George W. Bush ‘War Crimes’ Trial Begins In California Court

George W. Bush war crimes trial given go-ahead in California court

Former President George. W Bush may face trial at a California court for committing war crimes in Iraq, in an unprecedented announcement made by the U.S. Court of Appeal.

The United States Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit today confirmed that Judges Susan Graber and Andrew Hurwitz will hear arguments on December 12, 2016, in the case of Saleh v. Bush. reports:

Saleh v. Bush involves claims by an Iraqi woman, Sundus Shaker Saleh,  that former President George W. Bush and other high ranking Bush-era officials broke the law when they planned and waged the Iraq War.

Saleh alleges that former Bush Administration leaders committed the crime of aggression when they planned and executed the Iraq War, a war crime that was called the “supreme international crime” at the Nuremberg Trials in 1946.

Saleh is appealing the immunity provided to the Defendants by the district court in December 2014.

“We are pleased that the Ninth Circuit will hear argument. To my knowledge, this is the first time a court will entertain arguments that the Iraq War was illegal under domestic and international law,” Saleh’s attorney D. Inder Comar, legal director at Comar LLP, said. “This is also the first time since World War II that a court is being asked to scrutinize whether the war itself was an illegal act of aggression — a special war crime that was defined at the Nuremberg Trials in 1946.” Comar is handling Saleh’s case pro bono.

Assuming the oral argument takes place, the argument will be live streamed and recorded on the Ninth Circuit’s YouTube channel, permitting members of the public to watch the argument. The Court’s calendar commences at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time on December 12th; the case will likely be heard later in the morning, as it is last on the Court’s calendar.

In addition to former President Bush, Saleh has named former Administration officials Richard Cheney, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz as defendants in the case.

In December 2014, the district court dismissed Saleh’s lawsuit, holding that the defendants were immune from further proceedings because of the federal Westfall Act of 1988 (28 U.S.C. § 2679). The Westfall Act immunizes  former federal officials in civil lawsuits if a court determines that the official was acting pursuant to the legitimate scope of his or her employment.

Saleh disputes the immunity, arguing that the planning and waging of a war of aggression against Iraq fell outside the legitimate scope of employment of former President Bush and the other defendants.

  • rcwarbirdbuilder

    Amen, talk of draining the swap, this the mother of all swamp draining.

    • Zone43

      Many more to go, don’t forget Kissinger and the rest of the jews who were also behind starting our wars?

    • excalibur1812

      No, that would be the Bigfoot swamp monster currently occupying the White House. The man posing as a woman.

  • Big Gee

    A pity that our own ex prime minister (Tony Bliar) is not in the dock with him. He’s been on the run from the public and hiding in the shadows of his cronies in the government since his involvement in the war crimes with his buddy ‘Boy’ Bush.

    Amazing how these war criminals are protected by the dark suits in the shadows who control our world. But the world is waking up thankfully.

  • yitzchak

    Let’s pray that justice is done and that GW Bush will be exposed as the war criminal we all know he is…

  • Paul Robinson

    I believe that Bush like most of the big name politicians is a NWO servant and traitor to the USA. However I find the idea of a war crime trial disturbing. The real purpose is to strip the power from our government to act in the World as it sees fit, without fear of International kangaroo courts. The Nuremberg trials which set the precedent for so called war crimes, was a kangaroo court, the purpose of which was to punish the German leaders for daring to oppose the Communist NWO. They were not traitors to their country or people. Bush, Obongo, the Clintons and their ilk are traitors to the USA, the Constitution and the American people. Any trial should focus on that.

    • MrsEagle

      The Shock and Awe was created by the Bush Administration. The Car bombs were ordered by Bush and directed by Conde Rice and Osama Bin Ladin who was in the Pakistan Caves. Al Qaeda was funded by the US Appropriations Committee, at least in part. Terrorists were funded by USA Foreign Aid and Aid in Kind. These are War Crimes.

    • MrsEagle

      Read the Opening Statements and Closing Statements by Associate Justice Robert Jackson from the US Supreme Court and the Chief Council of the Nuremberg Trials in the Netherlands. Then decide if that was a kangaroo court. Those are brilliant documents. My friends from Holland knows about Hitler. Their Grandfather/ Great Grandfather was captured by Hitler’s Gestaphos.

  • opit

    Bush et al were tried in Absentia for war crimes in Indonesia some years ago. Congress has made a number of protections for warmaking executive, especially under Clinton. The 2002 American Servicemembers Protection Act should apply. It was so wild that the military was directed to release persons covered under it from detention – up to and including the International Court at The Hague. Some notes :

  • Jeff Putterman

    Guilty. Next.

  • Mike Carrick

    Good luck with that. On another note, can you REALLY punish a monkey for throwing s4it?

  • Jyoti Prakash Mitra

    Why it is getting ‘expedited’ what is being told as War Crimes? Were those proposed war crimes gradual or at full pace? Who will provide explanation of scenes of war crimes? What are the definition of counter measures? Radicalism & Patriotism are being shown as equivalent. What are the denial conditions? #GeorgeWBush

  • iPadCary

    To the dummies who think ANYTHING will come of this ….
    You’re more stupid than I gave you credit for.

    • John Conner

      Don’t mean it is not true.

  • Eddie Herbert

    DADDY Bush — CIA Director.
    Bill Clinton SNITCHED on his anti-war Comrades TO the CIA.
    BABYBush — well.
    Obama CIA ASSET …. ….. seemed to rise out of total obscurity (a hallmark of intelligence assets)
    any questions?
    “The interests behind the Bush Administration, such as the CFR, The Trilateral Commission — founded by Brzezinski for David Rockefeller — and the Bilderberger Group, have prepared for and are now moving to implement open world dictatorship within the next five years. They are not fighting against terrorists. They are fighting against citizens [rights].”… ” The current elites are creating so much fear that people don’t know how to respond.” — Dr. Johannes B. Koeppl, Ph.D., former German defense ministry official and adviser to former NATO Secretary General Manfred Werne
    The Bush Family wealth should be distributed to the TROOPS who were maimed and crippled in the wars the Bush Family LIED America into fighting. The Bush Family has huge investments in “defense” stocks such as the CARLYLE GROUP and the Bush Family was PROFITTING & got RICHer as American Troops bled. Then the NEOCON-War Mongers (Cheney, Krauthammer, Kristol, Rove), the whole list of those who spread and supported the LIES) should also be stripped. – George Bush Sr. said years ago…”If the American people knew what we have done to them we would be swinging from lamp poles..”

  • Eddie Herbert

    W-rong Bush MURDERED the First Responders who answered the call at Ground Zero. BABYBush knew the air was toxic but he sent that Whitman woman, head of the EPA out to tell them the air was SAFE.,
    Now they are all dying of cancer after HE “used” them for photo-ops and to get rid of the evidence – quickly.

  • Eddie Herbert

    Two names, ONE CRIME FAMILY
    W-rong Bush calls HILLARY his SISTER IN LAW:
    Alcoholic Barbara Bush says her sons call Mr. Clinton “my brother by another mother.”
    Bushs and Clintons: partners in crime research theMENA airport research Prescott Bush&NAZIS.

  • John Conner

    Ill get the rope ready.

  • SupremeLaw
  • ratnn

    Good! Now they must get on to Obama’s war crimes trial, and Dick Cheney must get his rewards also.

  • SupremeLaw

    p.s. I can also confirm that, several years ago, we suggested to a colleague in Buenos Aires to translate from English to Spanish our suggestion — that South American lawmakers enact legislation expanding their Courts’ jurisdiction to include war crimes committed anywhere on the planet. Last we heard, this kind of “universal jurisdiction” is true of German Courts, and would only require new legislation in other countries to authorize war crimes prosecutions in other Courts. Something must have come of that suggestion, because George W. Bush decided against retiring in Paraguay, where his daughter reportedly helped purchase a 300,000 acre ranch.

    • opit

      I missed that little incident. Paraguary is one place they did not wreck the aquifer with hydrofracking. Regardless, UN members are required by law to assist in the arrest of persons wanted for trial as war crminals. Cheney just made it out of France in time at one point. Prosecutors in Spain have twice tried to go after members of the Bush Administration. I just don’t happen to be charitable enough to think that Obama’s extrajudiciary murders deserve to be excused either.

  • Strayhorse

    Both Bushes, Clinton and Obama ALL need to be investigated for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Millions of humans have been murdered in holocaust/genocidal manner during these administrations; millions of people have been displaced by war during these administrations; trillions of taxpayer dollars have been stolen, misappropriated and “lost” during these administrations; millions of under-age children have been illegally trafficked, raped, tortured, hunted and murdered during these administrations; and millions of Americans have lost their lives during these administrations. Charge the, convict them and confiscate all their ill gotten gains on their way to prison.

  • Bogdan Odwazny

    I am missing something sound not right to me,why nobody took Stalin to court he kill 30 mill. people?

  • anon

    The Attempted Clinton-CIA Coup Against Donald Trump

    Read the comments. The Bush-Clinton DRUG/Crime syndicate is directly tied into the “Committee of 300″/CFR/CIA, which is all financed by the Rothschilds.

  • Juan Tellado Elizabeth Collazo

    I am in total opposition of any other country trying any of our leaders for war crimes. However, I am in favor of trying any proposed war crimes even at the highest levels in our country. I am not sure if there are any laws already on the books that cover these themes, but if there are laws already on the books, we need to use them, however if the laws need a little more work or a little more weight on the punishment applied, then we should repair any system that would take care of this business once and for all. Our American prosecutors should prosecute any Americans found guilty of any of these types of war crimes that are within the American Law System. I mean if we are sworn in to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States, then why, aren’t we prepared to try anyone that beaks the laws concerning our Constitution. Starting from any President that is alive today, up to today’s current President and all the cabinet members involved and alive today. Yes, starting with Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, George W. Bush, Barrack Obama and all their living cabinet members. Yes, we need to flush out the corruption and expose all that are guilty of corruption. Yes, we need the truth, transparency even if it means, coming against our foreign enemies in a transparent way. No evil in the world would know what to do if we came against them with truth transparency. May we have what is meant by the Judge of Nations, when He said “I will judge the nations”.

  • MrsEagle

    The Veterans from all the wars were given a good monthly salary and complete benefits in the Case of Precedence —-HADITHA ONE. This case was from Haditha, Iraq, where the Special Forces, Marines, were trained under The Eagle, Supreme Commanding General, to go house to house and protect the people. Prez Bush sent in Insurgents to shoot the people. The Marines were blamed and put in Fort Leavenworth by Prez Bush. The Eagle got them out of Fort Leavenworth. Then Prez BO put the Marines back into prison changing the orders of HADITHA ONE to claim that that case put them in prison, when the ruling under The Eagle, JAG Court Judge and Supreme Commanding General got them OUT OF PRISON. That is a Contramanding Order—a Field Court-martial. The people and the Soldiers and Veterans were lied to.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I’m pretty sure it was the Space Lizards and the Mole People.