Adele Caught Shapeshifting Into Eight-Foot Reptilian In New Zealand

Adele apologized to fans for scaring them after "shapeshifting into a giant reptilian" during a backstage meet and greet, and explained she would not be able to perform live or tour again until she learns to stop shapeshifting.

Adele “shapeshifted into an eight-foot reptilian” backstage after the final concert of her world tour, according to shocked fans.

Adele “shapeshifted into an eight-foot reptilian” backstage at Auckland’s Mount Smart Stadium after the final concert of her world tour, according to shocked fans and a reporter from the New Zealand Herald. 

The ten super fans, invited backstage to meet Adele after her final New Zealand show, got more than they bargained for when the singer “shapeshifted” into a “massive, at least eight or nine feet tall, powerfully built reptilian” with “greenish-grey scales“, to quote one of the witnesses.

Jim Joint, reporting for the New Zealand Herald, wrote that the super fans told him Adele had “flickering reptile eyes with a black stripe down the middle” and “scaly horns and protrusions” all over her body.

She looked shocked, like she wasn’t prepared for the change,” a witness told the Herald.

Adele fan Jesse Warren also told the Herald that Adele said the shapeshifting is “crippling her” and she “can’t go on” until she learns to stop the reptile inside herself from manifesting itself in public.

Adele said she won’t be able to perform live or tour again until she learns to control the shapeshifting.

[Editor’s Note: The screen shots from the New Zealand Herald newspaper article were sent to us by Jesse Warren, an Adele fan who says she was invited backstage. According to Jess, the NZ Herald deleted the article shortly after publication.]

New Zealand Herald article reporting on claims Adele “shapeshifted into a giant lizard in front of her fans” after her final Auckland show.

Warning readers to “hold onto their hats”, the New Zealand Herald writer claims that a number of fans who were invited backstage to meet Adele witnessed the British singer “shapeshift into a giant lizard” and then apologize for scaring them, explaining that she meant no harm and is a “good reptilian.”

The New Zealand Herald has not responded to questions asking why they deleted the article from their website, or if they were acting under outside orders.


It would not be the first time a news outlet or social media platform was forced to censor content relating to celebrity reptilian shapeshifting, with Twitter notorious for deleting tweets and shadow banning  accounts whenever a celebrity is seen in reptilian form by members of the public.

A report about Justin Bieber being seen by his fans in reptilian form, published by Australian news outlet Perth Today, was deleted on the same day it was published, with experts claiming the newspaper was instructed to delete the article by the global elite.

In January, Caitlyn Jenner was also seen shapeshifting at a restaurant in Malibu, Los Angeles. Twitter erupted with tweets and retweets and #ReptilianCaitlyn entered the top 10 trending topics. However Twitter cracked down on the tweets, claiming they breached the platform’s Hateful Conduct rules, and the trending topic was suppressed.

Music industry reptilian-Illuminati 

Jesse Warren told Your News Wire that she and her fellow Adele fans are now convinced that longstanding industry rumours are true: Adele is a member of the reptilian-humanoid race that has infiltrated the music industry Illuminati and are using pop culture to spread their agenda and indoctrinate impressionable young people.

According to historians there have been sightings of reptilians around the world at regular intervals throughout history, however it is widely believed that we are now in a golden age of reptilian sightings.  There is a belief that the world is gaining consciousness, waking up, and that the veil is slowly lifting.

Experts are saying that more people than ever before have developed the ability to witness shapeshifting, however two people watching the same scene will not necessarily both be able to discern the shapeshifting reptilian.

It is said that Queen Elizabeth, a high priestess of the dominant reptilian-Illuminati bloodline, is the most commonly sighted shapeshifting reptilian in the world, however sightings of celebrity reptilians, including music industry and Hollywood stars, are becoming more and more common.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
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    I just want someone to go out and track down at least three of the ten witnesses. I’m willing to believe this, just need interviews with witnesses!

  • Jandre Kroeze

    Read Chapter 18 – 19 Book of Enoch translated by R. H. Charles. Many
    fallen angels reside in Antartica. This Continent is their gathering
    place for the great day of spectacle and mystery. They take many Forms
    and also cause men to sacrafice to demons. It is no coincidence that
    Elite dignitaries are spirited away to meetings with these fallen
    angels. And the very rich are in great fear for these creatures and
    doing their will. There is no Hollywood science fiction type space
    aliens at all. That is the big lie through conditioning.

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      thats very true because NASA is a complete lie to keep the dumb people dumber and i saw some videos of national agents kidnapping children and people for human sacrifices and rituals, sandy hook is one of the thousands of cases

      • Mollie Norris

        CERN is another. The report of a human sacrifice there was rapidly buried, and the US military security guard who reported it was removed as a consequence of having a bible on his desk. The young Swedish woman who had been reported missing matched the physical appearance, including height, of the sacrificed woman shown in security camera video.
        There are several youtube videos of NASA flight crew engaged in Satanic rituals and using Baphomet signs.

    • Ed Mamps

      even i can write a silly book so?

    • Mollie Norris

      I think many people will soon become increasingly uncomfortable in the self-censored psychological comfort zones they’ve fabricated.
      Satanist John Dee was Queen Elizabeth I’s advisor.

      • Thomas

        Do you think it’s any different from now or in the past? It’s not that more are aware of their small universe, it’s becoming increasingly smaller.. The world has been dumbed down for a big reason. They do not want educated people

        • Mollie Norris

          Yes, it’s different, and George Orwell is one of many authors who published his work as fiction to avoid censorship and government retaliation.

          You’re right about education, and Bill Clinton was in important player. Disinfo; cointelpro, has increased by orders of magnitude, particularly in US media. Freedom of the press in the US is rated #41 out of 180 nations by Reporters without Borders;

, and Obama has the record among presidents for actions taken against reporters, in addition to repealing the Smith-Mundt Act. This repeal legalized the use of psychological warfare against US citizens. US Zionist-controlled press is also an important factor; the Babylonian Talmud, which, along with Kabbalah, has replaced the biblical Hebrew religion familiar to Christians (the OT), explicitly supports deception, bribery, and the murder of non – ‘Judaics’, and there are EU and Russian and other laws banning criticism of this and other unethical conduct, including libel of and hostility towards Christians as “antisemitic”. NATO also suppresses freedom of speech;

          German reporter Udo Ulfkotte, editor of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (which is one of Germany’s largest newspapers) who died recently, publicly denounced bribery of European reporters:

          “I’ve been a journalist for about 25 years, and I’ve been educated to
          lie, to betray, and not to tell the truth to the public. … The German
          and American media tries to bring war to the people in Europe, to bring war to Russia. This is a point of no return, and I am going to stand up and say … it is not right what I have done in the past, to manipulate
          people, to make propaganda against Russia, and it is not right what my
          colleagues do, and have done in the past, because they are bribed to
          betray the people not only in Germany, all over Europe.”

          • Thomas

            Thank you for your insight & the useful links.. I’ve read Dr. David Duke & the Zionist control more than that! I’m more interested in that subject & i.e. Archons with this concept of the Saturn Matrix.. I’m not with the “blame the Jews” crowd, but Talmudist, Sayanim are a plague & us Goy need to keep on their tail..

          • Mollie Norris

            I’m not sure about archons; not enough info. I’m recently confused about Khazarians. Most appear to have Neanderthal genes – not an insult at all; bigger brain cases, probably more intelligent; sloping foreheads and protruding noses and jaws, broad chests, with thick ribs, short limbs compared to homo sapiens. They’re a different species from homo sapiens, and archeological evidence shows that they’re more aggressive and violent, particularly towards women, based on the number of bone fractures and other injuries found, and that they’re cannibilistic; The broken bones of infants and young children, with marrow removed, show the same tool marks and splitting as prey animals.

          • Thomas

            okay.. If they’re more intelligent, then why would they be “more aggressive & violent”? Remember Sir. Edgar Cacey? “and the first civilization was Hyperborian..Then Atlantis, then Lemurian was 3rd”, etc.. & these initiated were among that race you mention that were big heads, elongated skulls (i.e. Aton – Amenhotep IV) many in the line of Egyptian pharaoh and prior races that were more advanced. As to some species of Khazarians, listen to and read Benjamin H. Friedman. & also Michael Tsarion has mentioned that on Red Ice.. Do you mean Khazars before or after they converted to Judaism? Archons are reptilian in nature, control Greys, manipulate humans in mischief & provoking events through negative energy’s.. D. Icke has a recent talk about them & the moon from 2017, it’s on youtube.. It was actually quite good, believe it or not.. Despite the backlash that man gets + takes, I still think he’s more credible than most.

    • Thomas

      & both the book of Enoch + the bible are Flat Earth Books.. Do you believe the World is FLAT too? O_o

    • Mollie Norris

      Unlike the alien race that crashed at Roswell, though.

      Putin’s statements about Queen Elizabeth’s shapeshifting, his refusal to shake her hand or stand next to her are probably more convincing to some people.

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      Don’t forget Genesis 6!

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    STILL more reliable speech than those speeches of Hilary, Pope, Bush, Obama or Trump ..

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    Wow, since when does a singer shape-shift in front of her own fans? Elites, Zionists, Reptilians, Grays and the Illuminati Conspiracy II This is getting interesting…

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    No offence to Adelle but dont you think if she could shapeshift she would eat the food she enjoys and have a perfect figure instead of having to diet and eat shit food to keep her weight down to fit in with pop culture

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    Rather funny actually. Its the rise in frequency thats screwing them up. We were at 7.8Mhz, and are now reported over 150.0Mhz. Its why they changed the tv’s, analog to digital. But now, even thats failing because its not just ‘tech’ now. Its their people, the biology. Not all of their individuals, can maintain their bodies at that high a frequency. They cant keep up. So their talent for masking, is glitching because they cant ‘hold’ ..maintain..the Mask. Just fyi, not all reppy’s were evil, or chose evil. Some are incarnated in human form, and have no idea they’re reppy’s and they fought for mankind against slavery. Most though, are in positions of power. Police, Judges, etc. which are full of those among them who are evil, or in someway they ‘hard headedly’ refused to stop the slavery and murders of their own hierarchy elite. Like the commenters, who bury their heads in the sand, denying that any of this is true. Same blindness affects the deniers of the pedo ring world wide. Because they are the same group. It was their own Parent branch, that was blinding them. The enforcers and promoters of the slave system, are almost all, intotal, the invading forces who incarnated in, to take positions of power over mankind. Azazel the “El” grey, is at the south pole. An, the “reppy/owl” ..Liliths Father, is at the North pole over the various “Asgartha” groups. These were the invaders to ‘Eden’. Which became renamed “Earth” Ur-f.

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      You are right brother

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      I don’t agree with all you say, but I like your way of thinking…

    • Mollie Norris

      Lilith – as in the Babylonian Talmud (not the biblical Hebrew religion);
      Very similar to the Nazi Vril maiden.
      Are you saying some acknowledge free will, rather than the (fascist, totalitarian) hive mind that’s common to Satanism-Luciferianism-rabbinical Talmudism?

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    This would explain her shitty music and her ugly “singing” voice.

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      Backstage, not during the concert. 3 people saw it.

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    As the controlling matrix weakens we are not only seeing more things in the sky but more of what is behind the scenes on the planet. It’s like putting on the sunglasses in the movie ‘they live’

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    Research the subject on the Archons to learn more & Gnosticism (Gnostic scriptures).. John Lash, Tsarion, D. Icke, Jordan Maxwell, etc..

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