4Chan User Warned About Vegas Attack On Sept. 11

4chan user predicted Las Vegas attack 3 weeks before it happened

Three weeks ago, on the 16th anniversary of 9/11, a 4Chan user predicted the Las Vegas shooting in a series of mysterious posts.

The user, who went by the username “John”, made a series of posts warning users to stay away from large groups of people in and around the Las Vegas strip in the coming weeks.

Squawker.org reports: Stating that he had insider knowledge of what he referred to as a “high incident project” that was set to occur soon.

While the poster was ignored at the time, since nothing seemed to occur on the 12th. The fact this John wrote “I can’t guarantee anything will happen tomorrow but las vegas is on their minds,” seems almost frightening now that just a few weeks later the largest mass shooting in American history has occurred at this very location. If we even consider the idea there could be any truth to such a plot in the first place, its not really all that unreasonable to believe the organizers could have simply adjusted there schedule by a few weeks. This could have been done for a myriad of reasons including just simply deciding the concert target eventually chosen served their purposes better. If true though even more troubling is the profit minded motivation behind the shooting that John went on to describe.

He states this “project” will be done with an endgame goal of passing new laws in Nevada regarding casino security. Making pricey new security screening machines mandatory for all guests. With even further more ambitious plans to follow suit in our schools and other public buildings if the public goes along with the casino machines easily enough. He also specifically names former head of the Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and Casino owner and billionaire Sheldon Adelson as the two men set to profit most off the wave of new regulations set to spring up in response to the Vegas incident. It’s not all that unreasonable even to believe that Mr. Chertoff might seek to profit from a new security panic in the wake of Vegas. Given that the man has already been accused of abusing the public trust by raising security fears among average American’s in an attempt to sell his companies body scanners before, all the way back in 2010.

While the media paints the shooter Stephen Paddock as a lone wolf type and seems mystified over the possible motivations for a man, who the media and FBI at least keep claiming had no religious or strong political ideologies. A new theory has been emerging in the wake of the revelations above. With new information now breaking that the shooter was a rather active vegas gambler with recent large transactions to his name. Could Stephen have simply been threatened into doing this horrible act by some third party, in the name of paying off some possible large gambling debts? His family as well may have been threatened. If Stephen wasn’t acting of his own accord, then a number of the seemingly unexplained parts to this whole story do start making a lot more sense.

Even if this is all one giant coincidence. The fact does remain that people like Chertoff and those behind similar companies do stand to profit quite nicely in the months to come from the new security panic this incident will likely produce. Recent headlines related to the topic going to prove this point nicely.

So what do you think. Was this John poster an insider who tried to warn us all of today’s tragic events? Or was his choice of Vegas as a target just a seemingly random coincidence, that we should pay no mind to.

  • mary

    The so called killer in Las Vegas lived in a retirement home where did he get the money for 15 assault rifles, he is a patsy for the real killers the c.I.A. and F.B.I who have instigated all of these false flags to keep the industrial war machine going.I believe every word this guy spoke on line just sit back and wait the media already screaming for gun control wake up people you are being played BIG time

    • BooBooBaby

      He was a millionaire. He lived in a Gated Retirement Community. You have to have a decent amount of money to live in them and you have to be 55yrs old or older to live in them. He didn’t live in a retirement home.He had his own home like the rest do in this gated community. There’s many of those out here.

      He isn’t a patsy for anyone else. He is the one and only killer. However he may have had something to do with isis.

      Many of those guns he had are illegal and he modified.

      I don’t believe in Gun Control and I am sick of the Media and Politicians/Democrats/Traitor Rinos making this about guns and etc. They want us to be without Guns which is ridiculous. We can’t let them do that.

      • Peter Lemonjello

        You don’t have any idea what you’re even talking about. He is NOT the only shooter. I live in Vegas, have friends that have PERSONALLY seen more than one shooter. Sooo… you’re wrong.

        • Gregg O’Gaftin

          Hahahaha!! Yeah and their stories are all over the news. And even if that’s true, how could anyone be expected to “see” anything reliable in that chaos. No one had a clue what the fuck was going on and everyone was in panic.

          Fuck yourself, idiot.

          • Larry Wilson

            you have zero class and you have no idea what happened…..DO YOU? You only show who is the idiot here! You!! I know you were there….LOL

      • Leather Cheerio

        I don’t care for gun control, I like guns and consider myself “liberal” as in “live and let live” don’t want pussies in suits telling me what I can’t or can do. But it’s clear as daylight there was more than 1 person shooting. Literally fucken thousands of ppl saw more than one shooting. Either way innocent ppl died for this cause and that sucks.

        • Brandon Ladd

          Can i get a source on that second shooter? If thousands saw another shooter i don’t see hw that info could be suppressed.

      • psychenudity

        BooBoo – At this point , you’re saying you have no problem lapping up what the “official story ” is ? Give me an F’ing break – take , for instance, the whole focus on Paddock’s “girlfriend” : yesterday, around noon EST – the MSM claims she’s been taken into protection (for lack of a better word), and escorted out of the country. Now, they say she is being flown back for “intense questioning” – and they also mention on Mon. that she was in Dubai a few weeks ago . Does that not raise a flag of suspicion to you? Are you really so gullible as to believe the atypical , redundant back drop of the “white male, lone wolf, disturbed etc..” ? In the last 24 hrs, I have found a few of these types of reports … enough to definitely know that the “official story” is complete BS http://yournewswire.com/las-vegas-bellagio-hotel-shooters/

      • d marino

        Everyone needs to keep this is mind. We are being “told” xyz, and not necessarily that any of the xyz is fact or truth. So beware when assuming that Paddock actually did “any” of the actions we are being “told” that he did. There is no proof of Paddock shooting at anyone or his presence in those rooms. A half assed photo of a dead person on carpet like in the hotel is actually not proof of anything other than that is a dead person. All those words are nothing more than an imaginative story line in another mass shooting event with pieces to the puzzle that can never make sense because they were never supposed to make sense. That way the public stays permanently confused as to whom and why this was done and then form their own simple conclusions.

    • Apollo Aegletes Capricornus

      ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, aka Mossad,

  • dav1bg

    It was “adjusted” because of the hurricanes.

  • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

    Chertoff, Son of the Devil. This fucking traitorous Khazarian FILTH will get HIS one day….

    • clarioncaller

      Chertoff in Russian means ‘of the devil’.

  • clarioncaller

    The Deep State is ratcheting up the chaos because their timeline is being thrown off by Trump responses. Paddock is a patsy unless it can be proven that he was affiliated with a terrorist org. I guess its just a coincidence that this massacre occurred across the street from the Luxor which sports a full-size pyramid and obelisk honoring Osiris [ISIS].

  • STFU

    Hard to believe that a 64 year old man fired that many rounds for that amount of time without getting stressed out. Especially full auto. Semi is hard enough, but auto is a whole another story. Amazing no cameras were working in the hotel, because they are everywhere on every floor. Real people died but not at the hands of that old man. I would suspect a rouge alphabet agency. The old man was a patsy and dead men tell no tales.

    • Leather Cheerio

      Fucken nailed it.

    • Gregg O’Gaftin

      “no cameras were working in that hotel”
      Who the fuck ever said that? That’s objectively false.
      “firing a gun on full auto with a bump trigger and bipod will ‘stress you out'”
      Where the fuck are you getting that from?
      “whole another story”
      Confirmed for 14 year old retard.

  • Gregg O’Gaftin

    >its not really all that unreasonable to believe the organizers could have simply adjusted there schedule by a few weeks
    >there schedule

    Fucking moron.

  • andyz7

    Here’s the key to understanding Vegas.

    The Bohemian Grove’s most exclusive section is called Mandalay~!

    #falseflag #NoNWO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fd9scvNHC6E

  • noureddine itani

    @myblacksoul https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/141096258 it’s a conspiracy theory anti Jewish thread. They randomly choose a way that the jews will destroy USA. If they ever work out difference between Jew and Zionist thread will be closed.,

  • sammy

    any coincidence that chertoff is a J-E-W?? And Adelsen is a J-E-W?? and the date was sep 11, the date of the ISRAEL false flag? and the shooting occured on oct 1st, the same date the (JEWISH) bolsheviks did their october revolution/genocide in russia? WAKE UP GOYS. TIME OF PRETENDING LIKE J-E-WISH MAFIA/SUPREMACY IS JUST A GIANT CONSPIRACY IS OVER. YOURE ALL DYING IN IGNORANCE

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