FBI: Antifa Las Vegas Shooting ‘Act Of War’ On America

Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter, was an Antifa member who was also linked with ISIS, according to an FBI agent involved in his death.

Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter, was an Antifa member who was also linked with ISIS, according to an FBI agent involved in storming the 64-year-old domestic terrorist’s hotel room.

Contrary to mainstream media reports, the Las Vegas shooter did not commit suicide after firing bullets into the crowd, but was actually killed by FBI agents, who also found Antifa literature after they stormed his room, according to FBI sources.

Stephen Paddock, named as the Las Vegas shooter, opened fire on the FBI agents after they gained entry to his hotel suite by detonating an explosive outside his door. They returned fire and killed him, according to the source.

Speaking to Infowars, the FBI source stated that along with Antifa literature, Stephen Paddock was in possession of photographs taken in the Middle-East, featuring a woman linked to the suspect, and that they fear the “domestic terror event” is the first act of war undertaken by “domestic terrorists Antifa” against the United States.

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ISIS have claimed responsibility for the Las Vegas shooting, claiming that Stephen Paddock converted to Islam earlier in the year, and carried out the attack on their orders, raising the prospect that there is some crossover between Antifa and the Islamic State.

While mainstream media is attempting to dismiss the ISIS link as “fantasy”, as it does not fit their current narrative,  they have previously acknowledged that ISIS have never claimed responsibility for a terror attacks unless they were at least loosely associated with it:

Infowars reports: Even further, a deep-level intelligence insider who spoke to Infowars said the attack was “very, very strange.”

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According to the intel source:

This was an average 64-year-old white male with no criminal record. He was an apartment owner with a pilot’s license and owned two airplanes.

His brother described him as an average person who was not into firearms and never owned that many guns. He claimed he just, “snapped.”

His hotel room was filled with guns, including several long guns. Where did those guns come from?

But, this was clearly a pre-planned attack and the group [the target] was specifically chosen.

The target was a concert of the group that represents traditional America.

These were patriotic, God-fearing Americans. This group is pro-Second amendment, pro-Constitution and anti-NWO.

This is the group Obama accused of “Clinging to their guns and religion.”

We are still awaiting all the facts, but the concern is we have seen the government engage in false flags events in the past, and an example of this is CIA Operation Gladio in Italy.

As I examined the 9/11 attacks, I was forced to reach the conclusion that it was more than just a terrorist attack. It has finger prints of a possible false flag event itself.

So, sadly we now have to consider that as a possibility here.

That is a dramatic conclusion and one that most Americans cannot get their mind around. It is just too shocking.

We can be sure this will increase the Shadow Government’s surveillance state, specifically inside the United States.

Interestingly, as previously reported, the mainstream media was already in Las Vegas to cover the OJ Simpson release right before the shooting occurred.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Darren Sharrocks

    The problem with this his brother would of KNOWN if he converted to Islam, after all its a major event and if he was a member of other groups. We do not know if he even did it, some other video shows flashes, the could be reflections but of course they could be gun flashes, but then who knows

    • TrumpSupporterLTD

      The one from the taxi driver in the parking valet/taxi area, is very telling. The driver’s sense of hearing is what caused him to point his camera at the area of the lower floors when the automatic fire begins again, coinciding with the muzzle flashing on the lower floor, where the driver expected the noise to come from. See here at 4:55: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O_3RQlKJb0&feature=youtu.be

      • RestonDon

        If you look and listen carefully, the flashes and the sound do NOT match. Additionally, if shots were being fired from that close the noise would be significantly louder.

    • Cornelius Van Huff

      would he have known? would he have told the truth if he did? this is his brother. he would have an vested interest in making him look less insane.

    • SweepTheLeg

      The brother said he only had a few guns and no “long one”, well one long one.

      • Barry Witt

        Once again the brother is talking out of his rumpus as he also stated they had little communication

        • SweepTheLeg


    • Barry Witt

      The brother has said he did not have a close relationship or much communication with the shooter so you point is invalid

  • Andi Munich

    What a bunch of absolute crap. Don’t you people have any proof of anything?? These are total LIES. You cant just say: INFOWARS says. Total nonsense unsubstantiated right wing conspiracy crap. Unreal..

    • Tobin Perritt

      I get a kick out of reading these articles, they are such utter BS, I just feel sorry for the people that believe in this crap.

    • Cayce Lassiter

      Just like the left saying that the Russians hacked the elections. And all that was from undisclosed sources. Or let me rephrase that Anonymous sources.

      • Edward Seibert

        Anonymous Sources? You mean like the FBI, CIA, NSA, and at least a dozen other intelligence agencies? And that’s only in the US. European intelligence agencies also agree. They have mountains of evidence. So no, NOT just like “the left” saying that the Russians hacked the elections.

        • Scojohnson

          DC broke 97% for Hillary in the election. Those agencies are all staffed by “people”. Comey was the troll of the democrats, until Trump fired him, now he’s their martyred saint.

          • Edward Seibert

            So, let’s just be clear. Evidence doesn’t matter to you. The fact that intelligence agencies are located in DC and there are a lot of Democrats in DC is all the proof you need? I just want to see if people are really that dumb.

          • armchairqback

            Show the “proof” of Russian collusion. Oh you can’t. Name ONE source at ANY alphabet agency that has sworn under oath that there was Russian collusion. Oh you can’t. I can help you though. Google Comey’s testimony. He swore that Trump was NEVER being investigated for Russian collusion. Now hold your breath while we both wait on the truth for this mass shooting. I’m with all of those that find it baffling that in less than 24 hrs the FBI made statements that this wasn’t linked to any organization, domestic OR foreign. Kinda like finding passports from hijackers during 911…on the street!!! The same day of the attack…but no plane parts, luggage, etc at the pentagon. Weird, I know. I guess just plain luck counts as investigation these days.

          • Sherry Ledet Thornburg

            I never heard them FBI say they had debunked any ISIS involvement. THEY said they had no evidence of it. Not the same thing.

          • Edward Seibert

            Oh, I understand. You are a 9/11 truther. Things make sense now. In the future, please don’t make us read all the way to the end to disclose that you are a crazy person.

          • Ukulelemike

            Man, for having mountains of evidence, it sure is taking a long time to get it together. Trumps been in office 10 months, and for 10 months, really more than that, they’ve been investigating and accusing but this far not one thing concrete has been produced. Well, except the Russian money Clinton was given.

          • Jason Bourne

            Just because it’s difficult to prove legally, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. The hard part is proving that the Donald was aware of it. There’s little doubt that it happened (at least to someone capable of recognizing truth from propaganda and fantasy from reality).

          • Peter Oneil

            There is a mountain of evidence the size of everest that 9/11 was an inside job. If you can’t even believe your own eyes, then you, my friend are beyound hope. Just watch building 7 fall at freefall speed. You will find confirmation of this FACT in the Nist report. Then go to your shrink and ask him/her what cognitive dissonance is. Beg for a red pill before it is too late.

          • Edward Seibert

            I like how building 7 falling at “freefall speed” is one of the go-to arguments for 9/11 truthers. The debris that is shown falling faster than the building is. . .what. . .falling into some kind of super-gravity? The fact that this claim, along with almost everything else you’ll no doubt point out, is demonstrably false makes absolutely no difference to people like you. Because you are a crazy person.

          • Realist
          • empiricist2

            No- it was a controlled demolition. Already set up for in advance. No fire has ever brought down a building like that. Over 3000 architects and engineers are wondering who did it and why.

          • Light_Tweeter

            Yep .. according to the official report we better watch out for melted/molten exhaust manifolds on our highways.. nope never happen.. bravo fire will NEVER affect steel to that degree.

          • Realist

            People will mock everything you say. They learn from their master Goebels (actually Hillary and MSM but they don’t realise that socialist Alinsky is her hero) and then they will name you for being a Nazi (who was socialist). You can’t reason with a liberal…there is just no common sense. They believe everything their masters say and shout “conspiracy theorist” to every critical thinker. Then they will say you believe everything…see? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f764df16911c9a51f25f8847ec4d0a0670aa77d21c164d2b9faaf22bc8dbc71d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/54b00e44c726a46186d6484909821d1e005a8cf152196394430c776a2ca3afb2.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/44465cc0b45bd3bd3086a44b9ed1c13ae610200224df83beb70b470ecf582b11.jpg

          • Light_Tweeter

            This way beyond labels of liberal of conservative.. everyone has cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias.

          • Passenger_Zero
          • http://uncensorednews.smnc-base.org/ PaulJones6482

            There is no evidence, but it is clear you are an Anti-America scuzzbag

        • Daisy Carter

          No more like Obummer, Killiary, Pelosi, and 99 percent of the liberal demos.

        • empiricist2

          Evidence is that there was no impact of attempted hijacking by Russians. But Hillary lost even though Facebook and Google were supporting her by biasing searches, creating her website, etc. But don’t worry, Trump can’t do much anyway.

        • http://uncensorednews.smnc-base.org/ PaulJones6482

          They all say there is no evidence. Try again libby

    • Barry Brown

      i may be sleep walking here lmao but im pretty sure the left would be the group tossing around total lies and propaganda non stop for decades so i suggest maybe going back to school and avoid the liberal ones you may come out worse if you do lmao

      • Jason Bourne

        One word about propaganda: “Bush”. You know, the right-wing REPUBLICAN president with the WMD hard-on. Who controlled the alphabet then?

    • Daisy Carter

      “Proof of anything”? How many times have the blm and other leftist groups destroyed our cities and assaulted law enforcement officers and citizens trying to blame some fake kind of “injustice” had been done to a black man? Turns out 99.9% of the time when it gets to court, the cops is innocent-where are their facts?

    • Barky

      The truth always outs….thank goodness for the internet.

      • Light_Tweeter


    • http://uncensorednews.smnc-base.org/ PaulJones6482

      LOL, you are the enemy


      And you can’t just say “the mainstream media
      says……everyone knows their a bunch of self-interested perverts and liars. Here’s a little sample of the reason for the libturd bias in the msm:


      ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

      CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

      ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney

      ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

      ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

      CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

      and BTW:
      in ten minutes (600 seconds) of shooting in Vegas 600 casualties/mortalities were inflicted. If you think that’s not proof of more than one shooter you’re insane.

  • howfu ck in ironic

    See the freaks scurrying like rats in the youtube videos….. lol.. ffs… where did their Pride demons disappear to?…chased away by their fear demons???? fucking stupid humans.. so fucking smart until something out of the ordinary happens… not so fucking smart now are they//.. 50 odd dead and hundreds with holes in them like colanders… don’t congregate in large numbers attending shit venues to worrship Bacchus… SIMPLE .. time to wake up people.. this is peanuts compared to what is just around the corner….

    • Barry Witt

      I hope the FBI is reading your posts

    • brainiac 1900

      So, you are saying that you are a TERRORIST? You will be found and neutralized.

  • Mike

    Conjecture and un-named sources. Looks like a work of fiction to me.

    • Barry Love

      Or more correctly the reporting of CNN.

    • judyann j

      Just like the San Bernadino shootings wasn’t terrorism, until it became terrorism. Or Ft. Hood work place violence as with the woman beheaded by a Muslim, all work place violence. Most knew from the start what the investigation results would be. The only fiction comes straight out of the radical Left MSM with their “anonymous sources.”
      At the end of this nightmare, we’ll find the guy was radical Left most likely associated with AntiFa. All the facts we do know at this time clearly indicates this conclusion. Some times pure common sense wins out.
      The Left Wing MSM all follow the same MO, “if the narrative doesn’t fit, the MSM must omit.”

  • Barry Love

    The FBI has totally denounced ANY involvement with ISIS or any domestic group for that matter within twenty four hours of the shootings. That in itself speaks volumes about what they actually know. In other events similar to this they always will say an investigation is pending. Something else is at play here. But it will eventually come out.

    • keepitreal904

      Fuck the FBI. Still investigating Russian collusion, but can definitively say who or what groups this guy was involved with less than 24 hours after shooting?

      • parsonhenry1957

        the only Russian collusion with the election of president Donald James Trump is that my grandparents came here from Russiain 1920 and Itheir grandson voted for him. there is your Russion collusion

  • LStoll

    With all the incoming mortar shells by the left you know we are getting close to the truth


    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPYdbVpkrgLwwp3hKMLbCmQ trid2bnrml


  • Red

    This is garbage. The police scanner is available to listen to when they blew the door to storm his room. You saying the FBI blew his door, killed him, then put a new one up gor LV SWAT to blow in?

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPYdbVpkrgLwwp3hKMLbCmQ trid2bnrml

    Political Correctness killed Those People In Las Vegas!

    • Edward Seibert

      Funny, I could have sworn it was bullets.

  • hiskid1964

    Lets not for get the murder of Hue Heffner https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=3PotGJeYDRQ

  • SteveInCalif

    Heard today that the whole thing was too clean/too easy. Person suggested Paddock was just a dead body inside the hotel room made to look like he was the killer. I am curious: how does anyone get that much guns into the room without anyone noticing “hey, that guy has a lot of luggage!”

  • Oaf Dawg

    FBI did not blow the door and enter the room, it was LVMPD response team that did. If the author of the article can’t even get that right, the entire story smells like crap.

  • JoeMyGod

    The homosexual founders of this site are so full of shit they may literally explode.