Dog Rescued From Trash Behind Korean Meat Market Video Goes Viral

Dog rescued from behind a Korean meat market

A family from Phoenix, Arizona has adopted a dog who was found dying in a plastic bag and dumped behind a South Korean meat market, GeoBeats News reports:

A dog hailing from South Korea had anything but a happy start to life, but her future is certainly looking up.

Chi Chi was adopted by the Howell family of Phoenix, Arizona after being found wrapped in a plastic bag and dumped among the trash behind a meat market.

It’s believed the 2-year-old golden retriever mix was being raised for slaughter and spent much of her life hung from her legs and being beaten for the purpose of tenderizing the flesh. The binding material used cut into her skin and the area became badly infected. Area rescuers and veterinarians were able to nurse the canine back to health, however, doing so required amputating her paws and replacing them with prosthetics.

The healing process took about 3 months, but on Saturday night the young dog’s plane arrived in the U.S., and after a layover in Los Angeles she was en route to Arizona. Chi Chi’s new family has high hopes for her.


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