While the alphabet networks can feed lots of “untruths”, there are NO LIES from the senators interviewing them, but, there are certainly lies and things being hidden when, one after another, they all pleaded the fifth…and no matter what you claim, they are lying. As I said, it sickened me to watch them lie, one after another, for Hillary and her cronies.

          • lily

            You have got no more proof that Hillary committed perjury than you have about
            Trump’s tax returns (and what they would tell us). Except that I have read that
            some of his tax returns were hacked and there is a very good reason why he didn’t
            release those records. As for Hillary’s emails, with emails there is a sender and
            there is a receiver. And the sender can delete his/her own emails but not those
            on the receivers’ end. Whatever they have found (and they have found many),

            nobody has called her to court yet, not even the Trump Administration.

            And why is it that Hillary’s hands on supporters are called cronies? And “you will
            bet” all you want. And you can presume all you want. I suppose you are a
            Republican. That you were not a Democrat who just couldn’t bring yourself to
            vote for Hillary. Well, you got Trump. And I am embarrassed. Especially when I
            go abroad, which is often. I’m semi-retired and travel a great deal. I think the
            trip I make I will bring along a t-shirt that will say – I DID NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP.

            And here is something that you might think about, and ask yourself why:

            Trump Job Approval Slips to 36.9% in His Third Quarter

          • lily

            Well you sicken me with your juvenile name calling – BatPrick.

          • Joe M.

            Trump is for Trump and no one else

          • Nat

            Trump is a businessman, not a politician. Having someone so volatile and so hopelessly inexperienced in world politics in office is not going to end well.

          • ItsJo

            So you liked the “Slick-talking, community organizer who was used to ‘greasing palms to get the people to believe his LIES, and the 8 yrs. NO ONE opposed him in his Dictatorship?” Good, we the people voted for someone who actually Loves this Republic, and would save her from going DOWN THE DRAIN. Professional Politicos, who make a Lifetime Career out of office, to Amass their OWN personal fortunes, awakened the people who KNOW that SWAMP IN D.C. IS A STINKING CESSPOOL, THAT NEEDED DRAINING AND STILL WILL-EVEN AS THE SAME POLITICOS TRY TO OUST TRUMP, THE OUTSIDER.
            BTW: You want to talk about being Volatile….was it OK w/you that Obama didn’t even go to Congress before deciding to KILL Quadaffi and attack Libya? Yeah, you show your hand Nat, as a DemoThug!

          • tonybazz

            You truly believe Trump’s tax plan is for the people? Also, he filled his cabinet with Wall Street sharks. How is that draining the swamp? Wake up and smell the coffee.

          • John Hedric

            Boy, it seems that it turned out so wrong about who would do their best for the people!!

          • ItsJo

            You are correct. With Obama and The Crooked Regime he had, he ALMOST took down America in his 8 year reign, thinking that the Hildibeast would Continue his Agenda, as they are ALL Globalists.
            You will continue to see the corruption, as these Russian stories show it was Obama/Hillary/Holder/
            Comey, etal. who were ON THE TAKE WITH TAKING MILLIONS FROM RUSSIA. Trump needs to FIRE Sessions, IF he is NOT going to go AFTER THESE CRIMINALS that Faked the Trump/Russia story, to COVER THEIR OWN ASSES.

          • tonybazz

            You truly believe his tax plan is for the people?

          • Patrick McDonald

            Marcalene, I did vote for Obama…twice, and also would never vote for Killary. However, I also voted for President Trump, for the same reason-for the American people. I believe the silent majority has been silent too long.

          • zigzzagz

            A bit off topic but…I was so hopeful about Obama. That it might put a seal on the rift between black and white that had been closing since the 50s…but that sob opened it up like he had a butcher knife with his brand ofidentity politics.

            I hate him for that.

            Now the center is collapsing and people who never expected to be anything of the sort have moved to white identity politics as a reaction to all the white hate from the establishment media no less. For those who don’t buy into the “white guilt” what else is there?

            Basically what it amounts to is this. Obama was a veritable boon to white nationalism.

          • Patrick McDonald

            zigzzags, I am so in agreement with you about your post. I have no problem with voting for an black man, or a woman. As I mentioned, I voted for Obama twice…and was not happy…”but that sob opened it up like he had a butcher knife with his brand of identity politics.”…and “people who never expected to be anything of the sort have moved to white identity politics as a reaction to all the white hate from the establishment media no less”. Also, as I mentioned, while I would vote for a woman for president, Hillary is NOT one I would vote for. I even voted for Bernie in the primary. And the way Obama treated our military…and apologized to other nations…and…helping to take God out of our country…and…

          • Tamika Burkett

            Same here

          • zigzzagz

            Trump is the first real independent President since Kennedy. Everyone else has had strings attached to them.

          • Jibe17


            Every witness have a tendency to decease abruptly…
            Merely a coincidence?

            Hardly once neither)

          • lily

            Well make a statement that is true. First of all who are these people who deceased
            abruptly, and after what? Hillary has been accused of something like 30 people.

            Doesn’t that in itself make you start asking questions about the people making
            charges. And we are talking about a well-known person here who anyone would
            recognize in a minute.

            Try to deal with reality? Nobody was forcing to vote for Hillary. If you didn’t like
            her vote for the heroic Trump, who has probably never killed anyone. Bilked them,
            fondled them, fired them, but probably not killed anyone.

          • Marinevet

            You are mindless.

          • lily

            I didn’t make accusations I can prove.

            Call it want you want.

          • lily

            Hey, that is a brilliant reply.

            You made a claim, you back it up. Don’t you know the rules of the game yet?

          • lily

            Your politics are horrible. You are a Republican.

          • Marinevet

            You are a liberal troll. I like my politics. I could care less what you think of them. You obviously only know what you are told.

          • ItsJo

            Your last paragraph describes the “Pervert Bill Clinton VERY well, and HIS enabler-Hillary, who claims to be a “champion for women…EXCEPT those that Bill attacked/raped/had BJ’s in the Oval Office, and SHE attacked them a second time, in hiring detectives to ‘try to get dirt on them, and smear them personally’………Trump is FAR from your guy Bill…who btw. traveled aboard his pal, Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane called the “Lolita” to his personal island ‘Orgy Island, where underage children were exploited….Epstein was CHARGED with these crimes, but it DIDN’T stop Horny Bill from his MANY trips w/Epstein. You need to wake up and stop idolizing “The Clinton Crime Family”

          • revdto

            Here are documented ‘truths’ for you. Hillary lied about Benghazi. She knew the attack was not because of an internet video, but she, Obama, and their flunkies lied about it for weeks. We know she knew because her some of her emails, which were actually read at congressional hearings, were sent to her family members telling them this was a terrorist attack just a few hours after it happened! Hillary denied multiple requests from Ambassador Stevens for more security, which was also in recovered emails, weeks before the attack came. Her incompetence, along with Obama’s malevolence, ended up costing four American lives. When those bodies were brought home in flag-draped coffins, Hillary lied to the parents of the fallen, claiming again that the maker of the video was responsible and they would bring him to justice. When she was called on those lies more than once in TV interviews, she responded by saying these bereaved were the liars! For this incident alone, Hillary should at the least never been allowed to run for office! Yet she continued down the road of corruption she has followed all of her adult life with the Clinton Foundation scandals, and of course rigging the primary election against Sanders, as her illegal use of email in cahoots with the DNC has shown. ALL of this has been documented before. If you want to see some great presentations of the evidence, just go to and start searching Benghazi. IF you are honest, this should open your eyes.

          • ItsJo

            They WILL BE PROVEN, as they originally were ‘covered up by the Obama regime, his Intel people, and it’s coming out NOW…Wait for it all Lily, as the LIES are coming out soon about Her and Bill, and the rest of the Loons, taking in “Millions from the Illegal Russian Uranium Deal she put together as SOS…and the millions that got “donated(lol) to the “Clinton Money Laundering Fake Charity.”
            You Sure are gullible, but then again, the Dems want you that way!

          • Greg

            Hillary lost because she is a LIAR.

          • lily

            give me an example of one of her lies.

          • Greg

            When her lips are moving lily

          • lily

            very cute. And what I expected. Now, give me an example of one of her lies.

          • Jonathan Johnson

            The only thing I need to know about hillary is that I have heard her advocate for abortion, stating that every woman should have an abortion before she ever has a live birth just to show that she is “boss of her own body.” There are few people on the planet that I have more disgust for and soros happens to one of those because his money causes upheaval and death wherever he sends it.

          • Gary Renzetti

            But “the people” didn’t elect Agent Orange. The College of Electors elected Agent Orange. Like it or not, the people elected Hilary.

          • alanmonrovia

            You need to go back to high school government class and learn how we elect the president of the USA. Or maybe just trying reading the Constitution. If the rules had been different, the campaign would have been different.

          • Luke

            They no longer teach civics in school.

          • Gary Renzetti

            But would going back to high school also explain those dangling, pregnant and dimpled chads that supposedly gave Dubya the presidency in FL? Sorry, but your politics is bizarre to put it politely.

          • alanmonrovia

            Going back to the 2000 election is not going to bolster your argument that somehow Hillary didn’t lost the election fair and square, or calling into question Trump’s Electoral College victory. Still, if you want to go for a stroll down memory lane, how about them dead Democratic voters of Chicago? “Illinois’s decades-old notoriety for election corruption is legendary.
            Many people still remember stories about the first Mayor Richard A.
            Daley rigging the presidential election of John F. Kennedy in 1960.”

          • Marinevet

            Your politics are horrible. You are a democrat.

          • Jibe17

            He played by the rules given!!!

          • Gary Broome

            Besides Trump won popular vote. You have to subtract from Hillary’s votes people who voted twice, dead people’s votes, and illegals’ votes, Trump won popular vote easily.

          • Corey Gray

            Actually, at this point, the KNOWN ineligible votes that have been thrown out LONG ago established that legitimately, the legal popular vote went to Donald, too…why do you think it was so *suddenly* dropped as an issue, in public eye?

            In fact, it was so bad that even now, they suspect that if they manage to find even *most* of the illegitimate votes in one state, it’d turn the whole state, they’ve found so many, with distinct patterns indicating more yet to be found…which would have been MORE electoral votes…a fair number, too.

          • Paceride

            Sure. Every single illegal vote went to Hillary. You people are abysmally stupid.

          • Corey Gray

            Nope, not all did…just the VAST majority.

          • Jibe17

            Lots of fake votes!
            The dead voted for Hillary)))

          • blest1

            EVERY president (including democrats) has been elected the SAME way every election cycle since the beginning of our country. Obama twice elected by electors representing their populations. You didn’t complain then did you. Did you sleep through your Civic course in school?

          • Gary Renzetti

            “You didn’t complain then did you.”[sic] The difference being not that he was a Democrat, but that the majority of the votes cast were FOR Obama, unlike Agent Orange’s case. Had the same thing been true of Trump, you’d never have heard a word from me on the subject.

          • Stuart Malcolm

            Actually since Obama was running against RINO candidates the vote wasn’t challenged or we would have seen all the dead Democrat voters exposed. I would say that Trump was actually elected by such a large amount that the Democrats just couldn’t cheat enough to win. Democrat counties with many more votes cast than voters shows the story of Democrat conspiracy.

          • Corey Gray

            It’s happened three times previously, too…the system is set up to work exactly as it did..

            It’s not just abut how MANY vote, it’s WHERE they are, too.

            Most of the population is in major metro areas…how many of those people know ANY goddamned thing about farming? SO how can they vote in ways that foster the ability to keep them fed, rather than damaging it?

            Judging by many of the petitions coming OUT of cities, you’d be starving in a couple months.

            So…you think that those people should reasonably have control over the country, in all practical sense? HELL NO! They don’t even understand THAT there are issues, much less comprehend them, that impact the ability to produce food…and, not knowing what it takes to do THAT, they sure as FUCK can’t vote with any sense, can they?

            Which is why the electoral college sometimes doesn’t match popular vote in an area…because the electoral representation areas ENSURE city boys don’t fuck themselves by screwing the farmers, and farmers don’t screw the city boys over things THEY know nothing about that are still vital to ALL of us.

            Any time you see one of those two groups trying to declare the other “enemy”, or becoming TOO ignorant and unappreciative of one another, this happens…and guess what? It’s ALWAYS the city idiots that lose, one way or another. They collapse their own government, either economically, through the sudden need to import almost everything of value, or through insistence they be provided impossibilities.

          • Patrick McDonald

            Corey, Very well said.

          • Marinevet

            You are wearing out a subject that means nothing. This is a republic and it is the way it is set up. So that 2 or 3 big cities on the east coast and the left coast cannot elect a president for the rest of the country. US.

          • Jibe17

            Why would he try to get votes in California or New York…
            A waste of time and money!

          • Marinevet

            Nope. The middle of the country and our people elected President Trump. But you go ahead and tell yourself anything you have to so you can feel better.

          • ItsJo

            You mean with ALL those “Illegal Votes for Her, and feeling pretty confident that “The Fix by Obama, etal. would guarantee her the Whitehouse.” It’s been shown, that millions of votes for her ARE BOGUS. Get a Life Gary, as those reports of her being ahead in the polls are LIES from the Liberal Outlets that are Media Liberals “In the Tank for Her, and Whatever Obama wanted.”

          • tonybazz

            Even though he lost the popular vote?

      • Jibe17

        Confiscate every dollar he owns!!!

      • Jibe17

        The NAZI’s show their ugly faces!!!

        Goes in the family, from Prescott Bush!!!

        Bush the Elder,
        was heavily involved on JFK assassination!

    • Jessie Casson

      George Soros is a Hungarian-American

      • richard bird

        Sorros is jewish.

        • bkungl

          He betrayed his own people during the 2nd world war. He said on video “the years I spent with the Nazis were the happiest years of my life” He is a monster and needs to be dealt with asap

          • Gadfly156

            OMG it all makes sense now.
            (And no, I’m not saying that in the way I’m guessing some people reading it might immediately think I mean. LOL)

          • Ben Smith

            That isn’t true. He was a child during the war who was sent to live with a German family. He did not side with the NAZIs.

          • Lynda Corner

            Actually it is true. He was raised by the Nazis to save his evil little life. I viewed the video as well !!!

          • Ben Smith
          • Ben Smith

            Why on earth would you think “the Nazis” would want to save a Jewish boy’s life? THINK FFS rather than swallowing any garbage Putin shovels your way.

          • John Magee

            You are wrong.

          • sudyrand

            You are wrong. Soros says it in an interview with some journalist and its on video. Media Matters is a soros organization so you can’t believe anything they say. Its hard to dispute a video.

          • Dee

            Media matters is a Sorosian outlet.

          • lily

            It is fake news. Get used to it.

          • Armen Davidkhanian

            That’s right Media Matters is funded by Soros.

          • Jibe17

            VERY trustworthy!!!

          • Armen Davidkhanian

            Ben Smith watch the 60 minutes interview from 1998 and hear it from Soros’ own mouth. It’s on YouTube, not hard to find at all.

          • Jibe17

            Direct from the Horses mouth)))

          • lily

            From Wikipedia – who gives us tons of references:

            “at age 14, Soros posed as the Christian godson of an official of the collaborationist Hungarian government’s Ministry of Agriculture, who himself had a Jewish wife in hiding. On
            one occasion, rather than leave the 14 year old alone, the official took Soros with him while he inventoried a rich Jewish family’s estate, though Soros did not take part. Tivadar not only saved his immediate family but also many other Hungarian Jews, and George would later write
            that 1944 had been “the happiest [year] of his life,” for it had given
            him the opportunity to witness his father’s heroism.[34][35] In 1945, Soros survived the Siege of Budapest in which Soviet and German forces fought house to house through the city.

          • John Magee

            In his own words. He was 15 when WW II ended in 1945. he was nota child:

          • Ben Smith

            Which makes him NINE when it started. What is the matter with you people?

          • Jimy Kraus

            You can stick your head in the sand all you want about Soros and think he is just a sweet old billionaire that donates millions upon millions to the liberal left out of the kindness of his heart . That is your choice as an American living in a democratic republic. Just don’t kid yourself into thinking he isn’t a billionaire investor that has invested a substantial about of his investment capitol into hedge funds that will pay off tremendously in the event the US economy fails. I was able to verify that myself and confirm it to be the truth thru personal sources in the investment banking industry. I was always of the belief that one shouldn’t shit in their own back yard…… and betting on the USA to fail while claiming to be one is about as un American as you can get !!

          • Dee

            Yes he was minor, but the collaboration was not regretted as an adult.

            Quite the reverse.

            What’s more, this collaboration was by no means unusual – Zionist Jewish leaders collaborated with the Nazi leadership to establish the Israeli colony in what was then Palestine – a British Protectorate.

            This even included ‘false – flag’ terrorist attacks to herd Jews out of Europe.

          • sudyrand

            He was 16 years old when he helped the nazis steal the property of the jews that he pointed out to the nazis. Sixteen isn’t a child when they help the enemy!

          • Ben Smith

            He was with the guy who was shielding him from certain death whilst he did the job an invading force compelled him to do. I take it you would have stuck on a star of David and asked to be shipped to Auschwitz?

          • sudyrand

            No but helping the nazis against your own people and then bragging about is despicable and should be grounds for removal from the U.S.

          • Jibe17

            YES HE DID!!!

          • Stuart Malcolm

            He was not a child. 14 when the war started and at least 19 when the war in Europe ended. Not a child. He said he had no problem with taking the property of his fellow citizens as they were loaded up to go to death camps. He is no better that a Nazi.

          • bkungl
          • lily

            Except he didn’t say “with the Nazis”. That was added (info) by the
            person presenting it on YouTube. And Soros went on to say in
            that YouTube that has been recommended for you to watch, is that
            he was 14 years old and he was a free lad (he and his parents had
            been in hiding for time because they were jewish, and his parents
            had lots of money) and he was working – and that is what made him
            so happy.

            On the other hand, he makes a lot of money now, and maybe he is
            giving s o much of it away because he is trying to get over feelings
            of guilt. Who knows? I do know that he is an enormous giver
            of his wealth. In fact he is even credited with making the separation
            of the European nations and the Russians a reality.. I believe
            that places like the Ukraine, Latvia, Armenia, Belarus, and roughly
            10 other now Western countries are very appreciative of what he
            has done.

          • Richard Griffey

            The devil will take care of that PEICE OF CRAP when GOD takes his last breathe from his sorry corpus…..

          • Jibe17


          • lily

            What he said as a 14 year old, and probably meant because before then he and his family
            were essentially in hiding and afraid, is not what made him a monster. Whatever task he was
            doing, he wasn’t BETRAYING his own people. Not only because he does not consider
            himself a practicing Jew, but more importantly because he is now in at least his 70’s, or
            even older.

            I don’t know a whole lot about him except that he is a constant donator to causes and the
            ones I know about are ones I would have given too also, if I were anywhere near as rich
            as he is. Maybe he making up for past evil doings. I don’t know. But he sure sounds
            good to me.

          • Jibe17

            Soros is an Atheist!

          • lily

            And so? A lot of people are.

          • Jibe17

            So it is hardly meaningful to call him a Jew!

          • lily

            Who was doing that? If I called him anything, I simply said that he was born
            into a Jewish family who hid that identity, in part by changing their name to
            Soros. I don’t know that they actually became Christians or not. I have read
            here that Soros is an atheist, but I don’t trust much of anything that I read on
            Disqus. If i cared, I would look it up on Wikipedia.

          • Jibe17

            Born yes!
            Acting like a NAZI anyway!

          • lily

            in what way?

          • lily

            Give an example. I’ll only ask for one.

          • Jibe17

            Like 85+

          • lily

            Ok. Does that somehow add anything to the conversation?

          • bkungl

            He was betraying his own people and he admits it. Take off those rose-tinted glasses and see the scumbag for what he truly is….a monster!

          • lily

            Pardon me, but I don’t particularly care what you think. I don’t know if he is
            a good guy or not – and neither do you.

          • bkungl

            You didn’t have to read it or respond because by responding you definitely cared what I thought otherwise you would never have responded. So you look like a fool right now. LOL

          • lily

            I wrote about this before. He in fact was a spectator. He did not help with
            the looting. A lot was missing in this video. But you do have to groan
            about the title “Soros’s Formula for Killing America.” That’s a good one.
            Makes me laugh.

            Now, I am going to watch the video about Elvis. That is probably worth

            Oh yes, It was filmed in Hawaii. I lived there for a while. Elvis played (&
            worked there) and Obama was born there. Oh wait. I forgot he was from
            Kenya. Well, I never got to see either one. Life is full of disappointments.

          • bkungl

            You are a freaking idiot snowflake. Obama freely admits in this video he was born in Kenya. You are such a fool.

          • Jibe17


        • Barbu

          Yes, he is jewish, antisionist and antiisraeli, and many many jews hate him

          • trudeman

            Marx was a Jew.

          • Roberta Gabor

            He was only in the flesh (by way of birth). A Jew is one inwardly, of the spirit. He believes in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. A true Jew could never be an unbeliever.

          • Jibe17

            Soros IS!

        • Jibe17

          STILL an evil NAZI, in disguise!!!
          He REALLY enjoyed to strip fellow Jews of their possessions!
          During W W 2…

    • Corey Gray

      Because Soros can manage to fatten peoples’ pockets for a short while, and an ever-increasing number of spoiled fucking brats of all ages in this country will do ANYTHING you ask for “right now” gratification, if you tickle their sense of social justice (either direction) just right, as well as their sense of having personally benefitted.

      No view for the future, no concept of choices or actions having CONSEQUENCES that you absolutely CANNOT avoid…because we’ve pretty much trained that out of them, with the way our schools and government have been FORCED to handle people, rather than forcing hem to learn this VERY basic rule through experience.

      And idealists ALWAYS (and justifiably) hate realists…because idealism can NEVER stand against reality. When the idealists outnumber the realists, you’re fucked…because the little idiots WILL try to impose all those pretty little ideas, then rediscover the concept of “consequence” in a devastating and incredibly painful way…usually one that ends up with them being oppressed, abused, and controlled.

      By eminently practical realists of the “if they won’t do what I want, shoot them until they’re no longer a problem, or agree to do as they’re told, to avoid being shot.” level of pragmatism. NOT exactly the folks I want running the place *I* live.

      • Roberta Gabor

        True, Corey. Sadly, as the scriptures point out, in the last days “many will be deceived.”

      • Jibe17

        Mc Cain is BOUGHT…

        By Soros!!!

        • Corey Gray

          As are many, many others.
          At least McCain and Pelosi I can understand…Soros is on his FOURTH transplant heart…he’s got the connections and money to keep his life going on and on…and McCain and Pelosi are both visibly quite close to the end of the road…be quite easy to bribe someone in such a position with the idea of a decade or so more, drawing breath.

          Not saying that’s the deal…just saying he’s got everything INCLUDING that to bargain with, with those two.

      • Corey Gray

        Or, to paraphrase one of GeeDub’s more poorly advised quotes: “I could live just fine in a world dictatorship… just so long as I’m the dictator”.

    • Lynda Corner

      Pres Trump is trying but the “deep state” is far deeper than anyone realized.

      • Gus

        LMAO drump trying? Yeah right

      • Roberta Gabor

        probably, the “deep state” is wrong by a dark, evil spirit. It is hateful, arrogant and deadly.

    • Takuto
      • joan pike

        how is this proof?

    • lily

      Would you like to spell out what is evil about Soros, and what he has done that was
      against the law?

      I rather suspect it is because a rich man supports Democrat policies and he gave
      money to Hillary’s camp? Is that about right?

      But I may be all wrong. Just spell it out. When you are done we can then perhaps
      discuss how many times Trump wriggled out of bankruptcy by having someone
      else holding the bag.

    • ItsJo

      Have been saying the Same thing for Years on Soros and his “Undermining America, with his billions in payoffs to the groups like BLM, Antifa(Anarchists) he wanted to “Weaken America, our Military AND Shred our Constitution.”
      Well his little “Puppet, Obama did all this and MORE in 8 yrs. and thought the “fix for Hillary, getting presidency would be able to continue Obama’s DESTRUCTION of this Republic” The wanted a “One World Order” of Globalist/Elitists who would be the Rulers, and WE would be the Serfs.

      I credit this young man from Austria for having the Right intentions and protection for his Nation, from EVIL SOROS, and would HOPE that Donald Trump does the SAME for America.

      Soros is Still trying to ‘Undermine a Sitting President and our Republic and still using Obama and his Shadow Gov’t- “OFA, ‘Organizing for Action’… to “OVERTHROW a SITTING PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THIS REPUBLIC” – WHICH IS AGAINST OUR CONSTITUTION, AS IT IS ‘TREASON” AND OBAMA SHOULD BE CHARGED AS SUCH.

  • cc1980

    I hope the US and others follow suit, soros is nothing but an evil trouble maker, he’s like something right out of a James Bond movie, megalomaniac out to rule the world.

  • Cali Jeff

    Trump should do the exact same thing.

  • Robert Frizzelle

    Smart move!! Wish they would through him out of America!!

  • Tamara Reyna

    Sebastian Kurz is as smart as he is extremely handsome. The rest of the world needs to follow suit.

  • CatoYounger

    EVERY leader needs to do this to Palpatine, err, Soros.

  • Betty Weaver Woods

    The Austrians have been “fooled” before with the Hitler myth…they won’t let that happen again!!

    • Kim Vincent

      Hungary hates Soros too and has taken campaigns out against him. Kudos to Austria, Hungary and now USA for trying to right the world back to independence and fight against the powers that mean to enslave the people. The sooner the rest of the world see it the better it will be that the powers be back in the hands of the people.

  • Ben

    May George Soros die in the next two weeks. Ben, U.S. Intel (retired).

  • Jack Zux

    I’m waiting for polish Kurtz.

  • Vladan Marcalík

    Sebastian bravo !

  • Helmut Camillo Fischer

    Is this FAKE NEWS or just SATIRE?

    Either way, it’s made up.

    • zigzzagz

      Jaysus man, it’s satire. It’s as plain as the big hooked nose on the happy merchant’s face.

    • Kim Vincent

      It’s true.. Sebastian is populist government. You have to keep up with Austria news about this young leader. He has no made news because he is quiet but you can read up on his policies. Soros is a globalist elite attached to none other than UN corruption and the top elites who basically control most of the world. You should really read the Agenda 2030 blueprint decoded and seriously look around you to match it because it is happening in front of our eyes. USA is lucky they have Trump who goes against their scheming. It is why they are constantly bashing him. If USA falls then the rest tumble into the New World Order easily.

      Search Results
      The United Nations 2030 Agenda decoded: It’s a blueprint for the …
      Sep 4, 2015 – (NaturalNews) This week, Michael Snyder published an important article entitled The 2030 Agenda: This Month The UN Launches A Blueprint …

      (New world order) is what they are gunning for..Soros can be seen on an interview on UTUBE and you will see then how really evil he is to everyone in this world who do not belong to the elite rich.

    • Takuto
  • Mr Goldsilvershekelstein
  • zigzzagz

    George the Vampire squid. Lol

  • Chaz_Martel

    Finally, outside of the inestimable Geert Wilders, Europe finally has a leader willing to stand up for European integrity, and tell international saboteurs like George Soros, where to get off.

  • Emily Johnson

    Bravo for this new young leader that is not going to be influenced by Soros and his money…renews my faith in the younger generation…

  • CockolitoKid

    OMG, a Real Political Hero in Austria!!!! You’re right Junior, get him!!!

  • Pugilist

    He’s a brave man Soros will try and have him killed for this.

  • Billy Rosenburg

    The CIA of the United States has a job to do and they need to do it. Take Soros out NOW.

  • GT

    Can´t see any links to another newssite. Please add for further info.

  • Mike Bromley

    It’s about time someone was clear on this issue. Soros is evil personified. Notice that he kept billions for himself, just in case. He’s already toppled Canada.

    • Pam Nowell

      He has been embraced by Canada”s Prime Minister against the wishes of the people

  • boombam_2012

    right on

  • boombam_2012

    soros should be executed 4 his criminal actions

  • boombam_2012
  • bkungl

    Well, he definitely has Soros pegged. Bravo to this young leader.

  • Motozona

    Complete BS … if you believe this crap you will believe anything.

  • Ross Sauer

    I can’t believe how many are stupid enough to believe this bullshit web site, and it’s conspiracy theory crap stories.
    Maybe I should invest in tinfoil stocks.

  • VY

    LOL Not a single source for this. I mean, it’d be nice it were true, but there’s absolutely no reason to believe a word of it.

  • Martin Webster

    I suspect this story is “fake news”.

    A quote attributed to Sebastian Kurz in the second sentence of the second last paragraph of the report (the “Vampire Squid” quote) is in fact a paraphrase of a notorious sentence in an article by Matt Taibbi about the activities of the Goldman Sachs Bank’s entitled “The great American bubble machine”, published in July 9-23, 2009 issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

    In that article Taibbi described Goldman Sachs’ operation as:

    “The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”

    I do not believe that Kurz, who was victor in the recent election in Austria and who has been asked to form the next government, would have employed such a lurid expression in an official pronoucement.

    The Israelis have already been exposed as being behind a campaign to smear Kutz (see: ) and I believe that this article “by Baxter Dmitry” is another example of subversive activity from that source.

  • Gib me tha sources

    I’m glad I discovered Your News Wire, but please start using sources in each article..

  • CD Morrissy

    Soros needs a bullet to the back of his head…..

  • Ovidiu Craciun

    I want to hear this leader thoughts on HOLZINDUSTRIE SCHWEIGHOFER. That will tell me pretty much all about him 🙂

  • Ovidiu Craciun
  • echo printer

    Why can’t we have a leader like this in the U.S.? Regardless, this guy is great, we need more like him.

  • general rabble

    If he really wants to fight against the New World Order he should have invited Soros to a state dinner, and arrested him on an outstanding International warrant for Soros’s arrest from Russia. Justice would be swift and sure as they would be no liberal/socialist judge to rule in Soros favor.

  • RonHess

    The “Open Society Foundation” must be torn apart and its directors executed for sedition and the promotion of terrorism. And that $18 billion we’d confiscate? BUILD THE WALL. Build one on the Turkish border with Greece and Bulgaria as well.

  • trudeman

    Soros: the despot who began his fortune by yanking gold teeth out of the mouths of Jews in Nazi Germany has one mission: destroy democracy and rule the world with other global elites like the Clintons and Obamas.

  • Lynda Corner

    Anyone who has nerve heard of the Bohemian Grove needs to research it. It’s located in California. A real eye opener.

  • Ron Manske Sr.

    It is not likely Soros will be stopped by any human structure. It will only be by the power of God that he can be stopped…and it’s up to individual believers to pray for another Great Awakening in our nation and throughout the world, George Soros is evil, and only God will stop evil!

  • Juan Turner


  • Marilyn

    I’m Canadian and our PM Truduea is one of Soros followers Truduea is killing Canada bleeding us dry. Every other country think Trudeau is a wonderful leader all is a silver spoon trust fund baby.didnt have a clue how to run a drama class let alone a country. His open border policy is just one of many things he and his liberal party are doing Canada. Wish a leader like this young man that leads Austria. George Soros should band in every country.

  • lily

    Fake News: Youngest World Leader Did NOT Ban George Soros’s Foundations From Austria

  • Bobby Rajesh Malhotra

    fake and gay

  • Matwich Bitwich Zona

    This little lad will not last long. He is guided by his emotions instead of his brain. Don’t mix politics with emotion, a little boy. You have climbed onto the shoulders of Austrian society using cheap fear-mongering techniques and driving a campaigning against needy, down troden masses.


    Why give him 27 days to cover his tracks ,the fund needs to be frozen and investigated !

  • Terra Eri

    Excellent news. the awakening if happeing folks,,,, Donald Trump is back, Brexit is Back…… Check-republic is preparing their ChExit …wooo jooo

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you think guys, that Soros is not the problem here. He is just exploiting what is already broken and faulty. Soros needs to be an ally to understand the deep roots of how the world will get out of the government and economy corruption problem.

  • MlghtyWhltey

    You know….I like this little squirt already.
    Now if we can just keep him alive long enough to get something done!

  • Debi Presley

    George Soros should be exiled from the human race!!

    • lily

      I hope to god you are no relative of Elvis.

  • Momma

    Smart young man!

  • Z54

    And at 28 days and 1 second, Austria grabs every asset that miserable bastard has in Austria!

    • lily

      Write again when that happens.

  • Giorgos Christian

    you know which media stands by him,those that call him a “philanthropist” when we all know he is the true personfication of satan,and that makes it quite a lot of media and governments he bought to push his and his cronies’ globalist agenda to create a communist world of slaves…it makes sense since these vermin can’t go out without security,the only thing they miss is the freedom to walk among people without fear as kim yong un does,do not be fooled folks, all the globalists care about is your enslavement for their benefit, their are not atheists they are satanists and think that the antichrist is gawd,that’s how deranged they are psychologically

    • lily

      “is the true personfication of satan”

      You know nothing of the sort. You believe what other people say.

      Tell us what you know about Soros that leads you to believe he is trying to
      “create a communist world of slaves”

      You are scary. I truly mean that. I am wondering what you would do with my
      kids and my grandkids if you decided you didn’t like them. If you want to know
      what a deranged person really acts like, talk to anyone about them in the way
      you are about Soros, and YOU WILL REGRET IT.

      • Giorgos Christian

        what was that soros’ sympathiser? did i hit a raw nerve? probably! you must be one of those antifa terrorists who is on his payroll and dont like his boss being insulted! there is not one person in this world who likes this poor excuse for a himan being, only you marxist moron! go educate yourself, just search soros on youtube and a million videos about this rat will be at your disposal,all showing how evil this man is….do the uploaders have a vendetta with him? ansolutely,does soros hate nation states,absolutely you antifa idiot, watch read and learn before you come up with such crap

        • lily

          Jibber Jabber all you want. You haven’t proven a thing.

        • lily

          Yes, definitely you hit a raw nerve. I am so tired of people who make all sorts of
          accusations, and never bother to back them up.

          There is not one sentence in your post that you know to be the truth. I’m not
          a Soros sympathiser or a hater of him. The raw nerve is this constant criticizing
          a man that you hate because he backs Democrats. Ever heard of the Koch
          Brothers, the Hunts, Mr Adelson? You don’t think that there are rich people who
          are constantly throwing money into the Republican’s coffers? Get real.

          And do you really think that I am an antifa terrorist who is on his payroll? NO,
          but still you accuse me of stuff too, with no more proof than you have about
          soros. And of course, there are people who like and admire the man. And
          you are no better than he is. You are a constant liar. I am a marxist moron ?
          Again, a liar. And no, there are not a million videos that prove that his is
          an evil man. There will be , I have not a shadow of a doubt, videos galore
          will say that he is. Proving it is another thing. You haven’t proven anything
          any more than Orly Taitz proved Obama was born in Kenya .

          I am not here to tell you that I believe absolutely that Soros wasn’t underhanded
          in some of the ways he made his money. I really haven’t a clue, and he has
          not been brought up on charges anywhere that I know of. I’m not here you
          to defend him. I am here to condemn you.

          • Giorgos Christian

            look dumbo,stop flailing about asking for proofs,idont need to prove anything to you for it to stand,idiot

          • lily

            Ever try getting by with that in school? You are kidding yourself if you think you
            know the answers, much less the truth.

            Here’s a little suggestion. You, of all people, shouldn’t be calling anyone an idiot.

        • lily

          Well, your response proves that you nothing now about TWO people.

        • lily

          Yeah, I must be, but I ain’t.

          But I would just like to say, that whatever you have to say, you can
          say the same things about Trump, except perhaps that he was

          Since you probably can’t stand on a hill and pound your chest,
          I guess you use a conservative forum on Disqus. Most of them
          spell l.o.s.e.r.

  • P.J. Anthony Quirino

    Soros can stick his supporters and his assets up his ass!!

  • robert franklin stroud

    And sadly Canada to the north of the US has his opposite — a gay Liberal named Justin that gives hands-jobs to Soros when he visits.

  • HWR

    “….the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil
    assumes the living shape of the Jew.” ~ Adolf Hitler, “Mein Kampf”, Vol. 1, Chapter 11

  • Ingrid

    Pray the Rosary for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    • lily

      Any particular reason why you are using this post here. Do you also feel
      horrible about the quality of people in the USA who will condemn a man who is in
      no way been proven guilty. For all I know, he may have done illegal things, but neither
      I or anyone else here knows that for anything bordering on a fact.

      What is particularly sad is that without a doubt these people here who voted for
      Trump know his scuzzy past. Including how he has handled his own wealth. It
      hasn’t been pretty. And then there are all those pretty girls who just loved having
      him grope them.

  • zak

    This what Trump has to do and Soros will be impetant

  • RomertL

    Dudes come on now “told colleagues”. That’s not a source. What ? When?

  • countyguard

    Excellent start…all that needs to be done is for the world to freeze his assets… ALL OF THEM, and stop this madness. The assets should be returned to free nations and people and he should be arrested for his clear crimes against humanity. How stupid are we to allow his billions free criminal intent reign over the world???????

  • Brian V. Sitterley

    Kurz is an inspiration to freedom loving and patriotic people everywhere.

    • lily

      I’m glad to hear that, but he didn’t ban Soros.

  • Linda Pottle

    This is the new Gen leaders. Any person ages 40 to 50 in any way can step up and take positions in leadership now is your chance. Law Enforcement, Government and politics at any level. The age group 50 to 70 stuck their foot in the WH door and now we can see why with all the corruption being leaked and busts all over the gates are open , Now step up and into it and change everything it’s your time now to become the responsible adults. We need to see this Generation step up because everyone else is just too old and too screwed in. Door open make your way forward people fill these positions

    • lily

      Do you realize that the above is fake news?

  • Bob Lee

    Pray and pray hard that this is the beginning of the end of Soros.

    • lily

      You had better know what you are talking about because God is watching you too.
      It is possible, you know, that you are saying evil things about a good man.

      How much do you really know? Could you write a paper on it. Or are you just taking
      the word of people who have a vested interest in condemning him.

      • Bob Lee

        You may want to ask yourself your own question…. “How much do you really know?”
        I doubt very much that what I say of Soros is saying anything about a GOOD man. Just the opposite.

        • lily

          Tell us all about it. Give it your best shot.

          And you gave me a site that starts out that his 1st sin is he gives to liberal
          causes. Just what is so bad about these liberal causes that he has given to us.

          I never bothered to look at the rest. Try something real. I give to liberal causes
          too and nobody is trying to put me in jail.

          • Bob Lee

            Not reading the whole of the article leads me to assume UR a Liberal. So this I say to you.

            I’ve said this before & I’ll say it many more times before I die.
            Whenever & wherever you Liberals lend your voice no matter the subject.
            There seems to be no limit to Ignorance & or Stupidity.
            Liberalism is so attractive to so many people because the alternative requires thought.
            Ignorance can be fixed. But stupidity is forever.
            And if reality wasn’t an obstacle, most if not all liberal ideas would worked by now.
            It best to keep ones mouth shut & be thought a fool.
            Than to open that pie-hole a remove any & all doubt.
            The emptier the vessel, the louder the noise.
            Now bother me not, any longer w/ thy bull shit.

          • lily

            You are good at sermons, but you say nothing. I asked questions,
            you didn’t answer. You just preached.

            Liberalism not only requires thought but it requires an understanding and an appreciation of other people and their situations. I don’t know why you are a conservative. If I must guess, I will say [because you are preachy] that you are totally against anything about gays and about abortion & some such thing. And I’m not going to defend them here or work against them here. I will just say that it is not the government’s job to interpret our Bibles for us. It is to see to it that all people are given equal rights.

            And those who keep saying over and over and over on these
            various right-wing Disqus forums that the poor are lazy bums who
            should never be given a thing they haven’t worked for, are without
            a shadow of a doubt the ones are the ones who are ignorant, in
            so many ways.

            To name a few – they have no idea (or seriously don’t care) why
            so many people are hurting, whether their hurt is economic, or
            racial, or abusive situations, or any number of problems that
            most of us don’t have to deal with. What they also don’t know
            is that there are time limits on things like food stamps, and other
            types of help. Unless you are disabled, you are highly unlikely
            to be on the dole for any particular length of time. They also
            appear to have forgotten that many people who are getting
            food stamps do have a job. It is just that so many jobs pay so
            little money, they can’t feed their families on what they make.

            I would also like to say that people who use pie-hole and bull shit
            are not particularly virtuous people.

        • lily

          I’m not sure why you felt it was necessary to write the same message to
          me three times. Showing us your middle finger was enough to get
          your message. However I did got to Human Events (at first I thought
          it was Humane Events – how wrong I was) and perhaps you would like
          to explain a few things.

          Like, what is wrong with these things?

          1) Gives billions to left wing causes
          2) Influence on American elections – (keep in mind that he is an American)
          3) Wants to curtail American sovereignty (don’t be a jerk). He is a
          globalist in that we absolutely need to work together to make the
          world as peaceful and prosperous as possible.
          4) Media Matter – the liberal version of Human Events & p.s.,
          Rupert Murdock is not an American citizen & beware, I have been
          told that his sons are not right-wingers.
          5) Center for American Progress. YES. We have been corn cob
          smokers and chest pounders long enough now.
          6) Dealing with the Climate – YES
          7) Currency Manipulation – did he really manipulate the currency
          or did he take advantage of a situation. I don’t know.
          8) Messianic Mission – Again, I’m not sure what is being said here,
          but the right call it a radical mission, because they can’t fathom
          anything beyond the corn cobs or the king of the hill attitude.

          When our country was developing, it would take more than a
          month to get from here to England. Today you can fly around
          the world in less than 3 days, and you can fly to the moon. The
          idea that we should not feel the need to talk to the world about
          the future and set some standards in which we should feel

          compelled to follow, is absurd. I think that one of the real
          telling things is the UN and Israel. Early on, the UN literally

          gave the Jewish people the land of Israel. Today, they are not
          happy with that decision – at all, because the Jewish people

          have abused it from the beginning.

          So the need to decide what is right by as many people and cultures
          as we can gather together will help us in deciding what fights to
          fight and what one in which to mind our own business.


      • Bob Lee

        “How much do you really know?” U may want to ask yourself your own question.
        I have no doubts that whatever I say of Soros, I’m saying about a GOOD man.
        Apologies won’t be necessary. All of us are somewhat ignorant in some matters.

      • Bob Lee

        “How much do you really know?” U may want to ask yourself your own question.
        I have no doubts that whatever I say of Soros, I’m saying about a GOOD man.
        Apologies won’t be necessary. All of us are somewhat ignorant in some matters.

  • Andre Pelletier

    hope this th bginning of the nd for SORROS and his gang

  • Susan Sloate

    Amazing and fantastic. Talk about taking quick action to protect your country! Well done, Mr. Kurz!

    • lily

      Fake News.

  • norman’s nonsense

    A victory for the truth

  • Edith Von Schlanger

    best start and important step indeed, herr Kurz!

    • lily

      Do you realize the article above is from False News. Kurz did not ban Soros or
      his foundation.


    kill the soros!

  • Jibe17

    Throw Soros OUT!
    From every decent country!

    Hang the NAZI bastard high…

  • Aleteia

    Soros – God is watching you!

    • lily

      And God is also watching you.

  • Red Eagle

    We can only hope other world leaders will follow suit and destroy this devil!!!

  • Sally Powell

    Good man

  • lily

    “George Soros should be exiled from the human race!! Debi

    ” a gay Liberal named Justin that gives hands-jobs to Soros when he visits.” Robert

    “Hang the NAZI bastard high..” Jibe

    “kill the soros!’ Steel Monk

    ” a gay Liberal named Justin that gives hands-jobs to Soros when he visits.” Stroud

    “Soros can stick his supporters and his assets up his ass!!” P.J.

    ” he is the true personfication of satan” Christian !!!

    “the miserable bastard: the guy with the middle finger

    ” the despot who began his fortune by yanking gold teeth out of the mouths of Jews”

    on and on and on ad nauseum.

    Are you really proud of yourself News Wire? Is this what you bring to the world?
    Do you think this is going to Make America Great Again? Good luck with that one.

  • Robert Nazaryan

    Theoretical Foundation of Infinite Free Energy

  • Connie Mitchell Bilbrey

    Soros is a globalist only present in the US because there is $300 trillion dollars in wealth here.
    He is a pariah, I demonic communist that only wants wealth for the elite.
    Scumbags come in coats of many colors, his color is blood red for the lives he has taken and the nations he has destroyed.
    Why have we had no pushback from this piece of crap? Look carefully at his support for Barry Obama and HillBilly. The answer.

  • lily


    This is not spam !!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle Kerensky

    This is great, good for him!! But he is not Austria’s youngest leader, the last emperor, Karl, was 29 when he came to power in 1916.

  • Ken

    Now if the rest of the world would just do the same?

  • Bill Cunningham

    It’s encouraging to hear of another leader with wisdom. I hope Donald Trump does the same very, very soon.

  • Helen Pariza


  • Luciano Horta

    We want the source you motherfucker. Fake shit. Why the fuck you earn money from hoaxes? I would love this to be true but you have NO SOURCES and why the fuck this is the only place with this “news”?? Come on.. Stop being angry for money and stop the lies.

    • lily

      Why don’t you put the cork back on your bottle? You are as foul as your language.

      • Luciano Horta

        At least I can communicate in 4 languages 🙂 Yep I make mistakes.

  • Géza Kurz is a member of this Soros organisation! Look at Ausria~!

  • Géza

    Were are the original sources of what he said. They are nowhere to be found.

  • Susannah Fedders

    #Soros needs to be put out of his own Evil Misery one Sniper one bullet his Son too… This young Austria Man is very wise like President Trump. We Americans will eliminate our enemies before this is over a cleansing of this Country is Coming but needed our guns will prevail.

    • lily

      Soros needs to be put out of his own Evil Misery one Sniper one bullet his Son too”

      Can we save one bullet for you?

      Yes the Austria Man probably is wise. He didn’t threaten Soros in anyway whatsoever.

  • Cynthia Mullaney

    Praise God for Austrian’s young leader, Sebastian Kurz…may the Lord protect his life and give him guidance as he leads Austria.

    • lily

      Have you paid any attention to other posts on this forum. The statement is not true.
      It came from a fake news joint.

  • Matilde Tavares

    Wow! Impressive courage! We need pray for him! & his protection

  • mkwrk2

    Some data, perhaps, was missed in an article.

    If a “new world order” threat is, would Austria build a wall on a boarder?

    Michael Kerjman

  • Surfing Another Apocalypse

    Great news! But, where is the source? How do I know that it is true and accurate?

  • Julia-Shaine Shepps

    Bravo! Eyes wide open.

    • lily

      Too bad yours aren’t. Find out the truth.

  • aita

    Bravo – loud applause for this young leader

  • Allen Renche

    RE:”why can’t someone in the USA do the same to Soros?

    Because the USA IS an “open society”. IOW – people are free to engage in subversive activities.

  • Peter Hradza

    congratulation from Bratislava …

  • Fred Checkering

    Way to go young dude! If only more people had the backbone you have! Now, let’s put a hit out on soros and continue cleaning the swamp! 🙂

    • lily

      It has been my impression that Disqus has built itself a swamp around the political forums.

  • mov

    Sorry but none of this is true. I am from Austria and have never heard anything like this from Mr. Kurz.

  • ktchnsnk

    Sorry to hear he’s a “truther” because that’s BS.
    Otherwise, thumbs up!

  • lily

    TO NEWS WIRE: Would you like to give me your definition of SPAM? Would that be giving my point of view?

    What do you call people who swear and call names in nearly every post here? If you got rid of them, you would
    have an audience would you?

  • Ramona Sue Smith Burnette

    (4) Sebastian Kurz – Home

  • Ramona Sue Smith Burnette

    Did Austria’s Sebastian Kurz ban George Soros’ organization? That’s fake news | PunditFact

  • burningbeardy

    Read the comments below after watching the video:

  • Mykill Mielia

    I would like to pretty much confirm it is a fake, made up story. First
    this article doesn’t link to the alleged statement. Second nowhere such a
    statement can be found. Third the German sites (and I can read German)
    which report on this story are only very peculiar sites which simply
    repeat it in a translation or report the connection to the “news” from
    here. Fourth their are several sites which report this is a hoax, from a
    site in Dutch (I can’t read Dutch but hoax is right in the banner) to
    several in English.
    One made a more thorough reporting, even showing how a direct quote is stolen/plagiated from a 2009 story. mediamatters. org/ blog/2017/10/20/facebook-verified-russian-proxy-site-pushing-fake-news-story-attacking-george-soros/218282 (I removed the link.)

  • Greg

    What a great story to read. A leader with brains.

  • Ernestine

    Is that true? Why have we not heard about that in Austria?
    I cant believe it, but if it is true – our country will bei save in a feek months.

    • GogMagog

      Ernestine… ich bin Espinaca… schreibe nur unter anderem Nick, weil ich gar nicht mehr posten wollte nach Katalonien etc….

      Sellner ist nicht echt. Die Basis von IB vermutlich schon.
      Soros kann nicht rausgeschmissen sein, der war im November 2017 Ehrengast in Wien, Fischer, VdB, Karl Schwarzenberg neben ihm auf Fotos…

      • Ernestine

        Hallo, freue mich dich wiederzulesen 🙂
        Schreibe sonst auch fast nix mehr wozu auch -mit Schekellner hast du recht – und Southern ist Juhuu.
        In Ö hat die F mittlerweile absoluten Verrat begangen – war ja zu erwarten, wenn man die Bilder H.C.s bei seinen ((Befehlsempfängern)) gesehen hat.
        noch alles Gute : )

        • GogMagog

          Wie schätzt du die Sache mit Verfassungsschutz ein?

        • GogMagog

          Dieses Jouwatsch nervt…
          Habe dir gerade geantwortet, dann noch ein Link dazugefügt, jetzt ist es auf pending und weg…
          Du weißt eh, dass da Middle East Kohle drin ???

          Text war ungefähr, dass die sogenannten Patrioten ^^ mMn genauso blind wie die Linken… nur anderes Auge, und dass das erschreckend.

          Während die fleißig an ihrem neuen Großreich basteln,

          ist hier Land unter und Blutbad geplant.

          Und diese ganze Sellerie Front = Controlled Opposition macht nichts weiter außer Öl ins Feuer zu gießen. Keine echte Lösungsansätze, nur anfeuern der Auseinandersetzung. Benennen NIE die Verursacher. Eh klar, denn die zahlen ja vermutlich deren Spaß…

          • Ernestine

            danke – habe ich gelesen – und bin genau Deiner Meinung. Wünsch Dir trotz allem Ärger noch ein schönes Wochenende 🙂

  • Dani

    I know nothing about this youn Sebastian Kurz and a few things about Soros. Soros is not a friend of ISRAEL and perfectly fits this nazi-like cartoon drawing because he is Jewish after all, and a very powerful, well known and very much hated one. The question to raise the alarms is not how capitalist or “socialist” Soros is but why pointing only and exclusively at him, is he the only one?

  • brian barton

    Soros is a PRICK,,he needs to be DEALT WITH,,in james bond fashion..

  • Enbrok

    I salute you sir…..We need politicians like you here in the UK, we have a handful, but most are corrupted!