Georgia Guidestones Cube – NEW 2016 WARNING? Scary Stuff

Well, this is interesting.  Every since the new “2014” was placed (either on purpose or not – there are arguments that prove both sides), rumors have abounded as to the meaning behind it all.  We wrote about it ourselves more than once (HERE, HERE, HERE), and the feedback was amazing.

That is part of the reason I wanted to share an article I recently came across by author David Montaigne called, “NEW 2016 WARNING in the Georgia Guidestones Cube” [1]

Montaigne says in his article:

The Stone the Builders Rejected

stone cube 20 14(1)

20 and 14 – it MUST refer to the year 2014, right? Not so fast, once we see the other sides of the cube.


Ever since a new stone was spotted in a previously empty notch on one of the granite monuments of the Georgia Guidestones – and subsequently removed on September 25 – many people have been trying to decode the letters and numbers on the cube.


When the cube was first noticed, only two sides faced out where the public could see them. Inscribed on these two sides were the numbers “20” and “14” – an obvious reference to our current year 2014. Or maybe not?


See video of cube being removed


When the cube was removed by the man responsible for site maintenance (a man paid by the secretive builders/creators of the Georgia Guidestones) on September 25, he threw it to the ground, an act which revealed inscriptions on the other four sides.


The top says “MM”


The Bottom says “JAM”


The four sides show 20, 14, 8, and 16.



(line drawings made by Last Trumpet Blast)


The letters have largely been interpreted to stand for “Master Mason” and “Judgment Against Mankind.” The numbers, in normal left to right rotation, have generally been viewed as a date – 8/16/2014. I suspect this is not how we should be interpreting the cube.


At first, linking the letters to a Master Mason and to Judgment Against Mankind seems sensible. Masons work with stone, Masons are rumored to run the world through secret societies, and the Georgia Guidestones’ number one message about keeping humanity’s population UNDER 500 million implies that some type of horrific judgment-like event eliminates the overwhelming majority of humanity through sudden depopulation.


And because the “20” and “14” were facing out initially, and we are in the year 2014, it seemed reasonable to assume we should interpret the numbers left to right.


But I have been thinking about this a lot recently…. If the date of 8/16/2014 was important, I can’t find anything newsworthy about it. If the stone cube had been placed there as a meaningless hoax on that date, we would have known a month sooner – the nearby cameras would have caught the act and there would be no mystery about it. The fact that cameras have not caught someone in the act of placing the stone cube suggests that those responsible for the monuments did it themselves – an officially sanctioned act with a cube that does have an important, though hidden warning. It can’t be a warning about an event on 8/16/2014, for that date already passed uneventfully. What if we still start with the 8 but rotate through the numbers the other way?

cube numbers(2).jpeg




While European languages like English, Spanish, French, etc. all read left to right – not all the languages on the Georgia Guidestones do. Arabic, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and Hebrew all read right to left. If warnings about the future make you think of Bible prophecies (as I so often do) then the importance of Hebrew comes to mind. If we read those numbers right to left, then instead of a past date of 8/16/2014, we have a date in the near future (8/14/2016) to worry about.


I may be biased in that I pay attention to Bible prophecy and the years 2016 and 2019. I believe the world as we know it ends in December 2019, and I explained why at great length in End Times and 2019 (in which, on page 131, there is a photo of me in front of the Georgia Guidestones with a notch where the mysterious cube had not yet been placed.) I also believe that the identity of the Antichrist will be revealed and known by everyone in 2016 (hence my most recent book, Antichrist 2016-2019)


In addition to assuming that we are being warned about a date in 2016, as I think it will be a horrific year (and warning us about a past date makes no sense) I also notice that all the letters on the cube correspond to months of the year. JFMAMJJASOND takes only 8 of our 26 letters; the odds that five letters on the cube would all randomly be from the eight letters for months is about one in four hundred, about one quarter of one per cent. And one of the letters, A, corresponds with August, which may be part of the warning about something yet to occur on 8/14/2016 – perhaps a depopulation event.


I am also intrigued by the possibility that we are being encouraged to look at Bible verses involving the letters and numbers on the cube. Some potentially relevant examples include: “the stone already taken away” in John 20 and the same removal of the stone in Mark 16. Is the stone cube so recently knocked down by the monument builders’ official maintenance guy related to “the stone the builders rejected” mentioned in Matthew and Mark? Amos 8 also matches the Guidestones’ warning of depopulation when it says “many will be the corpses.”


Matthew 16 begins with people seeking “a sign from heaven” and Jesus telling them that although their generation seeks a sign of the end times “a sign will not be given it, except the sign of Jonah.” I find it very interesting that ISIS recently destroyed the tomb of Jonah in Iraq.


Matthew 14 is focused on the beheading of John the Baptist and there are certainly enough beheadings in the news recently. John 8:16 warns us of divine judgment, and John 16:8 warns that “He, when He comes, will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment.”


If others scour the Bible I’m sure additional relevant scriptures using the numbers and letters on the cube as clues will be found.


(Update: in the comments below, Dustdevil pointed out that 8/14/2016 will be a significant Jewish holiday – Tisha B’Av, the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av – the date on which BOTH the Babylonians and the Romans destroyed the FIRST and SECOND Jewish Temples. We may see the Antichrist destroy a THIRD Temple on this same date in 2016. Good observation, Dustdevil)


I suspect that the message on the stone cube is not a hoax. The man in the video who was purposefully filmed so that we would know what was on the cube’s hidden sides even says (when someone else is concerned about him destroying the cube) “We have the original piece.” This knocking down the cube on film which is now a Youtube phenomenon was a staged event to make certain we have the previously hidden details. Expect major problems in 2016.





  • Freempg

    The difference between 20 and 14 is 6, the difference between 14 and 8 is 6, the difference between 8 and 16 is 6.

    • I’m with stupid

      The difference between 8 & 2 is 6. The difference between 16 & 10 is 6. The difference between your left ear & right is the thick mud between them!

      • Freempg

        Sense of humor much? Stick with your tinfoil lampshade hat charade.

  • Seeer

    MM= 1 of the M’s is March

    14+8 = 22

    20 & 16 = 2016

    22nd March 2016 = Bombings in Brussell, Europe

  • I’m with stupid

    Wow, I’m blown away by the information. Yet you forgot another significant date. September 30, 2016…………… What is that date? Why is it significant? Its my birthday stupid! You clown! I will be watching intently for June 6……”D day”! And when it comes and goes, can we stone you? Or are you stoned already? Remember, in the “original Greek”, (which no one has ever seen since about 120 AD, yet you in your flaming brilliance, have been able to interpret, Oh Great One!), we would literally pick up big stones and smash your “beloved”, and disturbed head! You are what makes life interesting & fun. Just another circus, parading down the avenue! But where’s the red nose George? Memo to self……………get a real job & move out of mommies basement!

    I love you, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, & may the Holy Ghost rebuke you for being carnal and stupid and “Greeeeeeeek”. (the more “e’s ” I put in, the SMARTER I sound. Ooooops….your vain show is showing!

  • MEL

    Pay attention to the fact that financers have never revealed themselves. And, perhaps that 2016 was a contentious presidential election year?

    There’s only so many people that could hide there identity for going on 30 or 36 years.

    It was erected in the Cold War III era. Jimmy Carter was president at the time. Jimmy Carter and Ted Turner were ‘buds’ or acquaintances. (The financer used alias R.C. Christian – that many thought was Ted Turner.) Jimmy Carter is a southern Christian. (At the time Bill Clinton had just won Arkansas. Hillary would soon start her work in ‘health care affordability’ … yes, way back then – some 20-30 years ago.) Recently (~2014), a Southern Christian based Financing company changed its name to Guide Stone. (Investing/Savings, Real Estate and Health Care or Insurance) The sub company is named Guide Stone Health Care Reform. (Yes, this wealthy investors website has a sight for purchasing ACA insurance. (What?) Seems mostly geared towards Employers (perhaps for employees) … than individuals like in AHCA websites. A.D. Rockafeller donated $1,000,000.00 to one section – ‘care for widows’. Can’t find what the original name of the company was but, it is now Guidestone or Guidestone Health Care Reform. Strong company – multibillions.

    The flat stone on the ground does not have TWO dates added …. but obvious room was left for the dates to be added. (Before or after an event is not known.) It is made to withstand a nuclear bomb attack. (Why?) Talks about 6 feet under? Is it over a huge bomb shelter? What’s under the slab … 6 feet below? Why Georgia …? (No, where near DC.) What is the significance of some countries (languages) but, not others? *Possible dates could be added at any time … before, during or after to flat stone on ground (if possible to survive an attack and keep records – then add dates after the fact).

    In one place it stated it was believed to have 8 secret investors? (Not positive – not known) But, why presume they are all from the US?

    Masonic? Satanic? Solar system and stars?

    The smaller cube going up was not allegedly filmed (or made public) but, the cube being thrown down and crushed was? Why?

    The stain on top … is it blood or something else? If Blood … human or animal? Has it been tested to rule out a possible crime? I would believe blood would wash off … and I would believe satellites or google map would catch any activity.

    Who are the investors before they die …. if they haven’t already. How are they protecting anything … if anything. Land sold back to the county.

    Peculiar “artwork’ …. or something