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I’d reply with a snarky comment but it would probably go over your head. Like the chemtrails that don’t exist.

Do you know what cumulus clouds actually are? CHEMPUFFS!

  • Jeroen van Baardwijk

    We all know how this is going to end, right? For a court to order a halt to the spraying of ‘chemtrails,’ the court will need to see evidence that it’s actually happening. However, as these ‘chemtrails’ only exist in the delusional minds of conspiracy nutters, they cannot be sprayed, therefore the practice of spraying ‘chemtrails’ doesn’t exist, therefore the court can’t put an end to it, leaving the court with no other option than to dismiss the case. After that, the conspiracy nutters will again whine about all this being ‘a cover-up’ by the government and the court, whose judges are of course all on the payroll of the CIA/NSA/Mossad/Jews/Bankers/Illuminati/Reptilians/Whoever.

  • richardruscoe

    Bee, and Jer should know what the nano sized particles of aluminum, they are being forced to breathe, do to the nerves, or synapse, of our brains. I bet the fluoride, gmo, or vaccinations, don’t worry these guys either. Google, Dr. Blaylock. The evidence that wins in court. But maybe these guys are smarter than all those silly judges. The actual footage of these tanks in planes, or the testimony given by persons of position, endangering themselves, so we might know the truth, will not likely lighten up these two dim bulbs.

  • Valchrist

    My grandma told me about a chemical test in her town when she was a kid. I managed to find a newspaper article re-print describing the incident.,898475&hl=en

    As a result, I’ve done research in to the subject, and found everything from Veteran Affairs payments, to state-funded follow-up studies on the released pathogens, which, according to the report spread worldwide, mutated and became potentially harmful to humans.

    Here’s what I’ve compiled.

    The first thing that is important to say, is that chem-trails and con-trails are not the same thing. Con-trails are made by jet-turbines. Now that that’s out of the way…

    The events:

    The most direct evidence of historic chemtrails is how the US Veteran Affairs, and the Canadian Department of National Defence have historical records of similar projects.

    The 85 year old US Department of Veteran Affairs offers benefits for one of it’s chemtrail programs.

    It also happened in the UK.

    Now that they have genetic decoding and advanced satellite imaging, it only makes sense to hold new operations, especially after 9/11. Bush made a big deal about terrorists using food-borne and water-borne disease vectors. Why not airborne? They would at least consider airborne testing again, as they had in the past.

    Just a conspiracy people say… Despite massive amounts of historical evidence.

    A conspiracy that has spread a bacterium which has literally infected the entire world, and unexpectedly mutated from

    a benign form to one which causes illness.

    Quote: Submitted to Dr. William Page, Program Officer, Advisory Panel for the Study of Long-term Health Effects of Participation in Project SHAD (Shipboard Hazard and Defense), Institute of Medicine, the National Academies.

    This report is subject to the copyright and reproduction arrangements defined in Contract No. IOM-2794-04-001 of the National Academies.

    (The claim of not doing harm is contradicted by above medical report)

    The newspapers of the day wrote about it,898475&hl=en

    Some respected national bodies have suggested an atmospheric aerosol spray in the last few years, and has been discussed in American political circles early in the George Bush era as a method to counter global warming. (I can’t actually find evidence, of American politicians speaking anything of the sort, but saw it on the news 12 years ago…)

    I only dug for this information because of my grandmother’s first hand account from when she was a child in a Canadian city which was a testing ground. (once again),898475&hl=en

  • Davoud Tohidy

    URGENT Message:The evidence within my lawsuit has definitely made a big impact in prevention of a possible false flag nuclear attack on US or Canadian soil and a worldwide false flag Ebola pandemic.

    There is a high possibility that some criminals are trying to destroy the evidence within my lawsuit. Then they can have the opportunity for a false flag nuclear attack on US soil or even Canadian soil, a false flag Ebola or other global pandemic and so on. Please note that the lawsuit is the HISTORICAL lawsuit in Canada NOT any other lawsuit!

    I need you Ottawans / Canadians to please URGENTLY file a request under the access to information act for the details of my lawsuit and get the documents and release it to the public ASAP. The more people request the details and release it to the public the less is the chance of any false flag disaster! The reason I cannot release more information than what I have already released on my website is that I am not sure what information I can release without being penalized by law.

    Print the following details about “geoengineeringlawsuit dot ca” lawsuit and take it along with the application of the information request to the Ontario Court of Justice at the address below.

    How to make a Freedom of Information request

    I filed a criminal lawsuit via private prosecution in 2014 in regards to Chemtrails, Geoengineering, global warming fraud, HAARP, animal die offs, a possible global false flag Ebola outbreak, A possible false flag nuclear attack on US or even may be Canadian soil, a plot for creating a one world government (NWO), depopulation agenda via chemtrails, geoengineering, Aspartame, vaccines and GMO with the “Ontario Court of Justice” (CRIMINAL) in Ottawa file#: 14-13157 (14 in the file number refers to the year 2014) at Ottawa courthouse on 161 Elgin Street, Ontario. See the googlemap below (when you enter the court, pass the security and turn right. When you look at the front there is an intake office at the corner and another one to its left which is The Ontario Court of Justice intake office.,+Ottawa,+ON+K2P/@45.4207629,-75.6937323,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x4cce05aa1424b90b:0x3b9d3bc2874046f1

    I filed an appeal (Mandamus Application) from the order of the Justice of the peace (Ontario Court of Justice / Justices of the peaces office) at the Superior Court of Justice (CRIMINAL) which is located on the 4th or 5th floor of the above mentioned building on September 9, 2014. First Trial at the superior court (CRIMINAL) in Ottawa, ON was on Sep 15, 2014 and second one in Ottawa, ON was on Nov 10, 2014 and my lawsuit was dismissed.
    Although this lawsuit was dismissed however it has made a big impact in prevention of any global disaster!

  • Lorraine Bergman

    Coal fly ash and “other contaminants? I was not aware that our aircraft used coal fired burners to fly, hmmmm, must be a bitch to shovel coal in at that altitude. Wonder what the “other contaminants” were, maybe poop and pee particulates…..this site is most attractive to those who believe that the guvment is out to kill them all, slowly, inexplicably, along with all the guvment’s relatives and friends who can’t afford to save themselves. But it is VERY frightening how many unpublished, uneducated nutbars there are out there, and how easy the internet has made it for them to put out this type of brain pollution.

  • Julie Rafuse

    This is awesome

  • Mark Meyers
  • Mark Meyers
  • bGreenInnes

    Lawsuit looks quite premature – no actual evidence of claims is given in the link. Is there specific evidence in background documents? None were mentioned in submissions. I doubt that general statements about fly ash being a useful geoengineering tool would constitute admissible evidence that such has actually occurred over some specific location in Canada on specific date(s), notwithstanding possible observations of unusual flight patterns.

    The problem with going ahead is that the court will use this as strong reason to disallow future attempts, especially by threatening to award costs to the defendants. You won’t believe how much bureaucracies can spend in legal fees very very quickly. To avoid such a chilling effect, I strongly suggest dropping the case until such time as verifiable evidence is amassed.

    I base my comments on a defeat suffered by a fluoridation activist in Hamilton a few years ago and comments made by a very annoyed judge.

  • Will Malven

    LOL!!! Who needs science when you have a good conspiracy to believe in.

  • cheetah88

    i hope the actual lawsuit is spelled better and uses punctuation properly, or the judge will never take it seriously.

  • iamli3

    wait is shilling still happening in this post too? come on guys i thought i already took care of all that for you a couple weeks ago , go back and read those comment and stop letting the shills bury it in newer repeat shilling comments………

  • jackie
  • jackie
  • Tim

    Finally!!! People are waking up!

  • Marc Hubs

    There are many publicly available military documents which show that they have been using weather modification techniques since at least the 1960’s and yes, some of those documents confirm that they have used chemtrails (although they don’t use the term chemtrails to describe them) so yes, chemtrails do exist.

  • UncleB

    Aluminum hydroxide? Causes Alzheimer’s? We have an alzheimers epidemic in Canada. We also have a Autistic epidemic and it is being forcefully suppressed by U.S. News agencies? Dumbing Down of Americans is quite apparent, even now the Lead Poisoning fo Flint Michigan U.S.A. now almost fully suppressed? Children there damaged for life, retarded, suffer learning and temperament disabilities for life, and no compensation? cannot even sue for supporting compensation? Is this the Evil Empire? Nobody convicted after these years ? Nobody coupable ? Canadian Water testing Systems would have detected and prevented this immediately, before damage was done? Socialist Democracies like Canada are a much safer place to live.

  • om·i·nous

    I can hear them now….”What Chemtrails?” it’s a conspiracy.

  • vic button

    I suppose it helps to also understand the complete manipulation of the population in other ways as well and our complete brainwashing from birth.

  • JLS

    Any proof this lawsuit exits? I have to laugh, in the 14 years I have heard all about chemtrails, and yet no documented proof of any all all falling from the sky, not one single scientist. not one lap expert, not one person taking and recording air samples.

    Scientists are on board with climate change, they are in it for the money so may skeptics say, yet not one will hang his hat on chemtrails, have you ever wondered why?

    Show us a copy of these court documents, or did it disappear like the evidence of chemtrails?

  • Gary Olds
  • E Mitchell

    As blind and brainwashed and/or just busy working for his master, the dark lord/government/israel. as Jeroen van Baardwijk is, he is right about how it will end. This is possibly another controlled opposition move to get us to back off. Give up. Who knows? Not me. I do know this though this lawsuit is garbage. First it must be proven that the chemtrails are real. Of course they are but because it is a conspiracy it is being denied. They think we are all stupid and let’s face facts here we have been buying their bullshit for centuries. They are 100 steps ahead. Anyway…..What the lawsuit should be is demanding a real investigation, independent research and data to find out what they are and what is in them. That is why I think this lawsuit is for their purpose of us letting it go. “See, we tried. Nothing we can do now”. This suit is totally ridiculous. Anyone with half a brain would realize that you cannot prove serious injury/health issues without PROOF! This lawsuit is going to happen but it is fake. Just a script. Like everything else. PS- All you Alex Jones watchers…..might want to re-think that one. He is bought and paid for. Shaking my head. Dig deeper. Much much deeper.

  • Katheryn Kerr

    Just wanted to post a top documentary on this issue at hand. It may have already been posted. Its called What in The World Are They Spraying
    YouTube link

  • Jeroen van Baardwijk

    Let me know when you’ve learned the difference between climate control and the alleged-but-still-unproven controlling/exterminating the population through deliberate (as well a expensive and inefficient) spraying of ‘chemtrails.’

  • Iak Leachim

    Well, well, well . . . the arguments are still a-raging . . . ‘in an age of lies, the truth appears radical’, I think we all know that one and really there is only one answer and that is to walk around the rocks. Rock climbing may be fun for some but for most of us it’s a pain in the posterior, so . . . as Buddha would have said – be like water, and find your way around the rocks – for water has always been stronger. Mr.Jeroen van Baardwijk appears to be one of those ‘rocks’ so treat him with some kindness and a certain respect because people are allowed to disagree with each other. Mud-slinging on the other hand may be all you want to do here, but it’s just, a bit silly and a bit too infantile for the early 21st century, don’t you think?

    Don’t worry about judges, or other so-called ‘officials’. They’re just a little stupid and slow on the uptake.(see my definition of ‘stupid’ below). One could feel sorry for them. Be mindful who you talk to and persuade gently or at least introduce people to the ideas of things. Don’t hit them over the head. It’s not very inspiring. Be inspiring and get them to do ‘the work’; that is, tickle their curiosity and provide minimal info so that they may begin to look. Remember, nobody is ‘bad’ . . . just misguided (or: stupid, in the sense of being ignorant to certain accessible facts), and uptight (afraid to explore because it may change their lives for something less certain). Lastly,… there are ‘The Socio-Psychopaths’, and they definitely deserve more of our attention, but without kindness, you cannot achieve the change or understanding you want them to become aware of. Frankly, none of them have the power you are all giving to them. As for Mr Jones: well he’s one of a kind, speaking the truth as he sees it, but we would do well not to imitate his style because only Alex can present things in this way. The rest of us just come across lame. Find your own way to change the minds of those you consider ignorant, foolish, misguided. Write very long blogs . . . spread the word. Aim for the positive presentation of what you know and do not counter or engage in vitriol, online or anywhere else. Speak openly, frankly and honestly to all who would listen and don’t worry about those who wish to denigrate your opinion or otherwise attempt to put you down. Don’t play the put-down game because the subject gets lost and it’s all so pointless. Stick to the facts you come across. As far as Chemtrails go: show them the photos. Show them the unmarked white planes, get the info across, but above all: ignore the rocks because they will hurt your head and only serve as a distraction . . .

    I have observed in the UK how they vary the patterns, because they know we know. There used be a lot of grid-like features. Now, I call them ‘Kisses-in-the-sky’, they randomly cross each other, still in a kind of ‘planned way’, and you can see several at once of you look. I’ve also noticed that flying alongside a contrail has become a favourite, just to obfuscate the issue. People don’t look, so they don’t see. Then there is the random ‘switching off and on’ trick, so that from out of a cloud let’s say, a plane emerges very high, always very high up, and then begins the run across the sky. a little while later it will literally switch off the trail. These are observable events if you choose to be very careful in your observations. The distinction between con and chem is being fudged to fool us, I’m quite sure of this. On other occasions they will just revert to full-blown trailing, usually very early on a clear Sunday morning. Always a Sunday. Why? Well it’s obvious isn’t it? No prizes for the right answer.

  • amable

    Sad to see the monologe comments developed affter this well founded and formed inform of the state of things regarding the matter of the aerial warfare pursuited towards life on planet earth, may peace prevail on gaia! Thanks

  • sammy

    “Jeroen van Baardwijk” is clearly a paid shill. How does he find the time to sit at home all day replying to every comment with his vitriol and determination to insult all truthers? Oh thats right, becuase that’s what he’s PAID to do…

  • Pissemeoff

    Jeroen You fool! You are a paid pee on a puppet a complete and utter MORON who has sold himself out for a fucking dollar! You are the epitome of ignorance. So Shut your fat trap and go breathe your chem trails and hope and pray you get Cancer and the bone crushing one. Remember this conversation on your death bed when you yelp in pain!.. I hate ignorant ass wipes and you fit the bill.

  • cara mia

    Excellent suggestions , I learned a lot from the information – Does someone know where my business could possibly access a blank TX TREC 30-11 form to edit ?