6 Dead, Thousands ill After ‘Bio Warfare’ Thunderstorm Hits Australia

6 people are dead and 9,000 hospitalized in Australia after a 'bio warfare' thunderstorm left emergency services stretched beyond capacity.

6 people are dead and almost 9,000 hospitalized in Australia after a ‘bio warfare’ thunderstorm left emergency services stretched beyond capacity. 

The bizarre storm, known as “thunderstorm asthma,” gave some people heart attacks and others struggling to breathe, as ambulances were reportedly called for on average every 4 seconds.

Thedailysheeple.com reports:

Right now if you search for this story on Google News Australia, there isn’t a peep about it in the top news. You have to type in the word “asthma”.

Then it’s like a horror show.


The Sydney Morning Herald reported that at the peak of this “thunderstorm asthma” outbreak, people were calling for an  ambulance one every 4.5 seconds and “it was like 150 bombs going off”:

“When we’ve had people calling for ambulances – one call every 4½ seconds at the peak – it was like having 150 bombs going off right across a particular part of metropolitan Melbourne.

And that’s something we’ve never really planned for.”

Here’s the “official story”.

What officials are suggesting happened is that pollen grains from rye grass fields surrounding Melboune were blown across the city just before a sudden downpour. Once the rain hit, the pollen grains absorbed the moisture and burst in the air, releasing thousands of much smaller allergen nanoparticles that were inhaled and became trapped in people’s lungs.

Once the rain stopped, thousands of people began suffering asthma symptoms all at once, everything from breathing issues to cardiac problems.

Some people suffered heart attacks. Six people have died so far. One girl died in her family’s arms in their front lawn after waiting more than half an hour for an ambulance. The system was completely overloaded. Apparently in Melbourne they ran out of ambulances and had to resort to every other emergency and even non-emergency vehicles they could find to help get people to the hospital. More than 60 people are still in the hospital, some in critical condition fighting for their lives.

Officials claim this can occur when weather conditions suddenly change, but in an era where they’re trying to get us to believe in man-made climate change, I call B.S. Doesn’t that just sound ridiculous on the surface? The weather suddenly changes all the time. If that’s really all it is, why doesn’t this “rare phenomenon” happen a lot more often?

The official story sounds fishy to say the least, which is why speculation has risen that some kind of biological warfare agent is being tested. Sure, that’s conspiracy talk, but for once the conspiracy sounds a hell of a lot more plausible than the official narrative of “thunderstorm asthma”.

  • Frank C

    No, the weather change is man made. Look up “chemtrails”!!!

  • Peter Lewin

    Did someone say HAARP

  • rcwarbirdbuilder

    These a ss holes with all of their weather modification and Chemtrail Spraying should be hung. I and the people never gave anyone the right to do such things.

  • JoeBloe

    Jesus Christ. That’s it with this bullshit site. Perpetuating complete fabrications. ‘Bio warfare’?? Seriously, you people are completely fucking insane. Thunderstorm Asthma exists. It has been researched for well over 50 years. Do some god damn research before you spread your conspiracy-fueled horseshit.

    • renest

      Give us your proof, you are the on being a conspiracy theorist!

      • Anon

        Surely the first person to need some form of proof is the person speculating in the article that it was caused by a bio-weapon, when even they have no proof but conjecture and that it ‘sounds more plausible’ than a weather system causing it…….As to proof regarding Thunderstorm Asthma, whilst it hasn’t received full scientific backing, there is enough evidence from various previous events to at least consider it a strong possibility. Certainly more than a tinfoil hat conspiracy such as a bio-weapon causing asthma attacks……

  • Anon

    The number of those who died is higher than reported. Our neighbour died and she is has not been included in the offical death toll.

  • Matt M Matthew

    We were told this would start happening as the Atmosphere continues to Compress. Along with the increased humidity to make the air more dense, the Compression was said to affect people at sea-level first. It’s only the beginning and no, MAN has nothing to do with it. Man is and did not cause all the other Planets to go through the extreme changes they have gone and are going through. Man is not warming the Ocean’s the Earth’s Core, or is MAN causing the Planet to expand. Best to take the warnings to heart and prepare Spiritually, It is about to go to insane levels.

    Had the spraying not been taking place, the effects would of alerted everyone long ago and many of these so called leaders, would be swinging in the wind right now!

  • Gus Molina

    Who are the beneficiaries? The ambulance & medical establishment and big pharma.

  • Ashley Pert

    A cumulative build up of Chemtrails in one area of the world, possibly resulting in the casualties duely noted by the Australian media but swept under the carpet.

  • EGR33

    I want the 2 minutes of my life reading this rubbish back. There is actual evidence dating back in Australia more than 15years with lovely diagrams explaining it, it’s not that hard to find. Do some actual research before you publish more rubbish in the future.

  • Picklet

    Could the pollen be from genetically engineered plants?
    That would make sense.

    Soy allergies skyrocketed after it became GE.

  • Lynn

    The stupid official plays dumb that he doesn’t know about weather modification tech. Lol.If he is indeed clueless, he got the right job. DUMB AND BRAINWASHED govt.official. But we don’t believe this sheep. We are well research and we’ll informed.

  • Amyah

    Well… what if… just what if… there is no climate change stuff but instead just a weather and biowarfare from HAARP? We all know they are playing with weather… so… maybe we just have to wake up from the lies before its too late!!!!!!!! Maybe they lost control? Maybe HAARP and CERN are doing something very bad for humanity….