Health Care Worker Dies From Forced Flu Shot

26-year-old health care worker Katie Mcquestion died days after getting a mandatory flu shot.

Her family hope that her death may act as a warning for others thinking about getting the flu shot. They hope the warning will save other people’s lives. reports:

Katie graduated from UW Milwaukee as a radiology technician IM 2012 and worked at St. Catherine’s Medical Center in pleasant prairie.

Her mom said as part of her job she had to get a flu shot. Tragically, it didn’t keep her from getting sick. However, Kenosha County’s health officer say the vast majority of people who get a flu shot are helped by it.”

“For the majority of people, they should get vaccinated because this is a very unusual case and it typically does not happen,” said Cynthia Johnson, health officer.

Cindy Johnson says on the death certificate, Katie’s doctor attributed her symptoms to influenza.

Katie’s mom says her daughter developed sepsis from flu, essentially blood poisoning, suffered a heart attack and then massive organ failure.

Should health care workers be forced to take the flu shot? Is the hospital Katie worked at responsible for her death? Let us know what you think by commenting below. 

  • uruuuww5

    these sick pieces of shit need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for MURDER. and anyone suggesting more people take these should be tried as criminals as well, because if they are in a position of authority, it’s their responsibility to find out the truth and not tell the public unadulterated lies.

  • Budhita

    Oh, it “worked” alright. She didn’t “end up getting the flu”, she was poisoned and murdered.

  • XhappyX

    Poor girl. Poor family. What happened to just getting the flu and chicken soup and rest? It’s wrong to force flu shots.

  • 1skyhifun

    You morons should stop taking baths or showers. You could drown.

    • Isaiah Beach

      You should drown.

      • Brenda Cook

        Isaiah, while I think 1whateverhisnameis doesn’t show the most intelligent of responses, I don’t think yours does either. It’s just nasty and vindictive and does not do the cause of trying to enlighten people any good. Very sad that you felt you had to stoop to his level.

    • Isaiah Beach

      Look in the mirror if you want to see a moron. Have you got your flu shot yet? If not get two. We need to be safe. Stupidity like yours is the most threatening. Dangerous dummys.

    • Bryan Shepard

      Oh hey look, another dumbass mainstream sheep who doesn’t think for himself. How fucking original.

      Wake the fuck up.

    • gypsyrose1

      Not a valid comparison. The real comparison would be if you were allergic to water and were forced to bathe.


    NO FLU VACCINE SHOULD BE MANDATORY !! This is not the first case we have seen like this . We know these can be deadly to most ppl , . How do you decide by the luck of the draw? . This young women had her whole life ahead of her !!. many hospitals are doing the same but as far as i know if you dont want the flu shot you have to wear a mask . Have we lost all are rights that we can’t refuse a flu shot ?. IT’S time this changes police also have contact with the public do they also have to have a flu shot ? . The way it’s going we will all have to get one if you want to or not , do you want to take a chance with this shot ? . Your life may depend on it !. We all know these ppl making these vaccines have not been on the up and up with people about the safety of them , many of deaths have proved that by themselves . Bill Gates has said himself we need to cut back on the population and one way is with vaccines !!. Lets not fool ourselves we are aware of the evil ppl that want their Agenda fulfilled !!. MY Heart goes out to this young lady’s family !. and i also believe the makers of these vaccines cant be held liable in any case were they have cause harm or death do to their vaccines . that plain insane that we would allow them to just vaccine away without any accountability !!!.

  • ChristineC

    I got deadly sick once taking the flu shot. I always got sick but one time I got so sick it lasted for months…it really is about time people stop with the “moron” comments about people who question the safety of this crap.because you all look really as dumb as you are no joke..people are dying and it is not that once we take the shots we will always be okay things change…could be any one of us or our kids next. Not very good odds.

  • gunnygil

    If a person does not know whether or not they are allergic to serums produced in eggs they should never take a flu shot until a doctor verifies their possible allergy.

  • Isaiah Beach

    In America?

  • Michele

    I am so very sorry for the loss of this young lady. I cannot imagine what her family and friends are going through. No one should be forced to do anything ever! This is a free country, or so I thought!! Breaks my heart.

  • RawOnions

    Too much is already forced on us… like death and taxes.

  • Tim Wenzelk

    This headline, and the story is a lie. She got the flu and died despite having a flu shot.

  • Carol-Ann Nelson

    Yes, the hospital is responsible for this girls death. They should take a look at what is in the vaccine and ask people if they know they have allergies to certain products or related products. A few weeks ago, a representative for the vaccine company told us what it is – money rules, over safety of these vaccine.

  • truth beknown

    only keep comments that aren’t critical of your twisted headline. She died of the flu because she got her shot too late. Accept it.

  • nhmusicfan

    She didn’t get the flu from the shot. It takes a couple of weeks to become effective. She caught the flu the same way everyone else catches it, and unfortunately died from severe complications. If she had become ill from the shot, it would have either been an allergic reaction, or she may have developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome. The whole reason for vaccination is to reduce the chances of catching the flu and suffering this kind of catastrophic result. Look up the influenza epidemic of 1918, and you’ll see that the vast majority of deaths occurred among young, otherwise healthy people. Even this young woman’s mother said she was coming forward to warn people of the danger of flu, not the flu shot.

    • Anonymous

      Denial. I got the flu shot and was in urgent care within 3 hours with the flu and several allergic reaction symptoms. The doctor said if I recovered within the next 24 hours it was the shot. It did. I’ve had the flu multiple times, it was never like that. It was the shot because they inject you with the flu virus. I’m sorry you have to live under a rock your whole life.

      • nhmusicfan

        We can discuss without insults, right? I do not live under a rock. You mentioned that you had allergic reactions to the shot, which absolutely can happen with any medication or injection. You said you got the flu but was over it in 24 hours – nobody has real influenza and gets over it in 24 hours. Many people, myself included, get mild flu-like symptoms like low-grade fever and a tired feeling for a couple of days after the shot. You were treated for allergic reactions – probably with prednisone and antihistamines, and you recovered. Because you had this allergic reaction, you should never have the flu shot again, but for most people, especially people with pre-existing conditions like me, it is important to be vaccinated. Getting back to this particular case, the article misrepresents what happened to this young woman. Her mother and her doctors all say that despite having had the flu shot, she caught the flu and died from severe complications of the flu. In interviews, neither the mother nor the doctors state that the shot caused her death. Here’s the story as reported by Fox news which states that she got her shot ONE MONTH before she came down with the flu. So, please check your facts before you go insulting people.

  • Sharon Hess

    I quit getting flu shots years ago, because they never worked and made me have fatigue. The elderly people I worked for got the shots and still got sick. It’s not worth risking your health for a “guessing game”. They don’t work.