Former US Mayor Warns: America Will Stage False Flag In Iran

US mayor says US planning false flag in Iran

Art Olivier, former mayor of Bellflower, California has said that he believes the U.S. are planning on “setting up” Iran with what may be the world’s “greatest false-flag attack”.

Art, who in 2012, wrote and produced the film Operation Terror (in which the U.S. government  orchestrate the 9/11 terror attacks) says, “The United States is unfreezing Iranian assets while allowing Iran to buy aerial tankers and advanced fighter jets that the United States funded the development of. Looks like the stars may be aligned for the world’s greatest false-flag attack

Listen to Art talk about in the interview below (interview starts at the 57 minute mark)

The United States have a long history of conducting False Flag attacks both internationally and domestically, and do so in order to make it appear as though an attack has been carried out by other entities or nations in order for them to justify a “solution” they would not otherwise be able to execute otherwise.

  • Laura M Colon

    American citizens have the right to freedom of speech here…no one else…if your not a citizen you have NO RIGHTS HERE simple isn’t it!

  • Kwokka_54

    The only reason they have NOT done another false flag and tried to get us to attack Iran? Even the leadership knows, this is more then the American people are willing to stand! Get in war with Iran and it will take another draft to fight it. AFter Vietnam and, Vietnam part II i.e. “war on terror” the US public’s faith in government is hovering near zero. Dont think they’re ready to go too far in the negative numbers just yet, not until they have disarmed us first, as they are trying and planning to do!