Poker Sites

Check out our list of the very best poker sites that are available to players. Online poker is a hugely popular choice amongst the online gaming community and there are plenty of reputable sites offering the opportunity to play exciting games online.

The demand for online poker is like never before and, as such, players only want the best poker sites. As the US market continues to grow, players have more choices than ever before when it comes to gambling for real money at online poker sites.

We understand that choosing the best online poker site can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. However, you’re in good hands with our team of poker experts. They’ve carefully constructed this article from their in-depth research to show you how to place a bet, and win, at real money online poker sites in the US.

Tips When Using The Best Poker Sites

Experienced poker players use different tips, tools and techniques to win poker tournaments. Unlike most casino games, poker is not a game of chance. It requires skill. With that in mind, it is vital that you learn and pick up tips  to get your poker playing up to speed.

Start By Low-Stakes Poker

We recommend starting out at low stake poker games for a couple of reasons. First of all, familiarize yourself with the online poker software. Online poker plays faster than live poker. Even advanced players may need time adjusting to the speed of play. Secondly, a low stake is less risky since it’s a chance to explore the poker lobby and gameplay.

Play A Single Table First

Online poker allows punters to play at different tables at the same time. We recommend starting on a single table before advancing. A single table helps you concentrate and practice winning strategies. Once you are fully confident, you can then advance to additional tables.

Play In an Area Without Distractions

Online poker requires great concentration and strategy implementation. Most poker players prefer playing from the comfort of their homes. A simple distraction like following a TV program or doing an extra task at home could be the reason  you lose potential wins. To win an online poker game, you need to have a professional attitude and dedicate a particular schedule for poker playing. 

Consider Key Hardware Upgrades 

Make hardware changes to help build your professional outlook. If played well, online poker is a potential income-generating activity. Invest in an ergonomic chair; use a large high-resolution monitor and a high-quality computer mouse.

Use Bluffing Technique

When you don’t have the upper hand, the bluffing technique is an essential winning strategy. It’s hard to master this trick but once mastered, it’s easy to make wins. Consider factors like stack size, table image, and position before engaging the bluffing technique.

Take Advantage of Software Functionality 

Online poker software has many unexplored features. The players must be aggressive to identify key features to use. Online poker allows you to note your opponent’s moves. Most online poker software has a color-coding feature, which places a player’s strength. Use these functionalities to help in future playing for informed analysis.

Use Advanced Software

Professional online poker players use advanced poker software that helps them improve their overall poker-playing skills. Hold’Em Manager and Poker Tracker, for instance, are popular poker software with HUD features. They provide essential opponent information immediately you meet them at the table. These tools will ultimately help your calling and shoving ranges and other mathematical approaches to help win at tournaments.

Why Play Legal Online Poker

Playing online poker is legal in the US. However, although some states have legalized online gambling, others leave the sector unregulated. A huge benefit is that offshore bookmakers find creative ways to enter the US market. There are plenty of legitimate offshore poker providers that offer players a more dynamic experience. All licensed and regulated online poker sites, both state-based and offshore, have prime benefits.  

Safety of Funds

Online poker sites go through stringent standard checks before licensing. The regulatory body ensures the company takes responsibility for customers’ money. They must prove to have secure financial systems to keep both your money and data safe.

Identity Protection

Sadly, cases of identity theft are so common within the online community. During registration, online poker sites require your details, including banking information. Legal online poker sites adhere to strict end-to-end data encryption to prevent data leaks.

Legal Sites Use Responsible Gaming Protocols

Businesses exist to make a profit. Unless regulated, online bookmakers will do anything possible to increase profits from customers. Legal sites follow set protocols and game fairness. Operators suffer severe consequences that include the risk of losing their license in case these rules are breached.

How to Play Poker In The US 

Playing online poker is very straightforward, even for beginners. To improve your professional poker playing, check out this step-by-step guide. 

Step 1: Select a Good Poker Site

There are thousands of online poker sites in the US. Take care before you become a victim of cybercrime, though. The ten sites we have listed above are a great fit. We have analyzed and tested the authenticity, so you can rest assured that they are legit. Players should, however, select poker sites that match their tastes and needs. 

Step 2: Set Up An Account

Register on your desired site by providing the relevant data required. If not among these ten sites, your desired site makes sure they have SSL encryption. 

Step 3: Deposit

Make your first-time deposit and get ready to take advantage of bonuses and promotions. 

Step 4: Start Playing

Take a seat on a poker table and start gambling across various games and tournaments. Find online resources to help you master online poker skills for high and frequent wins. There is often the opportunity to play on your mobile via various poker apps too.

How We Choose The Best Poker Sites


An online poker site must have a valid license from a reputable regulatory authority. Licensing allows bookmakers to adhere to specific strict regulations set. Some tend to follow their desires, and in this case, you risk your entire investment and earnings. 

Never choose to work with an unlicensed online poker room. Have a guarantee of safe and secure payment transactions through a licensed procedural system.


New poker casinos entering the US market come up with an enticing welcome bonus to woo thousands of new customers annually. We are constantly looking for poker sites with the best welcome bonuses and promotions – we list poker sites with the best welcome bonus among our top list. 

Online poker sites have different bonuses; traditional match bonuses to no deposit offers. Every poker bonus is suited for different players. We can also help you understand if a certain bonus offer is well suited for you. All poker promotions help you take advantage of playing poker for real money. 

Game Variety

Beginners will find  many different categories of poker games available to them at the best online casinos. Most popular games include; Texas Hold ’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stun and Drawer Poker. There are hundreds of cash game offers you could benefit from. 

Quality of Software Used

A poker site is only as good as the software used. We conduct benchmarks to rule out the best software providers in the poker industry. We only list sites we believe have software with international standards. We also consider user experience and functionality when choosing the software performance.

The quality of software used determines outward appearance. GGPoker, for instance, is best praised for an excellent theme. Other than the poker site safety and reliability, looks matter. Excellent poker software also helps to improve a user’s mobile experience. 

Some sites have developed a mobile app to serve the growing population. A key factor when choosing a poker site today is mobile responsiveness. A mobile responsive site should operate seamlessly on a mobile phone screen and be easy to navigate when on the move. 

Banking Options

Most players have a different form of payout on online poker sites. E-wallets, credit and debit cards and cryptocurrencies are the available options. Players prefer a platform with multiple methods which have the best experience. We also consider withdrawal and deposit fees.  

Customer Support

Bookmakers experience different technical challenges that may affect financial transactions. Good poker sites must have effective customer service. A 24/7 customer service may save you from further damage. We practically monitor the time taken for a poker site to respond to questions and queries through; live chat, email, or through call. 

Beginner Poker Site Picks

If you have never played poker or have little experience, we have several sites that might suit you. Here’s a list of things you would consider when choosing the site you start your poker games at. 

·         A poker game with more of Texas hold ’em games

·         Several recurring promotions for new and existing players

·         Soft field

·         Low stake challenges

·         One with high online qualifiers to play expensive events

·         One of the strict policies and uses HUDs and poker software

Top Picks for Experienced Players

Experienced players have everything to do with the number of online poker hands. Poker results should as well reflect better results. Experts know how to play poker games and can play the game with buy-ins of at least $50. The best poker site for such players should have: 

·         A significant Rakeback 

·         Cashback program

·         High stake games, tournaments and enormous prizes

·         High traffic volumes with poker variants like the PLO

·         Wide variety of poker games

Is Playing Internet Poker Safe?

The above sites are safe to use. They have been in business for many years. Poker sites generate millions of dollars in revenue every year and taking players’ money would be a significant loss than winning them. 

Online poker sites invest a lot of financial resources in both advertising and security. They offer great initial bonuses and great opportunities to make more money. High-tech financial technology is used on these platforms to maintain data integrity and security. 

Why Online Poker Software Matters

Poker software ultimately determines the user experience. Some sites are super fast, while others are not so. Poker players need a common platform sharing pros and cons. An unappealing poker software may be sluggish and have a lightweight and fast system. 

Some software is suited for tournaments and others for cash rewards. You can only access certain features on certain sites. Mobile OS such as iOS or Android may respond differently to a range of games. Our review considers these factors to list the best online poker sites. 


Can I play real money online poker in the US?

Yes. Playing real money online poker is easy. We recommend you do thorough research on your desired online poker site, register and make your first deposit.

Is it legal to play online poker in the US?

Yes, it is legal to play online poker in the US. We recommend playing online poker at a legal site for self-protection.

What deposit option do you recommend for online poker in the US?

We recommend the use of Bitcoin. It’s a fast option with free deposits and withdrawals. Bitcoin is converted to USD during deposit and back to BTC during withdrawal. It provides complete anonymity of transactions, thus no risk of data theft.

Why should I provide SSN when registering to US online poker sites?

The US online poker rooms must prove your identity before allowing you to participate in real money betting. Your SSN will enable them to confirm your eligibility to play.

Final Thoughts

Licensed offshore online poker rooms should not have any safety issues. An official license ensures the casino adheres to the set guidelines and risk deregistration if several complaints are raised. Don’t trouble yourself finding a recommendation for the best poker sites, as we have done the hard work for you . We hope this list of the top poker sites will help you make the best selection.